Orbocom Mesh WiFi System

The Orbocom Mesh WiFi system is a flexible and universal device that arrives with dual-band technology. The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands utilizing the gigabit fiber render a rapid speed with three packs. It lets you get a jovial experience by gaming, streaming, and doing other online tasks from any place. This mesh system typically consists of a master and two satellite parts. It generates a whole mesh WiFi system and broadens the signal upto 6000 square feet. It is competent in supporting nearly 90 WiFi-enabled devices at a moment. The mesh intelligent system diverts the upcoming traffic to lower the buffering, congestions, and dropoffs. Therefore, you can own the internet by joining with a single name and passphrase.

By uniting one more further unit, it can progress the coverage upto 2000 square feet. The web interface control capacity permits you to examine the WiFi network speed, create a parental control guest network, prioritize the device, and do countless things. The one LAN port and two WAN ports on an individual unit facilitate you to connect IP cameras, gaming consoles, and other smart devices. The features of the Orbocom mesh WiFi system are as follows.

Superior features Of Orbocom Mesh-XX03B WiFi System

The Orbocom wireless Mesh-XX03B performs with countless features. Some of the outstanding features and specifications are as follows.

  • The mesh WiFi system is apt to intensify the coverage upto 6000 square feet by deploying three-pack units. The single unit renders the signal of 2000 square feet. More the unit packs, the greater the signal strength.
  • Most of the users prefer a web browser setup to a clunky app. The web interface setup grants you to obey the setup and additional settings quite by logging in to the browser.
  • You can attach IP cameras, printers, and various devices by its one LAN port and two WAN ports. It can bear upto 90 plus devices at the corresponding time.
  • With a rapid speed of 1200 MBps with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, video streaming, online gaming, and other stuff give you a jovial experience.
  • It regulates the forthcoming traffic to the network by overcoming congestion, drop-offs, and other interruptions. Thereby, you can experience seamless roaming with the individual WiFi network name and passcode. The installation guide of the mesh system is as follows.

Orbocom Mesh-XX03B Installation Guide

To begin with, initiate the Mesh-XX03B package box by lifting tapes and carry out all three mesh units. Along with three units, see for the Orbocom XX03B charger, power wire, user manual, and other equipment held in the box. Put everything including the units on a level and smooth surface bypassing metal objects and clothes nearby the device. You need to install the mesh wifi system

  • Take the master unit and position it too near the DSL modem, wire modem, and other devices used for reaching the internet connection.
  • Now attach your master unit WAN or LAN port to the modem by employing an ethernet wire.
  • If you are employing a modem, then guarantee it is in off condition. You can turn the modem off by separating the inbuilt battery, thumbing down the power button, or by turning off the switch on the AC joint switch.
  • Afterward, power on the modem after remaining for at least 10 seconds.
  • Finally, connect the Orbocom Mesh-XX03B adapter to the power jack and to the AC joint.

Satellite Installation

It depends upon you whether you have to deploy one satellite or two. The three-pack includes one master and two satellites. If you are deploying a single satellite, then it should be in the middle of the master and the area wanted to boost the coverage. Before advancing to install, spot the place of the satellite and assure that it is in the range of the master. But in case you are deploying two satellites, they should be fixed on the two opposite sides of your building, but within the sign range.

  • For the satellite installation, attach the power adapter to the satellite part and to the AC joint switch.
  • The LED light incites flickering when it is in ON condition. Review the supply and on or off switch if it is not powered on.
  • The satellite part tries to sync the master and starts flickering the LED light.
  • Remain for the LED light to get calm. It means the connection between the satellite and the master is active enough. If the LED light is still illuminating, then attempt to relocate the satellite bypassing the difficulties or obstacles such as a metal object, concrete walls, etc. Later the complete installation of the satellite as well as the master, you can work on the setup operation. By achieving the setup, you can totally run the Orbocom mesh WiFi device merely by chasing the web management page. Chasing the web management page is smooth and can be made with a web browser. The login idea of the mesh system is as follows.

Orbocom Mesh-XX03B Login

Before chasing the web management page for the Orbocom mesh wifi, get sure that your PC is connected to the master applying an ethernet wire or by WiFi connection. Your internet connection should have reached proper speed. Otherwise, an error may befall. Now go after these uncomplicated guides to reach the Orbocom login page.
Launch a browser from our PC or other devices with a WiFi feature.

  • Typewrite Orbocom default IP address in the exploration bar of the web browser.
  • The fresh interface with Orbocom mesh wifi login will present two vacant sections containing username and passphrase.
  • Name the passphrase and the username on that section.
  • Bang the login tab. After fortunately chasing the login page, you are apt to adjust the frequency, prefer the devices, change the network speed, generate a VPN server, create a guest network, and many more.

Orbocom Mesh-XX03B Setup

The main point is to put the satellite part and the master in an accurate location. Thumb down the M button on the master to join extra satellites units. After that, you can configure the web interface setup. The Orbocom setup mode takes roughly five to seven minutes. It bears only a web interface rather than the app. In most circumstances, the app handles the user’s data and it may leak the user’s info. Therefore, this mesh wifi system arrives with a web interface only. The web interface setup action is mere and can be reached with a mobile phone or PC having a web browser installed in it. Now go for the straightforward guide to achieve the Orbocom mesh WiFi system setup.

