Roborock S4 Max Vacuum

The Roborock S4 Max Vacuum is a wireless vacuum cleaner used to cleans the floor. It comes with an LDS-type mapping sensor. The app management features allow the users to set the time and choose the room which they want to clean. A non-stop 180 minutes cleaning is provided by the Roborock S4 max battery. It saves the users time and hard work. This device gives relaxation to the hands from cleaning the floors.

The powerful 2000Pa suction captures the dust easily from the floor and cleans it to provide a polishing type finish to the floors. It changes the suction level to the higher one, in case the device is detecting the deep cleaning. Not only the floors, but it also removes the dust even from the carpets and gives deep cleaning. With the LiDAR navigation feature, this device cleans not only the brighter rooms but also cleans the low lightroom very effectively.
It cleans even the larger space with its long battery. The voice control features allow this device to connect with google home assistant and Alexa. You can control this device just by giving the voice command. You can control where the robot runs with the hideable walls and No Go Zones.

Features Of Roborock S4 Max Vacuum


The design of the Roborock S4 max robot vacuum is sleek and compact. It comes with a power on or off button and a cleaning button on the front. The LED indicator on the front indicates the battery status. There is a spot cleaner on the front. Push that button to start spot cleaning. The inbuilt air vent and speaker make this device pass the air and clean the floor effectively and manage the device using Alexa. The dustbin inside the robot vacuum stores all the dust and waste material.

Long-Lasting Battery

The battery of this robot vacuum device is long-lasting as it runs 180 minutes without stopping. It makes users sit back until the robot device cleans properly.

App Control

The Roborock device can be managed just by installing the Roborock app on your mobile device. You can set the time, map cleaning, No Go Zones, and place the device where you want to clean the floor. You can control the Roborock S4 max noise level using the app. However, it depends upon the type of cleaning you are choosing. It creates more voice when the Roborock S4 max cleaning as on deep cleaning and hence needs more suction

Best Cleaning

The spinning wheel rotates at a speed of almost 300rpm with a laser navigation system. The powerful 2000Pa suction lifts the dust from the floors easily and provides deep cleaning. It removes the dust not only from the brighter side of the room but also from the dark side of the room with LiDAR navigation technology. The 460m dustbin capacity offers to store the dust in large quantities.

Installation Of Roborock Vacuum S4 Max

Unbox the shipment box safely and take out all the equipment from the box. Read the user guide carefully. It will teach you to install and set up the robot device. Remove all the dust if stuck on the pieces of equipment with a clean cloth. Avoid placing the robot device where there are too many cable wires on the floors. Also, use a barrier if you want to use this device on higher floors or upper areas for safety. Now follow these instructions to install the device.

  • Set the charging dock at the place by which it can rest on the wall as well as on the floor.
  • Now plug the charging dock into the AC socket.
  • Ensure that where the dock is placed, it has more than half a meter free area from both sides. The floor should not be wet, The robot device should be placed on the dry cloth on the floor. Protect your charging device with tape.
  • Fit both-sided tape, so your dock is placed and fits safely on the floor.
  • Install the filter and the brush properly.
  • Now push the ON/OFF button for a few seconds to turn on your robot device.
  • Place the robot device on the charging dock when you view the LED light that starts illuminating. Make sure that your robot device is fully charged before you are going to run.

Roborock S4 Max Manual

It is recommended to read all the info described in the user guide. It will teach you to manage the robot device in an easy and secure way. S4 contains safety information, restrictions, warnings about battery and changing, troubleshooting guide, hardware review of the product including charging dock, sensors, dustbin, and robot, its installation and setup using the Roborock app, instructions to use the product such as spot cleaning, deep cleaning, zone cleaning, No Go Zone cleaning, maintenance of dustbin, main brush, charging dock, side brush, firmware upgrade, FAQs, WEE information, warranty information all these instructions are mentioned briefly on the Roborock S4 max manual. Before going to install and set up, you should read the user guide.

Roborock S4 Max Device Setup

The Roborock app will guide you to do the Roborock S$ max setup.

  • Download the Roborock S4 max app from the store for your tablet or mobile device.
  • The alternate way to download the app is by scanning the QR code attached at the back or bottom of the robot device.
  • Install and Launch the Roborock app.
  • Now follow the instruction mentioned on the screen and tap on the + icon available at the top right.
  • Add your robot device from the list and tap on it.
  • Now hold the ON button to start your robot device. These are some instructions to bind your Roborock vacuum device with Alexa.

