Roku Express 4K HDR Streaming Media Player with Remote Control

When it comes to smarts TV streaming sticks Roku Express is still undoubtedly one of the biggest and best names out there in the market. It supports 4K resolution and HDR 10 plus streaming on the Netflix app. This is an upgraded version from the previous 2019 version in terms of streaming-only, but it comprises all the basic features provided in the last version and functions finer than the Mi TV stick and the amazon fire TV stick.

supports both Apple as well as Android

The Roku supports both Apple as well as Android thanks to their work on the software upgrade recently, now anyone can have a Roku mobile application on their smartphone to run the streaming player on it without the need for watching TV anymore. The UI provided in the Roku is best in class as it is user-friendly and has a quick setup option as well. The OS version 10 is even smoother and brighter than before, so you can arrange your shortcut menu playlist according to your shows depending on how often you view them from the selected channels.

Whatever series your imagination fancies, you will be able to watch them no matter what. All the bugs and glitches are also fixed, which have made the Roku Express run even quicker and sharper than before. The option for playing games is still available if one wishes to play. It runs at 60 frames per second and as it supports a dual-band Wi-Fi router the Roku makes the visual experience unstoppable with the immersive Dolby Atmos provided in it (if your device supports it, the Roku Express complies a smoothing sound effect). At last, from my point of view if you need something to stream 4K Dolby Vision Atmosphere the Roku will satisfy you more than enough.

Product Details

The new Roku Express 4K streaming player just got launched in May this year. People who placed their pre-order on this product back then have successfully received it by now (as the shipping has already begun). It sells for around 5500 INR at www. right now. The Roku has a dimension of 3.81 * 2.03 * 7.11 centimeters and weighs around 31.18 grams. Supports 2 AAA batteries of any brand on the remote control. The manufacturers from China made this product in a single color variant which is “Black” with a tinge of “Purple”.


The small Roku box has a high-speed premium HDMI port at the back for an ethernet connection, with a USB port beside it for direct connection as well. The remote has a ton of options embedded in it. Some of them are Home, Back, Instant Replay, Other Options, Reverse / Pause / Play / Next. The okay button stays in the middle surrounded by 2 Up and Down and 2 Side Arrow buttons for basic utilization. 4 direct applications buttons (which are Netflix, Sling, Disney Hotstar, and Hulu) are also given for direct access, with various other colors printed on each of them.

The Warranty claim provided on the Roku is for 1 year only for any kind of software / internal damage. For more information visit on warranty issues and for legal approach visit


The Roku streaming media player comes in a purple box with lots of information pasted on the back and the front side of it along with pictures. The packaging comes in well as the fitting and shipping come indirectly from the company itself. Simply opening the box will let you grasp your hand into the remote, the battery, Roku device, and the gum adhesive all in one single plastic covering. A booklet is also given which is of course the quick set up guide with a small box that contains 2 black cables (one is the HDMI cable and the other one is a USB cable) for direct TV and LAN connection (Note: Both the cables are of high premium quality and are recommended to use with the device).

Thanks to the companies now they are providing long-term batteries with it as well. These batteries will keep the Roku remote charged for around 6 months or more on normal daily usage. An adapter is also bundled in with 3 pin and 2 pin plug prongs. Adhesive tape is also given for attachment in the TV or wall.

How to install the Roku Express 4k streaming media player?

Before setting up the device one must keep in mind that all the different models out there in the online market for Roku Express go through the same steps of installation. Follow/ repeat the same steps to install your HDR media player.

  • Tie up the HDR player with a gum strip given in the box on the behind of the TV or wall as per your likes. Now gather the remote and push in the two Duracell batteries inside the remote’s back. Fire up the television to choose the input option displayed for the Roku player. The Roku logo pops up which indicates the device is good to go.
  • Select the language with which you are comfortable and press “OK” to continue. Make sure your room has an uninterruptible Internet connection for the Roku to access. Select your Wi-Fi/ broadband connection available in the house, and type in the password (Note: If the device doesn’t display on your network connection, try scanning again). Always see the password before connecting the device as putting in the wrong password will only delay and hamper the process further. After putting in the password press “Connect”.
  • The Roku streamer will automatically catch the signal and associate with it. The player will download a software version and update itself (if available). After the reboot completes, you can set your personal display screen by pressing the “Set Display Type” option. The Roku Express has a habit of setting the best possible resolution suitable for the television. Rather you can choose your own display resolution from the “Display Type” option in the “Settings Menu”.
  • Now create your Roku account (which is completely free of cost) by putting in your active email ID. The Roku account will contain all the data that you buy or use (such as channels, apps, preferences, decision type settings, etc). Always remember to activate your email ID once you have received it in your inbox. Sign in, to your Roku account and you are done.

Steps to add channels to the Roku Express HDR streaming player?

Like any other devices, Roku Express also consists of a Roku channel store from where you can watch most of the channels for free, but for some, you might need to purchase a yearly/ lifetime subscription. Delivering you the steps to add the device channels one-by-one below.

