Netgear WAC104 access point

The Netgear WAC104 access point is equipped with two outer antennas to give you superior signal and the best WiFi coverage. A dual band WiFi speed of about 1.2 GBps proffers to stream high end content. It comes with an inbuilt 128 MB NAND flash 128 MB DDR3 RAM. The WiFi 5 access point is congruent with N150, N300, and N600 AC devices. The four Gigabit ports on its back allow you to join a PC using a network cord in spite of a WiFi connection. The air vent on the front takes out the hot air from the device to work exquisitely. It is uncomplicated to set up with the WPS method. The detailed setup guide is as follows.

Netgear WAC104 Access Point Setup

To begin with, unpack your access point parcel box by lifting the tapes and strips. Remove the Netgear WAC104 manual, network cord, and other accessories included in the unit box. Before going ahead, you must deem the manual for safety precautions. Once done, go after to install your access point.

Position Your Netgear WAC104 WLAN Access Point AC1200

The first thing you have to do is to place your access point. It must be beside the WiFi box. Here is the detailed info to point to your Access point.

  • Point your access point in such a position where it can reach the WiFi box using a network cord.
  • Set your access point midway between your WiFi enabled device and the WiFi box.
  • It must be pointed to the spot where the interference cannot affect. These interference are thick concrete walls, glasses, electronics appliances such as ceiling fans, microwaves, cordless phone bases, home security systems, etc. An inclined wall would be the best spot to install the access point. Subsequently, connect the access point to the WiFi box.

Connect your Netgear WAC104 AC1200 WiFi 5 Access Point (1200mbps ac) To Router

After positioning the access point, connect it to the WiFi box following the steps given below.

  • Fix the network cord included on the parcel box to the Access point Ethernet jack.
  • The remaining end of the network cord must be attached to the WiFi box LAN port. Evade joining your access point to the modem. It already uses the DHCP client that is enabled by default.
  • Next, thumb the Switch ON/OFF button on the WAC104 access point. Once you connect, it’s time to join the WAC104 network from your WiFi enabled device.

Join the Netgear AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Access Point WiFi Network

There are two methods to connect your digital phone or PC to the WAC104 Access point network. These are as follows.

  • Manual Method
  • WPS Method

Netgear Wireless Desktop Access Point (WAC104) Setup – Manual Method

The manual method is usually common and used for most routers, access points, and extenders. Here is the brief info to join the WiFi device to the WAC104 network.

  • On your PC or digital phone WLAN configuration, look for the network list. Make your WiFi toggle ON. The network scanning starts by itself.
  • See the WAC104 network from the rear of the access point. It might be NETGEAR_11N or NETGEAR_11AC.
  • Spot these networks on a WiFi device and connect it using the Netgear WAC104 access point default password sharedsecret to join the network.

Netgear AC1200 Access Point Setup – WPS Method

If your WiFi device supports WPS, then it would be a good choice to connect with the WAC104 network. It is more brisk as you did not have to typify the SSID and security key of the WiFi network. Here are the given steps that you need to go after to connect the device using WPS.

  • Thumb the WPS button on the WAC104 access point back.
  • Knob the WPS button on the WiFi device as well within two minutes of triggering the WPS button on the WAC104 access point.
    The WiFi device connects to the WAC104 network. Now, you have concluded the hardware installation process. Do the initial login to get into the setup page.

Netgear WAC104 Login (Netgear wireless access point setup Initial)

These steps are applicable if you have updated the firmware of the WAC104 access point and conclude the reset. The firmware update and reset operation will be discussed below in a brief way. Once you are done with both two operations, do the login.

  • Try to reach your web portal and enroll or the Netgear WAC104 default IP address in it.
  • Enroll in the Netgear WAC104 default password and the username.
  • The initial web setup page for the WAC104 access point reveals.
  • Next, set the admin passphrase and then set up the security questions for recovery.
  • It is recommended to swap your channel’s SSID and passphrase to a new one.
  • Hit the apply button. Now you have to do the Netgear access point login back with a new passphrase and SSID.

