Soft Foot WiFi Extender

The Soft Foot WiFi extender is a small and compact device designed to extend the range of your WiFi network. The congruent extender is apt to operate with any gateway, access point, router, or access point. A dual-band repeater delivers a hastily throughout of 2.1 GBps. The four ultimate and advanced rotatable antennas boost the coverage up to 3000 square feet. The signals cover all the flank of your home and penetrate even through the walls. It bears up to 20 devices and sends the targeted WiFi signal to a particular device using the Beamforming Technology.
It arrives with a LAN/WAN port on the flank. If you face trouble with poor signal, try to employ an ethernet wire connection to stabilize it. Except for this, it has many features. Some are discussed below.

Highlighted Features of Soft Foot WiFi Extender

The Soft foot Wireless extender arrives with many highlighted features. These are discussed below.

  • Range and Coverage- The Soft foot repeater extends the coverage all over the home by penetrating through 4 walls. Enjoy wireless streaming with 2100 MBps speed.
  • Hastily Chipset- The dual-band WiFi repeater comes with three chipsets and heating exhaust characteristics. You can set the sleep mode by which it turns off by itself.
  • Various Mode- You can set the Soft foot device like a router, client, access point, or repeater mode. The setup barely takes a few minutes. Before that, you need to plug the extender following the below steps.

Guide For the Soft Foot CF2100 Extender Installation

Are you going to do the Soft foot WiFi extender installation for the first time? Here is a simple guide to accomplishing the installation process.

  • First, you need to unpack the Soft foot unit box. Take out the device and other equipment such as RJ45 cable, Soft foot user manual, installation guide from the box and put them in an appropriate zone.
  • After putting all the necessary accessories and the device in a safe place, learn the safety instructions described in the Soft foot extender installation guide.
  • Join the Soft foot WiFi repeater to the electric receptacle and wait for the LED light to illuminate. The extender working operation starts from here.
  • Next, you have to join the repeater with the router to advance the existing range.

Link Your Soft Foot CF2100 Repeater to Router

These are the straightforward steps to join your Soft foot repeater with the existing router.

  • Firstly, you need to pair the repeater with the home network of your router.
  • Look for the WPS button at the rear of both the soft foot repeater as well as the WiFi router. It is the most appropriate way to set up the device.
  • Now, thumb down the Soft foot WiFi extender WPS button, and after a few minutes, push the router WPS button as well.
  • Using this method, pair the CF2100 repeater with the router. Consequently, you had successfully paired the repeater with the router.
  • You will see the Soft food WiFi extender amber light illuminates. The router internet amber light starts blinking too. Once you have completed the pair, join the WiFi-enabled device with the extender network.

Connect the Soft Foot Dual band repeater with your WiFi-enabled devices

Here are the simple steps to join your booster with your PC, laptop, cell phone, etc.

  • Take the WiFi-enabled device and assure you are midway between the repeater and the router, to experience the best internet speed and signals.
  • Chase the PC wireless setting. Different devices are shown. When you spot the device, click it.
  • If the SSID is not induced, then typewrite the one you copied from the label. Now, you are good to go for the Soft foot WiFi extender setup operation.

Instructions For the Soft Foot Dual Band Extender Setup

You can set up the Soft foot dual band WiFi repeater with an app or web interface.

  • Open a search portal(browser) and type the Soft foot extender default IP address in the explore box. You can also download the Soft foot extender app and complete the login operation by registering it with an email or phone number.
  • Once the Soft foot extender login page reveals, typewrite the default username as well as eth password. The Soft foot
  • After successful login, manage the settings as per your need. Next, click the selection mode option to pick the router, access point, repeater, or client mode to complete the setup.
  • At last, apply all the settings you have made to finish the Soft foot repeater setup.
  • Now you are apt to enjoy the wireless internet connection even in router dead zone areas. If you face any matter even after fulfilling the setup operation in an exquisite way, then you need to take a look at the instructions below.

Steps for the Soft Foot Range extender troubleshooting

The troubleshooting guide for the Soft foot WiFi range extender to rectify the issue is as follows.

  • Sometimes, the Soft foot extender may not work due to connection issues. Affirm that the PWR LED light is stable. If it is red, then check that the extender is firmly connected to the electric receptacle and it is receiving current.
  • Do the Soft foot extender factory reset operation. Push the reset or on/off button on the extender for 10 seconds. The PWR LED lights off. Remain for the extender to start. If it starts by itself, the extender is reset and all the custom-made settings will swap to the factory one.
  • Most of the time, there is a fault with the router itself. Reset the router and configure it with the Soft foot extender again.
  • If it is not working still, then try to connect the extender with a different router.
  • Maybe the device is generating an issue. In this case, try to connect the extender network with a different PC, tablet, or cell phone. Also, restart the WiFi-enabled device to rectify it.

Soft Foot WiFi Repeater Review

Bought this device for office use. In the starting days of purchase, it works pretty well but after that, the connection becomes shaky. It has to be rebooted at least once a day during working hours to connect with the router again. This made me frustrated and finally, the reset process works. Now it is working well. If any issue happens, I will update the review.