Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Streaming

The Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR is a 4K streaming media player that supports the newest 200+ Free live TV channels. With the most popular and newest channels, you can enjoy a handily and snappy interface. In addition, also enjoy unlimited free entertainment. With this Roku Streambar, you can smoothly stream HD, HDR, & 4k videos with vivid colors and clear resolutions. The sound of the roku streambar 4k/hd/hdr streaming media player is high and melodious because four internal speakers are built-in. As well, the sound quality is crisp and clear dialogue. Multiple connectivity technologies of this streaming media player like Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, & Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the Roku Streambar only supports one HDMI and USB port. To enjoy the streaming videos, just plug your smart TV and connect to the internet. The setup of this stream bar is easy and quick with the remote controller. If you’re exploring how to set up roku streambar and more detailed information, then don’t brood. This blog will introduce a detailed guide step-by-step.

Will Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media work on any TV?

Yes, the Roku streaming device absolutely works with any TV. But this will work only if your streaming media has an HDMI port. If there is no HDMI port then it will not work in that situation. In order for superior work, you must have an HDMI port that is tagged with an Arch Port. If this port is labeled then you don’t need an additional cable to get the audio from the TV to the Roku Streambar.

Thus, the roku stream bar absolutely works on any TV with the HDMI port.

Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media installation guide

Prior to starting the setup of the Roku stream bar installation is crucial. Let us install the installation guide.

Unbox Roku Streambar:

Some accessories will be needed to install the streaming media player. You will need to unpack the packaging box to get the roku streambar accessories. Inside the packaging box you’ll find:

  1. Roku stream bar
  2. Roku streambar manual
  3. Power adapter and cable
  4. Voice remote
  5. Batteries
  6. HDMI cable
  7. Optical cable
  8. Quick start guide
Roku Streambar Mount

Through the below steps, get the tips of the roku streambar mount.

  • You should not place your media stream bar in a spot that blocks the IR signal.
  • You should place the 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media in the middle location of the TV.
  • Mount the Roku Streambar at the ear level.
  • The best spot of your media stream bar to a wall or your TV.

Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media Setup

To enjoy the multiple Live channels on your TV with the Roku stream bar 4K/HD/HDR, the setup is essential. In order to perform the complete setup, just look at the glance in the below steps.

(i) Adjust TV settings:

When you unite your Roku Streambar to the arch port of the TV, it is vital to probe the TV settings. Because many features are disabled by default. If ARC is disabled then the ARC port will act like a normal HDMI port and will not get audio from your TV.

To adjust the roku streambar setting, you have to use the TV remote and turn ON your TV. Next, navigate the setting with the help of a remote. If the ARC setting is disabled, then you have to toggle it.

(ii) Connect to the power source:

Now, let’s power up your Roku stream bar. For that, join the included power adapter to the circular end of the 4K/HD/HDR Streambar. Simultaneously, join the other end to the surge protector/ wall outlet.

(iii) Connect to TV:

If you search how does roku streambar connect to tv, then don’t be concerned? This step will provide the solution to the question. Firstly, you have to unearth the ARC port on your TV. Then, you have to connect the Roku Streambar to the HDMI port on your smart TV that is tagged with the ARC port. For this connection, ingeniously insert the HDMI cord ends into their respective ports. In addition, if your TV does not have an HDMI-ARC port, you will have to insert an included optic cable to make the connection.

(iv) Choose Input:

After connecting the stream bar to the TV, you have to pick the input. Before choosing the input, ensure that you have plugged the media Streambar on which HDMI port of the TV. If HDMI is plugged into port 1, you will have selected HDMI 1. To choose the input on your TV, utilize the TV remote and push the Input button. Afterward, sure to toggle to the same HDMI input you use to connect your roku streambar pro.

(v) Insert batteries:

To activate & link to your Roku account, you need to insert the batteries into your Roku remote. To insert the batteries, just slide the back cover of your remote and remove it. Then, you have to insert the included Duracell batteries in their respective battery compartment. Batteries must be positioned appositely. Afterward, the LED of the remote will begin to flash green. You have to wait up until the flashing light turns solid green. Thereafter, the Roku remote will pair automatically.

Congratulations! The roku streambar setup steps are successfully finished.

How to connect Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media to WIFi?

To enjoy the Live channel, you need to join your stream bar to the WiFi network. By following the below steps, get the solution about how to connect roku streambar to wifi.

  • Initially, you have to pick any one language on the Let’s Get started screen.
  • Next, you have to click on an option Wireless or Wired, through you join roku streambar 4k media streamer to WiFi network. To wireless network, pick the wireless tab and set up a new wireless connection.
  • Then, look for a wireless network and pick your home network.
  • Subsequently, typify the WiFi password in their section & hit on Connect tab.
  • If your Roku Strumber is connected to a WiFi network then a green tick will appear. If you see a red X then you have to probe the connection.

