Netgear Nighthawk MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh

Does your family want a super-fast internet connection? If yes, don’t fret about it, you need to use the Netgear Nighthawk MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System. The Netgear MK63(S) WiFi System is an ingenious wireless router that transmits a reliable WiFi connection. You can get a blazing fast internet connection in your home areas with an approximate 3 000 Sq.ft. location. You can enjoy the future dependable router internet connection formed with the next-generation 802 11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology connection. Additionally, the Nighthawk mesh Wi-Fi 6 system dual-band technology designs to control 4x more device connections.

Moreover, the Netgear AX1800 WiFi 6 System is made up to fulfil the netter’s stipulations. The WiFi 6 Mesh System is designed for a smooth streaming and fast gaming experience without lag or interruption. In addition, it arrives with one high-power satellite to improve the network coverage up to broad locations. You can effortlessly banish your home dead zones without needing any extra effort. To the Netgear MK63(S) satellite setup, you must place the device in a particular location. After the placement, you will have to take the internet connection and enjoy the seamless internet connection.

Additional features of the Netgear AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 system

The Nighthawk Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System (MK63(S)) arrives with the 1 satellite extender. Both devices are bringing too many features, which are following as:

  • The Nighthawk WiFi 6 Mesh System is the most influential wireless system that brings the Whole-home Wi-Fi 6 system. It offers reliable data transmission that covers the 3000 Sq.ft. area.
  • Moreover, the WiFi 6 Whole-home Mesh gives a speedy internet connection to up to 25+ devices. It has four compelling streams that give the 1.8Gbps brisk internet. You can use it for HD streaming, gaming experience, internet exploring, downloads, etc.
  • Another feature is to unleash faster speed. It is optimal to support Wifi 6 data using devices like MacBook Pro 13, iPhone 11 & 12, Samsung S10 & S20, PlayStation 5, MacBook Air, & Mac Mini, Ultra Notebooks, etc.
  • The MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System contains two-gigabyte ethernet ports. You can connect these ports with your gaming consoles, computers, 4k HD streaming devices, plugin computers, and nearby wired devices.
  • In addition, it is a liable router that is usable for seamless roaming because it moves almost the internet throughout your home each room.
  • Also, the WiFi 6 Whole home system provides for your quintessential home devices of your friends and family without sharing the private network password.
  • The Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System (MK63(S)) – AX1800 is natively made up of the MU-MIMO technology (it allows you to access the internet with a smart connect one Wi-Fi name) and beamforming technologies.
  • The Netgear Armor powered by Bitdefender is leading for cybersecurity. It secures your MK62 AX1800 Mesh data from malware, virus, and data theft. It allows you a 90-day free trial.

These are the Netgear Nighthawk MK63 AX1800 features. It’s all described as “Why it is usable for you”. So, you may know all about its features from above.

Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 Mesh WiFi System (MK63S) Installation

Here are the following steps for the Nighthawk MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh WiFi System hardware setup and its installation. It is following as:

  • Unbox the MK63 WiFi Mesh System.
  • First, read the Netgear Nighthawk Mk63 manual guide instructions.
  • Keep the Netgear MK63 AX1800 router.
  • Similarly, to exaggerate the internet of the mediocre router.
  • Connect the MK63(S) WiFi 6 Router with your modem network.
  • After this, plugin the AX1800 WiFi Mesh system into the power plug.
  • As well as, also connect your Netgear MK63 satellite with the Router.
  • Ensure that the WiFi 6 system keeps away from your router.
  • If it’s working appropriately, then LED signal lights will blink precisely.

Suppose you are stuck installing the Netgear AX1800 MK63(S) WiFi System. These points, as mentioned above, instruct you “how to install the Netgear MK63(S) Mesh”.

Login to the Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System by NETGEAR | MK63

Following are the step-by-step guide given below to the Netgear MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh Whole Home WiFi system login. It is such as:

  • Before login into the Netgear Nighthawk Mk63 satellite, you will log in to your MK63(S) router.
  • Use the browser utility to explore or
  • You can also use the Nighthawk app to log in to the Netgear Nighthawk Mk63 AX1800 login.
  • Access the Mk63 web admin page with the Netgear MK63(S) website (
  • Search the Netgear login admin page with its Netgear MK63 default IP address.
  • Wait until the Netgear Mk63(S) wireless router admin page is manifest on your computer screen.
  • Insert the Netgear router login admin name and password.
  • Ensure it is correct, ultimately, finish the Netgear AX1800 WiFi Mesh login process.

