Sewot WiFi Extender

Are you struggling with your router’s slow internet? If yes, then you can make your router internet more robust and rapid by using the Sewot WiFi Extender. It is overwhelmingly an outstanding wireless range extender. The Sewot wifi signal booster provides your router signal range in every zone including dead and without internet having zone. It spreads the internet connection too conveniently without any issue. You can take its network in your computers, laptops, mobile phones, hubs, cameras, etc. Apart from this, it is the best and most amazing wireless range extender which is best for small offices and homes.

Along with this, it has been made up of multifarious wireless technologies. All these technologies have made This wireless extender work performance too much better and more exclusive. You can use its internet data for exploring, transmitting files, streaming, and gaming too. It performs its job very conveniently. In spite of this, the Sewot extender setup is very effortless and simple. You can directly connect this wireless range extender with the internet connection through the WPS, via wired, and wirelessly. It gives you a high-class internet connection without any issue and error. Through this extender, you might acquire the stagnant internet signal and remove your home dead spots after its setup.

Sewot wifi extender signal booster

Ordinarily, the Sewot range extender is normally built in to solve your home’s already existing device issues. Although your router works efficiently, it does not cover up your need-able zones specifically. As a result, you are looking for a new device and it is too spendthrift. However, it is not a great option and solution. To make your existing device eligible then you could use the Sewot signal booster. It is the best wireless range extender that’s compatible with your devices. It is best to get the additional wireless coverage of your wireless router.

Is your home wifi router not covering your home several dead zones?

If it is true, then don’t fret and be frustrated about it. Just, you can use a wireless mesh system and use the internet with diverse wired access points. So, that’s the most vital thing which demonstrates the answer of “why do users need to buy the extenders?. Because it covers your home dead zones and provides additional coverage internet connection. If your router has a dual-band then your Sewot wireless range extender broadcasts the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band signal network.

Guide for the SEWOT WiFi Extender Set up

The Sewot WiFi booster installation process is not too hard. It is amazingly made up by the manufacturer too easily, comprising various features and technologies. Let’s know from below “how to install the Sewot wifi signal booster?”.

Prior to the Sewot setup, you must do some these things:

Essentially before the Sewot booster setup, kindly collect some essential things, it is such as:

  • Initially, you have to apply the network settings in your existing router. It will comprise the SSID (service set identifier) and in spite of this, it is also known as the network name.
  • Also, you will require an existing router password to get the wireless network.
  • Similarly, your current wireless router IP address and your existing router login information to succeed on the existing router settings.
  • Also, you will have to use an internet-connected wireless computer while you set up your wireless signal booster.
  • Check this Sewot wifi range extender compatibility with your router.

Steps for the SEWOT WiFi Extender Setup

Here is the exclusive guide for the Sewot wireless signal booster setup, it is broached below in detail.

  • First, plug the Sewot range extender into the wall outlet.
  • Ensure that it is not far away from your router. Keep it in the same room where your router is placed.
  • After the Sewot setup, you will be capable of relocating it whereas you need an internet connection.
  • Now, trigger your extender power, press the power button, it is given on the side panel.
  • After a while, its signal light flashes and earlier moves into green LED light. (Note: in case, the Sewot extender power light does not flash and it has no light. Then, you must press the power button again.
  • Eventually, it’s now ready to connect with your existing wireless router.

Steps to connect the Sewot wireless booster with an existing router

Now, you are succeeding to connect your plugin wifi extender with the existing wireless router network. You can walk through over connecting it with two methods.

(i) Sewot booster setup via WPS Method

Follow the below-given points to the WiFi Protected Setup method. It is eligible to connect your Sewot extender through the WPS with your router.

  • The Sewot wifi extender manual instructs you to make up the connection with your router via the WPS button. It assists you to connect your extender with the wifi of your router.
  • Initially, find the WPS button on your extender and as well as on your existing wireless router panel.
  • Then, push your router WPS button first and as well as hold your extender WPS button for a while. Sewot booster setup
  • Press it till the wifi signal light has flashed. After a while, the WPS and router link light start flashing and it means your extender and router have successfully connected.
  • If you wish to use a dual-band connection of your router then you should repeat this process again to connect the Sewot wifi range extender with both bands of your router.

