ONSON 2100Pa Robot Vacuum cleaner troubleshooting and review

The ONSON 2100Pa Robot Vacuum cleaner basically comes with a 360° smart wifi and mapping technology sensor. This J20C robot vacuum cleaner works with 2.4GHz band networking technology. It designs with recognition and full accommodation. You can easily show the real-time cleaning of the ONSON GOOVI vacuum cleaner through the App. This is usually used as a strong suction power motor which is helpful to maintain this device properly.

You can easily use this device using a scratch-resistant protective glass cover. It protects the vacuum without worrying about anything and you can also restore the original appearance of this device. The ONSON vacuum cleaner uses the 2.83 ultra-fast modes to clean your home. It increases the 1.5 seconds suction power. This vacuum cleaner cleans the bed, harder carpets, and each and every corner hidden dust, dirt, and debris of your home.

Onson Robot Vacuum troubleshooting

Actually, the ONSON J20C Robot vacuum’s most common problems are that it now works, not connecting to wifi or etc. However, the ONSON Robotic vacuum cleaner causes very rarely an issue, but if you do not use it daily or use it continuously. By following the below-given Goovi Robot Vacuum troubleshooting guide, you can easily fix it.

1. Troubleshoot the Goovi robot vacuum not charging issue:

In this case, your Goovi robot vacuum is not charging, then you fix it by following the below steps.

  • You can fix the Onson robot vacuum not charging issue, by replacing the battery.
  • In spite of this, if it does not charge then you fix it by using a new charger.
  • Moreover, you can also use a new battery to charge it properly.
  • If you think about the GOOVI Robot Vacuum how long to charge, then you charge it continuously for up to five hours and run it.
  • You can also fix this issue, by changing it after a while without its use. Now, your problem is solved properly about how long does Goovi takes to charge.
  • Using the better battery backup system you can also troubleshoot the Goovi robot vacuum not charging issue.
2. Fix the GOOVI Robot Vacuum side brush not spinning issue:

Many times, the Good side brush is not spinning after cleaning the harder areas. To fix the issue, you can just follow the below steps.

  • You can fix it by replacing the spinning brush. Just replace the brush module and again use your vacuum.
  • Moreover, you can fix this issue by resetting it.
  • In spite of this, you can fix it by going into the iRobot store and then again visit the parts and accessories option. Then, choose the brush according to your robot vacuum. After that, you can get a brush from here and replace it with your previous brush.
  • To troubleshoot the not working issue, you can fix this issue by again turning on the power of the device.
3. Troubleshoot the GOOVI robot vacuum not working issue:

The ONSON robot vacuum is not working, when you use it for a very long time in one day. You can troubleshoot the not working issue by following the below steps.

  • If your Robot vacuum is not working, then you fix it by resetting it.
  • You can also troubleshoot it, by again turning on the power of your vacuum.
  • Moreover, you can fix it, using the Robot Vacuum, GOOVI by ONSON 2100pa upgrade Robotic Vacuum cleaner with a gyroscope.
  • If it does not work, make sure the wifi network connection properly connects to your device.
  • Again connect your device with the wifi network.
  • To make it perfectly and work properly then you plug your device into the power outlet again. After troubleshooting the ONSON not working issue, you can use your device again with a properly working it.
4. Fix the ONSON Robot Vacuum purple light issue:

After changing the ONSON Cordless Vacuum Replacement Parts, you can look at the front gateway of the vacuum and it blinks the purple light. To fix the issue you can follow the below steps.

  • To fix the purple GOOVI Robot vacuum purple light issue, You can fix it by again turning on the power of your device.
  • You can also troubleshoot this issue by again connecting with the wifi network.
  • By using an ONSON Cordless Vacuum filter and replacing the parts by following the ONSON robot vacuum instructions.
  • You can change the wifi setting and then again check the LED light.
5. Fix the ONSON cordless vacuum won’t turn on the issue:

The one more causing issue of the GOOVI ONSON 2100Pa Robot Vacuum is that sometimes it won’t turn on. To turn on it and troubleshoot this problem follow the below step.

  • You can also fix it by using a 2.4GHz band technology. Just, go into the vacuum wifi setting option and change the setting of the network. After this, you can verify that it is turned on or not.
  • To troubleshoot this issue by again plugging it into the power outlet.
  • In spite of this, you can fix it by replacing the battery and controlling it via the remote system.
  • Moreover, you can also use this vacuum properly by updating the firmware. Just update the firmware of the vacuum and start it again.
6. Troubleshoot the ONSON Home application not working issue:

Sometimes, the ONSON 2100Pa Robot Vacuum home application does not work and shows a blurring screen while you open this app. To fix this problem you can follow the below steps.

  • You can again install the Onson app from the play store. Now, you open this and verify that the problem is resolved or not.
  • To run the app, check your PC internet. Maybe your PC network connection slow.
  • In spite of this, you can also turn off the power of your PC and turn on it again. Now, You can open this app and complete the GOOVI ONSON Robot Vaccum setup. Finally, the OSCON home app is working now.

These are some steps for the ONSON 2100Pa Robot Vacuum troubleshooting. It may help you for troubleshooting your Vacuum cleaner issue.

ONSON robot vacuum reviews

The GOOVI ONSON cordless vacuum cleaner is the most using device. Most people of the world use this networking cleaner. It is a very compact vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner also uses me to clean my home harder and to found the dirty areas of my home. It will not take up too much additional space in my home. When I use this device then I get it from this better performance in comparison to others. It is a great addition to your home cleaning. The ONSON cordless vacuum review giving by many customers. The whole is the people of the world like this vacuum cleaner. You can also use this device by following the onson robot vacuum manual instructions.


How to reset the GOOVI ONSON Robotic vacuum cleaner?

To reset your ONSON 2100Pa Robot Vacuum cleaner you can simple, press the reset button and reset your device properly. You can just hold the reset button for three seconds. After three seconds, leave the ONSON robot vacuum cleaner reset button. Now. it is properly reset.

How to access the J20C Robot vacuum cleaner login page?

You can just put the IP address or GOOVI vacuum website in the web interface URL. after accessing this put the login credentials in the login box and click on the “log in” option. Just, type www.onsonlife.com in the URL and access the immediate login page of this cleaner.

How to update the GOOVI ONSON 2100PA robotic vacuum cleaner firmware?

Using the ONSON home app, you can easily update ONSON robotic vacuum cleaner firmware. Just, open the app and then go into the robotic vacuum settings and then choose a GOOVI ONSON robot vacuum firmware update option. After this, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process.