Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock

Do you desire your life to be smart as well as your home? As it can be seen that every day some new things are coming in this new generation modern world which also affects your lifestyle. As if you have small children or valuable items in your house or whose security is very important, then you can use the Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock for this. This smart lock improves your home security as compared to your home normal lock. It was first launched by the TAIPEI, Taiwan, on November 18 2019 – Reagle Home. The Taiwanese smart lock resolutions provider has published this Reagle smart lock Gateway.

This comes with efficacious add-on features which makes your home security better. The Reagle Smart Wireless Deadbolt Lock facilitates its users to experience numerous remote control peculiarities outwardly to be the requirement to pay any monthly support charges. The Reagle Smart Lock manipulates with the Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt and it is an Apple HomeKit Certified device. In addition, you shall start working with Siri, iOS and Android phones. It is one of the best smart locks for vacation rental or also includes the best smart lock for Airbnb 202-0-21 category. Therefore, let’s try to use this and know more details about its form below.

Reagle Deadbolt Smart Lock Features

If you are a new user and want to think about buying this, then first let’s know about the Reagle smart lock features from here. Kindly emulate the below-mentioned stupendous steps for knowing its tremendous features.

Straightforward DIY Configuration and Setup:

The Reagle smart Lock installation is finished in 15 minutes, for it’s all you need is a screwdriver. Restores with the Reagle smart lock deadbolt your actual door deadbolt lock and keys. Unite to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. Harmonizes exits door 1-3/8″ to 2″ three-dimensional with 35mm to 51mm.

Excellent guest Distribution lock & Administration:

Formulate customized unstable admittance equities from your door concerning sympathisers, family, friends, or BnB visitors. Bestow them indoors trices throughout our Reagle App. Undoubtedly maintain or control repetitious Reagle Locks of your iPhone or smartphone.

Compatible device with Apple HomeKit Certified:

Efficiently blended on your smartphone and your relatives iPhones. Must use Siri to unlock and lock it. Use the Reagle app for operating this device Remotely verify the working status and set up mechanisation. This is compatible with Door locks that work with Siri.

The tranquillity of Intention:

This is supported by information or notifications upon your phone while the Internet-enabled device batteries are administered moderately. Become a Reagle relock to make your door automatically lock or unlock after an estimated time interlude.

Remarkable Keyless Preference:/

You can manipulate your smart lock through your simple smartphone or iPhone using the code information through a built-in trimmed keypad. Never extra lugging approximately clunky Reagle smart locks with keys or bothering surrounding suffering them.

These are the phenomenal features of the Reagle smart wireless Lock. Benevolently understand the above-specified features to know very well about this device specialties.

Reagle Smart Lock hardware Installation

If you do not finish the installation of this smart lock device then, let’s follow from below the specified step-by-step guide to the Reagle smart Lock installation steps.

(i) Unboxing and accumulating all accessories of the Reagle smart Lock:

Here are tremendous steps described for the boxing and accumulating all accessories of the Reagle smart Lock. Follow these steps:

  • Take the box and unbox it. First of all, take the Reagle smart WiFi device from its carton.
  • Next, you should carry the accessories that are also presented in this device packaging box.
  • The Regale smart Lock accessories that are including in the box such as:
    (i) Key, (ii) Cylinder, (iii) Drive-in sleeve, (iv) Reagle smart lock user manual or quick installation guide, warranty card, wood screws, (v), machine screws, (vi) Deadbolt keypad assembly, strike plate, Deadbolt chassis screws, (vii) batteries cover, interior assembly, mounting plate, etc.
  • Now read its installation guide carefully from the user manual and start installing it according to the steps given in it.
(ii) Safety information and Latch adjustment of the Reagle smart WiFi lock:

There are some steps for the safety information and Latch adjustment of the Reagle smart WiFi lock.

