Optilink op-Xont 71110N Router

The optilink 71110N router is the latest technology blazing wifi router that comes with the next generation 11ac wifi standards. It delivers the best technology wifi network in the networking fields. Thie wifi router is the answer to all wifi related issues. Ordinarily, the optilink op-Xont 71110N router to get rid of the slow wifi network connectivity and interrupted internet. It has two strong external antennas that provide a strong and reliable wifi network to all the devices. The wireless network speeds up to 300 Mbps with the single-band. This router has a power amplifier, while using this amplifier it delivers a blazing transmission network throughout the home. Mostly the optilink router op xont 71110n use in the home, small office, coffee shops, restaurants, and library.

The optilink wifi router feature with 802.11 ac wireless standard, which takes its speed up to a high level. This router is easily connected to the wireless modem through an ethernet cable. The function of this wifi router is transceiver diagnostic monitoring, transmitter disables, etc. and full compatibility with OLT based on Broadlight.

How to install an optilink op-Xont 71110N router?

The optilink wireless wifi router utilizes a single-band frequency band and delivers an unimaginable wireless network in the entire home. If you want to work online or stream video using this wireless network, you’ll need to have it installed. Here are some steps of the op-xont 71110N installation.

    optilink router op xont 71110n

  1. To install a wireless router, you need to unbox it and check the op-xont 7111oN accessories that came with it.
  2. The optilink accessories are ethernet cable, power cord, USB cable, optilink wifi router, and quick installation guide.
  3. Now, connect the wireless modem to the op-xont router. You can utilize an ethernet cable and connect its end to the optilink router and modem LAN port.
  4. Then, connect the optilink wifi router to the power while via the power adapter. You utilize its cord and connect it to the wifi router’s PC port and its adapter into the power supply.
  5. In the end, press the power button of the 71110N router and modem and turn ON the devices.

Now, the installation process of the optilink 71110N wifi router is done. You can simply connect the router to the computer/laptop, mobile phone, tablets, and other network devices.

How to connect the optilink op-Xont 71110N router to the computer/laptop?

If you want to play online games on your computer/laptop or want to do any other online work with the router’s network then you have to connect it with the computer/laptop. There are two methods to connect the laptop/computer to the op-xont 71110N wifi router.

Method 1: wired connection

If you want to connect the computer/laptop to the router using a wired connection, then you will need an Ethernet cable.

  • To connect the computer/laptop to the router, firstly you should power off the router if it is turned ON.
  • Then you have to take an Ethernet cable and connect its end to the LAN port of your computer and router.
  • Now, connect the computer/laptop power cable to the power supply and turn ON the button.
  • Then, power ON your computer and 71110N router by its power button.
  • Now you will see a notification on the screen of the computer, in that notification there will be a message that your computer is connected with the router.
Method 2: wirelessly connection

If you want to connect the computer/laptop to the router using a wireless connection, then you will not need an Ethernet cable.

  • To connect the computer/laptop, first, you should power on the computer and, op-Xont wifi router.
  • You can look at the right side of the taskbar on64 your computer/laptop and you will see a wifi icon.
  • Then, click the wifi icon and wait sometimes until the wifi network list appears.
  • You can locate the optilink wifi network and click the connect tab.
  • Then, it asks for the security key. You can utilize a security key and enter the security field.
  • Now, your computer/laptop will get connected to the op-xont wireless router and you can enjoy playing online games.

Now, the computer/laptop is connected to an optilink 71110N wireless router.

Steps for login the optilink op-xont 71110N router

The optilink wireless router is a perfect networking device for home networks. If you want to access optilink op-xont 71110n login page, then you can do it easily from the steps given below, but for this you need to have an IP address.

  • To access the login page open the favorite web browser in your optilink wifi network-connected computer/laptop.
  • Then, utilizing optilink 71110n IP address, the optilink default login IP address of the optilink router is
  • This IP address is input into the favorite web browser URL bar and presses the enter button.
  • Now, it will automatically prompt the login page of the op-xont 71110n wifi router.
  • You can utilize optilink default login credentials and log in to the op-xont account.
  • Optilink default login username: adminisp or admin
  • Default password: adminisp or admin
  • You can input the optilink default username and password in the provided fields. You can fill adminisp both fields.

After that, the login steps of the op xont 71110n router are fully done. You can also try these steps to log in to the optilink 71110n wireless router.

How to change the wifi password of the optilink 71110N wireless router?

If you want to optilink wifi password change then you can easily do it. Below are some of its steps.

  • To change op-xont wifi password, log in to the optilink account. You can use and access the login page.
  • Then, fill in the login details in their fields and click the section “log in”.
  • Now, click the “internet” setting and then select the option “WLAN configuration” in the following option.
  • Now, a wireless security page prompt.
  • Then, input a new strong password in the column network key and select key length in the drop-down list.
  • Afterward, click “save/apply” to save a new password.

