Smart Garage ZHIXUN Door

The smart garage is a wireless wi-fi-connected door opener controller system that is used for doors in the garage. It is agreeable mostly with all varieties of garage door openers. The remote controller is used for many things like TV, Vacuum cleaner, Music player, DVD player, etc. Similarly, a remote controller is also used for the doors of the Garage. The smart garage door opener usually receives alerts when the door of the garage is open and closes. Apart from this, you can also set the notifications, which recall your garage doors close. Ordinarily, the use of this smart garage ZHIXUN door opener door sensor is wide that is wireless through RF radio frequency to control the door close and open, so the requirement of wires is less to run and quick to install. With its help, the doors can be closed and opened without moving.

The setup and installation are simple and secure, the 2.4 GHz radio frequency is required. This garage door opener closes and opens from anywhere. The Alexa and Google Assistant ir ordinarily compatible with this door opener. The universal smart garage door opener is simply connected to the mobile phone with the mobile app.

Installation of the smart Garage ZHIXUN door opener

The smart Door Opener is very helpful to open and close the door. With its help, you can close and open the door without moving. If you also want to enjoy the door opener in your garage, the first thing you have to do is install it.

  • To install the garage door opener, the first thing to do is to unbox your door opener from its box if you have a new door opener.
  • Then confirm the garage door opener accessories such as mounting brackets, power adapter, door opener, door sensor, fastening strips for the door sensor.
  • Now, install the battery in the door sensor, you can pull the tab and then input the battery in the door sensor.
  • Afterward, check the door sensor with the test button. And then ensure the LED on the front side of the door sensor.
  • Then, utilize a garage door sensor and install the door sensor at the top of the garage door while utilizing the fastening strips.
  • Presently, take the power adapter and power cable. Then attach the power cable to the door sensor and its power adapter to the electric outlet.

Now your garage door opener installation process is over successfully. After this, you can log in to your garage door without any problem.

Login steps of the smart garage ZHIXUN door opener

The garage door is absolutely optimum networking device for almost all types of garage doors. If you want to log in to Garage Door, you can easily do with its default username and password. There are some useful steps to log in to the garage door, by which you can log in easily.

  • To log in to Garage Door, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your mobile is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Then you have to install the MyQ app on your mobile phone in the app store. You can also install MyQ App by scanning the code.
  • Now, open this app and then tab tap the sign-in option. If you are using the app for the first time then you click on Sign-up.
  • To create the new account you can enter the first name, last name, password, valid username, verify password, country, and ZIP code.
  • If you want to log in to the garage door then utilize the default username and password.
  • Input these default login details in the provided login username and password field.
  • In the end, see the “login” option, you can tap on it.

Finally, the garage door login steps have been completely done. These were some of its useful steps, by which you can quickly log in.

Manual of the smart wi-fi garage door opener

The smart wireless garage door opener is actually a better and reliable networking device for all the garage doors. This door provides the facility you without moving the garage doors is automatically open. If you want to use the garage door properly, then you need to know about its features or benefits. The feature and benefits details quickly find out in the garage door opener manual. This manual is very small in size but it delivers all the information such as how to use a garage door opener, how to setup the garage door opener, and other information. The features of the smart garage ZHIXUN door opener control and manage this door anywhere, the LEDs lights are there, delivers alert notification, providing the facility when the door is open and close, compatible with google assistant and Alexa, real-time notification, timing, and voice control.

Setup the Smart garage ZHIXUN door opener with the MyQ app

Setting up is very important for every device because no networking device works well without setup. So we have to set up a garage door opener as well. If you want to set up your garage door opener easily then you can quickly set it up with the app. Below are some useful steps so that you can quickly set up the MyQ app.

  • To set up the MyQ app, you ensure your mobile phone is securely connected to the wi-fi network.
  • Then, visit the app and type the MyQ app name in the search bar of the app store. Afterward, install the MyQ app on your mobile phone smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you can also install the app using your mobile phone’s camera and scanning the QR code.
  • After the app is installed, you have to open the app. And then log in to the account with the following mentioned steps.
  • Then you will see a “+ icon”, tap on it, as soon as you tap on the app, you will see the name of the garage door opener away. By tapping on that name, the remote opener has to be added to the app.
  • Presently, the network name page is pop-up, you can select the network name you want to connect it to the network. Then, it asks for the network password you can input the network password in the provided network field.
  • You can wait for some minutes till the solid green LED on your MyQ smart hub.
  • Then, enter the name of the smart garage MyQ hub and tap next.

