Todaair wifi extender

The Todaair wifi extender is high-performance and includes one of the best wireless range extenders. It can effortlessly extend your existing router wifi signal. You can use the TODAAIR Wireless Extender at any location and banish your home dead zones. It provides a 300Mbps/1200Mbps total network bandwidth connection. Because it is a dual-band wireless Signal Booster and Range Repeater. Apart from this, it offers a more useful signal range and a wider signal range. After the Toddair Signal Booster Range Repeater setup, it immediately starts to cover your home vastly with the wifi signal.

Along with this, the Todaair wireless repeater is a small volume and wider coverage wireless range repeater. Ordinarily, the extenders are used by any network because sometimes a single router cannot fully satisfy the netter’s demands. So, that’s the main reason behind using the signal booster. If you are looking for a range extender then you could use it with your router. It supports almost every standard wireless router, gateway, and access point. The Todaair repeater review is pretty good since it accomplishes users’ demands. So, let’s start to set it up with your extender with these steps.

Todaair wifi extender Setup

Before the Todaair 300/1200Mbps dual-band Repeater setup, first, you have to need some vital prerequisites. So, first, accomplish and then you move ahead to the next step.

Requirements for the Todaair extender setup
  • Take out all the necessary items of the extender through its packaging box.
  • Ensure your mobile phone or Windows Pc is connected to a stagnant internet.Todaair extender setup
  • Read intentionally all the info through its Todaair extender manual.
  • Apart from this, make sure all the Todaair repeater accessories are not damaged. If it is damaged and anything is missing from all the items then inform the seller about it.
  • Use the compatible wireless router which supports 2.4 or 5Ghz signal bandwidth.

Steps for the Todaair wireless signal booster installation

Following are the steps for the Todaair wifi repeater installation, that’s given below.

  • First of all, ensure that your router works precisely and is connected with a robust wifi connection.
  • Thereafter, choose a location in your home to place it. (Note: keep in mind that the selected location is not too far away from the router, otherwise, it might cause an error.)
  • Now, you have to connect the Todaair booster 180 rotating signal antennas.
  • After this, plug in the Todaair wireless signal booster range repeater in your chosen location or weak wifi signal areas.Todaair wireless signal booster
  • Subsequently, wait until its Power LED is not lit.
  • If the Todaair extender lights do not flash means your extender is not working. So, plug it in again and ensure that it’s blinking now.
  • So, in this way, the Todaair wifi extender installation process has finished. You have to start now the next process to broadcast your existing router wifi signal range.

Todaair wifi extender setup with the router

If you are pondering about “how to extend router wifi range with Todaair extender” then use below given following steps to extend it.

  • First, ensure that your range extender is in working mode.
  • If you would like to connect the router with the access point mode of the extender.
  • At that step, you will have to connect your extender and router LAN port through an internet cable. Now, the todaair extender setup via access point mode is finished.
  • Thereafter, you might use its network on your devices.
  • In spite of this, if you wish to do the Todaair extender setup via WPS mode, then, in this step, you have to activate your router.
  • So, keep holding your router WPS button first by holding it and thereafter, as well as, also hold your extender WPS button.
  • Now, the Todaair wifi extender setup with the router has been completed.

300Mbps Signal Booster Todaair WiFi Range Repeater Login via browser

There are the following steps mentioned for the Todaair repeater login. Let’s follow these steps and access the Todaair admin login page successfully.

  • First, ensure that your mobile phone is connected via a robust internet connection.
  • If not, then, first of all, connect it. Go to the wifi settings of your mobile phone.
  • Subsequently, choose the Todaair extender SSID (network name) and enter the Todaair extender wifi password in the password field.
  • Now, check your mobile phone network status, make sure it is connected with a good connection to the internet.
  • Afterward, open a browser and type in the URL Todaair default IP ( or
  • Tap on search and wait until the Todaair admin login page does not appear.
  • In the login box, enter the Todaair extender default password and admin username.
  • Click on the “login” option to the Todaair extender setup via router mode.

So, let’s access the Todaair extender setup wizard section and choose router mode.

Todaair wifi extender configuration

Now, connect the 300Mbps Signal Booster via router mode. First of all, you will have to configure the settings and connect your extender with the router via browser. Let’s use these points to the Todaair repeater configuration.

