Digitization is the new trend now. And many people are opting to buy smart devices. The main reason is that they do not want to keep up with the trends or are just interest in it. Another reason is the complete automation of their devices in their house. Many of these devices are controll in the palm of your hand. One mobile device can control many smart devices. But the connection can also be limited. That’s where a smart hub comes into the picture. You may ask yourself, why do I need to buy a smart hub? Using the smart hub, you can easily connect with your various smart devices. And a smart hub like the Sengled Smart Home Hub you do not have to worry about all your smart devices.

Think of a smart hub as the brain of the systems connects. Using this device you can easily control and manage your smart devices without any hassle. There are many smart hubs in the market but not all of them are easy to use, unlike the Sengled Smart Home Hub.

Sengled Smart Hub setup

The Sengled Smart Hub setup is very easy and does not require much work. Sengled also provides other smart accessories like Sengled smart Wi-Fi LED multicolor bulbs, Sengled Smart switch, Sengled smart plugs, Sengled smart sensors, and motion sensors. Most of these devices require a hub to be utilize. These devices can be bought in the form of kits from the official singled website and are very easy to use.
In this article, we will see the independent features of the Sengled Smart Home Hub, Sengled Smart Switch and the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED multicolor bulb.


A smart hub acts as the brain of a connection system. With a hub, you can control all your smart devices without having many unnecessary apps and software. With the Sengled Smart Home Hub, you can connect your Sengled devices with ease. Sengled Hub compatibility is very vast. The Sengled Smart Hub is Alexa compatible and the Sengled smart home hub is also compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, and Home-Kit. The Sengled Smart hub setup does not require much work. Just connect your Sengled Smart home Hub to your existing router using the ethernet cable provide in the box.

All you require is the Sengled Home app to use it and you can connect your Sengled devices to it. You can easily install this app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app helps the user in connecting your devices and is very user-friendly. As the Sengled Hub compatibility is vast and can be connected with Alexa, and other smart services, you can control your Sengled Smart Home hub using voice control. The hub allows you to connect over 64 Sengled smart lights.

Sengled smart hub manual

The Sengled smart home hub package comes with the smart hub, power adapter, ethernet cable, and Sengled smart hub manual. The hub is connects to your mobile device via Wi-Fi. The hub is compatible with both 2.4GHz channel and 5GHZ channel bandwidth. Once all devices have been connected with the Sengled Home app, the user is able to customize it. The user can customize and schedule times to when a device or smart light should go on. If your bulb is multi-colored, you can also change its color on the RGB scale in the app. The color and on and off times can be integrate with the needs of the users. For more information on the use of the Sengled Smart Home Hub, refer to the Sengled Smart hub manual.


Another smart device by Sengled is a smart switch. This acts like a normal switch but works on Wi-Fi and does not require any electrical connections. It is completely wireless and uses a battery-power remote to function. You can easily use this hub after the Sengled Smart switch installation. The Sengled Smart switch installation requires the Sengled Smart home hub in order to be use. You can easily connect the Sengled Smart Switch to the hub via wifi. Pairing the Sengled Smart switch with the hub can be done using the Sengled Home app.

The Sengled Home app is available both on the Android Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. The smart LEDs can be controll using the battery-power remote. With the help of the app, you can control individual lights as well as multiple lights. These can be controll in the form of Pre-Sets. This can be integrate into the remote as well.

Controlling all your lights can be done with a tap. The Sengled Smart Switch is compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz channels. The smart switch battery lasts up to 3 years. The switch can be used to dim or brighten up a bulb as per your convenience and in the room of your convenience. The Sengled Smart Switch is very safe and can replace your normal switches. It can only be replaced with switches that are connected to a Sengled Smart LED. Since the switch is connected to the Sengled Smart Home Hub, voice control is also enabled. This way you can enjoy both remote control as well as voice control inputs. Personalization and control have never been easier.


This is a smart bulb that can change color on the RGB scale depending on the user. You can also use the Sengled Smart Bulb without a hub. Using the Sengled Smart Bulb without hub only requires the Sengled Home app. The Sengled Home app easily gets on the Android play store and iOS App store. Connecting the Sengled Smart bulb without a hub means that it should be connected through other means. It uses a simple plug-and-play connection. This means that you simply have to connect the bulb to your bulb socket and you are ready to go.

The Sengled Smart Bulb can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Sengled Home app will guide you through the connection process. Hence connecting the smart bulb does not require much work. You may wonder if voice control is possible without a hub? Yes, the Sengled Bulb without Hub can be voice-controlled. It is because the Sengled Bulb without a hub is Alexa compatible. It can also be controlled using Google Assistant, Siri, and even Home-Kit.

The Sengled Home app allows users to customize the color of the bulb. The Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED multicolor bulb has 16 million different types of brilliant and soft tones. Using the Alexa app, you can also control these lights with this app. It is possible to control bulbs individually and even multiple bulbs at a time. The bulb uses Bluetooth 5.0 which provides lower latency and faster response and feedback. The bulb is 60W and is highly energy efficient. These bulbs save up to 85% energy when compared to an incandescent bulb.


I bought a kit from Sengled which had the Sengled Smart home Hub as well as Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED multi-color bulbs. The Sengled smart home hub has made connection easier for me. We can control everything with the hub and the app provided. I can switch on and off my lights if I forget them with the touch of a button on the app. I just love how much I can customize the colors on the bulb. We can also even control all my lights together. Even the voice control is very smooth and I do not have to keep repeating instructions.

It is a very perfect networking hub that easily connects with any previous generation router. Everyone in my house likes the device very much and it is super user-friendly. I give it a 4.8 out of rating and I can guarantee that it is very useful to anyone who is skeptical about buying a smart hub. Overall, I have had a very pleasant experience with it and I have been using the Sengled Smart Home hub for over a year now and I have no problems with it.


Sengled Home App not connecting to the internet?

Ans. before using the app, you can also verify that the wifi network connects to your PC or not.

How to reset the Sengled smart bulb?

Ans. Switch the Sengled Smart Bulb on and off5 times and it will reset.

How to connect Sengled Hub to Wi-Fi?

Ans. Using the Ethernet cable, you can easily connect your Sengled Smart Home Hub to the Wi-Fi.

Will the Sengled smart led light bars work with audio sync?

Ans. Yes, the Sengled smart led light bars will work with audio sync.

Sengled Hub Setup failed?

Ans. If your Sengled hub setup fails then you can again connect wifi networks to your device.

Sengled Home app not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Ans. Make sure you are within the range of the Wi-Fi and enter the proper credentials. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

What can I do to get the Sengled Wi-Fi showing up?

Ans. You can verify first, your hub placing nearby the location of the router. Try restarting your Wi-Fi and connecting again.

Sengled Bluetooth Bulb won’t connect to Alexa?

Ans. Make sure your bulb is also connected to the hub or the Alexa app.

Sengled Wi-Fi bulb not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Ans. Try resetting your WIFI bulb and reconnect the bulb with the app.

Sengled Bluetooth Bulb not connecting?

Ans. Unpair the Bluetooth bulb from your mobile device and try pairing with the bulb again. Ensure that the bluetooth is enabled in your device.