Netgear XR500 Firmware not Updating

The newest firmware version of the Netgear XR500 gaming router is straightforwardly available with new features and advancements. The new version of the firmware can help eliminate the bugs and fix the errors with the Netgear gaming router. But sometimes, the Netgear XR500 Firmware not Updating, or while updating the router’s firmware, you get a failure message. If you are also falling with the same problems, you have landed on the right blog. We’ll help you deal with the problem to get an updated version of the Netgear gaming router.

Netgear is the only brand that releases its updates every month so that the user won’t get an interruption or face any problem with the device. In the anticipated article, we have given you the step-by-step instructions. Make sure to follow in a proper sequence so that you can resolve the firmware update problem with the Netgear XR500 gaming router.

Accurate reasons beyond the Netgear XR500 Firmware not Updating

With its Netgear XR500 new version, supports more languages and fixes the bugs so you can enjoy it without lagging. Such as, it improves the security issues and the firmware update issue with the gaming router. Sometimes it happens when the window appears with a not updating message. Don’t fret; here are the valid reasons behind this frustrating error. So let’s start with the primary reasons why the Netgear XR500 Firmware not Updating.

  • Sometimes, you have downloaded or installed the gaming router’s wrong or corrupted firmware file.
  • Feeble internet connectivity
  • Malfunctioning in the hardware of the XR500 gaming router
  • Unsuitable placement of the Netgear XR500 router at your home
  • Poor security of the network system
  • You might be using faulty or damaged cables to make a connection between the extender and the Netgear gaming router.
  • Your system might contain spiteful or malicious files such as worms, viruses, or Trojans that refuse to update the mediocre router’s firmware.

These are the major reasons that don’t let the Netgear extender update its firmware. To get over this error, try out the troubleshooting steps discussed underneath.

How to fix the Netgear XR500 firmware update failure error?

Now you are familiar with the reasons that stop you from updating the firmware of the gaming router. You have options which means you have more chances or detailed information to get rid of the problem. We want you to walk through it step-by-step so that the problem can be solved quickly.

Method 1: Basic Quick Resolving Ideas

Before you walk ahead towards the ultra-modern troubleshooting steps, you need to try these simple resolving hacks. Maybe your problem can be solved with basic steps.

  • First and foremost, check that the wall jack is functioning properly in which the Netgear XR500 gaming router is plugged in. If there is any fault or problem with the electrical outlet, immediately change or fix it.
  • Be sure about the location of the extender and the Netgear gaming router. While changing its position, ensure that both the mediocre router and the range extender should be placed in the same room. So they can pass a good signal range.
  • Also, immobilize all the VPN or proxy servers that you use on your wifi-enabled devices until the firmware update process of the Netgear router completes.
  • Verify the internet stability and speed with the gaming router device. By chance, if there is any fault or error with the network speed, you can fix it with the help of well-trained technicians.
  • Before updating the firmware of the XR500 router, ensure that the settings of the device are configured properly.
  • Ensure that you have scanned the system and eliminate all the viruses, worms, or malware if you find anyone.
  • Remember to use the static IP address when you are updating the firmware of the Netgear XR500 router.
  • Be sure that you have accomplished the setup of the Netgear gaming router properly.

We expect that the steps mentioned earlier will help you. As these are the basic troubleshooting ideas, even a non-specialist can apply these ideas. However, if the firmware update error persists with the gaming device, then go with ultra-modern resolving ideas.

Method 2: Ultra-modern resolving Steps

You will attempt these steps when the tips mentioned earlier don’t work. These are also the advanced steps that can’t be in the hands of a common user. To try these advanced steps, you need to take help from a well-versed technician.

  • First of all, install the Netgear XR500 router firmware update from a convenient source into the PC or laptop system.
  • Then install the TFTP software into the computer device.
  • After that, join the XR500 gaming router to the modem by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Thereon, install the TFTP software on the wifi-enabled device, but first, unzip the installed firmware file.
  • After doing so, launch TFTP software into your system.
  • Thereafter, click and then select a LAN adapter option.
  • In the search bar, enter the default IP address of the Netgear XR500 router. If you don’t know the default IP of your device, then it is advised to take instant help from the expert team.
  • Then, tap on the newly installed firmware file of the Netgear gaming router.
  • Thus, wait until the firmware update process of the Netgear router finishes.
  • Then, disconnect all the cable connections from the router and modems.
  • Now you can reboot the XR500 gaming router.

Sometimes, the Netgear XR500 router fails to upgrade the firmware of the device then in that situation, it is advised to reset the router once and retry it.