Netgear WAC104 Access Point Firmware Update(Automatic)

Initially, you have to probe whether the firmware is released for your WAC104 access point or not.

  • Reach your web portal and enroll or the Netgear WAC104 default IP address in it.
  • Enroll in the login page and then move to the Administration tab.
  • Once you get into the administration tab, the firmware update interface reveals.
  • Look at the check button and hit it. If the firmware is avail\ble for your WAC104, hit Yes to initiate the downloading and installing procedure. The firmware downloading procedure starts.

Netgear WAC104 Access Point Firmware Update – Manual Upgrade

If the firmware does show by following the above procedure, then you can do it manually. For that, obey the following steps.

  • Chase the web address and then hit the download section. Once you get into the download section, the support page manifests.
  • Deem the firmware updates that include new notes.
  • Now download the firmware on your PC. Use an ethernet cord connection to evade feeble internet issues.
  • Again get back into the firmware section and then browse the firmware in img format.
  • Once done, hit the upload button.

Note: On both the automatic and manual upgrade, the device may boot up automatically. Do not close or switch to another window while the update is in progress.

Netgear WAC104 Access Point Troubleshooting

If you are encountering any issue even after concluding the setup of the WAC104 access point, then these tips might help you to fix it.

Netgear WAC104 not connecting to WiFi? Here are the Keys

If Netgear WAC104 not connecting to WiFi, then check the steps to fix it.

  • Get assured the WAC104 WiFi blinker is ON.
  • Your WiFi device and the WiFi settings must be the same as your WiFi access point has. Double check that you have to enroll sharedsecret passphrase for connecting to WiFi.
  • The WiFi device you are employing must support security encryptions.
  • The WAC104 must not be too proximate or far from the WiFi box. If possible, maintain a minimum space of 1.8 meters between both.
  • The WiFi SSID of your WAC104 must be enabled. To verify, do the login and then change the basic settings.
  • The firmware of the WAC104 access point must be up to date.
  • The PC must be configured to detect the IP address, not a static IP.

Netgear WAC104 not connecting to Internet? Here are the steps to fix it

If the Netgear WAC104 not connecting to Internet, then it must be due to an incomplete or wrong setup. These tips might help you to get out of it.

  • Get assured you are using the accurate and working ethernet jack to plug the network cord of the WiFi box and the WAC104 access point.
  • Inspect that the WiFi box is accurately connected to the modem.
  • Your internet modem must be exquisitely joined to the AC joint.
  • Call your internet provider and affirm that they are delivering internet.
  • Boot up all the devices including the access point, WiFi box, and the WiFi device.

Netgear WAC104 Access Point Factory Reset

Here are the steps to do the Netgear WAC104 reset operation.

  • Look for the factory reset button on the WAC104 access point back.
    Clasp and thumb it for around 12 seconds.
  • You see the PWR blinker on the WAC104 access point front initiates blinking. It will boot up automatically once the PWR blinker gets solid.
  • The solid PWR light after triggering the reset button signifies the reset operation is concluded.
  • After that, you have to re-setup your Netgear WAC104 device one more time using the info as stated above.

Note: Resetting the WAC104 access point will swap all the custom-made settings of the default one. Save or backup all the configurations before resetting them.

Netgear WAC104 Review

The Netgear WAC104 access point is easy to use as its setup barely takes five minutes to conclude. It is compatible with maximum routers. The hardware specifications of this access point did not disappoint you. Coming to the software specifications, it does not compete with the access points available in the market at this price point. It does not come with an inbuilt firewall to protect from malware and threats. The password of the WiFi network is not common. Most users will type passwords in the security pin of the network instead of sharedsecret. Other than that, it will be a good deal to extend the home network at no internet zone. Recommended.