SECRUI ‎M520+F55 Wireless Doorbell

The SECRUI ‎M520+F55 Wireless Doorbell is a waterproof mini alarm. The sound coverage of this device is 1000ft with 5 levels of volume. This device blinks colorful LED lights. The color of the wireless doorbell is black. The secrui wireless doorbell is convenient in every season and weather. IP55 is the waterproof technology of this doorbell. You can play any audio from the 32 chimes which have already been added to the memory of this device. You can fix the doorbell receiver into any home socket. This device is working on the battery and the battery life is for 3 years. The secrui doorbell has a mute mode. If your baby is sleeping or you do not want to disturb. So, at that time you can put the doorbell on silent by using mute mode.

The secrui wireless doorbell m520+f55 spreads a ringing sound throughout the whole home and this device is mostly used in homes or small offices.

Basic SECRUI ‎M520+F55 Wireless Doorbell Features

There are multifarious features of the secrui wireless alarm.

Power source

The secrui transmitter uses a lithium battery with an ultra-long lifetime of 3 years. The battery of this is a battery. We provide the battery with lifetime technology.

Strong range

This doorbell transmitter has a strong range with the secrui receiver. The coverage of this wireless doorbell is 1000ft.

Mute mode

You can put your secrui doorbell on silent through the mute mode when your baby is sleeping or you do not want to disturb it.

Volume adjustments with 32 chimes

You can adjust the sound of your doorbell with the 5 volume levels and you can set any ring from the 32 chimes for an alert.

Best method of SECRUI ‎M520+F55 Wireless Doorbell Installation

The proper installation of any device is very important for its well functioning. Follow beneath lines secrui wireless doorbell installation steps.

  • Before installing the device read the manual and envelope of this doorbell.
  • Plug the secrui receiver into the home power switch and tune ON it.
  • Then, fix the doorbell on the wall.
  • Before, fixing the check the location where you set the ring that is working or not. Or check the wall, there is no cable and pipe into the wall where you are making a hole.
  • Make two-hole for fixing the doorbell transmitter with the drill.
  • Next, take the screwdriver and open the back cover of the device.
  • Then, attach the back cover of the transmitter and tight the screw with the screwdriver.
  • After that, stick the transmitter with the mount to the double-sided tape.
  • Press the power button of the device.

These are the steps to install the secrui wireless doorbell.

SECRUI ‎M520+F55 Wireless Doorbell manual

To start with, this manual will discuss the customer’s question related to this wireless doorbell. Does it need the internet for work? Does it work with the router? Can I add new audio for ringing the bell? How do I mute it? Can I connect it with 4 receivers? Does it work with unlimited receivers? How many chimes of this device? Can I add other transmitters? How do I replace the battery? Can I connect Alexa with this wireless doorbell? What is the model number of this bell? Does it work with the camera? How do I manage the device volume? Can I control it with the mobile app? If any information is present in this manual. So, take extra information and instructions from here secrui wireless doorbell manual.

Common steps of SECRUI Wireless Doorbell Setup

Read ways to set up the wireless doorbell with themselves which is given in the underlines.

Adjust the volume

Press the volume, press the receiver to regulate the volume level and when the power is cut OFF or it starts again then, it automatically sets the maximum volume.

Steps of tone pairing

These are the steps of secrui wireless doorbell pairing.

  • First, plug the receiver and turn ON it.
  • Then, press the receiver volume button for 4 seconds and then the receiver’s ring sound. So, the receiver went into pairing mode.
  • Next, press the push button and the receiver rings sound to time with the flashing light.
  • Press the push button again and the receiver creates a sound for one time with the flashing light.
  • Thus, your device pairing is successful.
  • Press the volume for 20 seconds continuously for exit from the pairing.

These are the ways to set up the wireless home doorbell. Change all the settings according to the secrui wireless doorbell instructions with information.

Basic SECRUI ‎M520+F55 Wireless Doorbell troubleshooting steps to overcome the small issues

Follow these secrui wireless doorbell troubleshooting steps to solve any problem related to the secrui device.

Try to change the place

If your secrui wireless doorbell not working. So, try to change the place of your secrui transmitter or receiver. Place the receiver with the 1000ft range of the doorbell transmitter for catching the signals. When you place your receiver in the doorbell, the device converges. Thus, it starts working.

The doorbell receiver does not ring. What did I do?

If your device does not ring or shows only LED lights. The reason for this problem is the mute mode is ON or the volume is very low on your device. So, check the mute mode or volume.
If the mute mode is OFF. so, press the volume button to increase the sound. Therefore, your doorbell starts ringing.

Reset the device

To return all settings to the default setting. To reset the device, first, plug it into the electric outlet. Secondly, press the volume and hold it.
When the device produced the 10 sounds. All settings are returned to the default and you need to set them up again.

If you have any issues. So, contact the customer care office to find another solution for a different problem.

Secrui Wireless Doorbell m520+f55 Review

This wireless doorbell is used in homes for never missing any courier or visitor and for alerts. I bought this device from the online shop for our home because my old doorbell was not working. It is very easy to install this device and it produces sound in whole corners of the home. It works in all weathers. Before buying, I read all things and reviews as well on the internet to check the rating of this device. So, it is a very excellent device and till now it is working well.

Wireless doorbell features:

The features of this doorbell are mute mode, strong range, the power source is a battery, volume adjustment with the 5 volume levels.

Secrui wireless doorbell design:

The design of the device is very small and reliable. You can place it into any socket of your home. It is very convenient in all weathers.

Secrui doorbell dimensions:

The dimensions of the wireless doorbell are ‎3.1 x 2.8 x 3.1 inches.

Secrui wireless doorbell specification:

M520 is the part number and the AC & battery is the power source of this device. The installation method is ‎Self-Adhesive or Screw-In. It works with the 120volts. ‎-4°F-140°F Degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature range of this doorbell.

Price of secrui wireless doorbell:

The latest price of secrui is almost $18.99


Can I connect Alexa with this wireless doorbell?

No, you do not control it with voice control.

Can I add other transmitters?

Yes, but not receiver.

Does it work with the router?


Can I control it with the mobile app?


How do I replace the battery?

Pull out the small chip of the device and then, the cover is opened. Thus, the secrui wireless doorbell change battery.

Does it need the internet for work?

No, it needs only electricity for work.

What is the model number of this bell?

The model number is M520+F55.

Does it work with the camera?


How do I manage the device volume?

You can manage the device’s sound with the volume of the receiver.

How many chimes of this device?

32 chimes set on ringtone.

Can I add new audio for ringing the bell?

I think NO.