RBK13 Mesh WiFi System

The RBK13 Mesh WiFi System is a combination of a wifi router and two satellite nodes that provide a wifi network range up to 4500 square feet. The Orbi wifi system uses dual-band technology, and its Netgear Armor provides the cyber security that protects your wifi network and confidential information from anti-virus, internet threats, and cyber attacks. Moreover, it eliminates the dead zones of the network range and transfers the uninterrupted network range. Its installation and setup are fast and quick through your mobile phone and tablet.

The compact size of the Orbi wifi router can be easily placed in every little space, and even a layman can install it with the help of the Orbi AC1200 wifi system manual. Moreover, its data transfer speed is more than 50 megabits per second. If you want to enjoy the robust network range of it, meanwhile download the Orbi application on your mobile phone and laptop. Further, the Orbi wifi system provides smart parental control features to the users.

Stupendous features of the Orbi wifi system

There are the following stupendous features of the Orbi dual-band system:

  • The Orbi wifi system supports devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • You can connect the Orbi wifi system via wired connection or wireless connection. With the help of an ethernet cable or wifi button.
  • The LED status lights of the Orbi router indicate whether the internet range is properly transferred or not and provide important information in time.
  • Netgear Armor provides a one-year free cybersecurity facility to the users of the Orbi wifi system.

Technical specifications of the RBK13 Mesh WiFi System

The Orbi wifi router and its satellite system have the following technical specification which are as follow:

  • Its dimensions are 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.7 and it provides MIMO technology that gives the users uninterrupted streaming and beamforming facility.
  • The Orbi wifi system provides dual-band technology that gives us fast and smooth 400 megabits per second on 2.4 GHz and 866 megabits per second on 5 GHz network frequency.
  • The Orbi wifi system includes one wifi router, two satellites, one ethernet cable, 12V/1A power adapters.
  • It uses the WiFi 6 technology that provides the faster performance of the network and gives us the 802.11ax standard.
  • The Orbi router nodes consist of two gigabit LAN ports, WAN and ethernet port, LED status light, reset button and sync button, and a power port.

Orbi wifi system- manual

The manual of the Orbi wifi system provides the features, setup, login, troubleshooting, and review of it. Moreover, if you purchased the Orbi wifi system and you do not know about it, how to install and set up it. Therefore, firstly, you should read the manual of the Orbi Netgear WiFi System and follow these mentioned steps in the manual for the installation and setup.
With the help of its manual, you can easily understand the overall important details about it and even you could install the Orbi wifi system itself. Therefore, the manual plays a very significant role in explaining the Orbi wifi system.

Hardware installation of the Orbi wifi system

Do you want to know the Orbi wifi system installation process? Thus, we will explain how to connect the Orbi wifi system in the following steps:

  • Firstly, unbox your Orbi wifi system and place it wherever you want.
  • Join the Orbi router to the modem and turn it on.
  • Then fix the ethernet cable with the modem and internet port of the Orbi router.
  • Join the power adapter with the router and plug it on the electric socket.
  • After that, place and connect your Orbi satellite near the Orbi router, so that it provides a better wifi network range to your computer or laptop.
  • That’s all the installation process of the RBK13 Mesh WiFi System.

Status of the LED light of the Orbi satellite

When you connect the Orbi satellite with the Orbi router, the LED light indicates the following signal:


  1. lid blue – If the LED light of the Orbi satellite flashes solid blue colour, this indicates that the satellite is working properly.
  2. Solid amber – The status of amber light indicates the router is not connecting to the internet.
  3. Blinking red light – The red LED light of the Orbi satellite indicates that the firmware might be outdated.

