SmartSee Anycast HDMI Dongle

The SmartSee Anycast HDMI is a wireless display adapter that supports a 4K ultra HD display. With its help, you can connect your mobile phone to TV and make your TV a smart TV. you can simply stream the HD movies or 4K videos on your TV. The use of the anycast HDMI is simple, just plug in your TV and then make your TV a smart TV. With this help, you can see the Android mobile function on your TV. You can monitor your mobile phone using Anycast at your home, no need to watch the phone alone, watch it with your family and free your hands. The SmartSee Anycast HDMI dongle has universal compatibility, it absolutely supports Airplay, Miracast, DLNA protocol, namely, supports iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+ Devices, and Macbook series.

The use of Anycast HDMI is very wide, watch with colleagues in a meeting-Mirroring screen to the projector, share PPT, mail, documents, and other content wirelessly. View with the student in class on the big screen and the teacher can share the content rarely. With the HDMI wireless display adapter, you can share the video from your smart TV to your TV.

Incredible features regarding the SmartSee Anycast HDMI dongle

The Anycast HDMI wireless adapter is ordinarily useful for all the TV. This helps you simply make your TV a smart TV. afterward, smoothly stream the movies or videos, enjoy music, more. In the given below, there are some incredible features, which are as follows.

1. Easy & simple to use

The use of the Anycast HDMI is simple and not complicated. Every user simply uses this device with the help of a manual. Because in the manual all the relevant information is there just read the manual and seamlessly use the HDMI wireless dongle. To use the dongle, just plug the dongle into your TV and enjoy HD videos or movies.

2. Wide compatibility of Anycast HDMI dongle

The SmartSee Anycast wireless dongle supports all the devices that mean wide compatibility. This Anycast Support Airplay, namely, supports iOS 9.0+, Miracast, DLNA protocol, Android 5.0+ devices, and Macbook series. If you use your mobile phone to a big screen then you plug the Anycast in your TV and enjoy all features of your mobile phone into the TV screen.

3. HDMI Dongle wide usage

The use of the HDMI wi-fi dongle is wide, you seamlessly use this dongle anywhere. You can view with colleagues in a meeting-mirroring big screen to the projector, share mail, PPT, and other content wirelessly. Also, use this anycast in college and share the content & lecture wirelessly.

4. Compatible with wi-fi network

The Anycast HDMI dongle is widely compatible with wi-fi networks. To connect the dongle to the Wi-Fi network, just install the app in App Mobile and then simply connect your Anycast to the Wi-Fi network.

5. Make TV into a smart TV

The SmartSee Wireless display adapter can perform streaming your mobile device to your TV/monitor/projector wirelessly. You simply share photos, videos, songs, & movies to the big screen easily. Afterward, your TV makes a smart TV.

Hardware Installation of Anycast HDMI wifi dongle

The Anycast wifi dongle is a wireless screen mirroring screen receiver that supports the HD display. You simply plug Anycast into your TV and enjoy all the functions of your mobile phone on TV. However, for this, you will have to install this Anycast, because without installation no device can be used. In the given steps below, there are some anycast HDMI dongle installation steps.

  • First of all, you have to take the packaging box of the Anycast dongle and then take it out of the box.
  • Then, confirm all the provided accessories that come with the packaging box. Inside the packaging box, you will find the power adapter & cable, Anycast, quick installation guide, and manual guide.
  • Now, connect the micro USB cable to the anycast USB port. This port is located on the back panel.
  • Plug the USB power adapter into the power supply.
  • Then, plug the Anycast HDMI dongle into the TV USB port. The USB port is also located on the back panel.
  • Presently, smoothly press the power button and then turn ON the power of the power adapter.
  • Verify the TV screen display, the TV screen display shows the anycast is connected.

Congratulations! The anycast HDMI dongle installation is surely finished. After that simply perform the setup of the anycast in a hassle-free manner.

SmartSee HDMI wireless dongle manual

The anycast HDMI wifi dongle provides the facility to stream videos, music, or movies on your smart TV. If you absolutely use this wireless dongle then you should verify all relevant information about the dongle. You can find out all the information in the anycast WiFi dongle user manual. This manual is an optimum & amazing solution to all the questions like how to connect anycast HDMI dongle to laptop, how to use the HDMI wifi dongle, how to reset HDMI dongle anycast and others. The anycast manual provides all the answers to all the relevant questions. Thus, the user manual of the wifi anycast is most important & helpful to control the anycast and solve all the questions.

Setup of the SmartSee anycast HDMI dongle via the EZMira app

The setup of the Anycast wireless HDMI dongle is simple & convenient. You have to set it up to enjoy the features of Anycast. Because without setup no device works properly. The EZMiraapp provides the facility to perform the anycast HDMI dongle setup. In the given below, there are some setup steps of this wireless dongle.

  • You can use the mobile phone camera and then scan the QR code. After that, the ezmira app was successfully installed.
  • Also, visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and surely install the EZMira app on your smart mobile phone.
  • Then, open the app and add the anycast to the EZMira app. Just press the “add device” option and connect the HDMI dongle.
  • Then, visit the mobile phone setting and connect your mobile phone to a stable wi-fi network.
  • You visit the app setting and connect your wireless dongle to the WiFi network. While using the network password and connecting successfully your anycast to the WiFi network.
  • You can also follow prompted app on-screen instructions and perform all the settings.

Thus, the setup of the anycast HDMI wireless dongle is successfully done. After that, easily make your TV a smart TV.

Troubleshooting steps of the SmartSee Anycast HDMI wireless dongle

Sometimes the wireless anycast is not functioning then you can’t make your TV a smart TV. However, you simply resolve this issue manually. In the given below, there are some Anycast device troubleshooting steps. You can follow these steps and easily fix the problems.

