Netgear WAX218 Access Point

The Netgear WAX218 Access Point is a WiFi 6 gadget that proffers high-speed internet performance throughout your home and offices. If installed in an accurate spot, it furnishes the signal up to 2000 square feet connecting 256 devices in real-time. A compact and versatile device fits on the ceiling or mounts on the wall easily. The enterprise-level protection with four SSIDs and WPA3 encryption. It is built for effortless installation as no wiring is required. For the thorough installation guide, review the steps from here.

Netgear WAX218 Access Point Setup

Unpack your access point parcel box and then bring out the Netgear wax218 manual, access point, mounting brackets, screws, and anchors. Deem the Netgear wax218 installation guide for safety info. You need a PoE switch and a WiFi box to configure your access point. The other essential you will get with the access point unit box. Before getting into the setup, review the LED description of your access point. It will help you to set up the access point easily.

LED Light behaviors to know the Access Point Status

Get the LED lights status for your access point to know whether it is operating well. It helps you to know the access point status.

Power LED

– If the power LED is firm and amber, then the power supply to the access point is OK.


– If the LAN LED is solid blue, the LAN jack catches the device connected to it. While the flashing blue light shows the data transmission or receiving is activated.


– If the 5 GHz WLAN LED is solid blue, the channel is operating. While the flashing blue light shows the data transmission or receiving is activated.

2.4 GHz WLAN

– If the 2.4 GHz WLAN LED is solid blue, the channel is operating. While the flashing blue light shows the data transmission or receiving is activated. Now, make your WAX218 power by following the below steps.

Power ON Netgear WiFi 6 Access Point

The hardware installation of your WAX218 begins here. First of all, you have to make your WAX218 ON. For that, go after the following steps.

  • Turn on your WAX218 access point by attaching the network cord. The network cord must be attached to the PoE+ switch and top the access point PoE jack. The PoE switch must be connected to the power supply using an adapter.
  • Next, make a connection between the PoE switch and the router by joining the cords. The Netgear WAX218 solid amber light glows. It means the Access point detects the electric supply. After you make your WAX218 power ON, join its SSID utilizing a WiFi device.

Join the Netgear Access Point Mesh Network

Make use of WiFi enabled devices such as tablets, laptop, or digital phone to join the WAX218 access point network by adopting the below steps.

  • Once the access point is powered ON, the SSID becomes active, You can use a digital phone or laptop to join the network. But for your ease, a laptop is recommended. For security purposes, the SSID may be inactive for 20 minutes. If this happens, then you can reset the access point.
  • Proceed to the WLAN settings on your laptop and spot the network name with WAX218XXXX-CONFIG. The XXXX on SSID may vary. You can see the SSID on the rear panel of the access point. Typify the Netgear ax3600 default password on the rear panel. Once done, join the network. Next, one thing you have to do is a web browser setup.

Do the Netgear WAX218 Login(Initial Login for Setup)

Now, do the web browser setup. Do the login to access the WAX218 setup page by obeying the below steps.

  • On your laptop search port(web browser), typify the Netgear WAX218 default IP address or in the hunt box. The Netgear WAX218 setup page manifests.
  • Set up the fresh passphrase for the device and for your main SSID network. Give a name to your SSID and a WiFi security PIN. Note the SSID and the security PIN for your WiFi network you give for peace of mind. Agree with the Netgear terms and conditions and later, hit apply icon. Once done, chase the Netgear AX3600 login page one more time with a fresh security PIN you created. Now you can configure the access point settings.

Connect Netgear WAX218 Access Point to the internet

Once you have done the web browser setup as stated above, go to your WLAN device. On your laptop WiFi settings, join the network you specify by typing the passphrase. Now you have connected to the internet.

Mount Your Netgear wifi 6 AX3600 PoE+ Access Point

You can mount the access point to the wall or ceiling or with a T-Bar, depending upon your choice. For the meticulous mounting info, look at the info given below.

