OTTOPT wifi extender

Want to get good internet from the host device? Want you to banish your home wi-fi dead zones? It can be possible with the OTTOPT wifi extender. This WiFi booster is the newest generation and latest technology wireless repeater. It amplifies the standard router wireless signal range with more satisfactory performance. Additionally, this Ottopt wireless booster approximately covers Up to 3500 Sq.ft location. You can connect up to 30 and above Devices with this wireless repeater stable internet connection. It does not form any interruption when you connect its network to more than maximum devices. But if you face any issue, in this case, you will have to disconnect your unwanted devices.

Moreover, it is a smart wireless repeater that boosts your router internet up to 1200Mbps. The 1200Mbps is the combined network speed of your mediocre router that extends by WiFi Repeater. You can gain in your WiFi-compatible devices a WiFi-Dual Band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless connection. Apart from this, its incredible augmentation 4 Antennas are too smart since it moves your router internet in a 360° coverage area. The OTTOPT Wireless booster Inflate the WiFi Signal of your host device in your Smart Home on each edge.

OTTOPT wifi extender features

Natively, all the wireless repeaters are intended to exaggerate or broadcast the host device signal range. Right now, the OTTOPT Manufacturer made up a new generation OTTOPT Wireless Booster. Its features are following:

  • It works with the Ap mode and repeater mode. The access point mode is useful to extend the internet through the wired connection mode. In addition, the OTTOPT repeater mode broadcasts the internet wirelessly.
  • This wireless booster can take the internet with the 1200Mbps combined dual-band network speed. The wireless booster has built-in dual-band and next-generation technology.
  • It can connect up to 30 or more devices with a single SSID. You are eligible to connect each device of your home that is available in your home in each room.
  • It also has 4 internet booster signal antennas that broadcast the internet smartly. After using this wireless repeater network in your home, there will be no dead zone or wifi having zones without internet.
  • Its signal range almost covers your home 3500 Sq.ft areas. It is a compatible wireless repeater that boosts the network very easily.
  • More OTTOPT wifi extender features supply the internet easily; OTTOPT Repeater setup is too simple, controls easily with OTTOPT extender app, moves internet into 360° coverage area, etc.

Thus, it is the included feature of the Ottopt wireless booster. The Ottopt booster is of no importance without all these features.

Vital steps for the OTTOPT WiFi Repeater Installation

In a nutshell, you can get proper signal coverage through an extender after connecting it with your host router. Before connecting it, you need to do the OTTOPT booster installation. You can install it with the following steps; it is as:

  • If you buy it right now, firstly, unbox it.
  • Its packaging box brings some OTTOPT Wifi Repeater accessories; these are a quick installation guide, WIFi extender, Ethernet cable, etc.
  • Before using it, you should have read all the instructions from the OTTOPT repeater manual.
  • Plug it into a ventilating location.
  • Adjust the 4 signal antennas of the extender.
  • Keep the extender halfway between your router and dead zone available Wifi devices.
  • Switch on its power and press the extender power button.
  • Please wait until the power signal LED flashes.

Connect the OTTOPT wifi extender with the router using WPS

You can efficiently connect your OTTOPT repeater easily using the WPS button. Below are the following steps for the OTTOPT wifi booster setup instructions with WPS.

  • The WPS connection mode is useful to get the connection with repeater mode.
  • Make sure the extender connects with the power precisely.
  • Firstly, hold your host WPS button.
  • Please wait for a minute.
  • As well, hold your range extender WPS button.
  • Pair the OTTOPT booster with the host router.
  • Keep pairing it until the WiFi signal light flashes.
  • Leave the WPS button when your range extender WiFi LED signal light starts blinking.

OTTOPT WiFi Repeater setup with access point mode

Here are the following steps to the OTTOPT booster AP mode setup instructions, it is followed as:

  • First, connect the OTTOPT booster with the switchboard.
  • Make sure your main wireless router works.
  • Connect its LAN port with the Ethernet cable.
  • Similarly, connect another Ethernet cable endpoint with your WiFi booster.
  • Switch on your router and extender power.
  • Wait until the OTTOPT WiFi Repeater signal light blinks.
  • When it starts blinking, it means the OTTOPT extender access point setup mode is successfully done.
  • You can now connect your computer, laptop, printer, hubs, etc., with the access point mode.

Steps to connect OTTOPT WiFi Repeater internet to your WiFi-enabled devices

You can use the following methods to connect your devices with the OTTOPT Repeater internet. It is such as:

(i) Try to connect your devices wirelessly:

Open your Android devices, Windows 10 computer. Mac system, Laptop, iPhone, iOS, etc. You will open the WiFi settings and locate the WiFi name in the network name in the WiFi list. Choose its name and enter the OTTOPT extender default password. Finally, click on the “Connect” option and enjoy the seamless wireless network services between your all devices.

Note: Once in a while, it does not manifest the OTTOPT Extender name like OTTOPT__EXT. Because your extender spontaneously copied their own host device WiFi credentials.

(ii) Connect your device with Ethernet:

This method is available to connect your LAN port to devices like computers, laptops, printers, etc. You will connect your computer and extend the LAN port with an Ethernet cable. It directly connects your computer with the OTTOPT repeater extended internet.

