Orbit 57946 B-hyve 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

The Orbit 57946 B-hyve 6-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller is a new addition to Orbit. Orbit is delighted to announce that this system is feature-rich and comes with the advanced use of technology, which will put your little burden aside. It is made in the USA, and its parts are exclusively global materials. It comes up with 6 stations as well as 12 stations and with a super-intuitive interface.

You can control Orbit wifi sprinkler with your Android or iOS or even with the computer. It has already won the hearts of millions. SWAT labeling and WaterSense ensure to sprinkle the right amount of water to plants and turfs. Not only that, but it also senses the advanced weather data and postpones watering whenever rain is about to occur. It infers the weather forecast accurately. This system strictly saves money, water, and time and makes your life more comfortable than before. The system comes in a water-resistant cabinet so you can place it wherever you wish.

Orbit 57946 WiFi Sprinkler System Controller Specifications

Here are some of the specifications of the Orbit WiFi sprinkler system controller. Kindly through them and handle the components with care.

1. Battery Specifications:

A CR2032 lithium battery is required for the timer. DO NOT use a metal or any sharp object to lift the edge of the cell battery. Whenever you are placing any new battery, put the battery at an inclination and press it to fit into the place. Always make sure the battery’s positive terminal is facing upwards.

2. Rated input:
  • USA-120V AC 60Hz 0.15A,
  • Europe-230V AC 50/60Hz 0.15A
  • Australia-240V AC 50/60Hz 0.15A

Max load:

  • USA-24V AC 750 mA 60Hz
  • Europe-24V AC 1 Amp 50/60 Cycle
  • Australia-24V AC 1 Amp 50/60 Cycle
3. Temperature Operating Range:
  • For operating: 32-158° F (Below 0 or above 70°C)
  • For storage & transport: 32-176° F (0-80° C)
4. Humidity Operating Range:
  • For operating: 0–80%
  • For storage & transport: 0–90%
5. Altitude: 6,500′ (2,000 meters)


  • Whenever necessary, replace the battery with a CR2032 battery only. Using other batteries may cause an explosion and other defects.
  • While removing the battery, make sure the timer is disconnected from the main supply.

Orbit 57946 B-hyve WiFi Sprinkler System Controller Advantages

It has ample advantages. The bulk of benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Self-adjusting: B-hyve smart watering system senses the local weather in advance, and it will sprinkle the exact amount of water to your landscape. According to the weather and season, it supplies water by adjusting itself automatically.
  2. WiFi and timer control: This system is entirely functional in Android, iOS, and even computer. You can control it from your mobile device whenever you feel so. But all you need to install the B-hyve app on your device and control the timer from it. It can sense the advanced weather, and it functions smartly by providing the right amount of water to the plants and turfs.
  3. Security and durability: It comes in a water-resistant cabinet. You can place it anywhere, either outdoor or indoor. You don’t have to worry about its security. The cabinet will fully protect it from weather damage and any other harm.
  4. Easy to use: You can easily handle it. It is effortless and easy to use. The only thing you must have is a mobile device or computer. The B-hyve app will follow every command. You can smartly control it.
  5. Easy installation: It is effortless to install it and fit the parts into places. If you are a new user, then it will hardly take 15-20 minutes to assemble them correctly. It provides a user guide and manual with it where everything is mentioned. Still, if you struggle to install it, you can reach at www.orbitonline.com and bhyve.orbitonline.com anytime.
  6. User interface: The user interface is butter smooth. You can easily access the whole program through your mobile-only. You need not rush or hustle; the timer will follow all your instructions accurately.
  7. Alexa integration: It has come up with a super cool feature. It can follow your voice command too. You heard this right. It has been associated with Alexa and it can perform to your voice command accordingly.
  8. Smart watering by WeatherSense Technology: Technology is progressing significantly faster than anything. Can you imagine it can predict the weather forecast? It can look ahead of the weather forecast and shuts offs the system during rain. It can even recalculate how much water needs to be sprinkled.
  9. Empowered to save money, water, time, and electricity: This system is certified for the rigorous SWAT and Water Sense testing protocols. It not only saves water but also saves an individual’s time. In this optimizes so many things at a time. It drains a minimum amount of energy while functioning and it is compatible and compliant.
  10. Control it from anywhere: Wherever you are, that does not matter anymore. You can control the system through your device from anywhere.

