TanTan Smart WiFi Bulbs

The RGB light bulbs are 80% energy-saving 2.4 GHz WiFi-connected multicolors smart bulbs that widely completely work with Google Home & Amazon Alexa. TanTan Smart WiFi Bulbs is a smart bulb running from the WiFi network, which is able to operate the light bulb by sitting at a distance. It is powered by home automation and the internet. Moreover, the TanTan Smart WiFi bulbs enhance Multicolor & 16 million colors. However, you can easily set your wanted colors and brightness to create a varied ambiance for various occasions such as dating, parties, relaxing, and others via phone App. It seamlessly works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Control that you surely control the bulbs in your own voice. Additionally, Just provide a single voice command like as” Hi Alexa, turn on the floor lamp” then the lamp is turned ON.

Furthermore, you can easily remote control your TanTan smart bulbs with the mobile phone app. Besides, you also manage this smart bulb with this app. Through the app, you quickly check the status & also control these bulbs anywhere & anytime. It is usually ideal for these times when your own hands are busy or full or you are in a dark room.

You can also create a schedule with the light bulbs. Make a schedule for your bulb which will follow your daily routine. It is ordinarily equipped with an E26 bulb base, 75W brightness 8W equivalent that basically saves 80% energy-saving power.

Exceptional specialties regarding TanTan Smart WiFi Bulbs

The TanTan smart light bulbs are usually more useful in the home and it absolutely saves energy. This bulb burns in all colors and has at least 1.6 million colors inside it. Additionally, these light bulbs come along with numerous features such as voice control, multicolor, remote control anywhere, creating schedules, and saving energy. The exceptional features of the light bulbs are fully explained on the below side.

1. Voice control

The TanTan light bulbs are usually more compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. So you can do voice control on your light bulbs with this device. You just tell your device to turn on or turn off the light bulbs, TanTan Smart WiFi Bulbs will do it automatically. This device is more useful in that situation when your hands are at stake and you are in a dark room so you can make bubbles by speaking.

2. Multi colors

The smart WiFi light bulbs thoroughly work with WiFi network connectivity. Without a WiFi network, connectivity does not work accurately. Besides, these light bulbs support up to 1.4 Million colors. This bulb burns in many colors and makes the atmosphere of your home attractive.

3. Remote control anywhere

The TanTan smart bulbs easily connect with the mobile phone. Through the mobile App, these bulbs quickly connect to the smart android or iPhone. After connecting the smart bulbs to the mobile phone, you can simply operate the bulbs. And you can also turn off and on the bulbs while sitting in another room with your mobile phone.

4. Create time & schedule

With smart light bulbs, you easily create a schedule. And the schedule you regularly follow in your daily routine life. You can make such a schedule whenever the lights are off, so you will immediately know that it is time to go to bed.

5. Widely energy-saving bulbs

The TanTan smart bulbs are entirely energy-saving bulbs. Because it is equipped with an E26 bulb base, 8W equivalent to 75W brightness. This function absolutely saves the consumption up to 80% without missing color quality or brightness. The life of our multicolor bulbs can approximately last 20,000 hours.

Installation of the TanTan Smart WiFi Bulbs

The Smart light bulbs are truly more useful & helpful. It provides multi-color facilities & easily connects to the WiFi network. If you wish to take the benefits of these smart bulbs then you should need to install the light bulbs. The installation process of these light bulbs are presented below:

Unboxing the smart light bulbs:
  • If you wish to install the light bulbs then firstly you need to unbox the light bulbs in the packaging box.
  • Then, you need to take the packaging box of these light bulbs and then unbox it.
  • Afterward, you will find out the package content in the packaging box.
  • In the packaging box, the Light Strip, Smart Controller, User manual, 5 pieces Adhesive tapes, & quick installation guide.
  • Now you have to read the user manual and quick installation guide to install the light bulbs properly.
Install the LED USB light strip:
  • To install the light strip, the strip lights of the smart bulbs should be stuck on a clear & neat wall and installation is secure.
  • The controller of this device cannot be landed upside below on the wall.
  • If the light bulbs controller is upside down on the wall, it needs to be secured by the provided adhesive tape in the packaging box.
  • Now, upgrade to the stronger 3M Adhesive, or this, you need to clean the surface while using the dry cloth.
  • You need to smoothly tear adhesive tape, have it clean.
  • Ensure to hold the Adhesive tape securely into position when implementing, and please hold or press at least 10 seconds
  • Eventually, you should fix the strip lights of the light bulbs that stand in the Edge, the strip lights of these bulbs are more solid.

