NOVETE Wireless Doorbell

The Novete doorbell is a wireless expandable 52 chime/doorbell that has an operating range of 1300ft. It monitors your home, office, and apartment. This wireless doorbell includes 52 Chimes & tunes from different styles and 5 sound levels. The Novete doorbell supports up to a 1,300 square feet range and you usually use the doorbell in the long-area like warehouses, factories, homes, offices, and more. This Novete doorbell kit is absolutely perfect for almost any place if the place is big as well as small.

This doorbell is set to homes, office buildings, apartment complexes, and more. The Novete wireless doorbell built-in LED indicator is usually helpful, when the doorbell’s transmitter is pressed and the signal is received then the LED spontaneously flashes blue. You can mute the wireless doorbell if a ringtone is not wanted and get notified by the LED instead when someone shows up at your home door.

The Novete doorbell has a 230 mAh CR2032 lithium battery that works for a long time. With this battery, the doorbell performs very well for a long time. The transmitter of the wireless doorbell is waterproof. The installation of the doorbell is effortless, just simply plug & play the doorbell.

Ultimate Features of the NOVETE Wireless Doorbell

The wireless doorbell is usually used in the home and provides the security of your entire home. This doorbell simply connects to the wi-fi network and performs very well. It works with a waterproof transmitter that collects the useful information. In the given below, there are some ultimate features of this doorbell.

1. 52 chimes and 4 sound levels

The Novete doorbell has 52 chimes & 4 sound levels. The 52 chimes are included in different styles, you can seamlessly select any chimes you want to like. Along with the 52 chimes, the 4 sound levels were also included with silent mode. If you want to turn off the sound from this doorbell, then you can put it on mute mode.

2. Expandable connection range of up to 1,300ft

The range of the Novete wi-fi doorbell is long and expandable. This doorbell covers a connection range of up to 1,300 ft. The sound quality is ultimate and amazing. With the long-range connection & strong signal penetration, you seamlessly use this doorbell in any long place without any hassle.

3. Great for office, home, & more

The Novete doorbell is absolutely great for the office, home & more. This doorbell is fully waterproof then it works in rain time. Then, you seamlessly use this doorbell anywhere and anytime. It is ideal for homes, office buildings, factories, apartments, and more.

4. LED indicator light

The LED indicator light is also built-in in the Novete chime doorbell. This indicator light is extremely useful. If you press the transmitter of the doorbell and it receives a signal then the doorbell indicator flashes blue. If you have set your ringtone on mute then if someone comes to the door the LED will turn blue and this feature is very helpful for those who have a lot of hearing problems.

5. IP 55 Waterproof Transmitter

The transmitter of the wireless doorbell is waterproof. That means the Novete chime doorbell works perfectly in the rainy season. This doorbell will not have any effect on water. This doorbell will do the same in the rain and in the sun.

Installation of the NOVETE Wireless Doorbell

The Novete doorbell works with the transmitter that is usually more helpful. This doorbell includes 52 chimes and 5 sound levels. You can easily set any chime and then enjoy the benefit of the doorbell. If you really enjoy the benefits of the wireless chime doorbell then you should install the doorbell. If you think about how to install a wireless doorbell then for this you have to follow given below installation steps and then instantly install your doorbell.

  • To install the chime doorbell, you have to get the doorbell box if it is a new one and then unbox it.
  • After unboxing the doorbell you need to verify the accessories because without accessories you can’t install the doorbell.
  • The following accessories like 1 × Transmitter, 1 × key, 2 × screws, 2 × Anchors, 2 × plug-in receivers, 1 × Adhesive path, 1 × user manual.
  • Then, locate the perfect place to plug in the doorbell. Because the place should be such that the ring can be heard in the whole house.
  • Now, take the Novete chime doorbell and directly plug it into an available power supply of your home.
  • After that, install the transmitter of the Novete doorbell. But before installing the transmitter you can install the battery.
  • To install the battery, you can unbox the slot of the transmitter and then install the battery.
  • Afterward, take the two-sided tape and then apply it to the transmitter. Then, surely hang the doorbell into the wall of your home.
  • If you don’t apply the tape then use the screws & anchors. While using the screws & anchors you can hang the transmitter inside the home. But for this, you have to make a hole in the wall with a drill machine.
  • Now, press the power button and the power is up now of the chime doorbell.

