Qidi X- Max smart 3D printer

If you are looking for any diagnosed information regarding the Qidi X- Max 3D printer, then I must say you have landed on the right article. Before buying any other 3D printer, make sure you finish reading this whole page. It will help you gain clarity about the product, its features, and its downfalls as well. The Qidi x- max is a high-performance 3D printer that can produce big-sized materials inside itself using filaments. The printouts are the exact copy of the main product as the Qidi creates prints with high precision and intense quality. It took the manufacturer 6 years to create this technology, that prints such bigger materials within a short period of time. You will gain a better quality, a stable standard printout of this machine. The X- MAX offers quick features such as power disability, Wi-Fi connectivity, air purification, smooth and silent printing, etc.
The smart printer comes with a unique Double Z Axis design including a 4-piece Z-axis motor structure. The X series is also supported by a premium 10 mm shaft. The touch of the printer allows you to access an intuitive interface on the Qidi. Consists of a bendable and removable metal plate that can be used multiple times for prints. The front is used for the normal prints and the back for further advanced prints. There are 2 ways to insert the filament, do it in whichever way you choose alongside the 2 extruders. Use the one preinstalled if want to print general materials and another to print the pro materials consequently. Note: You can also check out Zonestar Z9M3, Flsum QQ-S, Anet ET4 Pro, AnyCubic MegaPro, Creality Ender-3X 3D printers for a quick alternate comparison.

Unboxing the X- Max Qidi printer.

Unfolding the Qidi X- Max smart 3D printer is a big procedure, make sure you keep a knife/scissors to remove all the body coverings. The package is assembled in various countries, but the parts come indirectly from its mother company. Tearing up the cardboards, your hands will fall into the warranty and start-up booklets (leveling paper). Followed by that, a black Ethernet cord, high-temperature extruder, filament holder, and gasket. A red filament, a power cord, and a nice little toolbox are also provided inside that. Take out the white charts attachments underneath, to get the 3D printer out. Moreover, you need to agree on the fact that the how the company has sent the product, maintaining tremendous safety precautions. Remove all the materials from the inside, detach the clips, zip ties, and top plastic coverings. You may now move the X- Max printer to a safe location beside a power source. Note: Let 2 people handle their printer movement as it is very heavy. Regarding any complaints mail [email protected] and you may expect a reply soon within 24 hours.

Detailed description about the 3D X-MAX Qidi printer.

The Xmax 3d was launched back in October 2018 in a single color variant which is “Black”. The Qidi X- Max smart 3D printer weighs around 61.6 pounds and has a dimension of about 28 * 28 * 26 inches. The printer (Model Number- QDMAX201905) sells for around 1500 USD at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B07JBXVCWG). They charge extra for delivery due to shipments weight and dependence on delivery location. The maker of the amazing printer is RUIAN of Qidi Technology Co.Ltd based in China. The company provides a warranty of 1 year and 24hour issue-resolving customer service as well. Contact [email protected] regarding any type of discrepancies. With the model number and company branding on the metal body but it also includes an adjustable responsive screen (5-inch bright size). A power switch on the top and a charging Ethernet connection port at the bottom. An open plexiglass door is also built in the front with big X brandings on both sides of the printer. Above that is constructed a hook space for transporting it. White light and a hot air ventilation system (4 fans) are also provided for printing high-end products.

Installing the Qidi X- MAX high precision printer.

  • After the unpacking is over provide the Xbox with a power source, in order to boot up. Tap the “Power” button on the top and wait for the screen to flash up.
  • Select the “Tools” option > press the “Manual” icon and select the middle icon on the displayed screen. Now you may pull out the foam from the bed of the printer, pick out the glue stick and USB as well.
  • Go back and click the “System” option. Visit the “Language”, “Sound” and “LED light” options and set them accordingly.
  • Again, go back and select the “Tools” option. Visit the “Manual” option and go through it all. Then go to the “Internet” option and select the Wi-Fi preference. Open the “Fan” option and check if they are working intact or not.
  • Click the tools option and tap the “Levelling” option on the display. Go for the “Fast Levelling Recommended” option the first time, wait for the extruder and the Z-Axis to pre-set. Adjust the black build platform by pressing the “Up” and “Down” buttons between the nozzle and the build plate. Click the “OK” option and maintain proper distance.
  • You can test a file to check the first print as well. Select the “Print” option and scroll down to tap the “xiaogao.gcode” file. To visit the print screen, press the “Start” button to resume printing and you may view the progress report on the pop-up screen beside. Wait for the print to finish, take it out slowly, after letting the printer cool down, and take a rest.


  • Comes in quite cheap and excellent packaging than the other 3D printers out in the market.
  • The X- Max arrives pre-installed from the company with almost everything inside. This means you can just open it and get on with using it.
  • First 3D printer to come in real handy and easy to install. Quickly sets up and provides a hassle-free user experience.
  • The company includes a toolkit, some spare parts as well which come in real exclusive. This is quite uncommon and very appreciable. It suffices services when in need of replacing damaged parts.