These are the following steps to the Nighthawk Mk63 Mesh WiFi 6 System Login process. You should use these steps to log in to the WIFi router.

Steps for the Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 MK63 setup with Nighthawk app

These are the following steps for the Netgear Nighthawk mesh MK63(S) setup points. You can configure the MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh settings by following the below-mentioned points.

  • First, install the Nighthawk app from the play store.
  • Install it and click on the Get started option.
  • Pair the MK62 AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System sync with the nighthawk app.
  • Login to the Netgear device and move directly to its web management page.
  • You will follow the on-screen instructions to the Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 MK63 setup.
  • Save the modify the settings in the end.

Thus, you can apply more settings to your Nighthawk Dual-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System and save it all. Ensure that you apply the settings correctly into the Mesh system.

Guide for the MK62 AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System Troubleshooting

The following tricks and tips are for fixing the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh MK63(S) WiFi 6 system. It is following as:

  • When the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh MK63(S) satellite is not connecting, you should verify whether the internet connection of the main Router is working. If the main WiFi router does not connect with the internet connection appropriately, it does not connect to your satellite. So, connect your MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh WiFi router with the internet and then reconnect the internet connection.
  • If the Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 has no internet connection, you will have to replace the router location for troubleshooting the nighthawk mesh WiFi 6 system. Configure the network settings of the Netgear Mk63 WiFi 6 system.
  • If the Netgear MK62 AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System is not working and the LED’s signal light of the mesh is not blinking, you will have to fix the error. You might reset the wireless dual-band internet router. Ensure that the Netgear mesh Mk63(s) router not working issue is resolved now.
  • Netgear AX1800 router lights on, but no internet. Surely, this cause will be manifest due to misconfiguration. So, configure the internet settings of the WiFi 6 mesh system again. Save it all after changing it correctly.
  • Sometimes, the Netgear MK63(S) AX1800 router does not connect to the internet after reset because it has an obsolete version. So, you will have to update the Netgear MK62 AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System firmware to fix the error.

Moreover, if the Netgear Nighthawk MK63 AX1800 mesh blinks the red light, you will have to reset the Netgear AX1800 Mk63(S) factory default settings.

Netgear – Nighthawk MK63 AX1800 wi-fi 6 mesh router with two satellite extenders reset

Following are the steps to reset the MK62 AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System factory default settings, it is followed as:

  • Locate the reset button on your MK63 AX1800 WiFi 6 mesh panel.
  • If your range extender does not connect with your mesh, use the Netgear MK63 reset process.
  • You will hold the reset button for a jiff.
  • Keep holding it for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • When the fifteen minutes are finished, then leave the WPS button.
  • Connect the internet connection again and use it.
MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh WiFi 6 System Review

The Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 Mesh WiFi System 3-pack (mk63-100nas) is one of the best WiFi mesh networking systems. It brings too many features and technologies to precisely run the streaming and gaming devices. Also, the Nighthawk Dual-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System specifications are too exclusive in comparison to other devices. You can use the 1.8Gbps fast internet connection for all your quintessential devices very easily after finishing the setup. It also comes with a 90 day free trial of NETGEAR Armor to secure the device’s internet from too many thefts, viruses, etc. You can easily use the Router + 2 Satellites following the Nighthawk MK63(S) AX1800 Mesh manual instructions. To obtain the info of the Netgear Nighthawk whole-home mesh wifi 6 system specs, get it from below.

  • Item model number: MK63(S)-100NAS
  • ASIN: B0823JXXX4
  • The Netgear Wireless Type: 802.11ax
  • Voltage: ‎100240 Volts
  • Product Dimensions: ‎7.9 x 7.8 x 6.5 inches
  • Brand Name: ‎NETGEAR
  • Item Weight: ‎2.67 pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.9 x 7.8 x 6.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Netgear
  • Date First Available: ‎January 6, 2020
  • Netgear Nighthawk Mk63 Price

To know the exact price of the Netgear MK63(S) WiFi System, check the Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 (3-pack) wireless router reviews from amazon.