TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell Setup, Troubleshooting & Review

The TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell is the ring chime kit. This device has 38 chimes for setting on the ringtone. You can easily regulate the volume of your device through the 4 volume levels such as 0dB, 45dB, 60dB, 90dB. It also blinking light for alerting. The receivers spread alarm sound in the whole house. The coverage of this device is 1000 feet with two receivers. This doorbell is compatible in every environment like an office, home, hospital, factory, hotel and it is safe from water because it is a waterproof and dustproof device. The wireless doorbell reliably works between -10°C to 50°C.

You can plug this doorbell receiver in any socket for functioning. With this doorbell, you cannot miss any visitor from your home door. You can set any chime on the alarm bell from 38 tecknet doorbell chimes through the music button.

Fundamental TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell Features

There are multifarious features of the wireless tecknet doorbell.

Long Operating Range

The wireless doorbell has a 1000sq.ft range and it is effective in big buildings, homes, and apartments. You can hear the bell anywhere in the home.

Powerful Battery

The battery is used for the doorbell transmitter. If your doorbell is used for small. So, the battery is passing 3-4 years.

Mute Mode

The device has a mute mode, when you and your baby are sleeping or you do not want to disturb that time you can ON this device.

Compact Design

The receiver is a very reliable device, you can fix these receivers into any socket.

IP44 Waterproof

This device is working in every environment and it is working from -10°C to 50°C.

Best Method TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell Installation

The installation of every device is mandatory for impeccable functioning. Follow these steps line by line to install your wireless doorbell.

Install the transmitter
  • First, read the full information and instructions from the envelope pages.
  • Then, take out the doorbell warranty card from the box.
  • Next, remove the protection film from the doorbell transmitter.
  • Open the mount of the device and insert the tecknet wireless doorbell battery.
  • Close the mount and press the doorbell transmitter button and it blinks blue light.
  • Take out the double-sided tape from the box and put it on the back of the transmitter.
  • Next, place it on the wall near the home’s main door and press it for perfectly fixing.
Installation of receivers
  • After that, place the receivers where you easily heard the sound of the tecknet wireless doorbell.
  • Take the receivers from the box and plug them into the working outlet.
  • Then, press the power button of the receivers.
  • It automatically connects with the transmitter.
  • Next, test the performance of the wireless doorbell alert.

These are the ways to install the wireless tecknet doorbell.

TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell manual

To trigger with, this manual will talk about the wireless doorbell customer quarries. Can this doorbell catch other device frequencies? Can it show a video? Do I add more receivers? Is it work with the app? Is it mandatory to connect it with two receivers? How many chimes are included in the doorbell memories? Can I add an extra voice in the chimes memory? Is there a door sensor with this device? Is it is waterproof device yes or not? How can change another chime? Is the tecknet manufacturer of this device? How can I manage voice level? If any information is not given in this manual. Can get more information from here tecknet doorbell manual.

Simple ways to TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell Setup

Read these underline mentioned ways to operate your doorbell and do not miss any way from the process.

Change the chimes

With these ways, you set any chimes on the bell.

  • Plug the receiver into the electric switch.
  • Next, turn ON the device from the power button of the receiver.
  • Press the left-side music sign button on the device for changing the chime.
  • If you do like that chime. So, press the music sign button for selecting.
Volume adjustment
  • When the receiver is turned ON, press the volume button.
  • Then, press the volume for managing the sound.
  • If the sound is on the maximum level. So, press the volume button it automatically comes on the minimum level.
Set the pairing method

Follow these tecknet doorbell pairing ways in the below lines.

  • Plug the receiver into the electricity supplying switch.
  • Then, press the receiver’s volume and chime button at the same time.
  • Next, the LED light will blink.
  • After that, press the button of the transmitter, and LED will blink for one time.
  • Wait for 20-25 seconds and then, the painting is completed.

These are the tecknet doorbell setup steps for operating errorlessly.

Simple TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell troubleshooting tips to solve the problems

To commence with, read these tecknet doorbell troubleshooting in upcoming paragraphs to overcome the problems of this doorbell and for working errorlessly.

Check the location

If your doorbell is blinking red light or not ringing while pressing the transmitter button. The reason for this issue is your receiver is placed out of the range of the transmitter. Place the receiver near or within the range of the transmitter informing fastly and quickly.

Check the power outlet

The doorbell receiver is not turned ON. first, check the power supply of the receiver. Your home switch is not supplying electricity. So, connect it to the other electric outlet and turn ON it. Then, the test is working perfectly or not. If it is not working then, follow the next step.

Reset the doorbell

The doorbell reset hole is on the receiver. Then, insert the pin into the hole for 2-3 minutes. Leave it when the device stopped blinking the LED light. After that, do not press any button of the device and it automatically started after 5-10 minutes.

The Doorbell transmitter is not showing light

If your wireless doorbell sensor is not blinking any light. So, try to change the battery of the transmitter. Open the transmitter from the mid and remove the old battery from the device. Then, insert a new battery and close the mount of the transmitter. Therefore, your device started blinking light.

Solve your issues with these tips.

TECKNET UL-3880 Wireless Doorbell Review

I bought this doorbell from the online market and they gave me some discount on this device. Before buying this I read more tecknet wireless doorbell reviews. It is the best wireless alert and there is no need to place any wireless for operating this. It is working in every environmental condition. I have never faced any problem with this device, till now it is working well. I added one extra receiver with this. Installed this device perfectly with getting information from an envelope. I discuss this review from my point of view.

Wireless tecknet doorbell features:

The features of the wifi doorbell are compact design, IP44 tecknet wireless doorbell waterproof, long operating range, powerful battery, Mute mode.

Wireless tecknet doorbell design:

The design of the device is very from anything and it is made with plastic. It is a very small device, you can place it anywhere in the home.

Tecknet wireless doorbell dimensions:

The dimensions of this doorbell is 4.61 x 4.02 x 2.24 inches.

Tecknet wireless doorbell specification:

TeckNet is the manufacturer of this doorbell and 6.7 ounces is the heaviest. The battery is not required for this device and the ASIN is B082X29ZKC. It was launched in the market on December 18, 2019.

Wireless tecknet doorbell price:

The price of this doorbell alarm is $9.99


Can I add an extra voice in the chimes memory?


Is it mandatory to connect it with two receivers?

You want the long with a powerful ringtone. So, you need to connect two receivers at that time.

Is it is waterproof device yes or not?

Yes, it is compatible in every weather.

Is there a door sensor with this device?

No, you need to purchase it separately and it cannot work with sensors.

Do I add more receivers?

I think yes, but for more information contact to customer care.

Is the tecknet manufacturer of this device?


Can it show a video?

No, it’s not a doorbell camera.

Can this doorbell catch other device frequencies?


How can I manage the volume level?

You can adjust the volume level by pressing the volume level.

How can change another chime?

Through the music sign button.

Is it work with the app?


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