  • After accomplishing the Todaair login process, go to the Todaair setup page.
  • Now, you will have to select the router mode.
  • After this, type your existing router name.
  • It is showing on your mobile screen, your active router name.
  • So, select its name from the list according to its model number.
  • Then, type your existing router wifi username and password to connect your extender with its network.
  • Please wait, it is connecting your extender with wifi through router mode.
  • Now, the Todaair wifi extender configuration process is completed.
    Through its setup page, you might apply another setting like updating the Todaair firmware, restoring the todaair factory default settings, changing the todaair wifi name & password, etc.Todaair wifi extender

In this way, configure all kinds of settings of your extender by following the on-screen manifesting instructions. Lastly, save all the modified settings.

Tricks & tips for Todaair wifi extender Troubleshooting

Here are the following tricks and tips for the Todaair range extender troubleshooting.

  • When the Todaair extender is not working, first ensure it’s signal lights. If it’s not flash, it means it is not configured suitably. So, plug it back in the wall outlet. Make sure the electrical wall socket is working precisely. Sometimes, due to a faulty socket, it may not work suitably. So, use a working socket. If the issue persists then contact the seller.
  • Moreover, the Todaair repeater not connecting, and if its connection then keeps disconnecting with your router’s wifi connection. To settle it, kindly move your todaair extender slightly closer to the router. It shall help to cope with the Todaair keeps disconnecting or red light occurred issue.
  • You could reset the Todaair repeater factory default settings when your Todaair extender does not connect with your wifi-enabled devices.
Steps for the Todaair repeater reset
  1. 1. First of all, use a paper clip or pin.
  2. 2. To press the Todaair reset button, kindly locate it on your extender panel.Todaair repeater reset
  3. 3. Keep holding the Todaair extender reset button until its signal lights are not lit.
  4. 4. When it starts flashing then you can leave it.
  5. 5. Release the pin from your Todaair extender reset button and start using its network again.
  6. 6. Eventually, the Todaair wireless booster factory default settings are reset now. After this, you can also set another wifi name and password for your Todaair extender through settings.
  • In spite of this, when does not access the Todaair extender admin page, ensure that the internet is available on your phone. If not, then connect your mobile phone to the internet again. If your router network does not connect with this range extender then update your router firmware to fix the issue.
  • When the todaair extender no internet connection issue persists then you can solve it by reconfiguring the device settings. Surely, your device does not support the 5Ghz band. So, go into the settings and change the radio frequency either you can choose 2.4Ghz or select 5Ghz. In the end, save all the settings which are modified by you and connect its network to ensure that the persisting issue will be resolved or not.

Thus, these are the following Tricks & tips for Todaair repeater Troubleshooting. You can use it and apply it to troubleshoot all the issues of your extender.

Todaair wireless booster firmware update

Here are the specific points to the Todaair firmware upgrade, it is such as;

  • Search in the browser address bar Todaair website address, it is
  • Then, you will have to log in to your Todaair extender registered account.
  • After that, delve into the Todaair extender settings section and then select the support option through the home page.
  • If your Todaair 300/1200Mbps wireless signal booster is obsolete then update it.
  • There are too many devices or model number range extenders and updated versions are available.
  • You will choose only your Todaair wifi extender firmware version and click on the download option.
  • Subsequently, emulate the on-screen instructions and update them.
  • In the end, confirm now its works are suitable after accomplishing the Todaair wireless booster firmware update process.

Todaair wifi extender Review

The Todaair 300Mbps Range Repeater Review is almost too great. You can check it on Amazon or Todaair Long Range Wifi Router Extender’s official website. Apart from this, it covers your home very edge without any data interruption and loss. The Todaair extender price is not too high or it’s not spendthrift. It is loaded with too many features like high-efficiency 23dBi high gain signal antennas. The high gain signal antennas move the internet range of the router in each corner. It is composed of the PA amplifier chip. The Todaair booster setup is done in one step. Since it is made up of the plug and play method. Also, you can control the wireless extender with the Smart life app and you can verify its status of wifi anywhere.

Todaair extenders various models specification
  • Model No: TD-MRT44 V10.11, working frequency: 2.412 – 2.472Ghz, Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n standard, data transmission rate: 300Mbps, working mode: repeater mode, etc.
  • Todaair outdoor Wi-Fi extender 1200 Mbps signal intensifier range repeater, Model number: TD-MRT20 V20.11
  • TODAAIR WiFi Extender 1200Mbps Signal Booster Range Repeater. Model number: TD-4G-1MW V3.1

So, these are the several models of the Todaair wireless range extender booster that is currently available on the market.