OptiCover G1200-0828 WiFi Extender

The optiCover extender is a wireless dual-band signal extender compatible with 802.11ac/a/b/g/n Standards. It helps to extend the existing wireless wifi signal. This extender boosts the wireless wifi signal and also improves the wifi signal. Ordinarily, the OptiCover G1200-0828 wifi extender is dual-band, which means it supports 2.4GHz+5GHz. It has 4 high-gain strong and very powerful external antennas that deliver smooth and better wifi network coverage in the whole home, office, and apartment. This wifi range extender has a smart LED signal indicator on the front side that helps to locate the optimal location, if the extender is far away from the router then its indicator blinks the red light. The front side of the OptiCover wifi extender has a WPS button, this button is very useful to set up the extender.

The g1200-0828 extender is universal compatibility, compatible with any wireless wifi router and access point. It has the feature of wireless encryption security, with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 it provides the security from the virus, hacker and malware. It delivers up to 1200 Mbps wifi network speed, so you can enjoy the network without any interruption.

How to install the OptiCover g1200-0828 wifi extender?

The opticover wireless wifi range extender delivers a smooth wireless network with 1200 Mbps speed. If you want to get its range by playing the online game with your friend, for this you need to install the opticover g1200-0828 extender. If you think about how to install the opticover wifi extender, then follow some steps.

  • To install the opticover extender, first of all, you have to take the box of the g1200-0828 extender, if your extender is a new one, then it has to be removed.
  • Then you have to check the opticover wifi extender accessories that came with the extender like opticover extender, ethernet or USB cable, opticover g1200 extender manual, etc to complete the installation process.
  • Now, properly set the g1200 extender, hold the extender antennas from the extender base and push them fully into the spots.
  • Then, take the opticover range extender and plug it into the power supply, and turn ON the power button. After some seconds, turn ON the power of the opticover while utilizing its power button.
  • Now, the extender is ready to connect to the existing wireless router. For this, press the opticover extender’s WPS button for 7-8 seconds.
  • Then, press the existing wireless router’s WPS button.
  • Afterward, you should check the LED color light, if the LED light blinks green light that means the connection is good. If the LED blinks red light that means your extender is far away from the extender.

Now, the process of optiCover g1200 wifi extender installation process is finally finished. Now you can easily connect your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or network device to the extender network.

How to connect the computer or mobile phone to the opticover extender?

If you want to enjoy the online game on your mobile phone or computer with the extender network. Then, you need to connect your computer or mobile phone to the opticover wifi extender.

  1. Firstly, unplug the g1200 range extender from the power supply, and power off.
  2. If you want to make a wired connection with your computer, then you have to use the Ethernet cable with the extender.
  3. You have to take both ends of the Ethernet cable and plug one end into the computer and the other end into the extender.
  4. If you want to make a wireless connection, you can do it easily with the help of WiFi.
  5. To make the wireless connection, turn on the wifi and find out the extender’s network name in the drop-down list. Afterward, connect it with the password.

Now your computer or mobile phone is properly connected to the optiCover g1200-0828 wifi extender network and you can enjoy online games with your friends.

Access the login page of optiCover g1200-0828 wifi extender

Any extender comes with a username and password, but you will get all this information in its manual. If you want to opticover g1200 extender login, then read the manual. If you do not want to read the manual, then you can log in to the extender with the steps given below.

  • To login to the wifi extender, you must first see the device where you want to access the login page, the internet or wifi network connectivity is available.
  • Then you have to open the web browser on your device, open the browser that has been updated.
  • Now, input the Opticover wifi extender’s IP address, the IP address is
  • Sometimes, the IP address of the g1200 extender is not working, then you can utilize the web address, the extender’s web address is http://ap.setup.
  • Then, it will redirect the opticover 0828 login page.
  • Now, with the default login credentials, you can easily log in to the extender without any hitch.
  • The opticover default username and password is admin.

Thus, the steps of the opticover wifi extender login are done. You can also try these steps to log in to the optiCover extender.

Manual of the OptiCover g1200-0828 wifi extender

The opticover g1200 extender provides the ultimate wifi network coverage and speed with the dual-band. If you think about how to manage the opticover wifi extender, how to use the opticover extender, how to access the login page of the g1200 range extender, how to opticover wifi extender setup without wps, how to update the firmware of the opticover extender, and more information than you need to read the opticover wifi extender manual. This manual is very small and you will get all the information in it and with this, you will also get to know the specification like wireless Standards is IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11a, IEEE802.11ac; security encryption of the opticover is WPA-PSK /WPA2-PSK and WPA/WPA2, the 1 AA batteries, the ASIN number of the optiCover is B07J2R8R5Y, g1200-0828 frequency band is dual-band, wireless speed up to 1200 Mbps, etc.