How to connect Roku streambar to Alexa?

To use the Roku stream bar for Alexa, you need to unite the Roku account to the Amazon Alexa account.

  • First and foremost, search and download the Alexa app on the App Store.
  • Next, launch the app and log in with default login information.
  • On the Alexa app, tap or pick the Menu icon from the top edge of the screen.
  • Thereafter, tap the Skill & Games tab on the following tab.
  • Typify the Roku in the Search section, pick the Skill from the above list, and toggle the enable section.
  • When the login/sign-in page is prompted, you have to log in to your Roku account.
  • Henceforth, you have to pick the Roku stream bar and join the Alexa app.
  • To complete the roku streambar alexa process, tap the Continue tab and follow screen instructions.

Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR streaming issues

In the below steps, there are some roku streambar issues. To get to know the issue, just look at the below steps.

  1. No sound in the stream bar
  2. Roku streambar not connecting to WiFi
  3. LEDs light of the streambar blinking orange
  4. Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR no picture
  5. Roku streambar no arc
  6. No HDMI arc
  7. Roku streambar remote not working

Troubleshooting steps for Roku Streambar streaming media

To rectify the bugs and faults, use the roku streambar troubleshooting steps.

Restart Roku streambar

If you cope with a roku streambar not connecting to wifi error, then we urge restarting it.

  • To restart the 4K/HD/HDR stream bar, you have to push the Home button on the Roku remote.
  • You have to scroll down or up and choose settings.
  • Under the settings, pick System and then restart the tab.
  • Afterward, utilize the Roku remote’s directional pad to display the Restart button and push OK.
  • Your Roku streambar device will restart.

By following these aforementioned steps the error roku streambar bluetooth not working error also resolves.

Verify the cable connection

If roku streambar not connecting to tv, then you need to examine the cable connection.

  • You have to be sure that the HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI port of your TV and streambar.
  • If the HDMI cable is loosely connected to the HDMI port then you will need to plug in it tightly.
  • If the cable is unusable, you will need to purchase a new cable and then unite it.
Change the sound setting with the Roku app

To rectify the roku streambar no sound error, you must check and change the sound setting.

  • Initially, you have to search and download the Roku app on the App store.
  • Next, you have to login/Sign up for the account with your email address & password.
  • Thereafter, add the Roku 4K/HD/HDR stream bar to the Roku app.
  • To change the roku streambar audio setting, tap the setting icon and check the setting.
  • If the sound setting is disabled, then you need to toggle. If you wish to change then, change it with their option.

Through the aforementioned steps, you can handily solve the roku streambar sound issues.

Verify & Install new batteries

If roku streambar remote not working, then we advise checking & installing new batteries in the remote.

  • To install the new batteries in the Roku remote, just slide the back cover of your remote and remove the back cover.
  • Next, you have to lift up the old or faulty batteries.
  • Afterward, insert new batteries into the battery compartment and place your battery cover.
Factory reset your 4K/HD/HDR Streambar

If you facing a roku streambar no picture error, then in that situation, you can do a factory reset of your streambar.

  • To reset, first of all, switch ON your Roku 4K/HD/HDR Streaming media.
  • Next, push the streambar reset button momentarily.
  • Afterward, the roku streambar will reboot and all settings delete.
  • When the roku streamabar factory reset process is finished, you have to do again all settings.

Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Firmware update

To fix the roku streambar blinking orange issue, just adopt the below steps.

  • To update the firmware, go to and get the login page.
  • Next, log in to your streambar account with a login ID.
  • To check the firmware, open the setting by clicking the setting icon.
  • On the firmware page, look at the firmware version.
  • To do the roku streambar firmware update, hit the Upgrade tab.

Thus, these are steps to update the firmware of your Roku 4K/HD/HDR stream bar.

Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR streaming media review

In my point of view, the roku streambar pro review is better and transcendent than the other brand’s streambar reviews. It works with four internal speakers that provide high sound. In addition, the sound quality is good and superior. The long-range WiFi connectivity is compatible with this stream bar. The picture quality of the Roku 4K/HD/HDR streambar is HD, 4K, & HDR. With this quality, you can smoothly watch a bright & clear interface. It works with a voice remote by which you can handily manage the streaming media. The roku streambar compatibility with the Alexa device. The setup of the streaming media is ingenious and uncomplicated with the remote & Roku app. Thus, the Roku 4K/HD/HDR streaming device is an exquisite device for entertainment purposes.