Official Starlink Firmware Update Releases: Listed here

Starlink router/system gets latest firmware updates automatically. So, you don’t have to worry about updating it from your end manually. Although for the record, till now there are 13+ Starlink firmware updates rolled out by the company.

You can check the current version of your starlink firmware through its app. With each starlink firmware update the company fixes its bugs, enhances security, and adds additional features to the system.

List of all Latest starlink firmware updates till date-

Starlink does not release any official firmware changelog. This is our effort to keep record of all the starlink firmwares with the help of the starlink community on reddit. Moreover, the information given on reddit might be incorrect so be careful while using it.

So you can match these firmware to your current starlink firmware. With that you can make sure if your device is updated to the latest release or not. Let’s check the latest starlink firmware list here with their releasing dates-

1745cc47-0a6c-4ef4-8cc7-9b0539cc6a2a.uterm.release ( 14 dec 2022)


42b5ab75-81b6-4908-a445-e209eb070ed3 ( 30 Nov 2022)


F562e306-0cd5-44c2-9058-9ab6800c4b50.uterm.release ( 20 Nov 2022)


Edb54d43-cd2a-42f0-b9c5-5403b0d5d8e1.uterm.release ( 12 Nov 2022)


Ee39beae-c399-4648-a7d6-949193d8c910.uterm.release ( 5 Nov 2022)


223c055e-8fe8-42e6-8d00-cd4c6a466252.uterm.release ( 14 Oct 2022)


75196057-afe3-43d9-9143-15dea18a920c.uterm.release ( 12 Oct 2022)


2fa7e8e8-9a01-468b-b49a-7df5d377fb7b.uterm.release ( 5 Oct 2022)


Ab8d4db3-bd07-45c3-a456-9f340a2d6360.uterm.release ( 29 Sep 2022)


8c935465-ed45-4f16-9d7c-1c44c007d687.uterm.release (23 Sep 2022)


79170122-8b62-4124-865e-05dbeaf764e9.uterm.release ( 17 Sep 2022)


32e2807b-1e2a-4a91-888f-00b806b5f47c.uterm.release (14 Sep 2022)


Ca5121d4-f420-4452-985f-ae41aacb2f15.uterm.release ( 08 Sep 2022)

So, you can check any of these firmwares here. And if you want to read further about what changes these bring on customers’ systems then click on the link and read the information on reddit. Now, lets learn how to check your current firmware version.

How to check your current firmware version

To check the current version of your starlink system open the starlink app first. Go to settings and then tap advance option. Now, you will be able to see the current version of your firmware written under starlink

Plus there you will be able to check the date of the firmware update. So, now you can match that with the above list of versions available. Whenever there will be an automatic update the device will reboot itself automatically.

How to Update Starlink Firmware

As mentioned earlier also, you can not update your unit from your end manually. All the updates are released and completed automatically by the company itself. 

It happens like one night you slept with an older version and in the morning you see a new version of the software/firmware. Company releases these updates in batches. So, users from different regions get updated at different times. One more important thing to note is that not every customer will get all the updates.

How long does a starlink update take?

It’s time totally depends on the size of the file. If the file getting updated has lots of features then it might take around 30 minutes. If the updates are small then it hardly takes 5-10 minutes. So, if your unit is rebooting automatically then it is quite possible that it is going through a software update.

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