Congratulations! The Novete doorbell installation steps are surely finished. After that, you seamlessly perform the setup of this doorbell.

Manual of the wireless chime doorbell

The Novete chime doorbell is absolutely helpful for long-rang coverage. The expandable coverage of this doorbell is up to 1300ft. This doorbell works with the transmitter that provides the information through the ringtone & LED indicator. Every networking device comes with a little manual. The Novete wifi chime doorbell also comes with a manual. The Novete doorbell user manual contains all the relevant information about the doorbell. It is the perfect solution to all the questions like how to change the wireless doorbell chime, how to fix the wireless doorbell, how to reset the Novete doorbell, and more. This manual delivers all the information like Novete part number is ‎SGNV004AB-US-A; the model number of a wireless doorbell is ‎SGNV004ABUS; the chime doorbell ‎1 CR2 battery required; power source is ‎AC & Battery; installation method of this doorbell is ‎Self-Adhesive or Screw-In; the ‎Working temperature ranges from -4 °F-140 °F, and more.

Setup the Expandable Chime Doorbell via the app

The Novete doorbell works with a wi-fi network. In other words, this doorbell simply connects to the wi-fi network. If you wish to connect the doorbell to the wi-fi network then you can install the app. Below are some of the setups to set up the chime doorbell so that you can easily set up the doorbell.

  • To perform the setup of the doorbell, take the Novete doorbell manual and then locate the QR code.
  • While using the smart mobile phone camera you have to scan the QR code and then install the app.
  • Now, the app is installed. Just press the app icon and then promptly app is open.
  • If you are using the first-time app then, tap “create account” and then create the account with a valid username. After that, also generate a strong password. Otherwise, tap sign in and log in to the account.
  • Then, the home screen pops up, the three options are there like Doorbell scan, Add device, & scan QR code.
  • You have to tap on the add device option and connect your phone with the app.
  • Then, visit the wi-fi setting and connect the doorbell to the 2.4 GHz network while using the network password.
  • In the end, follow provides app screen instruction and performs all the settings.

Thus, the setup of the wireless doorbell was fully completed. You can also try these setup steps to perform the setup of the chime doorbell.

Operation instruction about the Novete wireless doorbell

If you wish to change the volume, mode, chime/tune, and other then you need to perform the operation of this doorbell. There are some operation steps of the wi-fi-connected chime doorbell.

1. Mode selection

The selection mode of 4 types which are as follows:
A: When you press the transmitter button of the Chime doorbell, the LED on the receiver of the Doorbell will be flashing without using the sound.
B: When you press the button on the chime doorbell transmitter, the receiver of the Doorbell will be ringing without the LED flashing.
C: When you press the button on the Chime doorbell transmitter, the receiver of the Doorbell will be ringing with the LED flashes.
Mode D: you can turn off the doorbell’s receiver.

2. Volume selection

There are 4 volume levels in the wireless doorbell. The volume button is established on the left-hand side of the doorbell. You can smoothly press the volume change button and then volume change repeatedly.

3. Tune/Chime selection

In the wireless doorbell, there are 52 tunes & chimes. If you wish to change the chime then you can locate the chime selection button. The chime button is located on the left-hand side. Smoothly press the chime button and then instantly release then the time is changed.

