RS Deadbolt with Smart Lock

The electronic lock is manufactured by the “RS Co. Ltd” company in the UK. The product (Item Model Name – RS) got launched recently this year in January 2021. The RS Deadbolt with Smart Lock is available for sale at and the RS official site as well at a moderate price of 139 US dollars. This unit is available in a single colour variant that is “Black”, which also comes with a 1 Year of full warranty. Besides that, the smart lock has got multiple ways to unlock the door which has also impressed the buyers a lot.

The sale is increasing day-by-day, as the company has already received a 4 Star rating out of 5 in the comment section of the purchasing link. Due to that, the production has gone up as well and the brand has also been awarded a #30 ranking in the Door Handle Set Department all over the world. Anyways, for more information about the product call the helpline number at +603-5021-5888, and they will assist you further.

Unboxing the RS smart lock with a deadbolt.

The shipping and import taxes are absolutely free for the product and as the demand is at peak, the brand is offering some perks too. The shipment gets off real-quick at your registered location, and the packaging is done pretty solid as well. Opening up the white box, cut through the extra plastic to take out the main items from beneath. The RS Deadbolt with Smart Lock comes out first along with its opposite body attachment after that.

Followed by, are the 2 door handles set are bundled inside the package. The rest of the things, such as 1 physical key and 1 IC card are stuck to the side of the box, take them out as well. An instruction sheet, quick start-up guide and warranty booklet stays at the last of these accessories. Keep them secure, as you only need the card to claim service, if required in future. Apart from these, if anything is gone missing from the box, make sure you contact the Amazon customer service person and inform him/her about the fraud.

Structural design of RS front door lock.

The RS Deadbolt with Smart Lock is made out of supreme quality fibre at the front and has an aluminium frame at the back. The front has a black keypad which consists of numbers counting from 0 to 9, along with a lock and unlock function. A fingerprint sensor is also created at its top along with the given card reader sensor at the bottom. The front metallic handle has a designated keyhole for locking and unlocking the door manually (Note: Only through the entrance the key could be utilized for unlocking the door).

Both the physical key and IC card are made up of steel, which makes them more durable and extends their longevity as well. The RS lock weighs around 10 pounds and has a 0.7 * 6 * 2.5 inches dimension setup. The back has the main hardware system installed that runs the actual thing in real life. It has screw holes for door attachment and has an openable back cover to replace batteries as well. Moreover, the gadget has a totally rugged build structure that prevents it from getting emerged from its location easily. To get a closer look at the whole lockset, visit, and choose this model.

Features of the RS lockset.

  • The RS Deadbolt with Smart Lock can get installed in any kind of door (metal, wood, fibre, etc.). A detailed video for attaching the lock as well as an instruction manual is also provided with the box. The brand also offers a 30-day free return policy on the item itself and lifetime tech-support as well.
  • There are numerous ways to unlock/lock the door. You can use a physical key or a given IC card to manually operate the door. Just give your fingerprint onto the touch keypad or tap the card chip on the sensor and the door will unlock. The auto-lock feature is also given with an alert indicator which is responsible for signalling many things such as battery low, theft, breakage, etc. The batterie compartment also has a backup system, which shifts to low power mode at its last stage.
  • You can also set several passwords to unlock/lock your door. Provide the waiting guest with quick login access and automatically lock the system once the initiated time frame passes. Use the touch lock and unlock icon after entering the passcode to run an operation on the door.
  • The keyless lockset can also be accessed over a mobile app. Turn the Bluetooth feature on to operate the door within range.
  • Now you can forget, having messy keys or cards around your pocket by purchasing this product. The RS is also Wi-Fi compatible and gets easily set up too.
  • You can also fulfil certain jobs by operating them via the voice command feature. Utilize it via Amazon Alexa and Google Home Nest. Speak out some order such as “Alexa, open the front door” and as the RS accepts the command, it will act instantly.

Installing the RS voice-controlled lockset.

  • After unpacking the whole lockset, keep them in a clean area. Now, rub the door handle with alcohol/spirit using a neat dry cloth (Note: Call a carpenter beforehand, if you are not confident enough for the job). Pick up the main RS touchpad including the back portion and install it with the aid of the provided screws. Fix the handles simultaneously as well, both at the front and rear and check the swing on either side.
  • Once the mountings are done, fill in some batteries by removing the electronic device’s back cover. 4 AA Alkaline batteries are required, which you need to purchase separately. Remember, the door thickness should stay within 38mm to 50mm. The static current should be <30uA and the working current should be <200mA.
  • insert the key

    Check a few things quickly, insert the key and check the lock/unlock is working properly or not. This will ensure an exact alignment of both the unit at that position. Repeat the same process with the IC card, as well as the fingerprint. As the checks get over, we can now move on to the wireless connectivity part.

