TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200

The TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 is a wireless MU-MIMO gigabit router that is designed to furnish the WiFi signal all over your home and offices with four outer high gain antennas. It delivers a boundless throughout of 1200 Mbps to support the advanced WiFi standards of 802.11ac. It transfers data to many devices for more brisk internet throughout by intelligently switching the connection. Stream HD video and games on the go sans experience any buffer. It is not limited to a WiFi box, configured as per your need to operate as an access point and repeater. It is straightforward to install and set up with the WPS button and Tether app. For the detailed setup guide, go after this simple info.

TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Installation Guide

Unpack your TP-Link device and bring out the device and all other add-ons such as the TP-Link Archer C6 manual, network cords, and powerline adapter. Put all these add-ons in a water-repellent spot. Next, deem the manual carefully to know the safety tips before heading for the installation.

Step 1: Connect Hardware to the TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router (Archer C6)

Before going ahead with setup, you have to do hardware installation of the TP-Link Archer C6 WiFi box(router) first. These are the info you have to go after.
Shut off your internet modem from the electrical jack for around 30 seconds. If you have a modem that is operated by a battery, then remove it too for the same period. Join the powered OFF internet modem to the Archer C6 WAN jack utilizing the network wire. Make use of the electrical jack button to turn on your internet modem. Stay for a while for around 120 seconds. Make use of a powerline adapter to join the WiFi box and the electric jack, to power it ON. Once done, inspect if the PWR LED is solid. This concludes the hardware installation. Now you are good to go for the setup.

Step 2: TP-Link Archer C6 Setup

As a TP-LInk Archer C6 has the ability to operate as a router and access point too, you can configure it per your requirement. For the router setup, there are two methods. The first one is the Tether app and the next is a web browser. Both are easy and consumes 5 to 10 minutes to conclude.

Method 1: Straightforward Steps for TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Setup with Tether App

To set up the TP-LInk WiFi box by use of the Tether app, obey the steps stated below.

  • Chase the WLAN settings on your digital phone to connect the WiFi box wirelessly. On the WLAN settings, join the TP-LInk network. The network name is labeled on the backside of the C6 router.
  • The TP-Link Archer C6 router supports the Tether app. For the TP-LInk Tether app download, go to your mobile application store and install it. In spite of the store, you can scan the QR code as labeled in the TP-Link user manual to download.
  • Open the Tether app and do the TP-Link account login. If you do not have a TP-Link account, register it by filling in the username and passphrase.
  • Once you get into the app, discover the + symbol on the top flank. Next select router and then Archer C6 in the wireless router tab.
  • Go after the screen prompts to conclude the setup and establish the internet connection.
Method 2: TP-Link Archer C6 Quick Setup with a Web Browser

To set up the TP-LInk Gigabit router by use of the web crawler, obey the steps stated below.

  • Chase the WLAN settings on your digital laptop to connect the WiFi box wirelessly. On the WLAN settings, join the TP-LInk network. The network name is labeled on the backside of the C6 router. In spite of wireless, you can create wired too. For that, you require a laptop with a network jack and ethernet wire. Attach the laptop and the WiFi box to the network jack utilizing the ethernet wire.
  • On the PC web crawler. Typify the TP-LInk Archer C6 default IP address in the hunt section. On the other hand, you can also typify the web address
  • Now generate a fresh TP-LInk Archer C6 password to continue. Once done, go after the screen info to conclude the setup.

TP-Link Archer C6 Access Point Mode Setup

As it is a multi mode device, you can operate as an access point too. To operate, you have to swap the device to the access point mode. As an Archer C6 is going to operate as an access point, therefore, you need an additional WiFi box. Obey the given steps as stated below to set up an access point.

  • Turn ON your prevalent WiFi box. Attach the ethernet cord to join the prevalent WiFi box and the TP-Link C6.
  • On your laptop, connect with the WiFi box using the wired or wirelessly as stated above.
  • On the PC web crawler. typify the TP-LInk web address Next, generate a fresh passphrase to do TP-LInk Archer C6 login.
  • Once logged in, head to the advanced tab. Later, pick up the operational mode and switch to the Access Point mode.
  • The TP-LInk C6 will boot up and the login page manifests on the laptop. Do the TP-LInk router login and go after the quick setup to conclude the process.

TP-Link Archer C6 Firmware Update

Updating the firmware will fix issues and bugs in your WiFi box. Obey the given steps for the firmware upgrade.

  • Firstly, you have to do a TP-LInk Archer C6 AC1200 firmware download by visiting the TP-Link page Typify the model number as Archer C6 to download the file compatible with your laptop.
  • Once done, do the TP-LInk Archer C6 login by visiting Typify the default passphrase and username.
  • Once you authenticate the login, move to the advanced tab. Next, hit the system tools section and later, firmware upgrade.
  • Inspect the TP-LInk Archer C6 specifications side. Get sure you have a firmware file congruent with the hardware version. For example, if you are using an Archer V2 router, then download TP-LInk Archer C6 v2.0 firmware.
  • On the manual upgrade section, chit browse and upload the firmware file. Hit the upgrade symbol.
  • Stay calm and remain until the update concludes and the WiFi box will boot up. During all the firmware period, evde leaving the firmware at midway. It will stuck the firmware and cause issues.

Tips and Tricks for TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Troubleshooting

These troubleshooting tips and tricks will help you to get out of the issues you are encountering with the Archer C6.

  • The TP-LInk Archer C6 not working, then inspect all the cords connection with your PC and the internet modem, Get sure all the devices such as the laptop, Archer C6 WiFi box, and internet modem are getting enough electric current. The powerline adapter should be firmly fixed to the electrical jack.
  • If the TP-LInk Archer C6 no internet connection, do the login and inspect the internet status. Try to surf another website to get assured. Do the firmware update as stated above. Still, no internet, call your ISP and ask whether they are furnishing the internet speed plan you have purchased.
  • TP-LInk Archer C6 wifi not working? Get sure you are connected with the SSID network as mentioned in the label. Typify the password you have set up without any space. Probe that the WiFi device you are employing is congruent to connection with the WiFi channel of your WiFi box. Otherwise, switch the channel.
  • If you are encountering the TP-LInk Archer C6 speed problem while using a WiFi connection, then point your WiFi box’s proximity to the WiFi enabled device. Evade interferences such as thick concrete walls, glasses, electric gadgets, etc. Utilize the network wire instead of the wireless connection.
  • The TP-LInk router lights not working due to an improper power supply. Inspect the physical connection as stated above. If it does not work, then do the TP-LInk Archer C6 factory reset using a stick or identical tool to push into the reset gap for approximately 10 seconds.

TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Review

The TP-Link gigabit router with Archer A6 model is designed for budget users. The affordable pricing will definitely attract users to buy. It is effortless to install and set up with an app and web browser. It supports MU-MIMO technology that furnishes a more brisk internet. The performance of the 5 GHz channel is solid. But the 2.4 GHz channel is average. The one disadvantage of the device is that it comes with non removable antennas. But it is not a great issue as all the features are eye catching at this price. Highly recommended.