  • While you are installing the screw then do not use it for an electrical screwdriver, because it is harmful to it.
  • Kindly install the Lock first, before putting the batteries in the battery compartment of this device.
  • Now, you have to suffice the 2-¾” (70 mm) and 2-⅜” (60 mm) backset. Adjust the latch and attach it with the backset.
  • Bend the faceplate to stretch the length of the latch, you can twist it while it is not stopped.
  • Fir it with the 2-¾” (70 mm) backset, transpose the superintendence to attach it with the 2-⅜” (60 mm) backset.
  • Extract the ingenious fastener faceplate and straighten the drive-in-sleeves.
(iii) Install the Reagle smart Lock Latch and keypad Assembly:

Emulate the below-mentioned tips to install the latch or keypad assembly of this Reagle smart lock.

  • Insert the latch on the door and secure your door latch using the two screws that are used for the wood door.
  • Use the strike plate upon your door base to securely tighten the wood screws.
  • Now, you have to use the deadbolt keypad assembly to install into this cylinder with a tailpiece.
  • Install the cylinder in a horizontal form to inject it through a hub of the latch.
  • Dispatch the cable supporting the latch to the internal surface of the gateway/door.
(iv) Install the Mounting plate on the interior of the door and identify the door handing:

You can follow the mentioned steps that are given below for Install the Mounting plate on the interior of the door and identify the door handing.

  • Attach the cable through the hole of the cable of the mounting plate and use the screws to fix the mounting plate.
  • Overlook your wood door from outside. If the door is fitted the hooks are on the left-handed and the door is fitted on the left side of the door. Whereas, if the door is hinged on the right-handed, so the door is fitted on the right side.
(v) Set the thumb rotation piece and install the interior assemble or batteries:

You have to do some below, mention final things and be prepared for using lastly.

  • Rotate the turn piece of the door accordingly (right-handed or left-handed) up to 45°.
  • Separate the back cover where the batteries are placed and unite the cable with interior assembly.
  • Lastly, install the batteries into the battery compartment. Kindly use only the 4 (AA) 1.5V alkaline batteries and accelerate the battery cover over the internal equipment.

These are the astounding installation steps of the Reagle Deadbolt WiFi Smart Lock. let’s follow the above-mentioned steps to installing it undoubtedly.

Reagle Deadbolt WiFi Smart Lock Login via the Reagle app

There is stupendous information mentioned for the Regale smart wireless Lock login. Let’s emulate the below-presenting information with a step by step guide for its login or activating the account of the Reagle lock.

(i) Activating the login account of the Regale smart Lock with the app:
  • Scan the Reagle smart Lock QR code, to install the Reagle app, the QR code manifests in the user manual of this device. In addition, launch the web interface to activate the Smart Deadbolt Lock – Reagle account.
  • To install the app using the web interface, then search in the addressing field of the web interface › deadbolt-lock.
  • While you are searching this address on your iPhone interface then it instantly pops up the Raegle app on your iPhone screen.
  • Let’s originate the app and click on the sign-up option for launching the registration page of this internet-enabled device.
  • You have to register your device, enter the mobile number or Email address to drop the OTP for registration via this interface on your registering Email.
  • Now, insert the OTV in the verification code field and go ahead.
  • You have to create a password for your device so that you can easily log in to it.
  • in the field of admin enter your password that is usable while you are login in for its settings management.
  • Thus, the login administrations are successfully finished now, you have to just add now your Reagle smart lock device.
(ii) Add the Reagle smart Lock device in the Reagle App or connecting with the WiFi:
  • While you are finished the registration process, then simply tap on your iPhone right side presented plus “+” sign icon. It will be helpful for adding your smart lock with this app.
  • So, locate your Reagle smart Lock device by exploring its name in the searching field.
  • You can now add this internet-enabling lock with the Reagle smart Lock app to operate this lock easily through this app.
  • Pair this device and let’s connect with the internet by entering your networking device details in the internet connection field.
  • When the Internet is connected to the Surface of your device, you will see a flashing light on the gateway of this lock.
  • Momentarily, it is sufficiently connected to the Internet, now you can operate it by connecting it to Siri.
  • To connect to Siri, install the Siri app on your phone and attach it to your door lock according to the on-screen guidance.

Let’s operate this smart Lock with a voice command Assistant device like Siri.