  • Besides, providing an excellent extrusion it would have looked better if the Qidi gave dual disposal as well.
  • Being a massive printer it’s quite heavy to lift, generally takes 2 men to transport it from one place to another.
  • You always have to keep an eye out for the filament. The printer does not indicate a filament runout in case it gets over.
  • Keep an extra element beforehand, if you are a daily user.
  • The X- MAX is a slightly older model that requires a physical touch to operate. Remote control or a mobile application in this generation will be really appreciated. It saves a lot of time and generates quick responses as well.


  • The X- Max arrives with the 3rd generation discharger, created for printing products using modified rubber materials. They use FFF/FDM technology and cartesian arrangement to produce a volume up to 300 * 250 * 300 mm. In terms of design, a supercharged fan is also built to release maximized heat produced inside the container. Other than that, more of the fans are constructed on each wall with integrated air filters to reduce high heat rising signatures.
  • Coming down to performance the X- Max consists of a print accuracy of 100 to 200 microns. It can print up to 50 microns at a speed of 30-150 m/s. The aluminum frame provides great support to the printer. It helps the Qidi to reach 100 to 300 degrees centigrade of heat during printing a high-end product. Due to the heated magnetic removable plate, it can bear materials such as carbon fiber, PC, nylon, TPU, etc.
  • There should be no doubt about the printing quality. All thanks to the stable aluminum body build, 10 mm steel rods, gasket, and durable glass door. The Qidi can print a single head assisted by a fast manual leveling by the 0.4 mm nozzle within a quick time frame. For this, it requires a filament diameter of 1.75 mm.
  • Lastly, the Qidi X- Max smart 3D printer is quite user-friendly and is compatible with both OS systems (Windows and Mac). It runs the software Cura, Qidi Print, and Simplify3D at 450W power. The printer can be operated on USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Connections as well.


How to maintain safety precautions on the Qidi X- Max smart 3D printer?
  • Don’t bother detaching the covering surrounding the nozzle. Drop the top covering and unlock the front door. This enhances air circulation inside the printer which produces a finer quality print.
  • Never keep personal belongings nearby the printer (such as plastic materials, clothes, hair strips, etc). This can disrupt the process, it gets stuck into the printer. Keep everything clean nearby the X- MAX 3d qidi and give it a dusting before every usage.
  • During a printing process, do not reach out close to the printer. The extreme high temperature may hamper the process and may even damage the body part which got close to it. Do wait sometimes after a print finishes, for it to cool down.
  • Therefore, remove the magnetic bed sticker duly after things are done.
How to maintain the power source arrangement on the Smart industrial Qidi X- Max?

Before using the product please be careful and take precautions for the activities you do. Read all the instructions carefully given in the user manual (stored in the USB flash drive in a PDF format on the X- Max). Hence, you need to use the correct voltage provided in your local region (mostly supported all over the country). Note: Different countries use different voltage standards, for example- the USA/China uses 115V whereas Europe/Russia uses 230V. This is a critical step that needs to be taken care of, as giving the printer the wrong power supply will damage it permanently. For these kinds of Technical, Support issues contact [email protected] and call over an electrician to fix the power prong as well.

How to load/unload the filament of the Qidi industrial 3D printer X- Max?

The process of loading and unloading are quite common, but both require different times and switch clickings. To load the filament on the X- MAX, tap the “Tools” option and select the “Filament” button. Press the displaying number on the screen and wait for it to change its color to “Red” (temperature rising high). As the temperature crosses 220 press the “Down Arrow” button. Push the filament down slowly and wait for it to come out of the extruder.
Rather than unload the filament, visit the “Tools” option again and select the “Filament” button and go through the same process. But this time as the filament comes out press the “Stop” option and tap the “Up Arrow” option. The filament will unload, fetch the filament as soon as it comes out.

How to install the filament on the X- MAX 3D smart industrial printer?

The procedure to install the filament is quite simple and easy. Follow the step-by-step commands to adjust it properly.

  • Pick up the road and open the clasp on it.
  • Fit the filament rod onto the holder and adjust the gasket from left-right. This will fix the filament and avoid it from moving.
  • Pull out the filament guide and plug it inside them, X Max. Further place the filament inside the guide.
  • Push the plastic part down and slide the filament inside the extruder.
  • The procedure is nearly finished but, place the cover on the top before you use it. To close the pull rods, tap the spring button in the other way. Furthermore, push the pull rod down and put the spring back in his place.

Mandatory Note: TPU filament printing doesn’t require passing through filament tubes. Rather PLA and ABS printing require filament to pass through the tube. This is done to avoid the filament jumping off while preparing the print.