S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a robotic vacuum cleaner. The cleaner is used for pet hairs and hard floors. 2700pa is the suction power for cleaning perfectly. The 5200mAh is the battery power of this vacuum. You can control this device via the remote control. The lithium-Ion is the battery cell composition of this device. This device has a sensor for the perfect cleaning of the home floors. You can control this device by the app, voice control. Voice control is possible through Alexa and Google’s assistant. This device automatically scans the floor. Before starting the vacuum, you need to draw the app on the app where you want to clean. This device is compatible with the hardwood floor, cement floor.

Multiple users can control this device or you can share your tesvor robot vacuum cleaner account with multiple users for cleaning. The robot vacuum works with Doneauto Charging. The battery back of the tesvor robot vacuum is 2 hours.

Features of the Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To trigger this, there are numerous features of the wireless vacuum cleaner.

Laser Scanning

This device automatically scans the dust on the floor. If your device is clean it can escape that place. The device cleans the pet and human hairs, small things, and dust as well.

App & voice control

You control this device through the app, Alexa, and google assistant. For cleaning, you need to draw a map of the area which you want to clean. You can easily manage or set up this robot vacuum. You can also manage it with tesvor remote control.

Multiple users

You can share your device account with multiple users like friends and family members. They can clean the area anything in real-time.

5200mAh battery

With the help of a 5200mAh battery. The robot vacuum can work non-stop for 2 hours. The device charges with the Doneauto charger.


The sensors can help to prevent any type of damage. The sensors scan full and when the senators realize the damage. So, the device automatically stopped.
These are the incredible steps of the navigation robotic vacuum cleaner.

Important tips before using S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

These are the necessary tips before using the vacuum. So, please read these instructions for perfect working.

  • Place the charger of the device near the wall.
  • Do not place any reflective thing in the charger range area.
  • Check all the sensors and clean the brush before using the device.
  • Remove the power cable cord from the floor while starting the vacuum.
  • Put on chagrin before using the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Installations steps of the Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To commence with, I will talk about the steps to install the tesvor smart cleaner. So, please follow these steps which are given in underlines without missing any step.

  • Remove the device from the packaging box and check the things which are given with the vacuum such as power adapter, charger base, remote control, cleaning tool, four side brushes, high-effective sponge, water tank component, and tesvor mop.
  • Fix the side brushes to each side according to the L and R sides.
  • Remove the protective things from the device before use and press the power button of the vacuum to the side.
  • Locate the charger base the same as the surface of the wall and plug the power adapter into the switch.
  • And do not put any reflective thing like mirror and others which reflect the signals near the charging base of the device.
  • Then, put the battery in the remote of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Enjoy, your installation steps are completed.

Ways to connect Tesvor Vacuum Cleaner to the mobile app

If you want to connect the mobile app to the tesvor vacuum cleaner. So, read ways which are written in the underlines.

  • First, connect your mobile to the wifi network.
  • Then, search the name of the app on Google or the play store or you can scan the QR code from the label to install the tesvor app.
  • After downloading the app, text the correct security key and admin name in the option for opening the web page.
  • Get the admin name and security key from the label.
  • After texting, tap on the login.
  • Next, open the settings and enter the vacuum cleaner model number for making the connection
  • After this, click on the password and username option.
  • Then, text the new admin name and new security key.
  • At last, click on the save.

With these ways, you can easily connect the device with the app.

Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner manual

To begin with, I will discuss the questions of the consumer in this manual. Is the S6+ different from S6? Can this work on every carpet? What is the name of the device app? How much is the power of the tesvor robot vacuum battery? Can I use it without wifi? What is the tesvor vacuum cleaner’s weight? Can I put it directly on charging to connect the power adapter to the device? Can this work with 120volts? Is the white color more costly than the black color? Does this device have a reset button or not? What is the first availability date of this device? If any guidelines and instructions are not available in this manual. So, you can take extra information from here tesvor robot vacuum manual.

Setup steps of the Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To start with, I am going to talk about the setup steps of the robot vacuum cleaner. So, follow steps line by line without leaving any steps from the process. Thus, the whole process would be halved.