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Manual

The Reagle Smart Lock manual is an informative user manual. You can take this Reagle smart wireless Lock user manual from its carton. Understand all the guidance which is described in this manual. To know some of your querying questions, the answers include: Can I reset the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock factory default settings, but how? How to use the Reagle smart wireless deadbolt lock with a keypad or handle? How to use the Reagle smart Lock with a built-in camera and fingerprint? Is the Reagle smart Lock compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google home?

Can I use the Reagle Smart Lock without a deadbolt? Is the Reagle deadbolt smart lock upgrade with the app, but how? How do I Reagle wireless smart deadbolt lock unlock? What should I do for the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock on? I bought the Reagle smart wireless deadbolt lock but how do I use it? What should I do for the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock code change? In the case of not understanding the user manual directions, then you can know your query or locating information from here described information.

Reagle Smart Lock Setup with app

Follow the mentioned steps below that is given for its setup.

  • Use the Reagle app and open the home menu, select Settings.
  • When the Settings page is shown on the screen, you will find many settings on its Settings page.
  • So, choose whichever of those settings you want to change to make your lock even better.
  • If you want to do any setting related to the network, then go to the network and do the same thing according to the instructions given on the screen.
  • By doing this, change all other related settings according to the on-screen guidance and make your smart lock device even better than before.

So, these are the instructions that are mentioned for the Reagle Smart Lock Setup.

Reagle Smart Lock Troubleshooting

Follow the mentioned troubleshooting tips for this Lock causing issues, which is described below.

  • If it never runs or Reagle smart lock doesn’t work then you either reconnect it to the internet or reinstall it
    Sometimes, the Reagle smart Lock is not connected to the internet. Maybe it’s because your internet connection is too weak.
  • So to solve this issue, you can connect this lock to a stronger network connection or change your internet settings.
  • The reason for not working the Reagle app may also be due to your internet being unconnected or weaker. So, make your mobile phone network strong and solve this issue.
  • Sometimes, Siri can neither lock nor unlock this Reagle smart lock with your voice command, so to solve this issue, you should reinstall the Siri app.
  • If you use rechargeable batteries in the next smart lock, then it can be harmful to it. So you can just kindly use only the 4 (AA) 1.5V alkaline batteries, to protect them from harm.

These are the steps that are mentioned above that give up for the Reagle Smart Lock Troubleshooting. Let’s follow these steps if your smart Lock causes these types of issues.

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

If you are locating the best door locks for vacation rental property and also researching the best smart lock for Airbnb 2021. Then, obtain from here one of the best the Reagle smart lock reviews, that’s all information and specifications are described below.

Design and compatibility:

The Reagle smart Deadbolt smart Lock Gateway needs an electrified power outlet that is settled near an initiated Reagle Smart Deadbolt as well as requires the wireless Internet connection. After utilizing all things by this Gateway, it significantly develops the operativity of the Smart Deadbolt. It supports users to lock and unlock their smart door lock, converts the lock’s arrangement. Let’s examine its working status or generate customized admittance regulations on your mobile screen to control it all working effectively remotely and from any place.

Features of the Reagle smart wireless Lock:

Cautiously and simple DIY Installation and the Reagle smart Lock Setup. Use the Reagle app for Smart Sharing and Management to lock or unlock your home. Regale smart deadbolt wireless Lock is Apple HomeKit Certified that works with Siri voice command on your iOs or android phones. Use this to perceive the notification on your phone to stay Peace of mind. In addition, the different distinctiveness of this Lock is Keyless Accommodation.

Reagle smart Lock specs:

This is manufactured by the ‎Reagle, Part Number of this wireless smart Lock is ‎RGB01-PLR-US12P. Item Weight is up to 2.88 pounds. The Reagle deadbolt smart lock model number is ‎PLDB-DIA01. It uses Batteries and a number of batteries are required 4 AA. The Colour of the Reagle smart Lock is Dark Bronze, Finished with ‎Bronze, and the Material used in this device is made entirely with Metal. The shape of this device is Rectangular and Power Source is Battery-powered. Its Switch Style for this device is Push-button and Battery Cell Type is Alkaline.

Reagle smart wireless lock dimensions:

This device dimension is 3.54 x 5.51 x 9.29 inches, and ASIN: B07RDQJYNY.

