Skyworth E20300 40-Inch Smart TV

The Skyworth E20300 is a 40-inch 7 1080P HD high-resolution smart LED TV. It completely offers perfect picture quality and sound. This LED TV is especially designed for the future with it’s A53 quad-core processors as well as premium LED panel for both Graphics and power. The A53 quad-processor is built-in in the E20300 40-inch smart TV that brings you infinite seamless technology to your home. This processor completely offers loading time for all the apps, games and content. Additionally, the 8.1 million pixels and high quality video decoding technology that is equipped in this LED TV. This technology & pixels offers a high-definition watching experience. The infinity screen 2.0 is built-in in this LED TV that allows you to see more without bezels.

Furthermore, the HDMI port is built-in in the skyworth 40 inch smart tv. You can easily plug the chromecast into this port. With this chormcast., you can easily cast your favourite movies, music, & more to your TV. This LED TV supports many internet services like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube. The remote control comes along with an appliance that you can easily control the LED TV. Additionally, you can be controlled with Google Assistant for convenience

Skyworth E20300 40-Inch Smart TV Important safety instructions

The 40-inch Smart LED TV is a great source of entertainment that can keep you and your family entertained throughout the day. The display of this LED TV is very sleek & bright. To enjoy your favourite shows on smart TV, you have to install it. Here are some important safety instructions before installing the smart TV.

  • Do not install a 40-inch smart TV near the water or moisture such as near a swimming pool or in a web basement.
  • Clean the smart LED TV only with a dry cloth. Do not clean the TV with wet cloth.
  • Do not install the skyworth e20300 tv near the heating source like stives, refrigerator, radiators, heat registers, microwave, & other appliances.
  • You do not block any ventilation openings. Install this device according to the skyworth manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Unplug the LED TV during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
  • Only use a power cord with this apparatus that comes along with the packaging box.
  • Only control this LED TV with the remote control that comes along with this apparatus.

Skyworth E20300 40-Inch Smart TV installation guide

To have entertainment with Skyworth Smart LED TV, you have to install it. Without installing or mounting the TV you cannot see your favorite shows. You have to unpack the packaging box, mount the tv, & then install it. Here are some 40 inch TV installation guides.

Unbox the packaging box:
  • To install the skyworth 40 inch smart tv, you have to get some accessories that are necessary during the installation process. These accessories are there in the packaging box.
  • You have to remove the tape that is there in the 40 inch TV packaging box.
  • Now, you will find smart TV, TV stands, power cord, batteries/2, remote control, Quick Start Guide, warranty card, screws/2 or 4, base stand.
  • You have to read the Quick Start Guide properly install & correctly install the smart LED TV.
Position the 40 inch smart TV:
  • To install the LED TV, you have to select the position of this apparatus.
  • Install the LED TV display on a solid horizontal surface such as a desk or table.
  • For ventilation, leave a space of at least 10cm free all around the set.
  • You have to prevent the apparatus from any fault or unsafe situation.
  • Please, do not place any object on the top side of the smart LED TV.
  • The smart 40 inch LED apparatus only be used in tropical & moderate climates.
  • Mount the smart is 10cm far from the wall.
  • Do not place the LED TV in an unstable location. Using cabinets or stands that are recommended by the TV manufacturer.
  • Do not place the LED TV on tall furniture like cupboards or bookcases.
Mounting on a wall:
  • To mount the LED TV on the wall, you have to carefully attach the mounting brackets on the rear of the TV.
  • Install the wall mount bracket on a solid wall perpendicular on the floor.
  • Disconnect the power cord before installing the TV, otherwise electric shock may occur.
  • You have to use the screws to mount the LED TV on the wall.
Install battery in remote control:
  • To control the LED TV with a skyworth e20300 remote control, you have to install the battery.
  • Do not install different batteries in the remote control like Manganese & Alkalines batteries.
  • Do not put the 2AA battery of this remote control into fire & charge or decompose the battery.
  • You have to take two AAA size batteries that come along with the packaging box.
  • You have to open the battery compartment of this remote control.
  • Then,. Install 2 AAA size batteries in the remote control battery compartment.
Connect the chromecast to the LED TV:
  • To watch your favorite show on your TV, you have to connect the chromecast to the TV.
  • You have to unbox the chromecast into the packaging box.
  • You find the HDMI port that is built-in on the back panel of the LED TV.
  • Then, connect the chromecast into the LED TV HDMI port.

Congratulations! The installation of the e20300 40 inch smart LED TV is successfully complete. After that, you can watch your favorite shows on your smart TV.

Skyworth e20300 manual guide

The Skyworth e20300 40-inch smart TV comes along with a remote control & bright large screen display. With this display you can easily & completely watch your favourite shows. But every smart TV user thinks about many questions before unboxing the packaging box. In the user mind many question around like how to setup the smart LED TV, how to connect the LED TV to the remote control, how to connect skyworth tv to wifi, ho to connect the 40 inch tv to netflix, how to scan channel on skyworth tv, how to change the channel with remote control, how to connect the chromecast to the LED TV, how to mount LED TV on wall, how to install batteries in remote control, & more. You will find the answers to all these questions in the manual that comes with the apparatus.

