NEXX Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener NXG-200

I know the lazy and the busy days that you go through in your daily lives. At times when you are in a rush or too tired to open your heavy garage door, get the bike/car out and close it back up again. But you know what I got you covered because you are looking at the GET NEXX NXG200 smart garage door controller. This turns a regular garage door into a smart garage door opener. Installing this back at your home will transform the regular door into a mobile app-controlled door. The NXG 200 is a successor of NXG 100, in terms of features, looks, and almost everything.

The most interesting part is that the NEXX 200 is quite easy to install, handle and use. You can always be aware of what’s going on with your garage. Is it open or is it closed! The notification will always signify the NXG’s presence. In addition, the NXG200 also supports Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa for voice command operations. The device will accept your orders when you are on the move.


In desperate situations, when you are in a hurry you can activate the door “Open” command and leave with your vehicle. After driving off your vehicle provide the command “Close” for the door and it will close the door instantly, as directed. It saves so much precious time for people who are actually busy and are in dire need of such products. Providing temporary access to your family or your trustable friends can also help at times. When you are want to get a package delivered you can ask them to drop it off your garage and close it after finishing the job. Use the “Share Access” option on your device to ensure its Bluetooth connectivity to the shared device.

Lastly, the reason you should buy it is put in front of you. The NXG- 200 provides a “Just Drive” feature that connects the car to your garage on a daily time activity basis. The door opens and closes on its own without requiring any command at all if the person is punctual. Scheduling activity on your app and it will function accordingly. Before purchasing this adaptable garage door opener, do go through the NEXX NXG 100, TP-LINK CS100, Shelly 2.5, Chamberlain MKQ-G0401, Tailwind iQ3 for a quick comparison.

Product Details of the Wi-Fi control Smart Garage NXG 200?

The NEXX NXG 200 smart Wi-Fi controller was released back in June 2019. You may directly buy it from the official site or The NEXX (ASIN- B07TP4CQMW) will cost you around 79 U.S. dollars on both sites (not a discount). The product (manufactured in the USA) will be shipped to your location within 10 days of the purchase. The NXG200 weighs around 8.2 ounces and has a dimension of 3 * 3 * 1 inches. The rectangular shape smart door opener comes in a single color variant which is “Black, Grey”. The smart controller is rated above 4 out of 5, on various websites.

The NEXX 200 has also received a quite decent amount of feedbacks and reviews on its buying page as well. The NXG consists of 3 ports on the bottom for plugging the wires. An antenna is also placed at the top, beside the power source, the Reset button, and the Pairing button stays on either side of the top. Some LED lights are also placed on the front part of the plastic body panel beside the branding “NEXX”. They indicate “Power”, “Wi-Fi” and “Activity” on the main controller and door “Open”, “Close” on the wireless sensor. They glow “Blue”, “Yellow”, “Red” and 2 “Green” lights on both the gadgets. You will also receive a warranty of 1 year from the company itself. Claim your warranty by mailing us at [email protected].

Unboxing the NEXX NXG 200

Tearing up the cover, your eyes will view a small white rectangle-shaped box. The box is covered up by some pictures at the front and quick toggles/highlights at the back. Picking up the lid, the NXG controller pops up followed by some paperwork (warranty document, compatibility, manual). A separate white box is kept beneath, hiding the plugs, charging cable, the antenna, and a double-sided tape for attachment. Leftover, the wall plug (Normal Charging- 5 volts) and the wireless sensor stays in a transparent plastic covering. A 3M attachment and zip ties are also provided in the box to let the sensor stay in its place permanently.

Altogether a great packaging system is provided by the company ensuring everything is working and is included in the box. For missing items, warranty claims, or any other issues sign up at the getnexx official site. Write “The NEXX Smart Newsletter” from the login page and they will get back to you via mail.

Configuring the NXG- 200 with the NEXX mobile application.

  1. After unboxing the package, tightly attached the antenna at the back of the NXG controller. Fix it accordingly to your location permission and provide it a stable power flow.
  2. On the other hand, plug in a cable inside the “Opener’s” below the controller. Use the tapes and zip ties for the permanent placement of the NXG200 and power it up. Keep it nearby the garage itself for better response.
  3. Go ahead and repeat the same for the sensors as well. Make sure you place it on the garage door itself for opening and closing. After the whole set is completed download the mobile app “NEXX” on your smartphone. Create an account and log in (User ID and Password).
  4. Push the “Pair” button beside the antenna on the NXG 200. If it vibrates 2 times it means it is ready to pair. Keep the NXG sensor nearby while pairing. Change its positioning (Vertical to Horizontal) and then move a little bit front and back. Do this 3 to 4 times until it establishes the connection.
  5. Hence, if connected it will vibrate 3 times. After pairing completion slowly take the NXG sensor to the door and place it properly. Note: Don’t move fast, moving fast will create disconnection. Failure of pairing will result in 2-second continuous vibration. Redo the steps correctly to ensure the proper connection.
  6. After established association, you can control the NXG via the application. Tap “Open” to open the door and “Close” to close the door. After every command it will show a green and orange signal, maintaining order. You can catch up with the quick features if you mess up with the app for a few days.


