Netgear Orbi RBK50

Well, if something crosses your mind regarding routers get your eyes together for the Orbi RBK50. This was the first high-performance Tri-band Wi-Fi mesh system in the world that was launched by the Netgear company. The RBK50 made sure that people receive a better Wi-Fi network at every corner of their house. Both the router and the satellite can cover up to 4000 square feet distance. An additional satellite will give another 2000 square feet of ground coverage. Most people use extra satellites if they stay in a big mansion or a 3/4 story flat. You may receive an upload/download speed of 3 Gbps more or less around the neighborhood. Thus use the extra Ethernet cable connection to directly plug and play during online streaming games. If a thought ever crosses your mind that why should you buy the Orbi RBK50, read the rest of the article. The Tri-band mesh system used in the software is the key for ultra-fast speed. As more devices connect to the network the Orbi automatically assigns each device to the Wi-Fi band. To add more to its pros, the speedy router offers an SSID connection. This means your single network can have seamless roaming throughout the network range. The RBK50 provides a quick setup and maintains the blazed Wi-Fi flow with its advanced technology. The Orbi overcomes all the obstructions that come in this spot to supply Internet access to the device. Besides that, it heats up a little, covers a bit of space, and gets dirty quickly. But all can be taken care of as nothing in the world is perfect, we all have to face the circumstances accordingly.

Product Description of the Netgear Orbi Tri-Band Router RBK50.

It’s been five years since the product launched back in March 2016. The home router (Model Number RBK50-100 NAS) weighs around 1.78 kgs and has a dimension of about 16.26 * 7.87 * 20.32 centimeters. Manufactured by the company “Netgear” itself from China, the unit has a wireless type of 802.11bgn. The Ram given is 0.5GB (for handling several devices together smoothly) and frequency bandwidth of five 5 GHz. The RBK50 is available on at 21,549 INR for the pack of 2 (starting range). Different packages come with different specifications (pack of 3, premium, ultra-fast, etc) and altered costs. Delivery is always available, and the unit will reach you within a week’s time (all around the world). The AC3000 router is available in a single color variant which is “White” and has a hard plastic build body panel. On his back, there are several ports and buttons than any other router in the market. 1 Internet port, 3 extra LAN ports, 1 USB button, 1 sync button, 1 power on/off button, a power source port, and a charging indicator beside. A grill mesh is also provided in the bottom for hot air ventilation. The RBK50 flashes “Blue”, “White”, “Amber” and “Magenta” colors serving several purposes.

Unboxing the RBK50 mesh router from Netgear

Today we are going to display the unfolded mysteries of this amazing product in this article. The unit delivered by the company comes with a shrink wrap around the box (not noticing the part from where you purchased it online). Take a look at the back of the white box for quick features. Remove the plastic covering and dig deep to fetch the Orbi router and satellite (one above the other). Moreover, a small box inside contains a guide booklet, Ethernet cable, 2 power adapters (Normal Charging- 12V/3.5A) all beautifully inserted. If you seek more help visit

Installing the RBK50 router and satellite using the mobile application.

A mandatory note: The high-performance Orbi will have a router written on the front of his body panel. The satellite will be inscribed on the extender’s front as well for differentiation. The password is also written on the RBK50’s back for logging in.

  • Firstly, place the router close to your modem and provide it an external power source.
  • Secondly, plug the Ethernet cable from the modem itself on the RBK (yellow Internet port) and push the power button, the light will glow green after switching it on.
  • Thirdly the white light on the top will indicate a connection between the modem and router. Do the same on the satellite consequently and keep it not more than 3 feet away from the router.
  • Fourthly, connect the Wi-Fi to your phone and put in the password. Launch the Orbi app (available on the play store and apple store) on your smartphone and click “New System Setup”. Choose the “Router plus Satellite” option and click “Next
    ”. Reboot your modem beforehand and follow the next options one by one if you have done the previous arrangements.
  • Lastly, it will detect the RBK50 Orbi router and satellites, after that click “Next”. Change the settings accordingly (username, password, network name, personalize everything). Reboot your router once before jumping right into using it. You can do much more stuff from logging in to the official site


How to Reset/Factory Reset the Netgear Orbi RBK50 mesh router?

Restarting the router sometimes gives it a fresh start as well as time to cool down a bit. Thus, switch off the power and separate the modem from the RBK50. Now, wait for 2 to 3 minutes before turning it on again. After turning it on, let the router rest for a few minutes before you start browsing. To fully reset the RBK50, go to the Orbi mobile application and try signing in (user ID and password). Click the “Menu” option on the top of the dashboard screen. Select “New Setup” and abide by the following commands to reset your Orbi back to its default settings.

How to approach the firmware update on the RBK50 mesh router?

To get the job done, visit the Orbi mobile application and make sure it has active Internet access. Go ahead and sign-in (password and username). Click the “Menu” button on the upper left corner of the window and select “Settings”. Click “Router Settings” and roll down to open “Check for Updates”, if there happens to be one. The Orbi app will display an “Update Firmware” option in the window. Hence, follow the casted instructions available on the screen to update the RBK50’s firmware.

The syncing problem between the RBK50 mesh router and its satellites?

Most times due to our several wrongdoings, the router and satellite fail to sync properly. To correct our deeds, I will guide you on how to finish attaching both significantly. After keeping the router and satellite together closely get them charging. Powering up, they will indicate a white or a magenta light blink on the top. Push the “Sync” button on the router and after a few minutes do the same on the satellite. Wait until the LED on the Orbi router/satellite changes its color to blue/amber/magenta. The blue shows a successful connection, the amber a partial one, and the magenta a failed one. Repeat the process properly if the color displays magenta/amber this time. Rather on blue light, place the satellite at its destined location view if the light still blinks blue or not. If it doesn’t, do re-sync it again.


What’s the way to figure out the Wi-Fi connecting issue on the RBK50 Orbi router?

Firstly, notice the Wi-Fi on your mobile is disabled or enabled (default settings: SSID broadcast, hidden networks). Then check the Wi-Fi security pattern (WPA or WPA2). Glare upon the Wi-Fi settings> plug an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router directly. Log in and browse “Basic”> tap “Wireless” and change the settings according to your will. Hit the “Apply” button and check if your computer has connected to any other Wi-Fi signal in the area or if it supports the 5 GHz, frequency band. If it does not, perhaps change your device.

What to do if access to the Internet is denied on your device?

To begin, ensure that your connecting devices are using an uninterruptible Internet connection supplied by your Internet service provider. Type into your Firefox browser, fill in your login credentials (user ID and password) and then touch the “Advanced” panel. If the IP address displayed on the Internet port is, it signifies you don’t have any web service, but anything other indicates a reliable Internet connection. Request that your cable connecting operator put it up in accordance with the requirements (mac address, PPPoE Internet connection, etc.).

PPPoE Internet connectivity issue on Netgear Orbi RBK50 router and satellite?

This is much easier to set up than the rest of the concerns; simply open any browser and type into the address bar. Tap the “Advanced” tab after entering the login credentials (admin and password). A connection status option will appear in the Internet port sub bar; tap it. The active/inactive state is displayed in the pop-up window. If you need to connect to a router, press the “Connect” button, and you’re done (Note: in case of disconnection call your ISP and ask them to provide a proper connection).