Thus, the garage door opener setup is entirely finished. You can seamlessly enjoy the benefits of this opener without any interference.

Troubleshooting steps of the Smart garage ZHIXUN door opener

Sometimes the garage door opener does not work well such as not turning on, blinking red and orange light, the MyQ app is not working, the alert is not provided, and some other problems. So, I will tell you some troubleshooting steps below so that you can easily solve the problem. The garage door opener troubleshooting steps is truly beneficial to solve all the problem related to the door opener.

  • The door opener is not turning on then solution you should verify the power adapter and its power cable is correctly attached to the power and DC port of the door opener. If it does not correctly attach then you can attach it in a proper manner.
  • The garage door opener blinking red then you can verify the place of your door opener. If your door opener is placed in overheating then it starts blinking red. You should place it in a dry and cool area.
  • If the smart door opener blinking yellow that means the yellow light on the back keeps blinking in the door opener. You can turn off the door opener with the power button and then again power ON. Afterward, verify the status of the LEDs.
  • I press the door sensor test button, why doesn’t the red light blinks. You can ensure you remove the pull tab in the door sensor. Verify the network connection between the power source and the door opener.
  • If the smart garage door sensor blinks green and blue then the power cycles your wifi router. Verify the router’s wi-fi network and settings. You can clear all the wi-fi settings and again reconnect the door opener.
  • The error message is displayed I log in to the account, you can tap forget the password. Afterward, utilize a valid and correct email address. Then, again login to the MyQ app.

Review of Smart Garage ZHIXUN door opener

In my scenario, the garage door opener review is it is absolutely a better door opener for all types of garage. You get easily control the door to place in the car, office, the house, or anywhere else you want to be able to wirelessly control the door. This door opener comes with a remote control that quickly controls the door without any hassle. This door opener is truly helpful you can without moving and easily open or close the doors. The smart door opener is compatible with all types of garage door openers.

The MyQ app is extremely helpful for setup and connecting to the wifi. With this app, the smart door opener is quickly connected to the wireless network. This app is truly helpful and delivers the notification t your mobile phone when anyone opens and closes the doors. The garage door opener only requires a 2.4 GHz frequency radio that means 300 Mbps for working. Finally, the door sensor of the garage door opener is absolutely the optimum door opener for the garage.


Why did my garage door opener suddenly stop working?

If the door opener of the garage suddenly stops working then the issue is the door opener transmitter is top working. And the battery is also dead, then you can charge the door opener.

Do smart door openers of the garage have a reset button?

Most new and latest technology garage door openers have the reset button. This button is located on the door opener’s backside. With this button, you simply reset the garage door opener.

Why the garage door opener is not closing the door?

Sometimes the doors of the garage are not closed with the garage door remote control. Then the issue the remote controller is not connected to the garage door opener. Then again connect the remote controller to the garage door opener.

Can I manually fix the issue of the blinking orange light on my garage door opener?

If the orange LED is blinking in the garage door opener that means the battery power is low. You use the better power cable and attach it to the door opener. After that, the problem of blinking orange light is solved.

Why the garage door opener won’t open?

If the garage door opener is won’t open that means the installation is not properly. Then you again install the garage door opener in a proper manner. After that, make the proper connection between the door opener and the remote control.

How do I upgrade the Garage door opener firmware?

Of course, you can manually upgrade the garage door sensor firmware with the MyQ app. You can visit the app settings. And then display the firmware upgrade option, by using this option and quickly upgrade the firmware.

Does the smart garage door opener actually work with google assistant and Amazon Alexa?

Obviously yes the garage door opener is working seamlessly with the Amazon Alexa and google assistant. You can easily make the connection in wireless with the connect button.

Can I hard reset the smart garage door sensor?

The smart garage door sensor comes with a small and compact reset button. This button provides the facility you can do reset the door opener. But you can need a PIN and then press the PIN. afterward, your door opener is reset.