Connecting The Roborock Vacuum S4 Max With Alexa

It will give you a pleasant experience if you contact your Roborock S4 max with Alexa. Just give the command by saying Alexa… and the device will do as you give commands. To do this you need to follow the below instructions.

  • Download the Alexa app from the store on your tablet or mobile device and launch it.
  • Login with your Alexa ID
  • Select the skills and games from the more options.
  • Type Roborock in the search box and hit enter
  • Choose Roborock Home to bind your account.
  • Enter the home account details to bind.
  • Now choose on close option
  • Choose the Discover device option from the next interface.
  • Find your Roborock device and select it.
  • You will see the account binding successfully on the next interface. Now go to the home page and start giving voice commands. The troubleshooting guide if you have an issue regarding the robot vacuum device is described below.

Troubleshooting Steps For Roborock S4 Max Vacuum

Many issues may arise in the robot device, The user guide will teach you to solve all your problems. Some solutions if the Roborock S4 max not working still.

If The Robot Vacuum Is Not Working On Schedule Cleaning

If the robot device is not working till after setting the scheduled cleaning, these solutions may help you to fix this.

  • Ensure that the robot device battery is not low then the 20 percent
  • Schedule cleaning work only when the battery percentage of the robot device is more than 20 percent
  • Use the dock charging to charge the device. It may take upto 4 hours for the Roborock S4 max charge time to get full.
If The Robot Vacuum Is Not Cleaning After Recharging?

If the Roborrock S4 max not cleaning still after the full charge, then follow these steps to solve the problem.

  • Check whether the robot device is not in DND mode. It may not start cleaning the floors.
  • If you placed the robot device by hand at the charging dock, it may interrupt the cleaning process or may not start cleaning.
  • It is recommended to turn off DND mode using the Roborock S4 max app.
If The Robot Vacuum Is Not Cleaning Particular Spots

If the robot device is not cleaning the particular spots, then these tips will help you to solve this problem.

  • Confirm that the inbuilt wall sensors or cliff sensors are not dirty.
  • It is recommended to clean the sensors safely using clean dry clothes.
  • Resetting the robot device will also fix this problem. You can do it by opening the top cover of the device and then pushing the ON/OFF button for some time. The LEd light illuminating indicates that the robot device is reet successfully.


I have been looking for this robot vacuum to buy for the last one month. I checked all the online platforms and the Roborock S4 max review is lit on almost every digital shopping platform. Then I decided to buy and using this device is worth it in this affordable price range. A great device as it comes with many great features. Automatic cleaning will help you to set the timing and place where you want to clean the floors.

Sit back and the device will clean automatically in a zig-zag manner. Setup of this device is easy and can be controlled by installing the Roborck app from the store on your mobile phone. It changes the suction when deep cleaning is required. Cleans not only the brighter side of the room but also the dark side with its sensors. In final words, a great device, and buyers must purchase it.


What’s the brand name?

Roborock, a popular and valuable brand.

What is the spinning speed?

The spinning speed of the mop is almost 300rpm.

How long does the battery last?

The battery runs for almost 3 hours non-stop. However, it depends on the cleaning method you are using.

What if the device is charging very slow?

If you place the device at low or high temperatures, it may affect the charging speed of the device to extend the life of the battery. Check whether the charging point is clean or not. If not. Then clean them with dry clothes.

How much time is taken by this device to get a full charge?

It takes almost 4 hours to charge to get the battery from 0 to 100 percent

How did I reset this vacuum?

Open the cover and push the On/OFF button for a few seconds to reset the vacuum. The LED light will help you to do this.

Unable to ON my robot device?

Check the battery level and charge your robot device using the charging dock. Also, use the reset button if the battery level is sufficient.

What if the device is not charging?

Confirm that the Charging dock is properly connected to the AC socket and is receiving sufficient power. Also, check whether the robot device is indicating the LED light or not after plugging into the AC socket.

What if the device produces a very loud noise?

This may happen when the main wheel and the brush are jammed. Power off your Roborock device and clean all the brush and wheel with dry clean clothes.

How can I control this vacuum?

Download the Roborock app to get full access to your robot device.

How many times do I set the Scheduling cleaning timer?

You can set the scheduled cleaning timer 10 times a day.

How can I download the cleaning path using a map?

Sorry, you can’t download the cleaning path.

Can I fit the S5 dustbin into this device?

No, you cant fit the S5 dustbin to the S4 max vacuum device. You can buy them separately from the stores.

What voltage does it support?

It supports 110 to 240V.

How can I download the Roborrock app?

Easily downloaded by visiting the store from your mobile device or tablet.