ORBI Netgear RBS10

The Orbi satellite is manufactured by the company “Netgear” in Thailand. The RBS10 got launched last year in January 2020. The product (Model Number -RBS10-100NAS) costs around 69 U.S. dollars and is available for sale at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B083WYIWCB). Get the pack of 3 at 125 U.S. dollars at a huge discounted price there itself. Buying it from this site has its perks, but it will cost you a bit more including the delivery and tax charges.

The Orbi received a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars on all the purchasing websites. Of course, it received some positive as well as negative reviews, comments too, but it was mostly on the brighter side. The company Netgear provides a warranty of 1 year on the whole product, including a 30-day return policy from the buying site. The RBS10 is available in a single color variant which is “White”. Regarding any kind of help visit the support section of www.netgear.com to report your issue.

Structural design of ORBI RBS10.

The satellite is made up of superior plastic quality. It has a box-shaped pattern with a hump at its bottom for placement. The RBS10 weighs around 8.6 ounces and has a 10.47 * 10.28 * 8.86 inches dimensions set up. 3 ports are built on its rear, one for power source, another for resetting, and the last one for syncing. 2 LED indicators are also constructed for signaling syncing connection and successful restarting. One placed at his front, another at its back. The front LED blinks “Blue”, “Magenta” and “Amber” colors while functioning. The back LED blinks “Red” after being reset. A vent system is also constructed at his bottom for hot air to make its way out. Other than that, the “Orbi” branding is flaunted on its front with a matt chalked design printed at the top.

Unboxing the RBS10 add-on satellite.

The package arrives with cardboard wrapping done all over its body. The blue-white box contains a lot of quick information printed on it, go through it if you want to. Although the Orbi will take 7 to 8 days before it reaches you, the shipping is slow worldwide due to Covid19. Below compartments are filled with a power adapter (Normal Charging- 12V/1A), and 2 Ethernet cables (yellow color). The warranty booklet and quick start guide lie beneath all of these. Keep them safe from claiming problems in the future. Contact the Technical Support team at the official website, they are available to answer any queries 24/7.

Features of mesh satellite RBS10.

  • The coolest feature of the orbi router and satellite is the Amazon Alexa voice command. You can provide instructions via voice on the mobile application and the satellite will act accordingly. Turn off and on the satellite as you please and stop the web flow as per your will.
  • The AC1200 satellite is powered by a quad-core 710mhz processor. You don’t need to worry about the speed and glitch problem. If you provide a 2.4GHz connection, then the satellite will work efficiently delivering a max speed of 400 Mbps. A 5GHz dual-band connection will deliver a max speed of 866 Mbps on the RBS 10 as well. However, all these depend on the congested locality you live in.
  • Having 2 antennas, the satellite can cover up to 1500 square feet of area. The RBS10 mesh is easy to install and set up too. Go through the installation procedure to get it working. The MU-MIMO function allows several devices to connect to the satellite and work effortlessly. The data flow is uninterruptible and steady. Make sure your ISP provides a strong connection from his end to avoid disconnection or slow functionality.

The installation procedure of dual-band RBS10 Orbi satellite.

  1. After unboxing the satellite, place the RBS10 nearby your Orbi router. Provide a power source using the given charger. The LED light will blink blue, once it’s powered on. Note: See that the router and satellite are both placed together within a 10-meter gap.
  2. Visit the Orbi application on your mobile phone (available on both Play Store and Apple Store) and log in. Type in the previously set email ID and password similar to the router. Add a new satellite by pressing the “sync” button on the Orbi router’s back.
  3. The light blinking on the router will indicate the connection portal being open for the satellite. Now press the “sync” button on the RBS10, to establish a connection. While synchronizing the Orbi router and satellite, both will display a strong amber color. You need to wait for 7 to 9 minutes for this to happen.
  4. After full attachment, the satellite and router will display a strong blue light. Let them stay together for 5 minutes before you move the RBS10 to its extended location. Note: A strong magenta light means failed connection, so beware of that too. Refer to the manual given in the box and follow the steps correctly to avoid this situation.
  5. Once everything is finished, you can place the RBS10 at your preferable place. After moving, provide the power source again and keep an eye out for the blue light, still active or not. If it doesn’t stay blue, you will need to reconnect it back again from the beginning. If all is well, now you can operate it via smartphone. The features will act same-to-same on your satellite, as pre-customized on your router.

