Sansui 24-Inch Smart LED TV setup troubleshooting and review

We can not live without entertainment. Even though you are too busy with your work throughout the week, you want the weekend to be entertaining or relaxing for you. However, joy is one of the relaxing mediums.
Television is the home based on entertainment medium. Whereas, today, many mediums are available, such as mobile phone, where you can access anything on the platform such as youtube. But, still, your mobile can not beat the pleasure of watching any show or movie on TV. TV has become a vital asset in our life.
In the earlier days, TV was a tiny box. And, today, you get to have a choice to select as big a TV screen as you can. That gives you immense pleasure. The TVs are available in many brands. One such brand is Sansui. It is a well-established brand. And people trust it due to its quality with its name only. People like it, because of its fantastic features, and the quality it delivers.
Sansui LED TV is one of the most popular products equipped with the latest technologies. Whereas model no. S24P28DN is an excellent LED set, slim body display you can place anywhere in your home. Sansui LED TV will give you the pleasure of watching a superior picture quality, fantastic range of brightness, and intense range of colors.
In addition, this product consumer less electrical energy, which also means, you will save money spending on the electric bill. Also, you will enjoy high-quality surround sound up to 7.1 Discrete Channels, constant cinematic audio throughout your content, etc. Also, you will allow to watch photos, read articles, play games, watch videos and also download the files along with your device.
I will discuss one of the most popular Sansui TV, which is Sansui 24-Inch 720p HD LED Smart TV, series No. S24P28DN along with built-in HDMI. This TV offers a high resolution, USB, Dolby audio bundle along with circuit city 6 feet 4K HDMI cable and other required accessories.

Specifications of the Sansui TV

  • Resolution- 1366×768
  • Type of Display- DLED
  • Aspect Ratio- 16:9
  • Wi-fi Specification- 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac
  • OS- Linux
  • Video System Specification- ATV:NTSC, DTV:ATSC
  • Dolby measurement- MS12V1.3.2
  • Connectivity range- 1x AV IN, 2x USB, 1x EARPHONE, 1x RJ45, 1x TV, 1x OPTICAL, 3x HDMI

Package Includes

  • Sansui 24 inch HD DLED Smart TV, Model No. S24P28DN
  • Sansui TV Remote Control
  • Sansui Stand for support
  • TV Power Cord
  • Sandy TV 1-Year Warranty Card
  • Sansui TV User Manual
  • Circuit City 6-Feet Ultra High Definition 4K HDMI Cable
  • Mophead Cable Ties ×2
  • Circuit City Premium Microfiber Cloth

Features of Sansui TV

Have a look at the unique features you are going to experience with the Sansui LED TV.

Excellent Visual Experience

One thing for sure, you are going to experience an excellent visual experience with this LED TV due to its HD assembly for detailed and crisp visualizations, of course, when you play suitable multimedia content. You will feel your eye feeling relax, watching movies, videos, photos, etc. It will relieve your fatigue, which you usually get due to spend watching TV.

Make your Home Entertainment Center

S24P28DN has built-in stereo speakers with it’s a whole range that boosts your viewing experience. You can download apps and stream any movie or video per your choice on the TV from your smartphone, along with games, news, and films.

Gorgeous Design

You will love the design of the Sansui smart LED TV. It is a perfect piece that is wall-mounted and it adds a stylish look to your living room. It has a stick stand and a slim bezel design that makes it look elegant. You have a choice to either wall mount it or to put it on a cabinet. You will experience a more profound and broader vision due to its thin and narrow design.

Smarter Experience

Sansui smart LED TV S24 contains the elements of 2*USB, 3*HDMI, 1*Earphone outlet, 1*AV-IN, and 1*RJ45 wifi. All this gives you a smooth browsing experience along with the fast apps switching, live TV, streaming media and others easily, and also the social media on TV.

Sansui TV Setup

The Sansui company manufactures various televisions in numerous sizes and features that are best suitable to use in the home to enjoy high-definition programs that suit your TV’s channel memory; it allows you to avoid channels that you don’t need and get through the cable packages.
To benefit from these traits, you require to perform some steps; then, only you will enjoy it. For this, you need to complete a programming process to look through the available channel list and save those that you get, and forget those that you don’t need from the device’s internal storage.
So, it would be great if you follow these steps.

