Netgear Nighthawk MK62

Today I am going to enlighten you about the Netgear Nighthawk MK62 and how it functions exactly. The Wi-Fi 6 nowadays is a fairly new standard technology used by many companies out there in the market, but the most inexpensive option among them is the Netgear Nighthawk. The Wi-Fi 6 enabled here has the potential to reach more than 30 to 40% faster speed, got reduced discrepancies, and is able to deliver better performance.

When you have got a large number of devices connected at once, it overcomes the obstructions that arrive in its way, saves you from losing signal, and throws out stable Internet connection on your smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. The MK62 can cover up to 3000 square feet of ground coverage on both the router and the satellite, an additional satellite installing will provide you with another 1500 square feet of ground coverage.

The satellites cover all the dead zones in the house by which you can easily stream 4K content on your device. You can connect 20 to 25 devices at once and get 1.8 Gbps ultra-fast speed delivered to them as well (depending on your congested local neighborhood). This is the first product made by the company which is compatible with any Internet service provider including optical fiber support.

The advanced mesh system allows remote access to the network via mobile phone where you can decide when to play/pause the Internet flow, this feature comes in real handy when you are not using the Internet or may have left your home for a while. 2 separate LAN ports are also constructed for you to use, one as internet cable connection and another as a direct connection to your laptop/gaming PC, in case of playing HD online streaming games or working on heavy software.

Unboxing the Nighthawk MK62 by Netgear.

I’m here today to let you guide me through the unboxing of the Netgear Nighthawk MK62 system step by step. The box comes with a firm packaging provided by the source company Netgear itself (even though you buy it from any online platform). You can take a quick view of the provider information on each and every side of the box before jumping right into it. Although opening the lid you will see a quick reference guide for installation of the product, but beneath it stays the router and the satellite covered with plastic for dust safety.

The one with a QR code sticker is the router and the other is the satellite (this is given to differentiate between the satellite and the router as they look completely identical). The final container will have 2 power adapters (Normal Charging- 12V/ 1.5A) and an Ethernet cable for Internet connection. For more learning details go to

Detailed information about the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh Wi-Fi Router 6 System.

The Nighthawk (Model Number- MK62-100PES) comes with a router as well as a satellite inside the packaging (manufactured by the company “Netgear”: designed in Vietnam). The mesh router weighs around 571 grams and has a dimension of about 12.2 * 12.2 * 6.4 centimeters. The MK62 got launched last year in July, arrives in a single color variant which is “Black” with a wireless type of 802.11ax. It costs around 14,999 at (ASIN – B01NORVXW8). For discounted prices choose Amazon but for the original price, you can buy it from the official store The AX1800 router and extender both appear to be rectangular in shape with a dual-band frequency class built inside the container.

The plastic body build has 3 ports on the back of it, 2 for extended Ethernet cable connection and 1 for power providing source. It also has a grill mesh at the bottom for rapid cooling heat to escape and a textured surface at the top for ventilation. A small hump is given on both sides at the bottom of the devices, to support the gadgets sitting area. A reset button sticks beside the ports too in case of disconnection. The router blinks in 3 colors indicating work status, “Blue”, “White” and “Amber”. For more technical support get in touch with Netgear Product Support Hotline on 1800-419-4543 from 8:00 Am to 10:00 PM excluding holidays.

Demonstrating the installation procedure between the Nighthawk MK62 router/satellite and your Smartphone.

Follow the steps below properly to set up your device.

  • Download the Nighthawk Netgear Wi-Fi application on your device (Mac and Android both available) and open it
    Once inside, it will check for an Internet connection and start detecting the product. If it fails select “Trouble connecting? Try a new system setup” and click “Nighthawk Mesh System”.
  • Give permission for camera opening and scan the QR code given on the body of the router. If it still doesn’t work click the “Connect Manually” option and follow the on-screen instructions to restart your Internet modem.
  • Tap “Next” after finishing the reboot. Attach the Ethernet cable on your router (provided by your Internet service provider) and plug in the power source as well. If the router blinks “White” color tap “Next” on your device.
  • Setup your satellite after that, provide it a power source and place it close to your router. If it also pulses the white light, tap “Next” on your device and wait for your router and satellite to switch on.
  • Click the displaying “Join” button and wait for the router to connect to your mobile phone. After that, it will robotically search for any nearby satellites around the area (syncing process continues with the white light blinking). If synced successfully the lights will turn solid “Blue” or else solid “Amber” light will blink for a failed synchronization.
  • Now you may move the satellite to another preferred location for Internet access and make sure the light stays blue. Repeat the procedure correctly for proper device connection further.


