Orbi AX4200 Mesh

The Orbi AX4200 mesh system from Netgear is a tri-band device that covers an area of about 10,000 square feet. It is a three-pack mesh system that arrives with three satellites and a router. The mesh system gives a blazing speed of 4.12 Gbps for more than 40 devices connected at the same time. You can stream Netflix, amazon prime, and do uninterrupted gaming without facing any drop-offs. The ethernet port connectivity is excellent as it arrives with two ports on each satellite while three ports on a single router. Network security is the priority of the Netgear team. It is a feature-rich mesh system. It comes with a security feature of a guest network with parental controls. Some of the main features are given below.

Orbi Tri-band WiFi 6 Mesh System Features

The highlighted features of the Netgear Orbi AX4200 3 pack mesh system are as follows.
Better Coverage- It is apt to supply a network range of 10,000 square feet. You can deploy more satellites to experience a better range.
Higher Security- Netgear claims that security is the priority of its device. You can create a guest network and parental control to enhance device security. Netgear Armor’s one-year free subscription fulfills its claims.
Easy Setup- The mesh system app setup is super quick. The installation and app setup hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes. The detailed installation of the mesh wifi system is as follows.

Netgear Orbi AX4200 Mesh Installation

The installation operation starts here. Firstly, you need to unpack the mesh system unit box and take out all the necessary equipment. Now follow the below info to finalize the Orbi mesh system installation

Connect the Netgear Orbi Mesh Router</h3
To connect the Orbi router with the modem, follow the below steps.

    1. Switch off your modem, Assure that internet wire is joined to the wall socket. If you have a modem with a battery, then remove it.
    2. Connect the modem to the wall socket to switch on. If the modem is operated by a battery, then install it.
    3. Look for the ethernet wire that comes with the unit box and join it to the Orbi router internet port.
    4. Next, pick the power adapter from the box and join it to the wall socket and the Orbi router.

You will observe that the PWR LED light is glowing. After connecting the Orbi router with the modem, go after this effortless info to position your satellite.

Position your Netgear Orbi AX4200 Mesh Satellite

To initiate the installation process, then position the Orbi satellite within the router range. It will help to link up both the satellite and the router. View the LED light on the Orbi satellite to execute the position. Once you spot the position, go ahead to link the Orbi satellite with the router. Once the satellite is placed at a fixed location, go ahead to sync it with the router.

Sync Orbi Router with Satellite

To sync the Netgear Orbi router with the satellite, go after these straightforward steps.

  1. As you already positioned the Orbi satellite, attach it to the wall socket to switch on.
  2. Push the sync button on the back of the Orbi router. After remaining for about two minutes, thumb down the sync button on the satellite too.
  3. The Orbi satellite white light blinks. It means the satellite is attempting to sync with the router.
  4. Once the Orbi satellite blue light glows, the sync is finalized and the connection is acceptable. Once the sync is accomplished, join your Orbi router with the network.

Connect Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 to the Network

The mesh system is a wireless device, but as you know it comes with ethernet ports too. So, you can connect to the network utilizing an internet wire too. Obey the below steps to complete the network connection.

Wired Connection

To connect the Orbi router to the network using an ethernet connection, go after these straightforward steps.

  1. Get sure that the Orbi router is switched on and receiving the AC supply.
  2. Employ an internet wire and join it to the router LAN port.
  3. The remaining end of the internet wire should be joined to the PC ethernet port.
  4. When you see the message with Ethernet cable connected, it means the computer links with the local area network.
Wireless Connection

As you are installing the router for the first time, link up the Orbi router with the network. You can link by scanning the QR code attached to the router back. You can use the camera app on your mobile phone to scan it.

  1. Firstly, get sure that the PWR LED of the router and the satellite is on.
  2. On your computer or mobile phone, go to the WiFi settings. Look for the Orbi router network. The WiFi name and passphrase are mentioned at the router label.
  3. Next, type the passphrase to join.
Wireless Connection Via WPS
  1. Firstly, get sure that the PWR LED of the router and the satellite is on.
  2. View the WPS info for your PC or other WiFi devices.
  3. Thumb down the WPS button on the router to sync.
  4. Wait for around 120 to 150 seconds. Later push the WPS button on the device if the device has. This ends the installation. Now, go ahead with the setup operation.

Netgear Orbi AX4200 Setup Guide

You can accomplish the setup using an Orbi app and web interface. Before that, assure the physical connection is ok such as ethernet wire, power line, etc.

Orbi app setup

To do the setup using an app, go after these uncomplicated steps.

  1. To search the Orbi app, scan the QR code or hunt in the mobile store to download it.
  2. Explore the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled device and connect to it.
  3. Open the app and agree with Netgear’s terms and conditions. On the next interface allow the notifications and location.
  4. The Netgear Orbi login page reveals. Click the create account tab and fill in the details. After registering, log in and go after the simple info as described on the interface to complete the setup.
Netgear Orbi Setup without App

The web interface setup of the Orbi mesh system is straightforward. Obey the steps from here.

  1. Get sure that the PWR LED of the router and the satellite is on
  2. Join with Orbi network using an ethernet wire or wirelessly with your PC or other devices.
  3. Next, open any casual browser and typewrite orbilogin.com in the address field. You can typewrite admin in the username section.
  4. Once the Orbi login page is accessible, just obey the screen info to complete the setup. If you have done the setup and are still facing any issues, then check the below troubleshooting guide form here.
Orbi AX4200 mesh Troubleshooting

While using the Orbi AX4200 tri-band mesh WiFi 6 system, it is common to face issues. The most ordinary issues faced by the users are discussed here.
Netgear Orbi router and satellite do not sync? Solutions here
If the Netgear Orbi router and satellite do not sync, then here are the solutions.

  1. Check the ethernet wire and power line adapter are plugged properly.
  2. Assure that you had followed the steps mentioned above to sync both the Orbi router and the satellite.
  3. Position the Orbi satellite to a newer spot and join the satellite to the AC outlet.
  4. Assure that the Orbi satellite solid blue light glows. So that it would sync.
Is Orbi not getting internet connection? Check the tips from here

If you are not getting an internet connection on your Orbi AX4200 mesh system, then go after these uncomplicated steps to fix it.

  • Assure that the PWR LED of the router and the satellite is on.
  • The network adapter should be enabled.
  • Recheck that you had typed the accurate security code while connecting to the Orbi WiFi network.
  • Switch off your PC as well as the Orbi router and on it again.
    Clear the browser cache as well as history.
  • If you had connected the Orbi router with a computer using an internet wire, then verify that it is plugged in the LAN port.
  • If still not getting an internet connection, contact your ISP.
Orbi setup issues? Here are the solutions

If the Orbi router is joined with the modem, then unplug or disconnect the modem.
Replug the modem into the wall socket and attach the router to the internet port employing an ethernet wire.
Now complete the setup using an Orbi app or web UI as mentioned above.

Orbi AX4200 WiFi Mesh System Review

It is a wonderful mesh system at a price point of 600 dollars. The range and speed it delivers is excellent compared to the other mesh system. Installation and setup barely take ten to fifteen minutes to finish. The plus point is, it arrives with the latest WiFi 6 technology. Overall, a reliable and value-for-money device.