RBK13 Mesh WiFi System – Network connection

You can connect the Network of the Orbi wifi system through an ethernet cable or wireless medium. Here are the following steps to connect the network of the Orbi wifi system:

Wired connection

When you connect your Orbi router with the computer or laptop through a wired form. Then, follow these processes:

  • Firstly, connect your Orbi router to the computer through an ethernet cable.
  • Then, join the ends of an ethernet cable to the router and computer ethernet port.
  • Afterward, a message will appear on the desktop of the computer that your ethernet cable is connected to the devices.
Wireless connection

The other method to connect your wifi network of the Orbi wifi system to your computer is wireless. Therefore, follow the mentioned steps :

  • First of all, press the WPS(wifi protected setup) button or sync button of the Orbi router, and after a few seconds press the Orbi satellite WPS(wifi protected setup) button.
  • Furthermore, check on the computer screen on the wifi setting and click on the network name.
  • Now your wifi network is ready to connect with the computer or mobile phone.

Setup of the Orbi wifi system

You can use the Orbi application on your mobile phone or computer to enjoy the uninterrupted network range of the Orbi wifi system. There are following steps are as follow:

  • Download the Orbi application on your computer or mobile phone from the play store.
  • Then, after downloading the Orbi application, open this application, and go to the wifi setting.
  • Select the Orbi wifi network from the list of network names.
  • Tap on your preferred network which is called the Orbi wifi network.
  • Finally, your device is properly connected to your Orbi wifi system.
  • Netgear Armor application can be used to protect your confidential information from intruders.

RBK13 Mesh WiFi System-Login

Now, we will be discussing the process of the Orbi router login that should be followed at the time of login:

  • Go to the web browser of your computer.
  • Enter the orbilogin.com in the web address.
  • Now a login window will open.
  • Enter the admin username and password of your Orbi wifi router.

Circle smart parental control feature

These are the steps how to enable the circle smart parental control feature through the Orbi application:

  • Download the Orbi application.
  • Go to the parental control, now the parental control page will open.
  • Click on the enable circle smart parental control.
  • Then follow the steps according to your usability.

This feature monitors and controls your all activities and restricts unknown sites for security purposes.

Orbi dual-band wifi system – issues and troubleshoot

Sometimes, you are facing many issues with the Orbi wifi system. The issues and its troubleshooting tips to resolve these issues are as follow:

The Orbi router and Orbi satellite are not connect

At the time of pairing with the Orbi router and satellite through the sync button, it creates some problems and does not connect to each other. To solve these issues there are the following troubleshooting tips:

  • First of all, place your Orbi router and satellite near each other.
  • Press the sync button of the Orbi satellite, after pressing the sync button of the satellite.
  • Place the Orbi satellite in a new place.
Login problem

Infrequently, at the time of login on the Orbi router page, the login page does not open due to outdated firmware and the wrong password of the Orbi router. These are the tips to rectify these issues:

  • Upgrade the outdated firmware of the Orbi router.
  • Change the password of the Orbi router. These are the steps to modify the password
  • Firstly, go to the web browser and type the IP(internet protocol) address of the Orbi wifi router.
  • Then, enter the username of it.
  • After that, click on the forget password of the Orbi router.
  • Enter the new password and again type the new password to confirm it.
  • Now you can see the new password is ready to set up the Orbi router.
Internet issue

Orbi router stops working due to the internet issue. So, you should follow these points to resolve it.

  • Reset the Orbi wifi router.
  • Contact the ISP(internet service provider).

Reset the Orbi wifi router

Reset your RBK13 Mesh WiFi System to resolve all your issues. There are numerous steps that need to be followed at the time of reset:

  • Firstly, locate the reset button of the Orbi wifi router that is placed on the backside of it.
  • Press the reset button of the Orbi wifi router and hold it at least for a few seconds.
  • Then, release the reset button.

Finally, you can see the reset process has been done, and all your issues will be solved


The Orbi wifi system provides the fastest and most robust network range to your devices. Moreover, its weight is 2.85 pounds, and can be easily shifted anywhere. Further, it connects up to 20 plus devices provides range, and connects the network range inside and outside our home. It consumes less in setup and installation. With the help of the RBK13 Mesh WiFi System, you can enjoy streaming videos, games facilities without any hindrance.