Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner Setup, Troubleshooting And Review

The tesvor robot is a powerful smart wireless vacuum cleaner. Basically it is a hybrid 2-in-1 vacuum and mop designed for sweeping and mopping, vacuum on multi-surfaces, and a deep cleaning mop on hard floors. The superior full coverage of the tesvor robot vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with a Smart Mapping System to plan the path for each cleaning and navigate to uncovered areas intelligently, fully covering your home with S-shape routes. It includes section power that Intense 1800Pa suction combined with Slim design make it perfect for dust, crumbs & pet hair, and allow for thorough cleaning under coach and closet. The tesvor robotic vacuum cleaner is a power cleaning system, it cleans all the corners of the home.

The setup of the tesvor vacuum cleaner is effortless and done very quickly. This vacuum cleaner is hassle-free cleaning. It is easy to connect the wifi through the wifi pairing button. This robot vacuum is engineered with V-shape dual rolling brushes & brushless motors with streamlined air duct design so that you can clean your space effectively with the high suction, low noise experience and comprehensive cleaning effect. It includes many smart features like app control, remote control and lexa & Google Home Voice Control .

Connect the tesvor robot vacuum cleaner to the wifi Router

The robotic vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean the dust, dirt from the home. It is connected to the wifi without a wire. This means it connects the wifi router wirelessly. If you want to connect the robotic vacuum cleaner to the wifi without any hassle, then follow the given below steps.

  • The initial steps, power ON the robot vacuum cleaner and wait until the power LED lit up.
  • Then, plug the wifi router into the power circuit and power ON the router.
  • Now, locate the wifi button of the robotic vacuum cleaner. The wifi button on the upper side of the vacuum cleaner.
  • In a while, press the wifi button for a few seconds.
  • After that, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically connects the wifi router.

Now, your tesvor vacuum cleaner is successfully connected to the wifi. These are some points of connecting with WiFi, which you can follow without any Harassment. And you can enjoy the benefits of the vacuum cleaner.

Access the login page of Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner, clean all the edge of the house. It cleans the soil, dust and junk from cement, tile and wooden floor. It is Handled from Hard Floors to Carpets. If you want to login the vacuum cleaner, you can easily login the vacuum cleaner with the app. There are some steps to login the robot vacuum cleaner, which are as follows.

  1. Firstly, you make sure your device like a mobile phone have internet or wifi connectivity.
  2. Secondly, download the “robot vacuum cleaner” from the google play store and app store.
  3. After downloading the app, open it.
  4. Then, Click on the + icon to connect the vacuum cleaner to the app.
  5. Here display the vacuum cleaner list, you have to select your Tesvor vacuum cleaner and then your vacuum cleaner will be connects.
  6. Now, select the option “sign-up” or “log-in”. If you use a first time app then select the “sign-up” option and create the account. You will fill the valid username ID and create a strong password. Password must be 8 characters.
  7. If you already have an account, then click on the login option.
  8. You fill the default username ID and secret password.
  9. In the eventually, click “Log-in”.

Now, the steps of the tesvor robot vacuum login are finish. These were some steps of the login process, you can also login easily by following these steps. After that, you can easily Setup the robot vacuum cleaner.

Manual of the Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner moves around in the house and abolishes the dust, dirt, in the house. There is also a battery inside it, which we can easily insert. If you want to use the vacuum cleaner, you need to read the tesvor robot manual. The manual is that, which comes with the robot vacuum cleaner. All the information is there about the cleaner device. You can easily Setup a vacuum cleaner by reading this manual. But sometimes half the information is given in it, from which setup is not done. If you want to Setup the robot cleaner completely, then you can do it easily with the steps given below.

How do I Setup the Tesvor Vacuum cleaner through the App?

If you want to setup the tesvor robot vacuum cleaner, you can easily set it up with the help of an App. If you want to Setup the vacuum cleaner without any hurdle then you follow the given below steps. The steps are as follows.

