TP-Link Archer C80 Router

Are you peeking for the quintessential WiFi networking device for your absolute home? If yes, then there is no superior device to the TP-Link Archer C80 router. It delivers brisk WiFi speed 1300 Mbps in the 5GHz and simultaneously 600 Mbps in the 2.4GHz network. This router consists of 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology and combines speeds of up to 1900 Mbps. As well, the tp-link archer c80 wifi 6 router complies with Beamforming technology that boosted Wi-Fi network coverage. In addition, this technology delivers a robust wireless connection in every nook of your complete home. The Wi-Fi network performance of this dual-band router is maximized because the 3×3 MIMO is more compatible.

Furthermore, to get the maximum network coverage and snappy Wi-Fi speed, you have to do a setup of a C80 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router. If you are wondering how to setup tp link archer c80, then don’t think too much. I will give you some best steps to set up your Wi-Fi router.

Installation steps of TP-Link Archer C80 Router

Do you want to set up your TP-Link C80 router? For that, you have to install the archer c80 dual-band router. To install the router, look at a glance in the below steps.

Position your tp link archer c80 router

Prior to installing the archer C80 MU-MIMO router, you must decide the position.

  • The TP-Link C80 dual-band router should not be suited in a spot where it will be exposed to excessive heat or moisture.
  • You should spot the router in a locale where multiple devices can be united as well as the power supply.
  • Place your tp-link archer c80 mesh router on a table or desktop.
  • Keep away your archer MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router from such devices as cordless phones, microwaves, refrigerators, Bluetooth devices, and other heating appliances.
Connect your router

After deciding the position of your router, you have to connect with the internet modem to maximize the tp link archer c80 wifi range.

  • First and foremost, you have to shut off your internet modem & disjoin from the surge protector or AC joint.
  • Next, you have to link the WAN or Internet jack of the archer C80 to the WAN jack of the Internet modem. To link these two jacks, you can put the ends of the Ethernet cord.
  • Thereafter, you have to unite the power adapter to the archer router’s power jack and surge protector/wall power socket.
  • Also, combine the power cord to the internet modem & thumb down the power switch.
  • In addition, link your PC/Laptop to the C80 dual-band mesh router.
  • For this, you can employ Wired, Wireless, or tp link archer c80 wps button connectivity.
  • As well, push the power switch of the Archer C80 router up until the PWR LED remains solid.

Congratulations! The tp-link archer c80 installation steps are successfully finished.

Steps to certify the TP-Link Archer C80 router login page

You have to log in to do the tp link archer c80 router setup. Let us know how to certify the login page and log in.

  • First of all, confirm that your PC is joined to the C80 router’s network. If not then you have to join by putting the ethernet cable into the LAN jack.
  • Next, you have to cull and open a search engine of your choice.
  • Along with this, it is also to be reviewed that the version of this search engine is updated.
  • You have to typify the web address in the address bar of the search engine meticulously otherwise the login page will not be certified.
  • From, the tp-link archer c80 login page is instantly certified.
  • Afterward, you have to form a tp link archer c80 local password for secure management objectives.
  • To conclude the login process, you have to hit the Let’s Get Started tab to log in.

And that’s it! The tp link archer c80 login steps with the login web address are ended.

Get the tp-link archer c80 ac1900 setup steps

After certifying the login page, you can smoothly do the tp-link archer c80 settings without any hassle.

  • Basically, navigate or 192.168. 0.1, and log in with the administration password.
  • Next, follow the step-by-step complete instruction to accomplish the archer c80 setup.
  • You have to pick the time zone in the presented time zone list.
  • Subsequently, you have to click the wireless setting tab and then this setting will be open.
  • In the wireless setting, you have to examine the status of 2.4GHz or 5 GHz networks and toggle the status of one network.
  • Next, you can also toggle the WEP/WPA2 security function for security objectives.
  • Also, pick the exquisite internet connection type and Wi-Fi channel.
  • To complete the tp-link archer c80 setup, hit the finish tab.

Thus, the setup of the TP-Link Archer C80 wireless MU-MIMO router is concluded.

TP-Link Archer C80 AC1900 manual

The TP-Link Archer C80 dual-band gigabit router provides incredible Wi-Fi speed in each & every nook of your smart home. Before using the router, you should deem tp-link archer c80 specs. If you are also probing for the router’s specs then you can handily find out by using the user manual.
Just open the tp link archer c80 manual and glance at the specs. In the user manual, you will get the information relevant to the archer c80 Wi-Fi router.

