SMH Smart Wifi Diffuser Setup, Installation and Pairing Guide

If you practice yoga or meditation then this SMH smart diffuser is a must. In this article we will teach you how to setup smh smart wifi diffuser plus how to pair it to your wifi with the eWelink App or Tuya Smart App. Moreover we will give you some additional information related to its maintenance and accidental leakage.

smh smart diffuser specs

How to Setup SMH smart diffuser for the very first time?

Here let us explain you step by step process with the help of images-

  • Place your Sierra Modern Home diffuser in an upright position see figure 1. Now remove the top cover by pulling the top lid.
  • Now connect the power cord to the DC jack as shown in figure 2. But don’t connect it to wall socket yet.
  • Next put water and essential oils into the water tank as shown in figure 3. Make sure not to fill more than 400ml or ‘max’ limit line. Also kindly don’t put boiling water in it. And never re-fill it while powered on. 
  • Connect the lid of the SMH smart diffuser back. Never operate it with an open lid.
  • smh smart wifi diffuser setup
Note:- I recommend you put 5 drops of peppermint, 4 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of lemon and 2 drops of Eucalyptus for best results.
  • You can now plug the diffuser AC plug to the wall outlet.
  • Press the ‘Mist” button to turn it on. If you continue to press the ‘Mist’ button then you can choose the time period for it like (1 hour, 3 hour, 6 hour or just ON). You can also adjust the mist levels by hard pressing the ‘Mist button’. If you hear one beep it is for high and 2 beep is for low. To turn off your smh smart wifi diffuser you just need to press and hold the “mist button” until it gets to the off option right after the on option. Check figure 5.
  • To turn on the lights on smh diffuser you need to press the “light” button once. This will put the unit in carousel mode where it shows all 7 colors continuously. You can even change the brightness and use a fixed color. To shut the lights press the “light button” long enough as shown in figure 6.
  • For longer life of this product keep it dry when not using it.
  • For safety purposes the lights and misting function will turn off when there is less water in the tank.

How to pair SMH Smart Diffuser to Wifi Network?

Firstly download the eWeLink app. Click here to download eWeLink app for android, or Click here to download eWeLink app for Iphone. After installing the app kindly create your account.

It is worth mentioning that some models of the SMH Diffuser also use another app for the setup, which is confusing for the clients. So, in case your device doesn’t pair up with the above app then download the Tuya Smart App. Click here to download Tuya smart app for iphone or Tuya smart app for android

  • First and foremost, goto settings and then wifi list. Now, connect your phone to the 2 Ghz network name of your router.
  • Next launch the app and select the “+” to add a diffuser.
  • To initiate “Quick Pairing Mode” press and hold the [On/Wifi] button for 5 secs.
  • On the quick pairing mode screen scroll down and click “next”.
  • In the next window you will need to type your wifi’s password.
  • Once paired you will be able to rename your device for home automation.

Note:- In case you have weak Wifi at home then we recommend you setup a WiFi range extender to extender wifi connectivity throughout your home. We recommend you tplink re500x you can learn its setup here.

Some Don’t for your SMH wifi smart Diffuser

  • Do not worry if the amount of mist it produces warries. It is dependent on water type, humidity, temperature, and air currents.
  • It will turn off automatically when there is water shortage in the tank.
  • Don’t use impure essential oils. Reason being they might contain synthetic ingredients which can damage the diffuser.
  • Do not turn it on with no water in the tank.
  • Keep this unit away from electronic equipment.
  • Always use a cup to add water into the unit.
  • Make sure the mist is not pointed towards any curtains, furniture, clothing, etc.
  • Do not put it under direct sunlight, or other heat sources.
  • Always put it on an even surface or it might fall off easily.
  • Do not touch your unit with wet hands.
  • Unplug the Sierra Modern Home diffuser immediately, if you see smoke or fire.

Do this in case of Leakage

If case by mistake your unit fell from the table then follow these instructions to avoid any malfunction-

smh diffuser leakage

  • First and foremost remove the top cover of the Sierra Modern Home Diffuser from its tank.
  • Drain the tank completely if there is any water left.
  • Now keep the Sierra diffuser to dry for atleast 24 hours and then try to make it work.

What to do for the Maintenance of SMH smart diffuser?

Kindly clean your SMH wifi diffuser after 5-6 uses. Follow the instructions given down below for maintenance-

  • Remove the top lid or cover after unplugging it from the power.
  • Drain the water tank completely.
  • With the help of cloth, clean the tank. Add a little amount of dish wash soap. Use another clean cloth to wipe it again.
  • Be cautious of the air vents located at the bottom water tank. Drain the tank as shown in the image below.
  • Do not use any acid for cleaning.


How to contact the SMH smart diffuser support team?

You can contact their team at [email protected].

How much power does SMH diffuser use?

It uses 14.5W power.

How to replace an SMH diffuser?

You can replace the faulty unit by emailing the support team at [email protected].

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