  • Go to “Home” On your Roku remote> arrow down to the “Streaming Channels” option to bring up the channel store. Now all the channels will appear in a list format from where you can choose your set of preferences. The list includes new, popular, and featured categories to watch. To move from one place to another use the “Reverse scan” or “Forward Scan” option for going back and forth.
  • To gain details on a particular channel, click “OK” on the remote control. This will help you acquire knowledge about the channel and its settings (check rating and synopsis as well for further assistance).
  • A paid channel will require an online subscription (paid via card, UPI, net banking payment, etc) of a stipulated amount charged by the channel company itself. The rate will vary from channel to channel otherwise if it’s free then you can click on “Add Channel” to let it arrive on your Roku Express.
  • Give out your Roku account PIN, in order to add the channel on your streaming device. If you lack that, create one and update it.


How to Restart/ Factory Reset the Roku streaming smart player?
  • Visit “Home” in the menu bar> then come down and tap the “Settings” option. Click “OK” on the remote every time you want to select something. Scroll below to tap “System” window> open and press “System Restart” and “Restart” options to boot up the device. The Roku will switch off and switch back on all by itself.
  • To restart the device back to default, go to “Settings”> “System Settings” and tap the “Factory Reset” option from the dropping list. Follow the onscreen instructions provided to reset the device as per your choice (if you want to delete all data and start afresh, choose “Factory Reset Everything” and the process will take place).
How to update the firmware on the Roku Express?

The Roku Express downloads and installs update automatically (if there happens to be an available one). But if you want to check that manually go to the “Home” menu and come down to visit the “Settings” option below and select “System Updates” in your “System” menu. If it showcases the last updated version of your device, it means that it’s up-to-date. It even displays the “Latest Update Available” option if there is one (the “Check Now” option is provided for that purpose only).

How to set Roku Account PIN and Parental Control PIN?
  • To set the Parental Control PIN visit from your mobile. Go to the “Parental Control PIN Preference” and tap the “Update” button. Now you have 3 options in your hand one for the little kids, one for the younger generation, and another for teenagers (every option requires the PIN to activate it). Select it as per your wish > click “Save Changes” and press “Agree” on the terms of service. This option will restrict the children to gain access to the harmful content they try to view on your paid network service.
  • Repeat the same steps from the previous process but this time choose the “PIN Preference” option. It shows 3 options one to get a PIN for purchase, one to get a pin for purchasing and adding channels from the channel store, and the last comes to no PIN required for purchasing or adding items from the channel store. Choose as per your preference and but if you want one, select it and verify the PIN in the “Verify PIN Field”. Again, repeat the same process from the previous one for the ending part as well.


How to use voice search and apply the themes/screensavers on the Roku Express?

To apply themes on your Roku stream display you must go to “Settings”> choose the “Themes” option and pick your preferred theme. Click apply to embed the action taken. Repeat the same steps but choose the “Screensavers” option this time instead of themes. On the other hand, if you feel too lazy, you can opt for the voice search option to loosen up your task. Go to voice command and hold the phone’s microphone button to talk. Speak clearly and distinctly for the microphone to catch the voice properly and run the search. Leave the microphone button once you have finished speaking (Note: Keep the mic close from your mouth while you speak for accurate response).

Resolve linking issues in your Roku Express HD streaming player!

This happens in quite a few cases, so always provide a valid email ID for linking your device to work properly. If you are unable to receive an activation link after entering your id, try refreshing it. Even after redoing the process isn’t helping, put it in a different email ID and make sure to use the activation link within 20 minutes of receiving it. If you try reactivating it after 20 minutes, then it won’t work (check spam, inbox, and junk folder for reassurance).

How to resume your Roku Express, if stuck?

Sometimes the Roku tends to imply a major glitch. It will lock, freeze or block the navigation tool for further movement. If this situation comes up, you need to click some buttons on your remote continuously in a series-wise pattern to activate the reboot process. Click the “Home” switch 5 times and tap the “Up” arrow button. Now click “Rewind” and “Fast forward button” twice simultaneously. Doing this trick will turn the media player off for some time and after that, it will steadily turn back on from the beginning.

Do and Don’ts

  • Use the device with care and keep it far from small children. Make sure you place them away from the close electrical circuits and wires. Remove plugins while the player is not in use as well as thunderstorms.
  • Avoid fitting them from a nearby liquid source or a hot temperature zone. This may damage the product permanently and repairing it from the local vendors or by yourself will lead to discontinuation of warranty service.
  • Setting the Roku in a cabinet will block signal connection, so keep in mind to place them somewhere open to staying in range for the wireless network/ Wi-Fi for catching connection. (Note: Do not try beating the remote in case of slow response, try troubleshooting or resetting the product for further usage).

Quick Safety Tips

One must use their product with care and precaution as improper use will lead to damage of the product permanently. Getting heavy electric shock, catching a big fire and many more of these dangerous accidents can occur and to stay out of trouble you must refer to all the security guidelines mentioned with the product details (especially the warning part). A quick view of the AC power adapter on a daily basis won’t kill much of your time. Lastly, unplug the adapter sometimes when not in use or when is too hot and is working for too long. This gives the device the time to cool down before it resumes work again. Also, unplug it in times of single-phase power cut.

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