Review of Netgear RBS10 smart Wi-Fi mesh satellite.

Nowadays, people own big properties, which require space for themselves as well as the other family members. Due to their growing household size, they tend to need a bigger Wi-Fi system that could reach their expectations. Keeping this fact in mind, the Netgear company launched the amazing product Orbi RBS10 satellite. The satellite comes with the exact same features as your smart router, expanding the network coverage exceeding 1500 square feet. Installing the satellite at your place, can provide you access to ultra-fast Internet speed at every corner and beyond.

The Orbi can deliver up to 1.2 Gbps speed while streaming 4K HD videos or playing high-end online games. Even if you miss out on buying the satellite with the router itself, you can always get it available at the Netgear official site. The RBS10 stands compatible with mostly all the Orbi routers out in the market. Some of them are RBK12, RBK13 RBK14 and RBK10.

Dead Zone

Forget missing out on any dead zone or losing connectivity while stepping just outside the house. The Netgear satellite provides reliable blazing fast Internet along with your router. Quickly set it up using the mobile application and gain control over it alongside your router. Lastly, from my point of view, there is no reason left for you to not purchase it. If you are using a different company router avoid this, but if you do use the Orbi router, definitely get one home.

If you seek to have a Wi-Fi extension that covers your entire house perimeter and delivers the exact same speed as your router, blindly purchase it. For quick alternatives, you can always take a look at Orbi RBS70, Orbi RBS850, Orbi SXK30 in the Orbi satellite sections. (Note: Purchases a satellite which stands compatible with the router itself, same company satellite). Reach out to the customer service department at 1800-419-4543 from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM (working days) regarding any trouble.


How to reset/factory reset the Orbi RBS10 Mesh Satellite?

To simply reset the satellite, press the rest button at the satellite once. It refreshes the system and clear junks too. To reset the Orbi back to default is quick and similar on all the other Orbi devices. To move forward with that, put out the Orbi router and see if it is turned off or on. Press and hold the “Reset” button on the device back, unless the LED light on the router changes its color to solid “ Amber”. In this way, the Orbi resets the satellites too and now your router settings are put back to their default setting also. Do keep in mind your Wi-Fi name, password, and other personalized settings are all erased and wiped out. You will need to set them up freshly from the start.

How to update the firmware on the Netgear Orbi RBS10 Mesh Satellite?

The process to update firmware on any Orbi Satellite is globally universal and the same procedure is applicable to all the other satellites/ routers available out there in the market. Download the Orbi application on your device and Sign In. Visit the “Menu” tab on the top left corner of the dashboard and click “Settings”. Visit “Router Settings” and roll down to check for updates. If available, the “Update Firmware” option will be visible and you can install the update by following the onscreen commands after that. If nothing is displayed, the update isn’t available, check it after some days.

How to enable/ disable the Wi-Fi multimedia on the Netgear Orbi RBS10 Satellite?

The WMM software provides a smooth experience that works systematically while watching videos online on a live platform. It mainly focuses light upon voice, videos, effects, and background music. To enable/ disable the option go to the Orbi network official site (www.orbilogin.com) and Log In. Type in “admin” as username and password as the one which you have set at the beginning of your router installation. Visit the “Advanced” tab and click “Advanced Settings”. The wireless setting window will open there you can enable/ disable the multimedia settings according to your GHz frequency preference. Tap the “Apply” button to retain settings.