Moreover, in the skyworth e20300 manual, you will find the specification about the LED TV. The specification of this TV as screen size is 40 inches, connectivity technology is HDMI, skyworth is brand name, LED is display technology, refresh rate is 60 Hz, mounting types is wall & table, model number is 40E20300, 1080p HD resolution, CPU is Quad Core; GPU is triple core, 2 HDMI port, and more. These were just some of the Skyworth e20300 specs of this device.

Skyworth E20300 40-Inch Smart TV setup steps

To watch your favourite shows on your smart TV, you have to perform the setup of the TV. If you don’t set up this LED TV, you cannot watch shows or movies. Here are some steps to perform the 40 inch android TV setup.

  • You can easily perform the Skyworth 40 inch android tv setup with remote control.
  • Ensure the 2 AAA batteries are properly installed in the remote control of this smart LED TV.
  • You have to switch ON the power of the smart TV with the power button that is there on the remote control & watch the welcome page on your smart TV screen.
  • Tp mute the sound of the smart LED, you have to press the mute button that is built-in on the remote control.
  • You have to select any channel directly, input a number.
  • To return to the previously viewed channel or exit from the TV meny, you have to press the return button.
  • Access the main menu, you have to press the menu button.
  • To change the channel, you have to press up or down the CH button.
  • Additionally, increase or decrease the volume, press the VOL button.

Finally! The setup steps of the skyworth e20300-40 inch smart LED TV is thoroughly finished.

Skyworth e20300 40-inch smart TV problems

Sometimes, many common problems are there with this apparatus, so that users cannot enjoy this device feature. The skyworth tv problems are as follows:

  • Smart tv wont turn ON
  • Remote control does not work
  • LED TV green light but not picture
  • No sound input
  • Black screen with sound
  • Skyworth tv red light not turning on

Skyworth 40 inch smart TV troubleshooting steps

Sometimes, many common issues come up and the user cannot watch your favourite shows. You can try to resolve this issue manually. Then, for all the common issues, there are some skyworth tv troubleshooting steps.


Remote control does not work:
  • Sometimes, the remote control does not work, so users face various issues. Here are some resolutions.
  • You have to examine the sensor on the remote control. If it is dirty, then clean the sensor.
  • To resolve the issue, you have to change the batteries in their compartment.
  • Install the batteries correctly in their battery compartment.
No picture/No sound:

Many times, in a 40 inch android smart TV display there is no picture & no display.

  • Make sure the signal source is in your smart LED TV.
  • Plug the smart 40-inch LED TV into another electric power outlet & make sure it is working & turned ON.
Abnormal picture:

If there is no color or bad picture in a smart LED TV, then you have to verify the issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps.

  • You have to adjust the color option in skyworth tv settings.
  • You have to keep the TV at a sufficient distance from other electric products.
Network failure:

Sometimes, the skyworth tv no signal in the smart LED tv, then users face issues.

  • Verify the wireless router works well & not install the router is kept away from the router.
  • Ensure the 40 inch smart TV is successfully connected to the router.
Skyworth TV not turning on green light:

Sometimes the skyworth LED TV is not turning ON, then the user cannot watch the shows.

  • Ensure the power cord is properly & correctly connected to the smart TV & power outlet.
  • Verify the power button of the remote control is turned ON.

Skyworth TV Reset instructions

If E20300 40-Inch Smart TV does not work properly, then you can easily & quickly fix the issue. To resolve the issue, you have to perform the reset. But the LED TV user thinks how to reset skyworth tv. Here are some reset instructions.

  • You have to turn ON the power of the 40 inch LED tv by pressing the power button on the remote control.
  • Then, you have to select the setting icon with the remote control.
  • Under the setting, you have to select the “Device Preference” option.
  • In the device preference, you will find the reset option in the end.
  • You have to select this option & completely reset the LED TV.

Skyworth 40 inch smart tv review

In my point of view, the skyworth e20300 review is an amazing & 2.0 infinity screen smart LED TV. The 1080p full HD resolution is built-in in this smart TV that delivers high-quality & full HD videos or movies. The mounting brackets come along with this LED TV. With these brackets you can easily mount the tv on the wall as well as the table. Moreover, the infinity A53 quad-core processor is built-in that delivers infinite seamless technology in your home. The smart remote control comes along with this 40 inch smart TV. With this remote control you can efficiently & securely control the TV in a quick manner. Additionally, you can also control the smart TV with Google Assistant. The Google Assistant absolutely works with this apparatus.

The Skyworth smart TV easily & completely works with WiFi network connectivity. You can easily & effortlessly connect the smart TV to the WiFi by using a single password. The 2 HDMI port is equipped on the back panel of the TV, then you can easily & entirely plug the chromecast & enjoy more network apps like hulu, you tube, disney hotstart, & more. Thus, the Skyworth e20300 40-inch smart TV is an amazing & bright screen display smart LED TV.