Step 1
  • Turn on the TV followed by hitting the Power button of the remote control.
  • Hit the Menu option on the remote. It will enable the Menu list.
  • With the use of the Up and Down arrow, select the Setup option.
  • Hit the Right arrow.
Step 2
  • Select the Auto Ch Search using the arrow buttons.
  • Hit Enter button.
  • Now, your TV will go on auto-search mode, and it will search for the channels available on the cable system. The searching will be visible for you on the screen. The automatic function will group the media in the usable and none usable zones and, it will clear and delete static channels. It may take some moment. So, please don’t stop the process. When the process is done, the TV will automatically turn back to the first channel.
Step 3
  • Now hit the menu button again in order to return to the main menu.
  • Go to the Setup option.
  • Hit the Right button.
  • Jump to Manual Ch Set using the arrows.
  • Hit enter.
  • Here you will find the list of the channels that are programmed by the search.
  • You can use the buttons that the arrow to go through the list.
  • To remove any channel from the list, hit Enter.
  • To save the changes, hit Menu.

Sansui TV not showing a picture

Tv is not showing the picture is one of the most common issues. It may have any standard or severe issue. And you may need to make a call to the consulting team of Sansui TVs.
Well, I would suggest you go through these words before contacting the consulting team of Sansui TVs or look for the user manual. I’m going to share some simple issues with their solutions.
Before that, it would be great if you know about the light indicator on the TV. In case your TV is not switching on, have a look at a flashing light. If it is off, the error may be in your power supply or supply board that will need a professional’s assistance.
For other issues, go through this easy troubleshooting process.

  • Unplug the TV.
  • Keep the Power Button pressing for around 10 seconds.
  • Plug the TV back to the main power source, followed by releasing the power button.
  • Once again, press the power button.

This is the standard technique to solve the problem. Also, some other common issues are discussed below.

Common Sansui Problems

If your Sansui TV is not showing a picture, it may have some other issues, which are discussed below, along with the solution.

No picture or Poor Picture:
  • To resolve this issue, try out various stations.
  • If the stations have an issue, you need to check the connections and ensure that your antenna or the cable box isn’t disconnected.
  • You can also resolve this issue through the menu option by checking the picture control adjustment.
  • You can squeeze the color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, and tint.
No sound or Poor Sound:

When you are ensuring that the station doesn’t have an issue, make sure you haven’t set up the Mute button accidentally. So, you should mute it by hitting the same button again.
Sometimes, your TV doesn’t have an issue with itself, but it can be the antenna if you use it. So, it can be the antenna interference, such as automobile ignition systems, neon lamps, two-way radios, and other devices.
If you have satellite or cable, you need to isolate between if the problem is with your server or the compliment or the TV itself.

Sansui TV not switching on

Just like, Sansui TV not showing the picture, Sansui TV is not turning on is a prevalent issue too. Which can be also understood with the flashlight. So, please go through the below listed points;

  • If your TV shows the flashing light, and it is not turning ON, it is a short, possibly in the main power supply board to the TV.
  • Its mechanism is such that it is a capacitor that receives high power, and it cuts it.
  • This condition is visible if it is jutted out or leaking the fluid from the base or the top side.
  • To resolve this issue, it would be great if can replace either the capacitor or the power supply board.
  • They are situated at the point where AC cables are plugs in.
Sansui TV no picture only sound

Let’s have a look at another common issue you may face sometimes.

Solution 1
Check out whether the power cords are correctly connected to the TV or not. It seems simple. But many times, such a problem can be solved just by making the connections suitable.
Ensure that the power cables rest securely in both the power input and the wall outlet on the Sansui TV. If not, shake the input cables slightly. Don’t move it too much if it is all secured.
Solution 2
Please check out the Audio-video cords and their input connections.
On the backside of the Sansui TV, you will see the three inputs for proper audio channels, left audio tracks, and videos.
The yellow refers to video; white input refers to left audio, whereas the red information indicates right audio.
A/V cord consists of three ends, viz., yellow, red, and white, matching the inputs.
Ensure that all the A/V cords match their input color on the TV and fixed correctly.
Solution 3
Another way to resolve this issue is, try another media device on the TV set to test it. For this, you need a different DVD player or VCR to test your device.
Attach the DVD player with your television with the help of the A/V cord and match their color inputs. The color match is crucial.
Switch on the DVD player.
Using the Open/ Close button, insert the DVD in it.
Select the Component Video by using the Up-Down arrow followed by hitting the Video Input button.
Make sure; TV displays the DVD on the screen.
If your TV is working with a different device, it means the problem is with your original device.
Solution 4
Another way is to turn off the TV and unplug it for around 1 hour.
Many times LCD TVs don’t work because of overly used or being in a hot environment.
So, it may work.
Also, you can turn on the air conditions to cool down the surrounding, where the TV lies.

