Tp-link EAP660 access point

The Tp-link EAP660 access point is a device that provides the network range to your wifi devices. Moreover, it provides wide network connectivity to your offices, buildings and connects so many devices simultaneously. With the help of wifi 6 technology it boosts up the signal range and it uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz band frequencies. You can connect your computer, laptops, and mobile phones at the same time. It consists IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/g/b/a wireless standard.

The Tp-link access point gives the facility of the Omada app. Through this app, you can monitor and control the activities of your connected devices and change the configuration.
You can mount the access point on the ceiling or wall. Its internal Omni antennas provide 2.4GHz: 4× 4 dBi, 5 GHz: 4× 5 dBi. It provides robust speed with 8 spatial streams. Moreover, it secures your guest network and uses the 2.5 GE PoE+ Port that maximizes its wired performance.

Safety Instructions prior to the installation

These are the safety Instructions that we will explain in the following points that should obey during the installation of your Tp-link EAP660 access point:

  • You should keep away your access point from the water, fire, and hot environment.
  • Do not use the faulty charger with your access point device.
  • During the need of the service or repair of the access point, you should not repair it itself. Meanwhile, contact for technical support.

The above-mentioned are the foremost important guidelines that you must follow.

Tp-link AX3600 hardware installation

Do you want to know its installation process? Now we will tell you the step-by-step installation process of the access point. You can mount it on the wall or ceiling.

Wall mounting

Now, we will explain its wall mounting steps in the following steps:

  • First of all, unbox the Tp-link access point and assemble its all hardware accessories.
  • Insert the plastic anchors into the holes on the wall.
  • T

  • hen, mount your access point on the wall.
  • Then, connect it to the router, modem, or switch through an ethernet cable.
Ceiling mounting

If you want to mount your access point on the ceiling. Now, we will tell in the following points:

  • Firstly, remove the ceiling tile.
  • Then, place the mounting bracket in between the ceiling tile. Along with that, drill holes for the screws and ethernet cable.
  • After that attach the access point, screws, and bolts with the mounting bracket and rotate it until it fixes into its correct place.

These are the hardware installation process of the access point.

Software configuration

There is a requirement of the DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server to provide the internet protocol(IP) address to your access point and your connected devices. If you want to configure and manage the access point singly then you should go with the Standalone mode. While if you want to set up and manage the access point in batch, then go with the controller mode. The full-fledged information about it will receive here.

Tp-link EAP660 access point setup

There are two methods to set up the Tp-link access point (1) Standalone mode (2) Controller mode

Standalone mode
  • Firstly, download the Tp-link Omada app from the google play store.
  • Then, create your account and fill in your personal details.
  • After that, connect your smartphone with the access point by default SSID.
  • Navigate to this app and wait until the EAP will appear on the standalone page.
  • Click on the EAP for configure.

If you want to configure advanced settings, then you should go with the controller mode.

Controller mode

The controller mode is used for large-scale networks with many devices. You can monitor all your devices through Omada Software Controller, Omada Hardware Controller, or Omada
Cloud-Based Controller. These are the following steps:

  • Download the Omada Software Controller on your computer.
  • Then, create your account and follow the steps according to your convenience.
  • Then, enter the username and password for login.
  • Then you can configure the network.

LED lights status

The Tp-link access point LED lights indicates the different status that we will explain in the following points:

  • On- If your access point is working, then the LED light will be on.
  • Off- The LED will turn off when it has some issue or turn off the power supply.
  • Blink quickly- The LED will blink quickly during the reset process.

Power port

The Tp-link access point uses the 12V 2A power port

Power supply

You can connect your access point through a POE switch or power adapter.

Omada SDN with Flexible Management and Cloud Access

Tp-link Omeda SDN( software-defined networking) is a business network system that connects your computers, laptops, and other business devices. It manages your entire network and device network. SDN(software-defined networking) manages your entire network to enhance the performance of your existing network. Moreover, the Tp-link access point gives free cloud services that connect you and your Omeda controller. So, you can easily monitor and control your network on your mobile phone at any time.

Tp-link EAP660 access point not working

Is your access point also not working? Sometimes an access point does not work properly due to multifarious reasons like it does not properly connect to the internet, the firmware of the Tp-link access point might be obsolete. To resolve this issue, you should follow these troubleshooting points here.

Troubleshooting tips

Now we will explain the troubleshooting tips to rectify the above-mentioned issue. These are the significant troubleshooting key points that we have explained.

Check the internet connection

Firstly make sure, whether the internet connection is connected or not. Infrequently, due to the improper internet connection, your access point does not work. Therefore, contact your ISP(internet service provider) which is 24×7 available for technical support.

Update the outdated version of the firmware

Firstly, check out the firmware of the Tp-link access point. If the firmware of the access point is obsolete. Then, you should update the outdated version of the firmware.

Improper setup of the access point

The improper setup of your Tp-link EAP660 access point would be a reason for its not working. Hence, you should set it up again for the proper working of your access point.

Improper wiring connection

The improper wiring connection of the access point is also a reason of its not working. Therefore, you should make your wiring connection proper.

These are the significant troubleshooting key points that we have explained.

Tp-link EAP660 access point reset

Reset is the last and foremost important troubleshooting point to resolve any major issue in your access point. Now, we will explain its reset process in the following points:

  • Initially, locate the reset button of the Tp-link access point that is placed on the backside.
  • Then, press the reset button with the help of a pin or sharp object and hold it at least for a few seconds.
  • Now, release the reset button.
  • Finally, your reset process has completed and you can see this.

The above-mentioned points will definitely sort out all your major issues regarding the Tp-link access point.

Tp-link access point review

The Tp-link EAP660 access point provides the uninterrupted network range to your computer, laptop, and mobile phone. Moreover, it provides a wide range of network connectivity so you enjoy it in your offices, building, and on different floors. It uses the 2.5Gbps ethernet port that boosts up the internet speed. If your router does not provide a wide network range, therefore an access point is the best option for connecting the signal range in far-flung areas. While access point provides the network range through a wireless medium to many devices simultaneously. If you have any queries regarding the access point, hence you should read the manual guide.


Question: Does the Tp-link access point use tri-band technology?

Answer: No, it uses dual-band technology.

Question: Can I connect the Tp-link access point with any router?

Answer: Yes, you can connect it with any router.

Question: Does the Tp-link EAP660 access point have a reset button?

Answer: Yes, the Tp-link access point has a reset button.

Question: Does it come with a power adapter?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a power adapter and charger. You can connect the power adapter to supply the power to the Tp-link access point.

Question: How do I reset the EAP660 access point?

Answer: 1. Go to the web browser with the help of a computer.
2. Enter the IP address of the access point.
3. Then, type the admin name and password for login.
4. After that, go to the menu and select the reset icon and click on it.

Question: How can I manage and control the access point configuration?

Answer: You can manage and control its configuration setting through the Tp-link Omeda app.