Mount Netgear wifi 6 AX3600 access point to the solid wall

Ferret out the two gaps beneath the access point. Aligning gaps of the access points, mark them to put the anchors and screws. The space between both the gaps must be 4.33 inches.
Now go-ahead to drill the gaps utilizing a drilling tool and put the anchors.
Align the access point above the gaps and mount it with the help of the screws.

Mount Netgear WAX218 Access Point to a Ceiling

Make two gaps using the drilling tool. Make use of anchors and screws to fix the bracket to the ceiling by aligning the gaps. Clasp the Access point from up and down the flank by aligning the front side to the bracket. Place the guide beneath the access point to the bracket. Next, glide the access point until it fits securely viewing the locking section on the face side.

Mount Netgear WAX218 wifi 6 WLAN Access Point to a T-Bar

Glide the 15 by 16 inches bracket until it fits into place in between the guide and the access point beneath. It must be on the face side of the access point. Pick up your access point and fix the protruding section to the T-Bar. Fix the bracket first flank to the T-Bar and clasp and force until the second side locks with the T-Bar.

Netgear WAX218 Firmware Update

Updating the Netgear WAX218 access point firmware will fix bugs and issues. To know how you can do it, go ahead with these steps as given below.

  • First of all, you have to download the firmware file from your laptop by chasing the Netgear support interface.
  • When you get into the page, typify the model number of your access point(WAX218) in the explore section. The results manifest. If the firmware is available, then download it on your laptop.
  • Once the download concludes, open the search portal and typify the IP address 1923168.0.1 or Hit the login icon to get into the management page.
  • On the system manager, pick up the firmware tab to see the current version. On the upgrade section, hit browse and ferret out the file location you downloaded.
  • Once you place the file, hit the upload symbol. When the up[garde concludes, the access point may boot up by itself.
  • Evade shutting off the electric current during the firmware operation. connect to the SSID one more time.

Netgear AX3600 Access Point Troubleshooting

These troubleshooting steps will help you to get out of the problems you are encountering while using the WAX218 access point.

Netgear WAX218 not turning on?

If the Netgear WAX218 access point not turning on, look at a glance at the below steps.

  • Get assured that the network cord between the PoE switch and the access point PoE jack is firmly fixed.
  • Affirm the access point is getting the electrical current.
  • Probe the network cord is functioning. It should not be damaged.
  • Verify that the PoE switch is receiving an electrical current.
  • The power adapter should be firmly fixed to the electrical jack. If you are using a power strip, it should be ON. Use the Netgear powerline adapter instead of a third party.
  • If you had configured it already, probe the LEDs are not disabled in management page settings.
  • If the above tips would not work for you, then do the WAX218 reset. Clasp and force down the power button to make it OFF. Now, thumb the power button and simultaneously the Netgear WAX218 factory reset button for 8 seconds.
Netgear WAX218 not connecting?

If the Netgear WAX218 access point not connecting to WiFi or the internet, glance at the below steps.

  • Get assured the WiFi device connected to the access point radio channel is the same. The SSID and security encryption should also be the same. The WiFi device you are utilizing should congruent to support authentication.
  • If the SSID is hidden on WLAN settings, boot up all the devices such as PoE switch, access point, WiFi device, etc.
  • If all things are right, then the excess point might be positioned in an inaccurate location. Move your WiFi device to the location where it can detect the coverage. Maintain 1.8 meters of a distance of your WiFi device with the WAX218 access point.
  • Probe that you are not utilizing a WiFi MAC filter device that may generate a hindrance while authorizing the WAX218 device.
  • Evade the placement of WAX218 with interference such as thick concrete walls. Electronic objects and glasses may mitigate the signal.

Netgear WAX218 Review

The sleek and industrial-based design of access points proffers to place wherever. It is uncomplicated and brisk to set up. Just do the web setup and place it. It barely assumes your 10 minutes. The access point gives a brisk network speed all over the place. The regular firmware updates keep out the bugs in this device. Overall, a complete gadget that can be used to access the internet in a dead zone. Highly recommended.