Issue: Bad Picture

Solution 1
Try changing the channels on the TV. Bad picture quality may come from the cable channels suffering from technical difficulties.
So, it would be best to keep changing the channels to see if it remains or solves.
Solution 2
In another way, you can try looking at the TV picture setting.
Punch the Menu button of the remote control of Sansui TV.
Move the cursor over the Picture Setting tab using the left-right directional arrows.
Hit Enter on the remote.
If you are exploring TV images that blur, try adjusting and fixing the sharpness of the image.
Highlight the Sharpness tab by using the left/ right directional arrows.
Move the sharpness slider to the right direction using the left/ right arrows.
Look at the results, and move the slider further if required.
You can repeat the same step to improve the picture quality or to adjust the tint or brightness.
Solution 3
Another reason behind the lousy picture quality may be, the channels are not memorized by Sansui TV. Ensure that all the channels are set and learned by the TV memory. It is very important to set it up before seeing it. If some of the tracks are not clear, it may be possible that they are not stored in the TV’S memory. To do so,
Hit the Menu button on Sansui remote control.
Go to Setup using the Up/ down button.
Hit Enter.
Jump to Auto Ch Search using the same up/ down buttons.
Hit enter again.
When it is done, check out the channels you were having a problem with.

Sansui TV no sound

Here is another challenge for you.
When you can see the clear picture but no sound, it seems like a challenge to troubleshoot it. This problem may arrive due to a weak signal, nearby interference, or the power source. So to deal with this problem, follow the suggestions listed below and see the problem is solved in no time.
Solution 1
Firstly, alter the channel to see if a particular broadcast station is having a sound problem or what.
Contact your satellite TV or cable TV services if you can hear the sound on other channels. Discuss your issue to resolve it. Otherwise, let’s move on to the next point.
Solution 2
Press the Vol+ button on your remote control, followed by pressing the Mute button to increase the volume level.
Also, try to hit the Vol+ button on the TV set if the remote fails to work.
If, TV’s control panel is working and the remote control is not, replace its batteries.
If both are not working, go to the next step.
Solution 3
Here I present another solution to the problem.
Try moving the other appliances placed nearby the TV sets, such as the heater, fan, vaccine cleaner, electric drills, etc. Such instruments can cause interference in the TV signal.
If the TV is placed nearby a window, from where the ignition noise of trust, motorcycle, and automobiles are clearly audible, move your TV away from the window.
Solution 4
Select the Audio icon followed by hitting the Menu button on your remote control kr the TV panel.
Ensure HDMI, HDMI1 audio, or DVI is paid to the correct source. Turn them on if you have paired another device with the TV set.
If you have connected any audio system connected to the TV, keep the TV speaker setting off.
Check for the external speaker cords if they are correctly connected.
Verify the speaker setting is ON if you don’t have an audio system connect to your TV set.

How to reset Sansui TV

Let’s learn how to reset your Sansui TV set.

  • Check if your TV has a Menu button on the top or on either side of the TV. If so, then please follow the following instructions to reset the TV.
  • If your TV doesn’t have any menu button on both locations, it can be reset by the instructions found in the Menu options on the TV.
  • Kindly refer to the user manual to see, watch the process you have to follow.
  • Reset your TV set with the help of the Menu Button:
  • Check the place of the Menu button.
  • Keep a hold on it for 10-15 seconds.
  • You will get a popup box on the screen asking you for the date tome and the location setting.
  • An on-screen menu will pop up inviting you to enter the time, date, and location settings.
  • Here, you need to follow the instructions given on the TV screen.
  • When it is done, your TV will undergo a factory reset process and will reset.


I was looking to replace my old Hyundai TV. And I got to see Sansui TV having a discount on, on the occasion of the festival. It grabbed my attention, and I booked one after going through its specifications and the reviews. It’s been a month, I received my TV, and I’m so happy that I selected this piece to replace my older TV. I’m glad about the audio, videos, and many other features it is offering. The picture quality is too good. The sound is excellent.
Moreover, my old TV did not have an internet connection feature, but this model makes it more enjoyable to watch. I can stream on anything, anytime I want to. My kids also like it. They can play games on the TV. Overall, I’m so glad to have this piece, and I don’t find any reason to recommend it to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to turn on Sansui TV without a remote?

If you lose your TV remote and want to turn on your TV, you may panic. But, you don’t need to be. Follow these simple steps, and turn on your TV without a remote.
When you want to turn your TV on without the remote, go to the TV, and press the power button. In case you are facing difficulty in finding the power button, follow the instructions.
Go through the TV manual that you got with the television.
Look for the power button at the middle-lower panel of the TV. Sometimes it may lie behind the TV. These two places are widespread to put a power button.
You can also find the power button of the TV on the left or right side and on the top of your TV. Some may place it at this location too. But yes, they may differ by color, label, size, or power symbol, etc.
These are the only ways where you can turn on the TV without the remote. But, it would help if you can try to find out the lost remote, or replace it with a new one.

2) How to unlock Sansui TV without a remote?