Note: If your existing wireless router does not contain a WPS button. In that case, don’t fret, you may make this connection through the Sewot wifi signal booster configuration page. Because the configuration page will have this WPS button.

How to use the router’s WPS button on the configuration page?
  • First of all, launch the internet explorer on a computer.
  • Type in the search bar, your router IP address.
  • After a minute, your router login box is prompted from your login details.
  • Type your existing router login credentials.
  • Go ahead, now on the next screen, your router configuration page is demonstrated.
  • Kindly click on the router setup wizard option.
  • Under it, click on the WPS setting option and press this software button to pair your Sewot booster with the existing router.
  • Similarly, press your Sewot extender WPS button and please wait till the successful configuration message does not appear on your computer screen.
  • Make sure the Sewot extender WPS light will initiate illuminating after connecting with the router. Now, the Sewot setup has been finished.
Connect the wireless network of your extender to your wifi-enabled devices
  • Henceforth, connect the Sewot extender internet to your diverse devices.
  • Visit into the wifi settings to connect its network wirelessly or instead of this you might also use the connection with the internet extension (Ethernet cable).
  • Here the various wireless devices network names demonstrate.
  • You will just click on your extender network name.
  • It will prompt the password.
  • You have to only use your existing wireless router password, so enter it and connect its network to your wifi-enabled devices.
  • In the end, verify the Sewot wireless range extender works nicely.
(ii) SEWOT WiFi Extender Signal booster setup without WPS

There are some exhaustive points that are broached in detail for the Sewot wireless booster setup via browser.

  • Read the SEWOT Wi-Fi Extender Setup Guide conveniently through its user manual.
  • Henceforth, launch an internet explorer on your mobile phone.
  • Type in addressing field (SEWOT WiFi Extender default IP address). sewot wifi extender
  • Locate your extender admin panel by using the Sewot extender IP address.
  • When the Sewot login panel appears on your mobile phone screen then type the username and password in the admin field.
  • Subsequently, click on the Sewot Wi-Fi extender login option and go ahead.
  • Once you have to Sewot login, on the next page many devices’ names are available. You will click on your existing router network name to broadcast it.
  • Enter your wireless router password in the pre-shared field and click on the save settings option.
  • Now, your Sewot extender will automatically reboot. Now, connect its network.

Enter the Sewot Wi-Fi signal booster default wifi password and username to connect its network.

Finally, the SEWOT Wi-Fi Extender Setup process has been successfully accomplished. You might use the above mentioned step-by-step guide to set it up to your extender rigorously.

SEWOT WiFi Extender Troubleshooting guide

Follow the below-given checkpoints to fix the Sewot wireless range extender issues. It is such as;

  • When the Sewot extender is not working at that time you will have to simply try to reconnect your wireless extender with the power supply.
  • In spite of this, when Sewot is not connecting to the internet or your router. It means it is not compatible with your router. Maybe your router power is not turned on or your router firmware is obsolete.
  • Reposition your wireless range extender if the Sewot extender signal light blinks the red light.
  • Try to reset the Sewot extender factory default settings in case your wireless router and extender do not link with each other.
  • Update your wireless router firmware if your wireless router connection keeps disconnecting after linking with the Sewot range extender.

SEWOT Wi-Fi Extender Reset

Here are the following points to reset the Sewot wireless signal booster factory default settings.

  • Locate on your Sewot extender reset button prior to resetting it.
  • Henceforth, press the reset button with assisting the paper clip or pin.
  • Keep holding it till its signal light has not initiated flashing,
  • While it’s flash then leave the Sewot reset button.
  • Connect your Sewot range extender again with the power.
  • Subsequently, connect its network again and enjoy its seamless wifi connection with extending signal range.

SEWOT WiFi Extender signal booster review

If you would like to get the additional wireless coverage internet connection then you might use the Sewot wireless range extender. Through this wireless range extender, you can connect up to 25 and more devices without any hassle. If you think “how far will a wifi Sewot extender extend” then check the Sewot Wi-Fi Extender Review on Amazon. Ordinarily, it is extending the signal range approx up to 2,500 feet. It is a long-range wifi extender 1 mile and the best long-range wifi extender outdoor or indoor. Moreover, the work performance of the Sewot wireless signal booster is amazing. It is an ingenious wireless range extender that is imperative to acquire a vast internet connection. It covers your home at every edge. The Sewot extender price and specifications are pretty well.