How to Reset/Factory Reset the Netgear Nighthawk MK62?

Whenever your router seems to act strange or malfunction by any chance, you may try resetting the device fully. Go to the router and click the Reset button on the back, use a pin to tap and hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds. Set the button free after that, your router will resume back to its default settings (Note: don’t interrupt the process, turning off the router, loading a web page, etc.). You can erase the previous setting by visiting the official site and logging in. Provider login details > click “Advanced” and open “Administration”. Look onto the “Backup Settings” and press the “Erase” option. You have successfully completed the procedure, try configuring the router from the beginning. To restart the device press the “Reset” button once and it will reboot.

How to update the firmware on the nighthawk mesh Wi-Fi router?

Updating the firmware on any router of Netgear is utterly common. Go to the official site and write down the model number of your Netgear Nighthawk correctly (you may also manually search the product in the category list). Tap on the “Firmware and Software Downloads” option and select below “Current Versions”. You will be able to see a “Download” button there (if an update is available). Download the file, run it and abide by the displayed instructions to update it. Although, if there is an update available the Nighthawk will automatically download and install it during sleep hours.

How to manage Internet surfing on the Nighthawk MK62?

Sometimes your router might show a Wi-Fi connection, but you are not able to access the Internet. In such cases check your Internet traffic meter limit. If enabled, the limit might restrict you to further gain Internet access (if disabled, ignore). On a priority check, do reboot your devices as at many times the pathways are disrupted, and restarting the device might give it a fresh start. In a few situations, your DNS server’s address seems to be unrecognizable, configure it properly following your computer’s manual and restart it. Processing a logging software (WINPoET) is totally unnecessary, you might visit a browser and go to the “Tools” menu, and tap “Internet Options”. Press the “Connection” menu and select the “Never Dial a Connection” option to let the browser fetch Internet connections without any hampering. Other than that, contact your ISP for further problems.


The syncing problem between the MK62 router and the satellite?

Follow the quick sync option in the installation procedure but if that does not respond try the tricks described below. To attach both gadgets after placing the satellites in the same room, plug them into an external power switch and click the “Sync” button on the nighthawk app. After 2 to 3 minutes do the same on the satellite as well. The satellite will glow up indicating connection, the blue indicates a successful connection and the amber shows a failed one (try redoing the steps properly in case of failed synchronization). But if it syncs, place them in a preferred location close to the router (Note: check if the blue light stays blue after being placed in the new location.

Wi-Fi connectivity issue on Netgear Nighthawk MK62 mesh router?

First of all notice the device seeking Internet access is able to connect to the Wi-Fi or not (disabled SSID, hidden Wi-Fi, etc.) and also check the security patch you are using (WPA, WPA2). If everything stays in order, try visiting the Wi-Fi settings by plugging the Ethernet cable from your router to your desktop. Provide Sign In credentials and view basic and wireless settings. Make the preferred changes and click “Apply”. If even after that your device does not respond, I am sorry to say that they don’t accept 5 GHz frequency bandwidth (try changing them using a 2.4 GHz frequency bandwidth)

Denied accessing the web on your device?

On a starting note, make sure your connecting devices are working by the Internet provided by your Internet service provider which is uninterruptible. Visit Google Chrome browser and type, fill in login credentials (user ID and password) and tap “Advanced” window. The Internet port will display an IP address and if it shows an IP of it means you don’t have any web service, but anything other than that will have a stable Internet connection. Call your cable connecting operator and ask them to set it up alongside the requirements (mac address, PPPoE Internet connection, etc.).

PPPoE Internet connection issue on Netgear Nighthawk router and satellite?

Configuring this is quite simple than the rest of the issues, visit any browser and type Give in the login credentials (admin and password) and tap the “Advanced” tab. The Internet port sub bar will show a connection status option, go ahead and tap it. The window pops up to display an active/inactive status. In case of router association press, the “Connect” button, and you are done setting it up (Note: in case of disconnection call your ISP and ask them to provide proper connection).