Telstra TV Box Configuration Instructions With Easy Steps

The Telstra TV box is a digital box that offers you to stream movies and TV shows from its own box Telstra, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. It connects with your WiFi network or by ethernet wire to stream shows on your TV through HDMI. A 4K media setup box also enables you to watch free-to-air digital channels. Just download your favorite streaming app on TV and enjoy by surfing thousands of web series and shows through the libraries. Not only from the app, but you can also stream your favorite music by plugging the USB device into its port. Experience your TV shows, movies, sports, music, and other content all in one spot.

The latest movies and web series are updated at a time. It comes with add free streaming and requires no subscription charges. Therefore, you can stream without any hassle. The box is compatible with Telstra TV, android phones or tablets, iPhone or iPad, specifically supported smart TVs, and MAC or PC. With the Telstra TV remote apps, you can switch to different channels and explore other kinds of stuff. The features of the Telstra TV box are as follows.

Telstra TV Box Features

Some highlighted features of the Telstra TV box are as follows.

  • A 4K streaming box allows you to watch TV shows, web series, movies, and other content ad-free at one place without any subscription charges.
  • Compatible with PC and mobile devices. Thereby stream whatever you want on your favorite devices.
  • Explore more web series and shows at your fingertips with infrared remote and Telstra TV+ app.
  • Watch your shows without the internet too by connecting a USB drive. The installation of the Telstra box is as follows.

Telstra TV Setup

Setting up Telstra TV is effortless. Here are the setup instructions.
First, you need to check the Telstra unit box and take out the Telstra box, one HDMI wire, a power adapter, Telstra TV remote, two AAA batteries, and a user manual. Now attach the Telstra Tv box to your digital television. Follow the steps below.

Attach Your Telstra TV Setup Box To Digital TV
  • Join the Telstra box to your digital television using an HDMI wire.
  • Attach the power adapter to the Telstra device.
  • Now attach the adapter to the AC switch.
  • Select the HDMI port on the digital TV to connect with the Telstra box. If the antenna port is there on your Telstra TV, then attach it to the antenna socket.
Telstra TV Remote Setup

The Telstra TV setup with a remote is simple. Follow the below steps.

  • Unwrap the remote cover.
  • Insert the batteries.
  • On the remote, push the pairing button.
  • Wait for the indicator to illuminate on the remote.
Connect Telstra TV to the Internet

You can connect the Telstra box to the internet by two methods. It is by using the ethernet wire or by WiFi function. To connect using an ethernet wire, follow the steps from here.

How to connect Telstra tv to WiFi without remote?

Using an ethernet wire, attach your modem to the Telstra TV.
Nevertheless, the remote is needed for better configuration. If you had a remote, then move to the forward configuration by using Telstra TV remote to pick ethernet wire connection. Thumb down OK on the remote.

How To Connect Telstra TV to WiFi?

  • From the remote, pick the WiFi connection option.
  • Choose your home network from the table.
  • Now push OK on the remote.
  • Typewrite the WiFi passphrase, if required. Now select the display type.

Set the Display Type

  • To detect the display type by the remote itself, push OK.
  • The screen with the demo will present.
  • If you are happy with that, pick yes, the screen looks good.

Telstra ID Registration

  • Chase the address from the PC, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Typewrite the activation code you see on the Telstra TV screen.
  • The code matches and it will show the login interface.
  • Under that, hit the register now option.
  • Typewrite the info to do the Telstra account registration by filling in personal info and email address. Enter the 13 numerical accounts to get the bill details on your mobile number.
  • Now review your mail to authenticate the email address.
  • If your TV has a tuner, pick my antenna. Otherwise, skip it. If you have a Telstra ID, then simply do the Telstra TV login. The login procedure is as follows.

Telstra TV Login

  • Open the website from the PC, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Type the activation code on the Telstra TV screen.
  • When the activation code matches, type an email and passphrase when the Telstra login interface opens.
  • Pick my antenna choice if your TV has a tuner, otherwise skip.

As Telstra Tv Box office is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC devices, you can stream seamlessly on that platform.

Telstra TV Alexa Setup

You can set up the Alexa voice commands for Telstra TV with Alexa smart home speaker. To do the setup, ensure that the Alexa app is installed with the most advanced version on your mobile phone or tablet or Telstra TV.

  • Firstly, connect both the Alexa app installed on your TV or mobile phone or tablet and the speaker.
  • Open the Alexa app and register with an Amazon account. If you already have an ID, then do log in.
  • Now on the app, click the three horizontal lines indicating more and then select the TV and Video option.
  • Click the Enable Skill option.
  • Use the code to connect the app and the Alexa speaker.
  • After a prosperous connection, just say, Alexa…

Telstra TV app setup to work as a remote

You can use the mobile phone to set up the Telstra TV app as a remote controller. To do this, scan the Telstra TV connected with the WiFi network. Now, over to the app and go after these steps.

  • On the app menu, chase the settings and click pair with your Telstra TV.
  • Hit the scan icon to refresh the networks.
  • Once paired, the remote icon will show on the top right and it will switch from grey to white.
  • On the bottom of the interface, it shows the device is paired to.
  • Now just hit the remote control icon on the top right or the remote icon on the bottom to use the app as a remote.

Telstra TV app downloading steps

  • To add the app, chase the menu of the TV.
  • Explore the app you wish to add.
  • Just hit the add app button to install it.
  • Now on the app, move to my section offer and sign in for the streaming app. It offers you to stream Netflix, Sten, and Foxtel now by paying subscription charges.