Orbit WiFi Sprinkler System Controller Disadvantages

As you know, there is no end for improvement. The more you work on something, the more you find ways for its betterment. Sometimes, technological errors may come up in systems like this. However, this orbit WiFi sprinkler system controller has not received many negative reviews.

  1. Sometimes, the system crashes and asks for unplugging and putting things into places again. It gets problematic and troublesome for those who are far away from their home and can’t handle it physically.
  2. Those who have no WiFi access in their home have to put extra labor to control it manually.
  3. The valves may malfunction when any debris or trash gets stuck in them.

Orbit 57946 B-hyve WiFi Sprinkler System Controller Installation

It is super manageable and effortless to fit these things in the right place. It will hardly eat up your few minutes. Whenever you receive the package, make sure you have got the exact number of things. You will get the following contents in the box:

  • WiFi Sprinkler time
  • Keys
  • Screwdriver
  • Installation hardware
  • Quick self-guide

Installing the orbit WiFi sprinkler system controller is trouble-free. Go through the self-guide pamphlet and assemble things.

1) Install the B-hyve app on your Android or iOS:

First, you need a B-hyve app on your mobile device or computer to perform the whole thing. You will witness the following keys after installing the app on your device.

  • Timer connected symbol
  • Weather/Temp
  • Messaging/Running status
  • Stop watering
  • Next zone
  • Rain delay
  • Calendar
  • Programs
  • Settings
  • Zone list
  • Remote control or home button
2) Installation of the timer:
2.1) Select a location:

Before choosing an optimum location, anyone needs to consider a few things.

  • Must select a region near the electrical outlet.
  • Must ensure that the timer gets a high strength WiFi signal.
  • Inspect the operating temperature. It must be within 33-158°F (below 0° or above 70° C).
  • Don’t place in direct sun exposure.
  • Make sure the sprinkler timer door gets an optimum space when it opens.
  • The sprinkler wires must get easy access from the valve.
2.2) Mount the timer:

To mount the timer, few tools are mandatory like wire strippers, drill, level, and small Flathead screwdriver (this screwdriver comes along with the package).

  • Put a screw in the wall properly and hang the sprinkler timer set cautiously. The keyhole slot be must be fixed in the upper back cabinet.
  • Introduce another screw in the lower back of the cabinet and secure the system in the proper place.
3) Now connect valve wires:
3.1) Prepare wire:

First, prepare the wire. Use a 20 gauge (AWG) wire if the distance between the sprinkler timer box and the valve is below 700′ (210m). If the distance is above 700′ (210m), use a 16 gauge (AWG) wire.

3.2) Connect wires:
  • Shred the plastic insulation from the end of the wire.
  • Then take out one wire from each valve and connect it to a single common sprinkler wire (white color wire usually).
  • Then the remaining wires from the valve need to be connected with another sprinkler wire, leading to the terminal of the timer.
4) Connect your WiFi to timer installation:

Here comes the final check. Once you have set up the whole thing, the sprinkler timer will automatically connect with your device, and then you are good to go with it.

How does the Orbit WiFi Sprinkler System Controller work?