4. Paring a Doorbell receiver with a transmitter

To pair the doorbell with a transmitter then you have to press the music change button to choose a ringtone. After that, you can select the ringtone, for this, you have to press the volume change button and hold for about 5 seconds till the receiver starts flashing and making a sound. Now, you can press the transmitter button for 3 seconds on the wifi doorbell, the LED light of the transmitter will be lit up, and the receiver and transmitter are paired.

Troubleshooting steps of the wireless Chime doorbell

Sometimes the wifi connected doorbell is not functioning well then you can verify the problem. There are some issues like LED not flashing, not ringing, not operating, and others. For this, there are some wireless doorbell troubleshooting steps to fix various problems.

  • If the wireless doorbell is not ringing then the problem is range specification. Maybe the transmitter is far away from the wireless doorbell. Then you need to verify the position of the transmitter and receiver. After instantly solving the battery.
  • If the transmitter is not working then you verify the battery. Maybe the battery is damaged. To fix the problem you can install the new battery in the transmitter.
  • The wireless doorbell does not light up then the solution is you can replace the light. Also, replace the button of the chime doorbell. The best option is to replace the button.
  • Sometimes the wireless doorbell not working in cold weather then the problem is slow electric current. This doorbell is especially designed to work at a -5 degree temperature.
  • If the wi-fi connected doorbell is absolutely not functioning then you need to perform the reset. Because after resetting the doorbell all the operation is deleted and then it externally works well.

Review of NOVETE wifi chime doorbell

In my point of view, the wireless doorbell review is an extremely perfect and amazing networking device for the home as well as long area. Because the operating range of this doorbell is 1,300 feet. The design of the Novete doorbell is absolutely sleek and convenient. That means you simply plug anywhere into an available and power receiving electric outlet. It comes with a waterproof transmitter that works in all the weather. You simply hand this transmitter outside in the home and worry about the rain. Because this transmitter is water, there is no effect of the rain.

The doorbell receiver has the LAD indicators that are usually helpful if you wish to mute the doorbell then the LED indicator provides the information. The high-quality speaker is there at the bottom of the wireless doorbell. The left-hand side volume & chime selection button, with this button, seamlessly changes the tune or volume. Thus, the Novete wireless doorbell is an absolutely amazing and perfect device for the home as well as long-range areas.


Q1. Does Novete wifi doorbell work in cold weather?

Yes, the novete doorbell works in cold weather as well as hot weather. The transmitter of this doorbell is absolutely IP 55 waterproof that seamlessly works any weather.

Q2. How long and wide is the wireless doorbell, not including the receiver?

The wifi connected chime doorbell is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Q3. How is the sound quality of the wireless chime doorbell?

The sound quality of the wireless doorbell is absolutely amazing & excellent. Along with this, there are different sounds you can change with the provided sound button.

Q4. Is this Alexa compatible with the Novete doorbell?

Yes, the Novete doorbell is compatible with Alexa. Because it works with a wi-fi network that easily connects to Alexa.

Q5. Batteries included wireless doorbell transmitters?

Yes, the ‎1 CR2 batteries are required in the doorbell. This battery is included in the inside of the transmitter.

Q6. How do I reset my Novete wifi doorbell?

You should remove the battery from the wireless chime doorbell push for about 10-15 minutes. Utilize the push button and then the doorbell is reset.

Q7. Does this go off when someone opens the home door?

No, the doorbell does not turn off when the door is opened. It works the same and does not affect whether your home door is closed or open.

Q8. Are you able to turn the sound completely off at times in the chime doorbell?

You can use the mute button and then completely turn Off the sound. In this case, the LED indicator is absolutely helpful.

Q9. How far away from metal can the wireless doorbell be?

You can place the wireless doorbell from the metal about 12 inches.

Q10. Does the wireless Chime doorbell need additional tools to install?

No, additional tools are not required to install the wifi doorbell. It instantly installs with the provided packaging box accessories.

Q11. What batteries does this wireless doorbell use?

The wireless doorbell required 1 CR2 battery. This battery is more capable and works for 3 three years.