Top online games to play with Starlink Internet?

Best games to play with Starlink internet

If you already use Starlink, you may be familiar with its speed, performance, and potential effects on online gaming. Every online gamer has fantasized about the ideal gaming Setup. 

Starlink’s speed and idleness are great for loads of online gaming situations, yet the consistency has its unpleasant vibes. Satellite Internet presents a few major difficulties to internet gaming. 

However real download speeds have close to nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, in the present article, we will talk about which games are the best to play with Starlink Internet. Learn more about Starlink’s technology, if you haven’t yet. 

Which are the best games to play with Starlink Internet?

  • Standard single-player games, for example, Cyberpunk 2077 and Hired gunman 3, work with no issues after downloading. Given that downloading the game is the only real online feature dependent on Starlink, this is to be expected. You can even play the game offline once the game is installed. Therefore, the quality of your internet connection has less impact on this situation. 
  • Online games are something else entirely. In team shooters like Rainbow Six and Valorant. You won’t have any trouble jumping into a mission with Siege. You won’t have any trouble playing most game sessions if you simply enter a lobby and join a match. You won’t experience any significant lag during these sessions, and the gameplay is smooth. 
  • In free-for-all combat games like Fortnite, the same holds. There’s no group-based power making lag an issue for different players. Your ability to move quickly without being hindered by a poor connection is still essential to your survival. Even though we may not be very good at the game ourselves, our Starlink internet speeds generally have nothing to do with it. 
  • Despite not having heart-pounding combat or headshots without a scope, Rocket League is still fun and fast-paced. While the kill-or-be-killed FPS genre is more intense, the madcap vehicular soccer games are more casual. However, a quick connection is just as important. 
  • Real games like Fifa, Pubg, COD, and Chorus are available. The frame rates won’t be too bad at any point. There won’t be any noticeable lag or other bugs. You might experience one unanticipated disconnect, which can result in a problem. On the other hand, you won’t have any issues playing games in 1080p that are streamed from the cloud at 120 Hz. Check for starlink firmware updates from here, for keeping a high gaming speed. 


Sadly, Starlink is not ideal for real-time multiplayer games, particularly if the ping is a significant issue. Thus, you’d be in a better position to match Starlink’s high download speeds with a DSL line if you can avail one. Naturally, if you can get fiber or cable, you should usually go with that option.

Each game is affected differently. Starlink is a lot cheaper than other satellite internet providers. Its ping and jitter aren’t much of an issue for games that don’t require a lot of latency. If you found this article helpful, you can buy me a coffee here

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