Quick setup of TP-Link Archer C80 WiFi 6 router via Tether App

You can also set up the Archer C80 router quickly and readily utilizing the tether app. Let’s begin the setup with the tp-link tether app.

  • Firstly, you have to tap the Apple App Store or Google Play Store icon on your phone.
  • Next, you have to typify TP-Link Tether and search the app. As well, ingeniously scan the QR code to install & download the Tether app.
  • You have to connect your phone to the archer c80 network with the tp link archer c80 password.
  • Later, you have to launch the TP-Link Tether app and unearth the + tab.
  • Just tap the + tab and hit your router’s modem number to add the tp-link archer c80 ac1900 dual band wireless router into the app.
  • To finish the setup process with the Tether app, just follow the on-screen instructions.

How to configure the TP-Link Archer C80 router in different modes?

Pursue the below-given steps, to configure the tp-link archer c80 access point mode in a quick way.

    • Essentially, you have to log in by typifying the tp-link archer c80 ip address into the web crawler.
    • Next, you have to click the Advanced setting, and then this setting will be open.
    • You will glimpse the operational mode interface.
    • To configure the access point, you have to toggle the access point mode.
    • To configure the tp-link archer c80 repeater mode, toggle the repeater mode.

To end the configuration process, hit the Save button.

Thus, the tp link archer c80 configuration steps are entirely completed.

Troubleshooting steps for TP-Link Archer C80 wireless router

To resolve the bugs and faults of the Archer C80 wireless MU-MIMO router, you can try the below-given troubleshooting steps.

Restart the Archer C80 router

If you are anxious about tp link archer c80 no internet problem, then we suggest you restart the router.

  • Initially, you have to shut off the archer C80 router’s power button and also the internet modem.
  • Next, you have to disjoin the power cord into the power jack or surge protector/power circuit for a couple of minutes.
  • Afterward, you have joined the power cord and switched ON the power back.
Change the login password

You can also rectify the tp-link problem by changing the login password.

  • To change the password, navigate the login & completely log in to your router.
  • Next, click the Advanced settings and discover the System Tools tab.
  • Afterward, click the Administration & concentrate on the Change password tab.
  • Now, typify the tp-link archer c80 default password, then the new password in their respective section.
  • In the end, hit the Save tab.
Probe the connection

Due to a wrong or faulty connection, the tp-link router not turning on problem happens.

  • First of all, you have to examine the status of the archer C80 router’s power button.
  • Next, you need to probe that the power cord that is joined to the power jack of the router is not damaged.
  • If the cable is damaged, replace it and ON the power button. not working

If you explore the solution for not working issue, check below steps.

  • Essentially, you have to examine the search engine version. If the version is outdated, then you must update it.
  • You have to confirm, typify the web address on the address section instead of the browser’s search section.
  • Try to access the login admin panel with 192.168. 0.1.
Reset the Archer C80 router

To do tp link archer c80 reset, just observe the steps given below.

  1. First of all, you have to switch the TP-Link Archer C80 dual-band router.
  2. Next, unearth the router’s power button. As well, this button is on the rear of the Archer C80 router
  3. For a few seconds, hold this button with a pin ejector.
  4. Afterward, all LEDs shut off and the router will reboot.

TP-Link Archer C80 router firmware update steps

To rectify the orange LED lights issue, you have to update the tp link archer c80 firmware to its latest version.

  • Fundamentally, you have to reach on the TP-Link official website, search & download the recent firmware file.
  • You have to log in to your archer c80 router into the internet browser.
  • Now, visit the Advanced setting and click the system tools option.
  • Under the System Tools section, unearth and click the Firmware upgrade.
  • Presently, upload the recent firmware and wait up until the file is completely uploaded.
  • Eventually, hit the upgrade tab.

TP-Link Archer C80 dual-band review

In my point of view, the tp-link archer c80 review is better than the other routers brand’s review. Because it complies with a dual-band network that provides brisk Wi-Fi speed in the whole home. With the dual-band, you can handily take the experiment up to AC1200 speed. Moreover, the high-power four external antennas are built-in which is more outstanding for seamless & smooth network coverage. Multiple devices seamlessly stream the 4K videos with the tp-link archer c80 ac1900 mbps router. The setup of this Wi-Fi router is effortless with the login web address or tether app. Thus, the TP-Link Archer C80 WiFi router is the best and tremendous for your whole home.