  • Typewrite the default SSID code and passphrase attached at the backside of the mesh WiFi system. It should be listed in the WiFi settings of your phone or PC having the WiFi name Orbocom.
  • Launch a browser on PC and typewrite in the exploration box. The PC should be combined with your Orbocom mesh system via ethernet cable or by WiFi function.
  • Now it’s time to set up the internet connection. For that, you have to run following the instructions. It will commence examining the master and ultimately detect it.
  • Now set up the router WiFi network name along with the passphrase.
  • The next dialogue box with a router that connects to the internet will present up and alternately add the satellites to your mesh system.
  • By ticking the next icon, you will be prepared to finish the setup. For complete info, you can view the Orbocom Mesh-XX03B manual.

Troubleshooting for Orbocom Mesh System

If the mesh system is secured properly into the AC joint, it will resolve numerous of the problems by itself. Nevertheless, the placement also acts a pivotal role in setting up the wifi mesh system. The satellite and the master should be in the range for a constant internet connection. Otherwise, reset your master and examine again. If your mesh system does not work still, then these suggestions might assist you.

Troubleshooting Guide If the Orbocom Mesh Router did not found While Setting Up

If the Orbocom mesh router is not found while setting up, then this uncomplicated guide will help you.

  • Assure that the mesh device is in ON condition and the LED light is constant.
  • If the LED light is illuminating frequently, then run after the reset operation. Use a thin needle-type object and force it into the hole for six to eight seconds. Now, rest for the mesh device to start up and set up the device again.
Orbocom mesh-xx03b not working? Here are the troubleshooting Tips

If your Orbocom mesh system is not working, then this guide will help you to fix it.

  • The wire connection to the mesh device should be proper and secure.
  • The AC joint is operating fitly.
  • Make sure that you have forced the device ON button.
  • Use alternate ethernet wire if you are attaching with your PC employing ethernet wire.
  • Review the power cord and the adapter status. Use separate adapters if it is yet not working.
  • Verify that you have fixed the master and the satellite within the range.
  • Sometimes, the old firmware version creates an issue. If your device is powered on and the web interface is available, then do the Orbocom firmware update. It will fix the conflict.
Troubleshooting Tips for Orbocom Mesh-XX03B not connecting

If the Orbocom Mesh-XX03B not connecting, here are the guidelines.

  • Check the status of the master, satellite, and your device. Your WiFi device should be in the middle of both the satellite and the master.
  • Verify that your device supports 5 GHz frequency. Use 2.4GHz instead of 5 GHz for a better range.
  • Confirm with your ISP that they are delivering a decent internet connection.
  • Ethernet wire should be attached to the right port and is working.

Mesh-XX03B Review

Purchased this mesh system recently from amazon, and I am glad to do Orbocom mesh WiFi system review. Installed in my home, and it is delivering fantastic range and speed. It covers my 4 bedrooms on the upper story as well. It has presented a great internet connection since I purchased it. Coordinates the upcoming traffic to the network by reducing congestion, drop-offs, and other interruptions. You can run the setup by bootlegging the M button on the master. Not only for home, if you are hoping to deploy this mesh system in the office, but you can also go for it. You just need to add more satellite units and it will extend the range up to 2000 square feet. Totally impressed with this device, as nothing goes wrong with that. I commend users looking to buy this mesh system, it will definitely be an exceptional deal.


Q1. What’s the Brand name?


Q2. What is the default IP address of this mesh WiFi system?

The default IP address of this mesh WiFi system is

Q3. Which app I had to download to do the setup?

Sorry, this mesh WiFi system does not support the setup with the app. It only supports a web interface.

Q4. How much range does a single unit deliver?

The single unit delivers around 2000 square feet WiFi range.

Q5. What to do if my mesh system does not operate?

The wire connection to the mesh device should be proper and secure. Use alternate ethernet wire if you are attaching with your PC employing ethernet wire. Verify the power cord and the adapter status. Use separate adapters if it is yet not working. Review that you had fixed the master within the range. Sometimes, the outdated firmware version builds an issue. If your device is powered on and the web interface is accessible, then do the Orbocom firmware update. It will fix the conflict.

Q6. Is it a tri-band mesh WiFi system?

No, this mesh system arrives with dual-band technology.

Q7. What is the maximum speed this mesh system supplies?

The maximum speed this mesh system supplies is around 1200 MBps with both frequencies.

Q8. How many devices does it support at a time?

It is capable of bearing around 90 devices at a time.

Q9. Can I stream HD videos using the device network?

With a rapid speed of 1200 MBps. you can easily stream HD videos.

Q10. Can I do IP camera streaming?

Yes, you can stream with an IP camera.

Q11. How do I reach the web management page?

Just typewrite from the browser and fill in the attachments to chase the web management page.

Q12. How many ports each unit contains?

It is equipped with two WAN ports and a LAN port on each unit.