Setup the optiCover g1200-0828 wifi extender via the web browser

If you think about how to opticover g1200 extender setup without WPS, then it is a very simple setup with the web browser. If you want to know the setup without WPS button then follow some steps given below. The opticover wifi extender setup instruction is given below.

  • To set up the g1200-0828 extender, connect it properly with the router.
  • Then, launch the web browser, which you prefer, and log in to the extender account.
  • Now, click the preferred browser URL bar and enter http://ap.setup and then the login page is accessed.
  • Through the login credentials and then log in to the opticover wifi extender account.
  • Then, go to the setup menu and there are many options in the setup menu.
  • You can click the “wireless network name” and input the name in their name field.
  • Then, click the option “wireless password” and type the strong password.
  • Presently, click the “frequency band” option and select the preferred band.
  • Also, select the wireless security by the option “encryption security”.
  • Eventually, click the section “apply” to save all the opticover extender settings.

Now, the steps of the opticover wifi extender setup are successfully finished.

Troubleshooting steps of the opticover wifi extender not working

The opticover g1200-0828 wifi extender delivers the optimal wifi network range through the home. But many times the opticover wifi extender not working, they show many errors and issues. Through the troubleshooting steps, you can easily remove the issue.

  • The opticover wifi extender won’t turn on, to fix the issue you check the extender is properly plugged into the power circuit, and the button of the power supply is turned on.
  • Opticover wifi extender no internet, you need to verify the extender configured is properly to the router. Afterward, you also contact the ISP(Internet Service Provider).
  • Sometimes the opticover extender does not access the login page, the opticover wifi extender troubleshooting steps are you should verify you use the correct IP address. Clean the history of the browser. You can also use another web browser to access the login page.
  • The opticover not connecting, to resolve this error unplug the extender into the power supply and power off. After that again plug in and power on it back.
  • Sometimes the opticover g1200 not responding, to fix this issue you can do the opticover wifi extender reset.

Steps for update the firmware of the opticover g1200-0828 wifi extender

The opticover 1200 provides many features, if you want to get more features than you should update the firmware of the opticover extender. After, opticover wifi extender firmware update, you get many new features.

  • To update the extender firmware, firstly you log in to the extender account.
  • With the extender’s IP address, the default username, and password you can easily log in to the extender. The opticover wifi extender password is admin/1234/password.
  • After the extender login, you can select the “administrative” setting.
  • In this setting, click the section “firmware update”.
  • Then, it will redirect the update page, there is a “browse” column. In this column, you can upload the firmware file.
  • After, upload the file you can click the section “upgrade”.
  • After the update process is over your device will automatically reboot.

Now the firmware is up to date of the opticover g1200 wifi extender.

Opticover wifi extender review

The opticover wifi range extender boosts the wireless coverage and improves the existing wifi signal with the 1200 Mbps speed. It provides up to 300 Mbps wifi speed in the opticover band 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps wireless speed in the g1200 band 5 GHz. It works with any wifi router or access point. This extender is easily connected to networking devices like PC, laptops, wireless printers, security cameras, smartphones, smart TV, and more. This extender is extremely superior as compared to my previous extender. While utilizing the 4 powerful external antennas it easily monitored the wifi signal throughout the home. With the superior wifi signal, it says goodbye to the buffering and wifi dead spot. Finally, the opticover g1200-0828 wifi extender is a truly superior extender as compared to other extenders.


Where is the best place to put an opticover g1200 extender?

The best location to place the g1200-0828 wifi range extender is halfway between your existing wireless wifi router and the wifi dead zone.

How do I connect my opticover wifi extender to any router?

Of course yes the opticover extender is connected to any wireless router. If you connect the extender to the router then you can utilize the WPS button.

Why is my g1200-0828 WiFi extender not working?

If your opticover wifi range extender is not working, then you ensure your wifi extender is connected to the power supply. You also ensure your opticover g1200-0828 wifi extender is within the router’s Wi-Fi range.

Is the opticover wifi extender work with the access point?

Yes, the opticover g1200 extender works with the access point. The opticover wifi extender access point is a device, it is easily connected to the extender while utilizing the ethernet cable.

Can I change the opticover extender default password?

Yes, you can easily change the opticover wifi extender default password. To change the password, go to the “wireless setting” and select the section “change password”.

How I reset the opticover g1200-0828 wifi extender?

If you want to reset the extender then you can easily reset it with the opticover wifi extender reset button. The reset button is on the right side of the range extender.

Why my opticover g1200 extender blink red?

If your wifi range extender blinks the red light that means your extender is far away from the existing router. You should place the extender near the router.