ORBI AC2200 router LBR20

ORBI 4G LTE advanced modem plus Tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router and ORBI mesh Wi-Fi add on satellite AC 3000 (RBS50)

Are you looking for faster Internet and enhanced Wi-Fi connection for your home or office then you are looking at the right article. This product is useful for someone whose house or building doesn’t have a fixed-line covering. If you are located in an area where a wired Internet connection (such as fibre, cable and DSL) is not readily available or you are unhappy with the speedy service the network provides the ORBI 4G LTE by Netgear is the best choice to have.

The orbi is a Tri-band router with an integrated cellular modem which uses a SIM card to access the 4G LTE network from your surrounding and deliver fast reliable Wi-Fi on high speed. To all your connected devices for optimal reception to your 4G LTE network, I recommend placing your orbi router by the window at a table height or higher. For the latest information visit netgear.com/orbi-4glte.


You can purchase the Orbi router for 399 U.S. dollars and the Orbi satellite for 249 U.S. dollars from the official site (www.netgear.com). The box comes with the AC 2200 LTE mesh router inside, an Ethernet cable is also provided alongside it (the adapter isn’t provided with the box you need to purchase it separately). The product is small, compact and thin (oval-shaped) than the original/older ones previously.

The backside of the AC2200 is filled with several connectivity tools to get it going. On the top, there is a light sensor that shows its connection sustainability and appears in 3 colour schemes (BLUE, MAGENTA and AMBER). The LTE antennas are placed at the opposite far sides of the router to multiply the connection speed that comes in optional.

There’s a “Sync” button beside the left antenna followed by the cable connection from where the Internet comes in from your service provider (yellow highlighted port). “Secondary LAN” connection port beside it if one uses, followed by the “Power” button (highlighted black). “Reset” switches provided beside the SIM card in cases of disconnection, disruption or something else.


The colour of the product is “White” (available in a single colour variant). Although the company doesn’t cover any warranty policy they have provided all the regular information you require to make the device come to life (even the walls of the box contains several details). This advanced Wi-Fi has two Internet connections, one is the SIM card and another is the broadband connection.

The reason for this is that if your primary connection drops then your secondary connection will automatically take charge without interrupting your wireless connection to the device. This advanced router is very essential for today’s generation to own, as this lone unit covers 2000 square feet all by itself and if you have more ground to cover then add on an orbi satellite to maximise the connection/strengthen it as well.

The router showcases 2.5 GBPS of Wi-Fi speed with which you can download upload any heavy file, stream 4K and play high-end games too.

How to install the Orbi 4GE LTE mesh router

First of all, use an activated nano-SIM card from your service provider. Now plug it into the router present on its backsides bottom. The Orbi lets you use the 4G LTE as your primary Internet connection. You can also choose to keep your wired Internet service, Ethernet cables are also supplied for always-on Wi-fi plugged into your modem so that when your fibre cables or DSL is unavailable/disrupted you can easily switch between your wired and wireless networks. (Use 4G as your reliable backup Internet link)

How to set up the Netgear Orbi 4G LTE router using the Orbi app?

  • Download the Orbi app from the play store or apple store on your smartphone.
  • Launch the app and Sign In or Create a Netgear account.
  • After fulfilling credentials (“User ID”, “Password” and “Face ID”), select “New System Setup” and press “Continue”.
  • Get started by scanning the QR code present on the back of the Orbi router.
  • Now insert the SIM card and click “Next”. Plugin the power adapter and click “Next” (make sure your Orbi router is powered on and is given a few minutes to fully boot up. It may also reboot itself for the cellular modem firmware update is pushed by the 4G LTE service provider)
  • If you can see the reboot happening do wait for the lights to turn solid “Blue” before proceeding. Click “Next” in the app.
  • The app detects the router and connects automatically after checking the SIM card and the LTE status bar. To personalise the Wi-Fi settings click “Next” (admin login is used to securely log into your router and make changes or updates)
  • Set up your security questions in case you forget your admin credentials and click “Next”.
  • It’s done, your new settings are being applied and as soon as they are finished click “Next”. After checking the firmware’s update status the process completes and the Wi-Fi goes up live and running (if you change the Wi-Fi name and password you will need to connect it to the new Wi-Fi network with those settings to complete the setup). On the Orbi dashboard, you will be able to see all the features your new 4g LTE router has to offer.

Features of ORBI router on the app?

  • The Wi-Fi work amazingly fast if you are close to it. The device you are using catches all the network bands the router throws. The wifi system app also shows the signal strength by just scanning your home’s surrounding. From wherever your router is seated it will display its various signal strength for various rooms. For example, if you are seated in the living room it will show 100% signal and a certain speed, but the room to the farthest corner of the house will show a much lesser percentage of signal and about lesser speed as well. You can even test your speed limits by the application itself on your phone.
  • The Network’s status bar is displayed on the next screen which can be filtered/customized. This feature shows compelling devices of neighbours or another office’s wi-fi as well. All the connections that your nearby environment consists of weaken the connection of the routers by creating noise and disrupting swift speed.
  • But here comes the Orbi AC2200, it chooses the best possible connection to make sure that the uninterruptible connection stays put by automatically selecting the best speed link provided in the area for you. The best part of it is that you can witness it all in the app itself.
  • The parental control feature is also provided which sabotages the kid’s vulgarness for certain keywords and sites. For that, they need to download the “Circle first-generation” app from the play store and follow the on-screen options for quick setup.
  • Further, the guest login is also provided for one-time usage, in which you can determine or set the time limit for the Internet access that is provided to the guest. If you want, you can keep an eye on the data usage chart as well.


Having a problem associating the Orbi satellite?

Always place them closer to your main router at first and then provide a power source to it. Wait for the colour signal to show its game after pressing the “Sync” button. If it doesn’t work, repeat the process but if it shows success then place the satellite to the new furthest spot.

Cannot access Internet services?

Check the ISP or the SIM card data plan at first and then check your smartphone for any connection trouble. If both doesn’t respond, Launch Chrome browser and enter orbilogin.com > Give the “user ID” and “password” (both are “admin”) > Click “Advanced” tab > IP address pops up as Now if this doesn’t verify with your LTE provided, try forcing your SIM card or your wired connection in and out to restart your recognisable connection to the router.


How to associate the ORBI 4G LTE Mesh router with the ORBI Add-on Satellite?

The Orbi AC2200 mesh router is compatible with the Orbi AC3000 add-on satellite. It creates a mesh Wi-fi system that is easily expandable and gives you good coverage. If you purchase these satellites, make sure you place them nearby the router and plug in the power for a little while (this allows them to fully boot up at first). Press the “Sync” button to link the devices, once powered on the Orbi satellites will show a solid “Blue” light to indicate a strong bond to the router. If you see the colour orange or purple colour on them, you may need to pull the satellites a bit closer to assure the binding. Press “Continue” to finish the task.

How to reset the ORBI 4G LTE advanced router?

Sign in to the app with a user ID and password > click “Settings”> go to “General”> “Software and Reset” > press “Factory Reset” and tap “Reset” or you can just simply push the “Reset” button present on the modems back. The router will reboot and resume into its default settings.

How to update the firmware on ORBI AC2200 advanced router?

After launching the app go to the “Menu” icon on the top left corner of the page and select “Settings” > click “router settings” > scroll to the end of the page and check for “Updates”> follow the screen instruction to update the router firmware if required.