Thus, the installation of the smart WiFi light bulbs completely finished. Afterward, you surely perform the setup in a hassle-free manner.

Manual of Smart WiFi light bulbs

The smart light bulbs completely work with WiFi network connectivity. If you want to know more information about this device, then you can easily know with the manual that came with it. Because there are many questions in the mind of the user before buying this device, such as how to use smart light bulbs, how to configure the setting, how to perform the setup of TanTan light bulbs. Additionally, many more questions also come about this device taking its issue like why is my smart bulb not connecting, light not lit up on smart bulbs, can’t connect the smart bulb to WiFi, and other questions. Then you simply use the TanTan light bulb manual and then solve all the questions relevant to this device. Because the manual is the optimum & best solution to all the questions. Then, you read the manual in a suave manner and securely know all the information about these devices.

Connect the smart light bulbs to the Gosund app

If you wish to perform the setup of the smart lights bulbs then you need to install or download the app. Afterward, connect your device to the Gosund app. Then you can perform the setup in an accurate manner. If you want to connect the device to the app then you need to follow some given below steps.

  • You visit the Google play store on your android phone or Apple App Store on your iPhone mobile phone. Additionally, You can also install the app by scanning the QR code, you will get this QR code in the manual.
  • Then, open the Gosund app by tapping the app option. And you can tap the registered account and type an email address in their field and an account is created. Otherwise, you enter your mobile number and the code is there on your phone. You can enter the code and then the account is created.
  • The Gosund app is widely compatible with a mobile device that supports iOS & Android.
  • Now, you can press the ON/OFF button until the light strip of the smart light bulbs flashes.
  • You have to open the Gosund App and tap + icon and then the light bulb list appears.
  • You need to select your TanTan light bulb and make sure the light strip is presently rapidly blinking & verify it in the app.

Congratulations! The smart light bulbs surely connect to the Gosund app, afterward you easily perform the setup in a hassle-free manner.

Setup Steps of TanTan smart WiFi bulbs Via Gosund App

The setup of the smart bulbs is necessary because without performing the setup of these bulbs, it is not working. If you want to connect these smart bulbs to the WiFi network so that it works properly, then you have to follow some steps given below.

  • First & Foremost, open the Gosund app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.
  • Then, visit the setting of this app and select the WiFi network option. But you make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the 2.4 GHz network. Now, select your WiFi network name & enter a password. Afterward, tap the confirm option.
  • Now, tap the other mode option and configure the AP mode. As soon as you tap the other mode option, the mode list appears.
  • You can select AP mode and tap the confirm option.
  • In the setting option, you can select the language & country whatever you prefer.
  • With the Gosund app, you can add the Amazon Alexa device to the smart light bulbs.
  • After configuring all the settings, you tap the confirm option.

Thus, the TanTan smart WiFi LED bulb setup is done. Afterward, you surely enjoy the benefits of smart light bulbs.

Problems about TanTan smart Lights bulbs

Sometimes the problems are caused while using smart light bulbs. Then users can’t take advantage of these light bulbs. There are many problems are caused with the light bulbs, which are as follows:

  • TanTan smart bulb not connecting
  • Smart light bulbs not turning ON
  • Smart bulbs not changing the color
  • TanTan WiFi LED smart bulb not connecting
  • Smart light bulbs keep flashing
  • WiFi light bulbs unresponsive
  • Smart bulbs not blinking

Troubleshooting Steps Of Smart Light Bulbs

If you also have a problem with your smart light bulbs, then you should try to fix it manually. If you want to fix the problems of these light bulbs manually, then below are some TanTan smart light bulb troubleshooting steps that you can easily fix.

  • Sometimes the TanTan light bulb not turning ON, then the solution is you should unplug the light bulbs into the lamp and remove it from the Gosund app. After that you have to reset it, for this, you have to press and hold the power button for 4-5 seconds.
  • If the smart light bulbs do not turn ON, then you need to ensure the light bulbs may not have power. Also, ensure the wall outlet that plugs the light bulbs, this wall outlet is turned ON position.
  • Sometimes the TanTan light bulbs can’t change the color, first, you must be sure the smart WiFi light is color-changing light. And you can check the color picker screen with the Gosund app.
  • If the smart light bulbs are not connecting to the WiFi network, then you should ensure your mobile phone securely connects to the 2.4 GHz network. In case it is connected then you ensure you are using the correct password.
  • If the TanTan light bulbs not connecting to Alexa then you make sure your Alexa device is turned ON position. You are using the correct Gosund app. Again try to connect the Alexa to the smart light bulbs with the Gosund app.
  • Sometimes, the smart WiFi light bulbs are unresponsive then the simple solution is you can perform the reset. Just use the power ON/OFF button and then instantly perform the reset.