To unlock the Sansui TV without a remote, follow the instructions below:
Kindly press the power button and the A/V button together and hold them for a while till it opens.
If this technique does not work, then
Press and hold the TV/AV+ lock button jointly.

3) How to connect the phone to Sansui TV?

Even though the Mobile device beats every big screen device in all manners, it still doesn’t give you the enjoyment that a big screen like a TV can provide. Also, you can not compare the sound and the HD quality that TV gives you better than the mobile. Well, don’t worry, you can connect your TV with the Mobile phone with very few tricks. I have made a list of some most straightforward ways to do it for you.
Here are the six ways you can connect your mobile and smart TV.

4) How to update the software of your Sansui TV?

You will find the software update at the setting of your smart TV.
When you follow the setting menu followed by the main menu, you will have to hit the update button.
When you hit this button, a new page will be popped up on your TV screen for the final software download link.
Hit the link, and the software will start updating.

5) How to update YouTube in Sansui TV?

Look at the instructions below:
Select Apps
Visit Google Play Store
Visit settings.
Hit Auto-Update Apps
Go to Auto-update apps at any time.
And, your work will be done.

6) How to connect your iPhone to a Sansui TV?

To connect your iPhone to your Sansui TV, go through the instructions below.
Attach the adapter with an HDMI cord.
Attach the cord to an input of your smart TV.
Lock the adapter to iPhone’s port.
Turn on your iPhone.
To jump to the input you attached to the cable right now, use the TV’s control panel.
You will see your iPhone’s display on the TV.

7) How to connect your Sansui TV to a YouTube channel?

Go through the instructions below:
Launch YouTube on your streaming device or smart TV.
Visit Settings.
You will be able to see a blue TV code on your TV. Go to the link with this TV code.
Keep your tablet or phone ready to proceed with the steps of, Enter the Code section.
Remember, the TV code only consist of numbers and not the. It has letters; you need to repeat the steps above.
Enter the TV code.
Open Youtube on your mobile or tablet.
Hit Profile Picture and go to settings.
Hit Watch on TV.
Enter TV code on your mobile and enter our TV code popped up on your TV.

8) How to fix YouTube is not working with Sansui TV?

Follow the instructions below:
Proceed with restarting your device.
Close the app.
Reopen it.
Look for the device or app’s update.
Ensure your internet connectivity.
Ensure the location permission.
Restart devices and browsers.
Look for the browser’s update.

9) How to install Netflix on Sansui TV?

It will be so easy for you to connect Netflix and your Sansui TV. The TV’s remote control comes with the keys to select youtube or Netflix, which provides you with the TV connection.
Another way is, you can connect and install Netflix through your mobile phone connected to the TV. It will allow you to access the shows on Netflix to watch on your TV.

10) How to adjust brightness in Sansui TV?

You need to follow a few simple steps to adjust the brightness of your Sansui TV.
Punch the Menu button on your remote control. You will see the main menu’s pop up box on the screen.
Hit the Up or Down button to jump on the Picture mode.
Enter button to enter into the Picture menu.
Hit the Up or Down button of the remote control to modify the brightness level of the screen.

11) How to use a pen drive on Sansui TV?

The use of Pen Drive attached to the TV works for adding space to your TV. So, it would help if you had a micro USB, USB Drive, and a USB adaptor.
On your Android TV, look for the micro USB port.
Plug one end of the USB adaptor into the port and another end into your drive.
And, this is how you have successfully connected the Pen drive to your TV.

12) How to reset Sansui TV without a remote?

To reset your Sansui TV without a remote, go through the instructions given below.
Method 1
Read the manual carefully. When you buy a new TV, you get a user manual that helped you to know and understand the functions.
Look for the Lock or Privacy section throughout the manual. Here, you will find the techniques and instructions to deal with it.
Method 2
It not so challenging to eliminate and reset the lock on a few televisions without the remote using a few techniques.
Press and hold the power button of your remote control for about five seconds.
The television will automatically undergo restart.
If you see the TV still locked, unplug the TV, remove the battery placed in the back panel of the TV.
Wait for a few hours before reassembling the setup and plug in the TV.
Method 3
If somehow nothing is working, like the manual and resetting process, you need a universal remote.
Buy a universal remote. It will be available in any of the electronics shops or online platforms.
Universal remotes work for almost all televisions. You will also get a user manual along with the universal remote. It will enable to install it with TV. And then, you can enter the lock code and reset the TV.

13) How do I get apps on my Sansui TV?

Please follow the instructions given below:
Scroll down to Apps on your Android TV home screen.
Visit the Google play store app
Visit Get Apps and Games. Move upside down to check out for the different categories.
Select the app or the game that you wish to download.
Punch Install.

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