(iii) Use the WPS mode for the WPS function having devices:

The OTTOPT wireless booster also allows their network for special devices that contain a WPS function. Enable the WPS function of your device and keep pairing your extender with the device through WPS. Follow the on-screen manifesting instructions and connect your device efficiently with the pretty well or boosted internet connection.

Steps for the OTTOPT wifi extender login

You will register your Ottopt AC1200 dual-band WiFi repeater. Here are the following steps for login the WiFi booster; it is as follows:

(i) Steps to create an OTTOPT WiFi repeater account
  • Use your Android phone.
  • Make sure it is connected to your WiFi booster internet.
  • You can register your Ottopt booster using the browser.
  • Open an internet explorer on your Android phone.
  • Locate the Ottopt extender admin panel through the addressing bar.
  • Enter in the URL the OTTOPT wifi extender login Ip address.
  • You can also use an OTTOPT extender default IP instead of its main IP address.
  • Search the Ottopt login panel and click on create an account.
  • Enter the first name, confirm name, password, email, and other info to create an account.
  • Make sure all the details are correct.
  • Finally, click on the apply option, and after creating an account, you can easily log in to the WiFi booster anytime.
(ii) Steps to the OTTOPT Repeater login

Here are the following steps to log in to the Ottopt booster login.

  • Browse the Ottopt repeater default IP.
  • Please wait; the Ottopt booster admin panel appears.
  • Click on the Ottopt login option.
  • When the WiFi extender login box is open, enter the correct details in this box.
  • Enter the Ottopt wifi extender username and password.
  • Finally, check the login details, make sure it is correct; and click on the OTTOPT Repeater login option.

Steps for the OTTOPT wifi extender configuration

Following are the remarkable steps for the Ottopt WiFi booster setup; it is such as:

  • After login, the Ottopt wireless repeater setup page is opened to customize the several settings of the booster.
  • You could customize the Ottopt booster network settings.
  • Choose the network settings and customize the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band networks.
  • Click on the Ottopt wifi extender advanced settings and apply it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and configure the settings.
  • Make sure you apply all settings precisely.
  • In the end, save and apply the settings.

Tricks for the OTTOPT wifi extender Troubleshooting

To cope with the Ottopt WiFi booster issues, you might try the following Ottopt repeater troubleshooting tricks; it is such as:

1. You can update the Ottopt repeater firmware to troubleshoot the Ottopt wifi booster not working and not boosting problem. You can use the following steps to update its firmware:

Steps for the Ottopt extender firmware update
  • Explore on the browser OTTOPT extender website address.
  • Succeed directly on its setup page.
  • Now, locate the WiDi booster support sedition.
  • Under it is available several versions of the Ottopt repeater firmware.
  • You will enter your WiFi repeater model number and device.
  • If it is obsolete and asks to update the device, you will update it.
  • Make sure the WiFi extender now works perfectly.
  1. If the Ottopt wifi repeater red light blinks, it means it’s caused due to no internet connection. Reposition your range extender to fix the issue.
  2. You might reset the Ottopt booster factory default settings to cope with the Ottopt wifi repeater not connecting to the internet problem. You will apply the following steps to reset it.
Steps for the Ottopt WiFi Extender Reset
  • First, find the reset button on the extender panel.
  • Use a pin and insert it into the small hole of the Ottopt WiFi booster reset button.
  • Press this button for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • You will press it until fifteen seconds are not finished.
  • When it’s complete, then you could leave the wifi repeater reset button.
  • Thus, the Ottopt wifi booster factory default settings are successfully done.

4. Once in a while, the Ottopt WiFi repeater does not reset. It may be due to not powering one of the devices properly. To cope with this issue, you can reboot your WiFi repeater. Here are the following steps to rebooting the Ottopt booster; it is as:

  • Unplug your host router.
  • As well, unplug your 1200Mbps dual-band wireless repeater.
  • Leave all the devices for a while as it is.
  • You can begin plugging your host device after 2 min.
  • Also, plug the WiFi repeater with the power plug.
  • Switch on your router and extender power.
  • Please wait; the WiFi extender LED light will flash.
  • Now, you should try to reset your WIFi booster.

5. You might also resolve the Ottopt wifi repeater no IP allocation problem by rebooting the extender power.

  • After restarting its power, you will have to change the Ottopt WiFi repeater security encryption type.
  • Henceforth, disable the MAC filtering and enable flight mode.
  • Then, again disable the flight mode.
  • You can save all the settings after modifying them correctly.

Thus, it is vital Ottopt wireless booster troubleshooting tricks. These troubleshooting tricks help you to cope with your wireless repeater issues.

OTTOPT WiFi Extender Review

The Otttopt manufacturers design the Ottopt wireless repeater. Overall work performance of the wireless booster is reliable. It is teeming with high-quality features commonly used to satisfy the user’s demands. Apart from this, it’s not too spendthrift and choppy. The Ottopt WiFi repeater dimension is 3.78 x 3.19 x 2.95 inches, and its weight is 4.1 ounces. This Ottopt wireless booster was released on December 9, 2021. You can check the more Ottopt WiFi Repeater reviews from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, BestBuy, etc. The Ottopt wireless booster gets 17 ratings with 3.4 out of 5 stars. You might search Amazon for its exact ASIN number, which is B09MTJ3R32. It shows you an exact device with its latest price and warranty. Additionally, it brings the extender, Ethernet cable, Ottopt extender user manual guide, etc., in their packaging box. Many use its internet services and enjoy seamless data transmission services.