TCL Linkhub mesh system

The TCL Linkhub mesh system is a next-generation device that renders the signal up to 4500 square feet with three routers set. A dual band technology passes more speedy internet connectivity and thereby, raises the system performance. Install wherever you want to, to limit the dead spot of home or other building. Whether you are streaming 4K videos or playing high-end games with fast roaming technology. it produces a compelling and constant internet connection. The MU-MIMO technology gives super accelerated speed to every connected device, guaranteeing various devices can surf the internet seamlessly.

The 3 pack mesh system can bear up to 100 users, which will be the accurate and ideal solution for homes and small offices. Just connect the ethernet wire and the remaining configuration will sync by itself. By installing the TCL WiFi app on your mobile phone, it will permit you to customize the network settings by modifying the password, creating a guest network, or scheduling the WiFi failures for your children. The two internal hidden antennas with ethernet ports connectivity expand the signal and connectivity to most utmost devices. The superior features of the TCL Linkhub are as follows.

TCL Linkhub AC1200 Features

  • The three pack TCL mesh wi-fi system renders the coverage up to 4500 square feet and thereby eliminates the dead zone of your home and offices.
  • The dual band technology is capable of rendering a rapid speed of around 1200 MBps that permits you to experience 4K videos and gaming without slowing down.
  • With MU-MIMO technology, you can connect multiple users and grant the particular one to surf the internet connection at super fast speed.
  • The setup and installation of this mesh system is easy as it needs to attach an ethernet cable to a single and run after the TCL Linkhub ms1g app info for further configuration. The TCL Linkhub mesh system installation along with setup are as follows.

Linkhub MS1G Installation and Setup

Unbox the Linkhub unit package by lifting sticky tapes and carrying out all three packs, adapter, ethernet wire, and the installation guide. Afterward, put the 3 pack device on the horizontal flat surface. You require a mobile device or tablet to configure the app. To do the TCL Linkhub setup, go after the steps.

Download the TCL WiFi App
  • See for the MS1G device back. The QR code is attached there.
  • Took a mobile phone and launched a QR code scanner to scan it.
  • It will be promoted to the TCL WIFi app in the store. The substitute way to reach the TCL app is by exploring from the Apple store or Google play store.
  • .Install the app.
Connect First Node

It will be the primary node while the other two will be secondary. Do the following process to set up the primary node.

  • Employ an ethernet wire to attach it to the WAN port of the mesh node.
  • While the other end of the ethernet wire to the ethernet port or LAN port.
  • Now it’s time to join the power adapter to the AC joint and to the first node.
  • The LED indicator lightens.
  • Remain for around 40 seconds to accomplish the startup.
  • If the LED indicator illuminates green the startup is successful.
Connect TCL Linkhub Mesh System First Node To Internet
  • On your mobile phone, reach the WIfI settings and see for the first node network.
  • Tap it and typewrite the passphrase. The SSID code and passphrase are identified on the backside of the node.
  • Now launch the TCL WiFO app and run after the straightforward info as prescribed on the TCL WiFi app.
  • Remain until the first node is connected to the internet.
  • When it successfully connects, the illuminating LED light swaps into the hard green color.
Connect Second Node To Internet
  • Position your second as well as the third node on height and free area. Try not to install the nodes with two or more walls between the nodes.
  • Employing the adapter, attach the second node to the AC joint.
  • Remain for around 40 seconds to achieve the startup.
  • If the LED indicator illuminates green, it determines that it has a solid connection. While the yellow LED symbolizes a fair connection and the red shows disconnected.
  • If the LED does not lighten the solid green color, then put your node in other spots.
  • To surf the internet connection, you can utilize wireless or wired connection.
  • To join with a wired connection, attach your device to the LAN port of the node. While the wireless device with WiFi functions by filling the SSID code and name. If you are willing to run the network settings from anywhere and anytime, tap the login icon. The login operation of TCL Linkhub is as follows.

TCL Account Login

You can reach the TCL Linkhub login page with the TCL WiFi app and by chasing the web interface. To chase the log in via an app, follow these effortless steps.