  • Sometimes the anycast HDMI dongle has no power, then you can ensure the USB power adapter is properly plugged into the anycast USB port. Maybe the cable is loose. You should tighten the cable. Sometimes the power supply is faulty, you can change the power supply.
  • The anycast cannot access the IP address, so you should ensure the power of your TV is turned ON. To fix the issue, you should turn off your smartphone & TV dongle, then reboot them if it works. You can keep your smartphone & TV dongle at a distance.
  • Sometimes I connect the Anycast wireless dongle to the TV, but it doesn’t work. Then the solution is you connect your USB cable to the HDMI dongle and the power adapter is plugged into the power socket. You do not plug it directly into the TV.
  • I can’t see the dongle in my cast screen list in Windows and Android. Then the troubleshooting is you can locate the switch button, this button is located on the right side of the Anycast device. After that, you should press the switch button to switch the Anycast dongle to Miracast mode. Then turn on the WiFi option on your android phone, and search for the device signal on your phone.
  • Many times, my anycast screen turns green and looks very blurry. For this, you should check whether the HDMI port of your TV is working or not. Ensure your TV dongle connects to the output power adapter and plug the power adapter into the electric outlet.
  • The screen displays unstable and glint pictures. It may be the cause is a resolution between your device & projector. You should use the independent projector for any wireless HDMI anycast.
  • The SmartSee anycast is not working then you should perform a reset. Although, the reset option is an optimum option to fix this problem.

Review of SmartSee HDMI WiFi Dongle

In my point of view, the Anycast HDMI dongle review is absolutely good and an amazing device. The design of the Anycast is positively perfect and made fully plastic. This device looks like Google Chromecast. At the bottom of the wireless dongle has a USB port for power & wireless connectivity. With the anycast, you simply make your TV a smart TV. You seamlessly enjoy all the mobile phone functions on a big screen. The installation of the anycast HDMI dongle WiFi is simple & trouble-free with the provided power adapter. Simply apply the power adapter and enjoy the dongle feature.

At the side of the WiFi Dongle, we have the Mode button to toggle between Mirroring and Streaming modes. This dongle comes along with a receiver that attached to the micro USB cable is the wireless receiver, it will allow you to connect your Anycast Dongle to your Router. The setup is not complicated, just install the EZMira app on your smart mobile phone and quickly perform the setup. Thus, the Anycast wireless dongle is an extremely perfect & amazing device for your TV.


Q1. Does the anycast HDMI dongle allow touch functionality when connected to a touchscreen monitor?

If you are making a screen that can be touched when mirroring, but this wireless HDMI dongle does not work like that.

Q2. Does my iPhone need to stay on the same screen while it is playing videos?

Yes, you should stay on the same screen when the video plays on your smart TV. Because anycast will help more to run the mobile phone feature in your smart TV big display screen.

Q3. Why does the Anycast dongle sometimes not recognize its password?

You should ensure the USB cable is plugged properly into a power adapter that offers no less than 5v1a power. So the anycast HDMI dongle can be powered with enough power and it will work stable.

Q4. How can I get Disney to stream on my smart tv?

This SmartSee anycast dongle does not support any encrypted content. If you utilize any Android device, you could buy anycast 100 dongles that support cast Disney content.

Q5. Can you watch Netflix and Hulu with the anycast dongle?

Yes, you easily watch Netflix & Hulu on your TV. Because through Anycast in your TV, all those functions can be run in your TV which is in your mobile phone. Then, install the Hule & Netflix app and enjoy it fully. But to run this app you need to take a subscription because without a subscription this app does not run.

Q6. Can I pair the Miracast adapter with my Samsung s8 directly?

Yes, you can directly pair the Anycast HDMI dongle with your Samsung S8, before this, smoothly press the button on the dongle to switch to Miracast mode, as it comes in Airplay(iOS) mode by default.

Q7. Can you mirror the 24 GO app from 24-hour fitness?

The SmartSee Anycast dongle can mirror what shows on your phone to your TV, afterward, your TV makes a smart TV. By connecting with anycast HDMI dongle, what you see on your phone, you could see on your TV.

Q8. Does anycast m2 plus HDMI dongle send sound to tv?

Yes, the anycast m2 sends both image and sound to tv wirelessly, what you see from your android phone or iPhone, you will see on your TV.

Q9. Can I use an HDMI dongle to connect my wifi and stream Netflix?

This Anycast HDMI wireless dongle does not support any paid content such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, Disney +, and others.

Q10. Can you have different anycast units connected to different TVs?

No, one device for each tv is needed. Then you usually use one unit for all the TVs.

Q11. Does the SmartSee anycast HDMI wireless dongle support iOS 13/Iphone?

Yes, the SMartSee wireless single absolutely supports all the iPhones. Your iPhone is 10,11,12, or 13. You absolutely connect your iPhone to the Anycast and enjoy all the features.

Q12. Would the anycast dongle work for a laptop? specifically a MacBook pro?

Yes, Anycast wireless dongle works with Macbook. And it also seamlessly works with a laptop that runs Windows 8 and Windows 10. You seamlessly connect the anycast to the laptop, while using the USB cable.

Q13. Does the Anycast HDMI dongle device need to have wifi to work?

It is not necessary that this wireless HDMI dongle also works with WiFi and it also works without WiFi.

Q14. Does SmartSee anycast work with chromebook?

Yes, the anycast works with Chromebook. If your device has WiFi network connectivity then it more complies with Chromebook.

Q15. How do I reset my AnyCast dongle?

You use the WPS button of the Anycast. The WPS button is located on the front panel. Smoothly press this button and successfully perform the reset of your smart anycast.