Now, changing the wifi password of the optilink op-xont 71110N router is done.

Manual of the optilink op-xont 71110N router

The optilink wireless router delivers a stable wireless network while utilizing 300 Mbps transmission speed. If you want to know about its features and specification so that you can use this router easily and give you a stable network range. So you have to read the optilink router op xont 71110n manual that came with it. In this manual you will get to know about its features and specification like wireless connectivity technology is wifi or ethernet, optilink type is wired With Modem, in the box online 1 router, network features the frequency of optilink wifi router is
2.4 GHz, frequency band is Single Band, wireless speed of 71110N router is 300 mbps, antennas of op-xont router is 2, etc.

Setup of the optilink op xont 71110n wireless wifi router

If you want to enjoy the WiFi network of the optilink wifi router well, then you have to optilink op xont 71110n setup for this in proper manner. If you want to set up the proper manner of an Optilink wifi router then you can do it by following the steps below.

  • To set up the optilink router, first launch the preferred web browser and input or
  • It will automatically redirect the login page of the optilink op-xont 71110N router. You can use its login credentials and login the router.
  • Then, click the section “internet” and then select the option “internet configuration” to optilink router op xont 71110n configuration.
  • Now, click the option “internet connection” and then select dynamic or PPPoE internet connection type.
  • Then, click the option “connection mode” and select the mode “Ipv4” in the drop-down list.
  • You can select “Route” mode in the following list. Also, select WAN connection name in the drop-down list.
  • You can click the option “channel” and select the channel bandwidth in the following channel list.
  • Eventually, click the section “save/apply” to confirm the optilink configuration.

Now, the setup of the optilink op-xont 71110n wifi router is wholly finished.

Troubleshooting steps of the optilink op-xont 71110N router

If the optilink router op xont 71110n not working, it shows some error like blink red light, not access login page, not turning on or some others. You can easily get rid of the issue with the troubleshooting steps. Here are some steps of the troubleshooting.

  • The optilink op xont 71110n does not provide stable range, to remove the error you can check the connection. You should verify the connection between your devices is properly. The wireless modem is connected to the wifi router.
  • Sometimes the optilink wifi router won’t turn on, to remove the error you should verify whether the power adapter is plugged into the power circuit. Remove all the cable and plug it back.
  • The login page does not access, the optilink op-xont 71110n troubleshooting steps is you should check you use the latest technology web browser. Clean the history of your browser. You can also use other web browsers.
  • If the optilink wifi router is not working then you should verify whether your optilink router is updated. If it is not updated then you can update the router.
  • You can factory reset the optilink router op xont 71110n by the reset button. And then, again setup the wireless wifi router.

Optilink router op xont 71110n review

The optilink wireless router is a latest technology wifi router that helps to watch 4K stream videos without any lag. This router comes with a LAN and USB port that you can easily make a wired connection between the devices like game console, printer, smart TVs, storage device, etc. On the top side there are many LED indicators. This indicator is very helpful to find the optimum location. If the WiFi LED indicator flashes red light that means connection is not proper between the wireless modem and router. The optilink op-xont 71110n wifi range is 300 Mbps. This wifi network range helps to enjoy web surfing without any interruption. Its powerful and strong antennas help to improve weak signals. Thus, the optilink op-xont 71110n router is a better wifi network device for home network.

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How do I reset my wireless router optilink op-xont 71110n?

To reset the wireless wifi optilink router, find out the optilink router op xont 71110n reset button. Then, press the button while using paperclip or similar components. Then, leave the button.

Why does my optilink router op xont 71110n blink red?

If the optilink wireless router blink red, then verify the cable connection. You should also check whether your router is up to date. If it does not update then you need to update it.

How do I find my router username and password without resetting it?

If you want to know the username and password of the optilink router op xont, then you have to read its manual. The username and password of the router is adminisp.

Why is 192.168 1.1 not opening the optilink wireless router?

If you cannot reach the login page of optilink wifi router 71110n, it may be an error of a hardwired connection configuration issue like a bad ethernet cable.

Can I update the firmware of the optilink router op-xont 71110n?

To update the optilink router op xont 71110n firmware, then utilize and switch on the account. Then, select the firmware upgrade option and update the firmware.

Is the optilink 71110n wireless router good?

Yes, the optilink wireless wifi router is a good wifi network device because it delivers up to 300 Mbps network signal and this router easily removes the wifi dead zone.

How to boost the Network Range of my optilink op-xont 71110n router?

If you want to boost the network range of the optilink op xont wireless router, then you can connect the range extender to the wireless router while using an ethernet cable.