Review of smart light bulbs

In my point of view, the TanTan light bulb review is an amazing & color-changing Dimmable WiFi LED bulb. It works with WiFi network connectivity and widely saves energy power. These light bulbs work perfectly and support up to 16 million colors. The smart light bulbs work with Amazon Alexa & Google Home. with this device, you can easily operate with your voice. Just say “Hi Alexa Turn ON the light” then these light bulbs are quickly turned ON. But for this, you need to connect this device to TanTan light bulbs. With these light bulbs, you can simply create the time & schedule. You can make such a schedule whenever the lights are off, so you will immediately know that it is time to go to bed.

The smart light bulbs completely work with WIFi network connectivity, without network connectivity, it does not work. With the Gosund app, you can easily connect the light bulbs to the 2.4 GHz network. You can easily do the remote control anywhere & anytime with the mobile app. The Amazon Alexa is the most suitable device in such a situation when your hand is busy and you are in a dark room, then you speak and the light is ON. Thus, smart light bulbs are tremendous & optimum light bulbs.


Q1. Is there a way to animate the smart light bulbs?

The smart WiFi lights have a feature on the app that will enable them to randomly turn colors on their individual. I’m not sure if it turns every 3 seconds, but they will rotate through all the colors

Q2. Do the smart bulbs have a built-in mic for music mode or do I have to use a phone mic?

There is a music mode when using the Gosund app on your mobile phone, which uses your phone’s microphone to modify the light bulb’s colors.

Q3. Can you control the TanTan light bulbs color from the app?

Yes, you easily change the light bulb’s colors while using the Gosund app. But for this, you need to install this app on your smartphone or tablet. Afterward, instantly change the color.

Q4. Do the smart bulbs change color and brightness or color only?

The smart light bulbs change various colors and you easily control the brightness level while using the app. With the app, you easily control the brightness.

Q5. Can I use another app to control the bulb? Such as the Gosund app.

Yes, you easily use the Gosund app to control the light bulbs in a proper manner. With this app, you easily control the light bulbs anywhere & anytime.

Q6. Do the TanTan light bulbs work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, the smart light bulbs perfectly work with the Amazon Alexa. With this help, you easily turned OFF or turned ON the lights. This device is more beneficial in such situations when your hands are totally busy.

Q7. How to connect light bulbs to Amazon Alexa?

If you wish to connect Amazon Alexa to the smart light bulbs then you can easily connect it with the Gosund App. Just by using this app and quickly connect to Amazon Alexa.

Q8. Are TanTan smart light bulbs good?

Yes, the TanTan smart light bulbs are completely good because they entirely save energy as well your home environment totally changed. These bulbs you can easily operate with the mobile app anywhere.

Q9. Why are TanTan light bulbs not connecting to Alexa?

If your smart light bulbs are not connecting to the Amazon Alexa then you need to verify your Alexa device is powered ON. To fix the problem you should reset the device.

Q10. Are smart light bulbs perfect for the home?

Yes, the smart WiFi light bulbs are thoroughly perfect for the home. Because it completely saves energy and supports a million colors.

Q11. Why do we need to buy TanTan light bulbs?

To make the atmosphere of your home good and save energy, it is necessary to buy this light. These light bulbs easily connect to the WiFi network connectivity & provide colorful lights.

Q12. Can I use a 2nd gen? echo dot or a google home mini to use the lights?

Yes, you can use a 2nd generation echo dot or google home mini with the smart light bulbs.

Q13. Can the smart light bulbs work with a smart switch?

The smart light bulbs have the switching built into the bulb and are controlled by the Gosund app without any hassle or Alexa so they do not need a “smart” switch.

Q14. How do I reset smart WiFi light bulbs?

Yes, you can easily perform the reset of the smart light bulbs, just visit the setting of the app and then perform the reset.

Q15. How easy are smart bulbs to hook up to 2.4 g?

Yes, it is very simple with the mobile. Just use the mobile app and the quick hook-up.

Q16. Do the WiFi light bulbs work with HomeKit?

Yes, it is compatible with HomeKit. But you can once perform the setup.