  • Make sure you already have Alexa installed at your home, download the TTLock app on your smartphone. The app is available at both Apple and Play stores, install it and log in using your sign-up credentials (email ID and password). Open the app and tap on the “Add Lock” option and click “Next”. Touch the IC card on the device and choose your particular set, rename it if you want to.
  • Tap “ok” and set the home/office place where you have attached the device. Visit the “Gateway” tab type in your Wi-Fi password correctly there. Choose Alexa as your home voice from there, and give in the password as well. Now the device can be accessed over voice and many other platforms too, lock/unlock the door as per will.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to reset, restart the RS deadbolt app?

There is no manual way to restart the device, although you can always remove the batteries and try re-inserting them back again. Repeat the same with the app, delete it and reinstall it back it again. This refreshes the system and clears all the junk files present on the server. To fully reset the device, visit the “Settings” section of the app, and tap on the “Reset” device. Remember, doing this will erase all your pre-customized settings and memories from the app. You would need to set everything back up from the beginning as the app resumes back to its default settings.

How to update firmware on the TTLock app?

To update the software on the mobile app, go to the “About” section of the app and tap on the “Update Firmware” option. From there, you can view the update system (if one is available), download it and install it too. Nonetheless, the system automatically updates itself, if connected to a stable home Wi-Fi network properly. The server will take its latest form, pushed by the company yearly during the sleep hours. You can directly view some changes and up-gradation of security patches on the TTLock app after you reopen it.

How to solve the not responding issue on the RS deadbolt lock system?
  • There can be many reasons due to which this error may be displayed by the lockset. First, check the battery status of the device is in good condition or not. The batteries even after running on low power, get exhausted within a year. You need to replace them with a new set, in order to keep things running.
  • Second, check if the door alignment is properly maintained or not. A slight difference in space can create trouble, the key may tend to bend if they are not parallelly set over time. To get rid of this trouble, mark the places before you drill holes in the door surface and then try fixing them permanently.
  • Thirdly, before attaching the handles and deadbolt in a fixed position, loosen to bolts to check if the system is working smoothly or not. You can always create adjustments in the positioning of the lockset, according to your positions before you actually set them in.
  • Fourthly, check if the device is set far from the Wi-Fi system or not. It won’t tend to respond to the home network if the router or modem is placed far back inside the house. A recommendation is to use an extender or place the Wi-Fi system in the centre of the house, to spread equal coverage all over the house.
  • Fifthly, if the fingerprint sensor or the card reader doesn’t work, make sure you keep them clean and dust-free, in order to make them work properly. As it’s a front door entrance gadget, the RS has a habit of getting dirty pretty easily being on the outside 24/7. You should maintain the lockset by oiling the parts too once in 15 days so that the transmission remains easy.
How to solve the RS lockset, not responding to the TTLock app issue?

The main problem maker here is the Wi-Fi system, check if the connection is not hampered with and the modem has an unstoppable power connection as well. Contact your ISP, in case the web flow is losing speed and creating glitches. The distance between, both the devices can also create trouble. Keep them within a certain range to experience the soothing nature of the lock. However, the app itself can create glitches, to steer clear of that keep in mind to clear all the cache memory of the app monthly. Reset the app fully, if required then it functions in a newer fashion with the latest functions.

Review of RS door lock with touch keypad.

With increasing theft and robbery day-by-day, people want something secure to take care of their entrance while they are gone. They tend to require an advanced tech product, that can protect them from any kind of criminal activity that is ongoing in their locality. No worries, as today I am introducing the next-gen latest RS deadbolt lockset. This lock system has a ton of features, that it carries on its shoulders, and work completely fine. There are numerous ways to unlock/lock your door, so that even if you lock yourself out or forget the key/card you can still make your way in. The device unlocks the door via passwords, key, fingerprint, card reader, mobile app, voice control, etc. ways.

Simply connect the app with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and ask your door to open through Alexa, and it will work sufficiently. The RS Deadbolt with Smart Lock runs on low power and maintenance and efficiently does the locking/unlocking job on the owner’s order. Enjoy this affordable device, with premium touch and feel, as you have every other reason to purchase the thing on a single plate. Although, you can certainly look for second or third options. So, to help you with that, grab a look at Kwikset Halo, NGteco smart lock, hornbill keyless door set, ULTRALOQ smart lockset, Turbolock app lockset, SMONET keypad entry lockset, etc. products for quick alternatives.