How to update the firmware on the NEXX garage NXG 200 door?

The NXG 200 doesn’t have the feature to update the firmware automatically. You need to physically do that by visiting the main app. Go to the “Settings” bar and select “Device Information”. Click the “Local Firmware Update” link on the displaying window. Further, an amber light will blink showcasing the device in configuration mode. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the NEXX 200, other than any other device. If not, do that and press the “Update Firmware” option visible on the device. If anything other than that troubles you, feel free to chat with the customer service online at the official website. Note: Keep checking for updates monthly.

How to Reset/Factory Reset the NXG200 smart garage door?

Resetting the NXG’s is common in all the other models as well. Push the “Reset” button and keep the force for more than 50 seconds, till your eyes catch the greenish LED light. Separate the power cord > Wait for 2 minutes > then plug it back in. You can now see the greenish light again on the device. Visit the NEXX app to start pairing it back again from the beginning.
To fully reset the NXG- 200, separate the device from its power source for 1 minute. Push the reset button with one hand, consecutively attaching the power source back again on the other hand. Don’t leave pushing the reset button while doing this. Let it remain for another 20 seconds, before detaching the power source. Again wait for 30 seconds and start the device back on. Your device is set back to its default settings finally. If you face a problem understanding this, leave a text message on the official website and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

NEXX garage NXG 200 showing responding error?

This is a genuine problem faced by a lot of users over time. People have been complaining about the responding errors for a long. Whenever you try and work on the app, a bug comes out of nowhere and disrupts the process. Well, to fix the issue you need to check out a few things first. Notice the lights on the NXG200 are blinking or not, before restarting it. Separate power > Take a 45-second halt > Power back on. Now watch carefully if the color of the LEDs blink “Blue” or not. Slowly, try controlling the device from your app and check if they are working as per your commands. Restart the device using the technique generally fixes the glitch most times. But, if you require further assistance let [email protected] know about the problem. They will try and fix the issue back from the end.


NEXX smart NXG-200 shared user not able to access the door?

At certain times the person whom you shared access to your NXG 200, isn’t able to activate the door. In such cases, the display presents “You Can Activate The Device From Bluetooth Only”. View the ”Just Share” screen on the owner’s account and press the “Only BLE Activation Allowed” option to enable it. In this way, the shared person will be allowed to access the device via Bluetooth only. This method is created to handle any false security breaches around your location. Thus, it restricts the person from accessing the door over the web, while actually not being around it physically.

The LED blue light blinking configuration issue on the NXG 200?

The NXG200 doesn’t actually connect to the 5 GHz network frequency. Make sure you consist of a 2.4 GHz Network connection flow. Wait for some time, after tapping the “Configure” device and let it connect to the Wi-Fi robotically. After 5 to 7 minutes, check if the light blinks “blue” constantly. This indicates the Wi-Fi catching by the NXG on the server is successful. However, if you are unable to connect to the network, try going through these written exceptions. Inspect if your device has an active Internet connection. If yes, examine the firewall structure built on the platform. Try and filter the issue that’s averting the NEXX NXG from accessing the cloud server. If you find it difficult, instead create a guest network of 2.4 GHz bandwidth. Furthermore, connect the guest network with NXG200 and it will work just fine.

Incorrect status displayed on the NXG 200 wireless sensor?

If the NEXX app shows “Unknown Status”, this means the error is caused by the sensor itself. If the sensor can’t accept commands, features like “status”, “notification”, “activity”, “schedule” etc. won’t work. To quickly get rid of this problem take the sensor out of its place and charge its battery (23A 12V Alkaline). After adding a new battery try shaking it. This will juggle up the internal gyro sensor of the NXG wireless sensor. Place it back to its original position, but this time provide a covering to it. Doing that will save it from dust, heat, water, etc. Maintain positioning and strong connection to the base unit, try using it after that and it will definitely work.

Device configuration mode error on the smart NEXX NXG 200?

There are some steps that you need to follow to resolve this troublesome issue.

  • Visit the main window on the NEXX application on your smartphone. Tap the gear icon visible on the top left corner of the screen. Select the “Device Delete” option on the screen, make sure that your NXG 200 is deleted from the app. Otherwise, it won’t come to light while reconfiguration.
  • Soon after that, provide the power source to the device and give it a restart. The process to restart is described earlier in the article, do follow it for reference. Turn off and turn in the power maintaining a 10 seconds gap.
  • Simultaneously, delete the application from your smartphone and reboot it. Also quickly install the application (available at both Play Store and Mac Store) back again. Login and allow all permissions as earlier.
  • Select the plus sign on the Get NEXX application and start reconfiguring it back again. Follow the displaying commands step-by-step to configure the NXG properly. This time, if the error reappears try using different gadgets such as desktops, laptops, etc. via If it still shows the device mode configuration error on the NEXX app, simply claim the warranty and replace it.