Plan cleaning setting
  • In this setting, the vacuum cleaners follow the s shape router according to the area and condition of your room.
  • You can use this option from the remote and tesvor robot vacuum app for cleaning the room using a plan cleaning setting.
Spot cleaning setting
  • In this setting, vacuum cleaners perform the spiral pattern like very small, small, big.
  • To use this pattern the device will stop after 2 minutes.
Setting forbidden area(restricted area)
  • This option is only available on the app.
  • In this setting, the cleaner moves in the full room but does not enter a restricted area.
Relocate by LDS setting
  • In this setting, you need to stop the device and place it in a new location.
  • Then. restart your robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Next, turn ON.
  • After this, the starting moves from the new and relocated to the previous area.
Set the schedule of the device
  • Turn ON the device from the bottom button.
  • Then, press the clock shape button from the remote control.
  • Next, select the hours and minutes according to your choice.
  • After that, also choose the AM/PM.
  • At last, press OK for saving the setting.

These are the setup steps of the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Troubleshooting

To start with, solve your problem related to the device to read these steps which are mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs.

The device does not move perfectly

If your device does not work perfectly. So, there is some technical problem with the software of the vacuum. To solve this, first, clean the sensors of your device with a dry cloth. Secondly, restart the robotic vacuum cleaner from the power button. Thus, your device will move on the right side.

Check the battery

If the tesvor robot vacuum won’t turn on. The reason for not working is the device completed the cleaning and needs to be put in charge. It is very normal. So, put on the charger to work again. After completing the chagrin your device works again.

Check the brushes right location

If your device’s side brush is rotating in the wrong direction. So, check the brush’s location. Remove the brushes from the vacuum cleaner and fix these again according to the L and R symbols. Thus, your robot vacuum cleaner moves in the right direction.

Check the schedule

The tesvor vacuum cleaner does not start cleaning automatically. So, maybe your device schedule failed or use the tesvor robot vacuum factory reset after the schedule. For automatically working, open the setting from the remote control and set the schedule again, and save this. Thus, your device will automatically start cleaning.

These are the steps to solve your problem and for more information, you can contact the service provider.

Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The robot vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dust from the home automatically. We can control this by the app or remote. 2 months ago, my cousin brought this vacuum cleaner. Last Sunday, I was free from my studies. So, I went to their home. I saw the tesvor robot vacuum cleaner that is automatically working in the home. Then, I asked my cousin about this vacuum. He also showed me the voice and remote control. I read all about this and the tesvor s6+ review as well. After one week, I purchased this device. Realy, it is an excellent device and till now, it is working well.

The Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum features:

The features of the robot vacuum cleaner are sensors, shared with multiple users, 5200mAh battery, laser scanning, app, and voice control.

Design of the tesvor robot vacuum cleaner:

The outside body of the device is very weak and made with plastic glass. There are sensors of the vacuum to prevent any damage. The design of the device is very shining.

Tesvor wireless vacuum dimensions:

The dimensions of the tesvor robot vacuum are 19.25 x 17.17 x 6.46 inches.

The specifications of the S6+ wireless vacuum cleaner:

The vacuum cleaner’s model number and manufacturer is Tesvor. 1 lithium battery is fitted in the device. 13.79 is the net weight and B08QMM5Q52 is the ASIN number. The first delivery date of the tesvor vacuum cleaner is 23 October 2020.

Tesvor S6+ vacuum price:

The latest tesvor robot vacuum price almost is $329.90


Can I use it without wifi?

Yes, you can also use this with a remote control.

How heavy is it?

13.79 pounds is a load of cleaner.

Can I put the power adapter directly into the vacuum for charging?

No, cannot connect the power adapter to the vacuum.

Does this device have a reset button or not?

Yes, you can reset this device. The tesvor robot vacuum reset button is given near the power button.

How much is the power of the battery?

5200mAh is the battery power.

Is the white color more costly than the black color?


Can this work with 120volts?

This device works with 110 volts.

Can this work on every carpet?

Yes, but on the low carpet.

What is the first availability date of this device?

23 October 2020 is the first availability date of the vacuum cleaner.

Is the S6+ different from S6?

Yes, it has a battery difference.

Does this have multi-floor mapping?


The device has suction power yes or no?

Yes, the robot vacuum has a tesvor s6+ 2700pa suction power.