  1. The foremost steps, download the robot vacuum cleaner app form the “google play store” and “app store”. You can also use the mobile phone camera to scan the “QR code” to install the app.
  2. After installing the app, open the robot vacuum cleaner app.
  3. Now, you can login the account through the login default username and password. And then, click “login”.
  4. In a while, click the “setup wizard” section.
  5. You can change the wireless network name and speed of the vacuum cleaner.
  6. You can also change the robot password.
  7. After these changes, click on the “Apply setting” option.

Now the steps of the tesvor robot vacuum setup is successfully complete. You can easily use the device and move around in the whole home.

Troubleshooting tips for tesvor robot vacuum cleaner is not working

The tesvor robot is a strong vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, dirt from the floors and carpets. It cleans edge to edge corners from the home. But sometimes tesvor robot vacuum cleaner not working, there are some issue. We can manually fix the issue. If you want to fix the issue, there are some troubleshooting tips. Which are given below.

  • Firstly, make sure your robot vacuum cleaner is fully charge. If the vacuum cleaner is not charge, then you need to charge the vacuum cleaner.
  • Secondly, If the vacuum cleaner suddenly makes noise, you verify the rolling brush. You need to properly set the rolling brush.
  • If the vacuum cleaner does not clean the floors and carpets, then you check the rolling brush. Maybe inside the rolling brush has the junk, you need to clean the junk.
  • Sometimes, it does not access the login. You need to verify, you use the valid username ID and correct password. Make sure the internet or wifi connectivity is there on the mobile phone.
  • If the vacuum cleaner power LED flashes red light this means the vacuum cleaner is not working, you verify placed your vacuum cleaner in a ventilate, cool and airy area. If the robot cleaner is place in the hot area, then the vacuum cleaner is not working.
  • You need to check time-to-time, firmware update of the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • In the end, follow all the above tips but if all the tips are fail, you should factory reset the robot vacuum cleaner.

Tesvor robot vacuum cleaner Review

The tesvor robot is a reliable, scable and powerful vacuum cleaner for the clean home. It has 1800pa strong suction power, by which it abolishes the dust and dirt in the whole home. This vacuum cleaner has a wifi connectivity, it easily connects the wifi through the wifi button. The robot vacuum cleaner is handle from Hard Floors to Carpets. This device supports a mapping system, it automatically plans the path for each cleaning and adapts to your home. It is auto charge, when cleaning is complete or the battery is low, the robot vacuum will recharge automatically. It moves around all the home, it cleans dirt edge-to-edge. The tesvor robot cleaner is equipped with a high-capacity battery, allows you to enjoy 100 minutes of continuous cleaning and covers multi rooms. So that tesvor robot is a tremendous vacuum cleaner for cleaning the dust and dirt.


How do I update the firmware of robot vacuum cleaners?

If you want to update the firmware of the vacuum cleaner, you can easily update the firmware without any hassle. To update the firmware, firstly you login the vacuum cleaner with the help of default username and password. After that, go to the setting and click the option “firmware update”. If you use an old version of firmware, then at the bottom side show the option update, click on it. The firmware of the robot vacuum cleaner is start, you don’t turn off the device.

Can I factory reset the Tesvor vacuum?

If you want to reset Tesvor vacuum cleaner, you will easily reset the vacuum cleaner. For reset the cleaner, firstly press the reset button for 5-6 seconds. You can use the paper clip to reset the button. Keep the button held until the system beeps twice. In a while, release the button and the LED flashes orange, this means the reset of the vacuum cleaner is complete.

Does the tesvor vacuum cleaner work with the suction power?

Ofcousre yes, the tesvor robot vacuum cleaner work with the suction power. It has 1800pa strong suction power. From which it cleans the dust from the floors and carpets. This vacuum cleaner is Intense suction combine with Slim design make it perfect for dust, crumbs & pet hair.