  1. Install the B-hyve app: Install the app in your smart device and create an account if you are a new user.
  2. WiFi settings: The sprinkler timer will automatically create its network. Connect your device’s WiFi to it and then run the B-hyve app.
  3. Program buttons: Sprinkler timer has given you the flexibility to run stations independently. You can choose it according to your preferences. Now use these settings to decide which zone is to be irrigated when and for how much time. You can even group stations with similar needs. This can enhance and maximize irrigation efficiency.
  4. Date/Time: You can set the exact date and time according to your wish. With date and time, select the month, day, and year too. After you have completed this, connect your device to the Timer’s WiFi. The system will automatically recognize the command and will perform accordingly.
  5. Start time and run time: Start time is when the sprinklers start watering. The watering will begin from the first zone. Turn and press the dial to select your preferred time in hours and minutes. Click the run time icon and similarly select the run time.
  6. How often to water plants: You can also select how often the sprinklers should water the plant. You will get this option along with the date, run time, and start time. You can choose the days of the week as well as the interval also.
  7. Rain sensor: You can activate it for better performance.

Orbit WiFi Sprinkler System Controller Issues and Resolution

Below are some issues and their resolutions:

1. What to do if one or more valves don’t respond at times and continue to respond at inappropriate times?
  • Inspect the wire if it is damaged or not.
  • Check if there is any faulty connection.
  • Assess the whole programming once more. Programming may be incorrect too.
  • Search if there is any defect in the transformer or not
  • Inspect if there is any excessive pressure.
  • Assess scheduled time is overlapping with another or not.
2. What to do if stations turn off abruptly and occasionally get stuck in a single station too?
  • Assess water pressure is high or not.
  • Check the programming.
  • Open the settings and go for the input of am/pm.
  • Check if any particle or debris is stuck there or not.
  • It may happen due to the faulty diaphragm of the valve also.
  • Check the display and go through the settings.
  • Check if there is any short circuit in the wire or solenoid or not.
3. What to do if the WiFi settings changed? How to reconnect my B-hyve timer to the network?
  • By rotating the dial to “off,” put the timer to the pair mode and press the reset button located inside the swing panel.
  • Click on settings -> Devices -> Timer.
  • Click on ‘Update WiFi settings,’ and then the timer will prepare the setup.
  • The app will now look for the timer and then automatically connect to it, and if you don’t see your network, you will have to take the timer close to the WiFi router during reconnection.

If your network is not secured, you can easily connect it to the network, and if it is secured, you will have to enter the password to connect to it. And if your network is not broadcasting its SSID, you will have to enter the WiFi network details in the advanced settings.

4. What to do if the timer doesn’t run my programmed cycles?

If your timer doesn’t run the programmed cycles but run the manual watering cycles, then there are chances that the rain sensor terminal is active.

To turn off the rain sensor terminals, follow the below steps:

  • Make sure that the timer is in the ‘Auto’ position.
  • Hold the ‘Rain Delay’ button for 5 seconds.
  • If your display shows ‘SENS OFF,’ then your sensor terminal is off, and now the system should run automatically.

Orbit WiFi Sprinkler System Controller Reviews

1)User Review:

It was a great deal.

Honestly speaking, it is even better than my expectations. It is functioning quite well. It took hardly 20 minutes to set the whole thing.
And all above that, it saves your time and saves water too.

2)User Review:

Affordable. Huge time saver. Easy to use.

Mark my words ‘you’ll love it’. It is affordable and worth buying. It will save your time and efforts in farming and gardening. You don’t have to put much effort to regulate this thing.

3)User Review

Best investment ever.

You will not regret buying this. It gives you a great deal. You can operate this very easily. Even if you lose WiFi connectivity, you can still operate it directly.

4)User Review

Better than I expected. It is amazing.

Its features are fascinating. Now, I honestly regret why I did not buy this earlier. I recommend everyone to buy this. Delivery was on time. I received an entirely intact and perfectly functioning piece.

5)User Review:

Don’t delay! Grab this.

It is intuitive and amazing. Alexa integration runs smoothly. Overall, this is incredible. It is very easy to install and handle. The system is very impressive.


The technological advancements are now being experienced in the agricultural sector as well. The device Orbit B-hyve WiFi Sprinkler has helped many people with large gardens or fields to water the plants easily without much human intervention. With its unique and automatic features, it has become one of the best selling products in the agricultural sector.

Did you use this product? Share your experience with the other readers in the comment section below.