Netgear powerline 500 wifi extender

The Netgear powerline 500 wifi extender is one of the fastest and the least expensive kits that are used worldwide. Well, the Netgear powerline contains two Ethernet cables and two adapters. Moreover, it does not need installation software as well; it is just needed to plug into the main power outlet, and then it is ready to go. Well, the best thing about the Netgear powerline wifi extender is that the main socket is on the front of the device so they don’t need a full socket to do the netter work when it is not plugged into the power strip.

Along with its advanced features, the installation and the setup of the Netgear powerline are also easy. For the installation, you will start drilling into the holes of the wall so that it can be fitted on the wall. On the other side, the first-generation powerline adapters can slow down the broadband in which it only allows single stream data and catch the speed of 500 Mbps only. And the smart powerline adapter uses current adapters and fast MU-MIMO technology so that you can stream the data without getting lag.

Situations when the Netgear powerline 500 wifi extender does not work!

Well, the Netgear powerline 500 wifi extender can work with any standard wifi router or modems. But sometimes due to a technical issue when the powerline 500 extenders stop working. These reasons are the:

  • The internet or the hardware problem
  • The adapters and the circuitry problem
  • Obstacles interference

So these are the issues when the powerline 500 wifi extender does not work. In the following section, we will assist you to solve this kind of issue.

Troubleshooting steps for the Netgear powerline 500 wifi extender

So here is the troubleshooting guide when the Netgear powerline 500 wifi extender does not work with any router or modem. Then you can try these tips which will surely help you out when you are stuck with a problem.

  • Well, you need to start checking the LEDs by making sure that they should be lit on the adapters.
  • Also, make sure the internet does not work down on the selected place. If it is not working in your selected area then you need to relocate the position of the extender or the router.
  • Make sure to verify the LED light of the powerline adapters. For your knowledge some of the powerline adapters that are part of the older generation do not include the reset or the security button.Netgear powerline 500
  • It is necessary to recognize the power LED behavior as it helps you to understand or identify the problem with the powerline 500 wifi extender.
    LED behavior
    • When the power LED of the adapter is off then you need to check for the power and be sure that the electrical power is properly supplied to the connected devices.
    • When the power LED of the wifi extender is amber then it means the Ethernet LED is off and this occurs when the cable is unplugged or the device from which the Ethernet cable is connected is turned off. You can troubleshoot this error easily; you just need to return to the normal mode after two seconds when the Ethernet is properly linked up.
    • When the powerline LED is off then check the network security and ensure that the powerline 500 wifi extenders are using the same encryption key. In order to resolve it, push or hold the reset button with the help of a sharp object and push it towards the reset button until the LED light changes from amber to blue.
    • The powerline LED is turned into red or amber. For that change the location to move it closer to your selected location.powerline LED
    • Check that the Ethernet cable is working effectively with the extender or not, If the Ethernet LED is not blinking after establishing the Ethernet connection then steadily press the reset button on both the devices and return to the powerline adapter after waiting for one second.
  • If you add new devices to the powerline adapter then make sure they are compatible with the existing wifi network. For more knowld=ledge you can check the Netgear compatibility list and also check which device you can connect to it.
  • Make sure to connect the powerline adapters from 16 to 65 nodes as it also depends on the model that you use with the Netgear extender powerline adapter.
  • It is recommended to use the same powerline mode for smooth and excellent internet connectivity. Aso tries to avoid using the old fuse boxes or old cables that fail to meet the requirement of powerline 500 wifi extenders.powerline 500 wifi extenders

Try these troubleshooting tips when any problem arises in the connection of the Netgear powerline 500 wifi extenders.