Sinhong WiFi extender

The Sinhong WiFi extender repeats the prevailing router network signal up to 2640 square feet. The next-generation technology supplies a brisk internet speed of 300 MBps for a 2.4 GHz band. Its WiFi coverage banishes the dead zones and gets as far as all flanks of your living room. Thereby, purpose you to experience unshakable gaming and video streaming sans any loss of data. The additional mode selection option permits you to operate it as WISP or access point or router mode.
It is designed with a smart indicator that permits you to translocate for a better signal. The range extender adopts wireless security encryption which fends off your internet connection from malware, attacks, and viruses. Other than that, it has a ton of features. Some are as follows.

Sinhong WiFi Range Extender Features

Some highlighted features of the Sinhong wireless range extender are as follows.

  • Brisk Speed and Broad Coverage- Experience 150 Mbps internet speed using the Sinhong wifi repeater. Never get out coverage as it is apt to broad prevailing networks up to 2640 square feet.
  • Various Modes- Prefer any mode from a router, WISP, or access point to operate the device. You can pick the mode as you like.
  • Futuristic Design- A minute repeater looks very pretty and gives an enhanced look wherever you install it. The setup is super simple and takes hardly two minutes. Follow the guide for the installation of your booster.

Sinhong WiFi Booster Setup

Pull out the packaging strips from the Sinhong WiFi booster. Carry out the other accessories as well, such as Sinhong WiFi extender manual, device, and ethernet wires.
The setup commences from here. You ought to set your booster as well as a router in the selfsame room.
There are two methods to set up the extender with your prevailing router WiFi network. You can utilize a web browser from your cell phone or PC and employ the WPS button to set it up as well.

  • Put the booster into the electrical receptacle in proximity to the router. After staying for approximately two minutes, join the booster network. To connect, chase your cell phone WiFi settings. Discover the booster network with the name Extender_abced. The alphabet of the extender after the suffix may differ. Inspect the SSID and passphrase on the booster label.
  • Once you spot the booster network, hit it to join.

Method 1: Sinhong WiFi Repeater setup Via Web browser

The web browser setup initiates from here. Just continue with the overhead steps to execute it.

  • Once the connection is verified, it will jump you to the Sinhong WiFi extender login page. If it does redirect, then you can typewrite the in the search portal(browser) hunt box.
  • The Sinhong extender login page exhibits.
  • Typewrite the Sinhong WiFi extender default password admin and later, pick your preferred language. Once you typewrite the login credentials, hit the login icon.
  • The extender WiFi settings page will reveal the mode selection option. Pick the first option repeater mode and hit next. It scans the available network. This procedure may take a few seconds.
  • When the scan cycle finishes, it will exhibit the available network list. Pick one of the networks from the index that you desire to extend and click it. In the fresh interface, typewrite the SSID as well as the password of the router. In the last section, typewrite the booster SSID.
  • Tick mark the blank box to modify the network and click next. Note the extender details together with the network name and security key. Tap finish to witness the setup complete page. It will exhibit the interface with a timer of roughly 30 seconds.
  • The timer demonstrates you to reconnect with the extender. In that situation, restart the PC or cell phone you are employing to connect. Remain for 120 to 150 seconds.
  • The Sinhong WiFi extender green light glows on both the internet and signal indicator. The green light on both illustrates that the extender flawlessly repeats the signal.
  • Now one more time, chase the device’s WiFi settings and join the booster network. Keep in mind that the repeater password is identical to the router that has one.

Method 2: Sinhong WiFi Extender Setup Via WPS

The Sinhong extender WPS setup starts from here. Obey the given info to finalize it.

  • Put the booster into the electrical receptacle in proximity to the router.
  • Clasp the router WPS button and force it down.
  • Next, clasp the repeater WPS button as well and thumb down for two to three seconds within two minutes of forcing the WPS button of the router.
  • On the device WiFi settings, tap on the network to join.

Translocate your Sinhong WiFi Range Extender for a better experience

Transfer the booster to a new spot to optimize the signal as well as performance. Try to translocate the booster at the equidistant between the WiFi-enabled device and the router. See the LED light on the signal indicator. If it is green, then the signal strength is acceptable. But if it is red, the connection is ineffective. You have to swap the booster to a new spot by considering the signal indicator.

Sinhong WiFi Range Extender Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting guide will permit you to affix the problem if you are facing it, even after ending the setup.

Sinhong WiFi Range Extender not connecting to WiFi
  • Investigate that the booster is in the range of the router network. Aspect the LED signal lights to spot the exquisite position for the booster. Only the green LED light on the signal indicator will supply you with the most satisfactory internet connection experience.
  • Maybe you are out of the booster network range. Your WiFi-enabled device should be in the range of the booster network.
  • Investigate that you have finalized the setup as mentioned above. Use the recommended browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Clean the history and cache. Otherwise, employ another search portal.
Sinhong WiFi Range Extender not working

If your Sinhong WiFi signal extender is not working, try the below solutions.

  • Affirm that the Sinhong repeater is exquisitely plugged into the electrical receptacle or surge protector.
  • Inspect that the repeater is accepting the AC power from the electrical receptacle.
  • Resetting the extender will rectify many of the problems. To reset the booster, go after the following steps.
    Switch on your booster after plugging it into the surge protector.
  1. Clasp the reset button and force it down for a few seconds.
  2. The power light blinks and the booster reboots by itself.
  3. Once the booster restarts, the custom-made settings will swap to the factory one.

Sinhong WiFi Signal Booster Review

My PC is placed in a dead zone. I bought this repeater to extend the prevailing signal of the router. After installing the booster, I am able to surf the internet exquisitely. But sometimes, the extender drops the connection. Not a big deal, I installed it one more time considering the router position. From that, it is operating pretty well. Overall, a useful product at a price point of 26 dollars as compared to other boosters. Recommended