What apps are available on Telstra TV?

Using the Telstra TV app, you can hunt web series, movies, shows, and many more from the Telstra TV box office. Foxtel Now, Foxtel go, HayU, DocPlay, AnimeLab SBS on Demand, 7Plus, ABC iview, 9Now, Tenplay, and many more apps.

How To Do Telstra TV Screen Mirroring?

There are two ways to screen mirroring on Telstra TV 2.

  • If the device you are using supports Mircast, then attach it to Telstra TV 2 using the Mircast. No, wallow the connection on the TV 2 monitor. Later launch the file in the app and play it.
  • Download the DLNA server app. For PCs having Windows 10 or later, use Windows media player. Open Telstra TV Roku app on the device. Pick the media type. Now choose the device and surf the media.

How to get Disney plus on Telstra tv?

Adding the Disney plus app on the Telstra TV is simple. To add, follow the below steps.

  • Chase the App Store from the Telstra TV menu bar.
  • Pick the Disney Plus app and hit OK.
  • Select add app icon and the app will present on the screen.
  • Open the app and do the sign-in.
  • In this way, you can stream Disney plus on Telstra TV. Do the same to add Telstra TV channels or apps too. The troubleshooting steps of the Telstra box are as follows.

Telstra TV Troubleshooting

Many issues may occur in the Telstra setup box. Some of the well-known issues with troubleshooting tips and guides are as follows.

Can’t Pair Telstra TV with Telstra app?
  • To set a connection between the Telstra TV and the app, ensure both devices, mobile phone, and the Telstra TV are connected to the identical WiFi network.
  • Download the most advanced variant of the app.
  • Launch the Telstra TV app and reach to settings.
  • The app with the version number presents on the bottom right.
  • Get sure that you have downloaded the Telstra TV app. You can check it in my list option.
Telstra tv app not working? Solutions here

The Telstra TV can be controlled with app or remote. But what if the app is not working fine? Here are the solutions that may help you to fix the app.

  • Check if the Telstra TV app update is available, if yes, then update it.
  • Close the app and reopen it. Now check whether the app is working fine.
  • If an app is freezing, then uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  • Use the remote that comes with the Telstra unit box.
  • Download the third party Universal remote app if none of the foregoing solutions works.
Telstra TV won’t Turn on? Solutions
  • Assure that the wire is firmly plugged into the AC switch.
  • Power off your Telstra TV and on it again after waiting around 20 seconds.
  • Get sure that the cable is plugged into the HDMI port.
  • Confirm your modem is operating in a proper manner.
Telstra TV not connecting to WiFi? Fix it
  • Unplug both Telstra TV and the modem and plug it in again after ten seconds.
  • Position your TV close to the modem and connect again.
  • Forget the WiFi passphrase and type it again to connect.
  • Attach ethernet wire to the Telstra TV and the modem to make a connection.
Telstra TV remote not working
  • Ensure that the Television is in front of you and there is no barrier between the device and the remote.
  • Remove the remote batteries and insert them again.
  • Switch the old batteries to a fresh one.
  • Unplug the TV from the switch and plug it in again.
Fix Telstra TV light flashing issue
  • Unplug the power cord and join the AC switch after 20 seconds.
  • Do the Telstra TV factory reset operation.
  • If the above types do not work, then you might get a broken item. Call the Telstra TV support team.
Is not working?

The web address is required to activate the Telstra TV without ID. But if you are facing trouble while accessing the URL, then these troubleshooting issues might help you.

  • Confirm that you are entering the correct activation code that is presented on the TV while activating it.
  • Assure the internet connection is firm. Confirm with your ISP.
  • Ensure that the computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other devices you are using to surf the URL is having the latest version of a web browser.
  • Check if the router is working accurately. The device should be connected with an accurate network.
  • Sometimes, the history or cache creates trouble. Don’t forget to clear the history as well as the cache of the web browser.
  • Uninstall the web browser and install it again. Switch to a new web browser and try again.
Telstra TV 2 Factory Reset
  • The reset button on the Telstra TV is on the backside.
  • Force and hold the reset button for around twenty seconds.
  • The Telstar TV factory reset begins.

Telstra TV Review

I purchased this streaming box recently. I already had two streaming boxes in my home. While comparing this one to others, it is a more capable device. The Telstra tv pricing attracts me. It is more than a streaming box. You can access live sports, TV shows, web series, with a live pause of around thirty minutes. A digital streaming box office lets you view TV shows, web series, movies, and other content for free at one point without any subscription costs. Overall good to buy this streaming box.


Q1. What is Telstra TV?

It is a digital setup box that grants you to stream movies and TV shows from its own box Telstra, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Q2. How to do Telstra Factory reset?

The reset button is available on the backside of the Telstra TV. Thumb down and hold the reset button for about twenty seconds. The Telstar TV factory reset starts.

Q3. How can I connect the television to the WiFi?

From the remote, select the WiFi connection choice. Pick your home network from the table. Now thumb down OK on the remote. Type the WiFi passphrase, if needed.

Q4. Can I record through this box?

No, the recording feature is not included in the box.

Q5. Which app do I have to download to access the settings from a mobile app or tablet?

Download the Telstra TV app from the store for your Android or iOS devices.

Q6. Can you get Disney plus on Telstra tv?

Reach to the App Store from the Telstra TV menu bar. Elect the Disney Plus app and bang OK. Pick the add app option and the app will display on the screen. Launch the app and do the sign-in. In this way, you can stream Disney plus. Hope it helps.

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