Reagle smart Lock Price and Date First Available:

This is available on May 7, 2019, let’s check the Reagle WiFi smart deadbolt lock warranty or the Reagle deadbolt smart Lock price in India, UK, Qatar, from Amazon.


Question: 1. How can the Reagle smart lock be rekeyed?

Ans: Using the accurate key tool of this device, you can make the Reagle smart lock be rekeyed.

Question: 2. Is the Reagle Smart WiFi Lock compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa?

This is efficiently units with your smartphone using Bluetooth. In addition, you can also control this smart lock with the Reagle app or Apple home app.

Question: 3. Can I manage the Reagle smart WiFi lock with more than the lock on my network?

Yes, you can manage the Reagle smart WiFi lock with more than the lock on your network, but you have to need a separate Reagle smart lock gateway for each lock to connect with your WiFi network.

Question: 4. Does the Reagle smart lock have an automatic lock specialty if I misremembered to lock the door?

Of course yes, you can use the Reagle smart lock, an automatic lock specialty if you will misremember to lock the door. Make sure the WiFi network is connecting with your Lock.

Question: 5. Is the Regale smart wireless door lock backlit keypad to gaze at night?

Unquestionably, the Reagle smart wireless deadbolt lock comes with a white backlit keypad.

Question: 6. Does the Reagle smart Lock work with the iPhone? Does this lock demand another charge in addition to the lock?

Undoubtedly yes, the Reagle smart lock works with an iPhone comfortably and this is charged only by the Reagle smart gateway process because this is helpful to connect your smart lock with the internet.

Question: 7. Does the Reagle lock lack anything supplementary to utilise the Wifi innovations?

Assured, you can use this Reagle smart lock without a WiFi network using your smartphone Bluetooth pairing mode.

Question: 8. Does Reagle Lock have an Airbnb alliance for auto-generation of key code?

The Reagle Smart wireless Deadbolt originates including a “ReagleCode ” innovation. It permits you instantaneous auto-generated acquired codes. Via this code, you can be yielded with your visitors.

Question: 9. What should I use for connecting this lock with the WiFi, I have to use a gateway or the Reagle smart lock with just the app? If I use a gateway then I use it to only access the lock while I am not home?

You can use the Reagle smart Lock gateway for uniting it with the WiFi or also use this gateway while you are not present in the home.

Question: 10. Is the Reagle smart lock operating with the smart life app or MAC address?

I think no, this is not working with the smart life app, it is just operating with the Reagle app. In addition, the Reagle smart lock MAC address issue for activating the account of this device.

Question: 11. Is the Reagle lock warning you when batteries necessitate being replaced?

Guaranteed, this wireless device shows the low-level signal for this device batteries while its need to change.

Question: 12. Can I reset the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock factory default settings, but how?

Use the Reagle lock app, via its setting section, you can reset the factory default settings.

Question: 13. How to use the Reagle smart wireless deadbolt lock with a key or handle?

Simply, use the application of this device for using this with a key. To use the handle then set the handle on your door and use the Reagle smart lock with the handle.

Question: 14. Can I use the Reagle smart Lock with a built-in camera and fingerprint?

Yes, you can use the Reagle smart Lock with a built-in camera and fingerprint, but it can be possible through an app or an individual person can use this function.

Question: 15. Can I use the Reagle Smart Lock without a deadbolt?

No, you can not use the Reagle Smart Lock without a deadbolt.

Question: 16: Why do we need to buy the Reagle wireless smart deadbolt lock?

You can buy this to make your home more secure.

Question: 17: How do I Reagle wireless smart deadbolt lock unlock?

Simple Ask, Siri, Unlock the Reagle wireless smart deadbolt lock.

Question: 18. What should I do for the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock on?

Say, Siri, turn on the lock of the Reagle wireless smart deadbolt lock.

Question: 19. I bought the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock but how do I use it?

Use the Reagle smart lock user manual guide to using this device appropriately.

Question: 20. What should I do for the Reagle smart WiFi deadbolt lock code change?

Just, use the Reagle app < register it < go into settings