TCL WiFi App
  • Look for the TCL Linkhub mesh wi-fi system back. The QR code is attached there.
  • Took a mobile phone and scanned the QR code.
  • It will be furthered to the TCL WIFi app on the store.
  • The additional way to reach the TCL app is by exploring from the Apple store or Google play store.
  • Install the TCL WiFi app and launch it.
  • The TCL ms1g login page presents 2 blank sections.
  • Typewrite the username and passphrase you set up while creating a fresh account and tap login.

TCL Linkhub mesh system Web UI Login

After attaching the PC to the node by employing an ethernet wire or WiFi function, follow the uncomplicated steps to reach the login page.

  • Typewrite the TCL Linkhub default IP address or the official website from your PC browser.
  • The login page reveals and names the username and passcode you set.
  • Bang enter to reach the login page. The troubleshooting guide of Linkhub ms1g is as follows.

TCL Linkhub Troubleshooting

If you are employing a mesh device, then probably an issue occurs. These troubleshooting guides may assist you to get rid of it.

TCL Linkhub ms1g not working? Solutions
  • Unplug the WiFi mesh device and plug it in again.
  • Reboot your mesh WiFi point.
  • Get sure that the ethernet wire is joined accurately to the correct port.
  • Reverify the status of an ethernet wire or switch it with a fresh one.
  • Maybe the mobile device or other devices such as a PC is not running constantly.
  • Check the TCL Linkhub firmware update, if available then upgrade it.
  • Do TCL Linkhub ms1g hard reset. To do the hard reset, catch these steps.
How To Do TCL Linkhub Hard Reset?
  • See the reset button available on the rear side of the mesh device.
  • Use a pencil or pen to force onto the button for around eight to twelve seconds.
  • Stop forcing the pencil when you see the illuminating indicator lights.
  • You will notice that the mesh device reboots by itself. Remain for two minutes.
  • After two minutes, all the modified settings will swap to the default one.
TCL Linkhub ms1g not connecting to internet? Here are the tips
  • Reboot the TCL Linkhub mesh system and verify the internet LED light.
  • The internet LED light should be working accurately.
  • Get sure that you have connected to the exact network.
  • Call your ISP and validate the connection.
  • If employing a PC, then must check that it is ready to obtain a DNS server and IP address by itself.
  • Maybe your firmware is outmoded, upgrade if available.

TCL Linkhub WiFi Mesh Review

I Purchased this mesh system for my home recently. It was a magnificent deal. The installation and setup of the device are super smooth. You just need to cable the wire and follow the info on the TCL WiFi app. The three pack system spreads the signal over a long field and hence, eliminates the dead zone by reaching every edge of the building. However, the speed is that much as claimed by the TCL Linkhub team. Other than that, a very good device. Overall, a useful and value for money system at this price. I heartily suggest the users who are seeming to buy this mesh system, should crack the deal blindly.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

TCL, the most valuable and reliable brand.

Q2. Does this mesh come with a WPA2 security protocol?

Yes, this mesh arrives with a WPA2 security protocol and is enabled by default.

Q3. Does it come with ethernet wire?

Yes, the ethernet wire is included in the unit box.

Q4. How to reset the TCL Linkhub mesh system?

View the reset button that is on the backside of the mesh device. Use a piece of thin needle-type equipment to push onto the button for nearly ten to twelve seconds. Evade pushing the equipment when you observe the illuminating indicator tightens. You will see that the mesh device reboots by itself. Remain for around two minutes. After two minutes, all the customized settings will swap to the default one.

Q5. How long is the ethernet wire in the unit box?

The length of the ethernet wire in the unit box is 1.5m.

Q6. This system has an inbuilt modem or not?

No, it does have an inbuilt modem.

Q7. Is this a WiFi 6 mesh system?

No. This is a WiFi 5 mesh system.

Q8. How long is the maximum range it delivers?

The three pack delivers the range up to 4500 square feet.

Q9. What to do if my mesh system is not working?

Unplug the WiFi mesh system and plug it in again. Restart your mesh WiFi point and assure that the ethernet wire is attached perfectly to the correct port. Revalidate the condition of an ethernet wire or swap it with a new one. Sometimes the mobile phone or other devices such as a PC are not running perfectly. Upgrade the TCL Linkhub firmware, if available then upgrade it. Do TCL Linkhub hard reset.

Q10. What is the speed this mesh system delivers?

The maximum speed delivered by this mesh system is around 1200 MBps.