Tp-link RE315 extender

The Tp-link RE315 extender boosts up the existing wifi network range. It eliminates the dead zones from your network and provides robust and seamless connectivity. Moreover, it has dual-band technology that uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Further, it transmits data at 1200 megabits per second and provides a network range up to 1500 square feet. While its adaptive path selection makes your router’s network connection faster and stronger. With the help of the Tp-link extender uninterrupted network range, you can stream videos, games, and multitask simultaneously.

If you want to enjoy its network with a mobile phone, then you should install the Tp-link Tether app. Moreover, its installation and setup process takes a few minutes. The most important thing that should be kept in mind is that the tp-link extender should be placed near the router. When the location of the router and your extender is far away, the red light will start to blink on the Tp-link ac1200. The compact size of your Tp-link extender can be effortlessly adjusted anywhere. If you face any signal issue, change the direction of your extender’s antennas. So, it gives the best signal range to your connected devices.

Tp-link RE315 wifi extender setup

Now, we will explain in the following steps how to set up your Tp-link extender:

Plug your extender

First of all, unbox your Tp-link extender and assemble its accessories.

  • The first and foremost step is to plug it into the electric socket.
  • Then, wait until the power LED light of the extender turns on.
  • The location of your extender should be near to the router, so the network range could be easily transferred.
Connect your Tp-link repeater

The next step is to connect your mesh wifi extender with the help of a mobile phone, computer through a web browser or Tp-link Tether app that we will explain here:

Download the Tp-link Tether app
  • If you want to connect your extender’s network through your mobile phone. Firstly, download the Tp-link Tether app from the google play store.
  • After downloading this app on your mobile phone. Create your account and enter your important details.
  • Further, on this Tether app, tap on the right corner and select range extender from the add icon.
  • Afterward, follow the instructions according to your convenience.
  • Then, connect its network from the wifi setting and enjoy its vigorous range.
  • Then, shift your extender within the network range of your router to enhance the wifi coverage and better performance.
Use a Web browser

You can also connect your computer, laptop with the Tp-link RE315 extender through a web browser. Follow these mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, if you want to connect your computer or laptop with your wireless extender. Go to the wifi setting and select the Tp-link network from the list of networks.
    • Navigate to the web browser on your device.
    • Then, type in the address bar.
    • After that, type the username and default password of your Tp-link extender for login.
    • Further, an administration window will appear.
    • Now, you can change your extender’s features.

    That’s all the above points that you must adhere.

    Wifi protected setup

    If you connect your Tp-link extender through WPS pairing, then the below-mentioned points will guide you how to connect the extender through it:

    • First of all, make sure your Tp-link RE315 extender is properly connected to your router.
    • Then, press the WPS(wifi protected setup) button of your router.
    • After a few minutes, press the WPS(wifi protected setup) button of your tp-link repeater.
    • Further, the LED light starts to blink, which indicates it is ready to connect.

    These are the important steps of WPS pairing.

    Tp-link extender LED lights

    The LED light on the Tp-link RE315 extender indicates different status that we will elaborate:

    • Power LED- (i)If the power LED starts blinking, it indicates that the firmware is being updated. (ii) Solid white light shows that your extender is connected to the router. (iii) The power LED off, indicates that your extender is off.
    • Signal LED- (i) If it shows red light, it means your extender is suffering poor signal strength. (ii) if it blinks, it indicates that the process of WPS has started.

    Tp-link extender password not working

    Sometimes, your Tp-link login page does not accept the password. The reason for it not working is that you have entered the wrong password or forgotten it. Therefore, follow these step-by-step points to solve this issue:

    • Firstly, open the web browser on your computer or laptop.
    • Then, type the internet protocol address of the Tp-link extender in the address bar.
    • After that, type the username and click on the forget password option.
    • Further, type your new password and again to confirm it.
    • Click on the Save button.
    • Now, your new password is ready and you can enter it. Meanwhile, you can log in to the administration page of your tp-link extender.

    Tp-link RE315 repeater not working

    Infrequently, the Tp-link repeater does not work due to its outdated firmware, improper setup, and faulty power adapter of the extender. We will tell you its troubleshooting resolving tips.

    1. Update firmware of the Tp-link extender

    Infrequently, due to the outdated firmware of your extender, it does not work properly. Therefore, you should upgrade the outdated version of the firmware. These are the following steps that will tell you how to update the firmware:

    • Initially, ensure that your computer or laptop is connected to the Tp-link repeater. Then, navigate to the web browser and type the internet protocol address in the address of your repeater.
    • After that, enter a username and the default password for login.
      Further, an administration page will open.
    • Go to the system tools and select the firmware update option.
    • The updating process will start.
    • Now, after a while, your extender will update.
    2. Check the setup of your extender

    The improper setup of your wireless extender creates a problem. Therefore, you should again set up your Tp-link extender.

    3. Change the faulty power adapter

    The main reason of your Tp-link extender does not work, due to its faulty power adapter. Hence, change your faulty power adapter to efficiently work on your repeater.

    Backup and restore

    If you want to backup your existing files and restore it, therefore you must obey these mentioned below points:

    • First of all, navigate to the Tp-link extender website or IP address.
    • Enter an admin name and default password.
    • Then, go to the setting and select the system tool icon.
    • Click on the backup and restore.

    Check the status of your Connected devices

    Do you want to check out the status of your connected devices with your Tp-link RE315 extender? Follow these significant steps to view the current status of your dual band wifi extender:

    • As we discussed earlier, go to the web browser and type the internet protocol address of the Tp-link extender.
    • Type the username and default password.
    • Then, tap on the menu.
    • Select on the setting and from it click on the connected devices.
    • Now, you can see the status of your connected devices with the Tp-link repeater.

    Change the Tp-link extender name

    These are the steps that will tell you its full details:

    • With the help of your computer, laptop that is connected to your extender. Launch the web browser and type the IP address of your extender in the address bar.
    • Furthermore, enter the admin name and password for login.
    • Then, go to the setting.
    • Find the wireless setting and click on it.
    • Then a page will open, scroll down this page and click on the IP address.
    • Type the name in the device name field.
    • Click on the Save icon.

    Tp-link RE315 extender reset

    If you face any major issue in the Tp-link extender, therefore reset is one of the troubleshooting tips that will resolve your problem. You can reset your wifi repeater by two methods: (1).Through Reset button (2). Login. Now we will explain the step by step process of reset in the following manner:

    Press the reset button
    • Initially, locate the reset button of the Tp-link extender.
    • Press it through a sharp object, or pin and hold it for at least 10-15 seconds.
    • Then, release the reset button of your extender.
    • Now, the reset process has been completed.
    Reset through login

    You can also reset through the login to the website of the Tp-link extender. Follow these mentioned steps:

    • Go to the web browser and type the IP address of the repeater.
    • Then, enter a username and the default password for login.
    • Afterward, go to the settings and select the reset button.
    • Now, the reset process will start.


    The Tp-link RE315 extender provides a strong network to your connected devices. You can enjoy its uninterrupted network range at your home, offices, etc. It consumes 9.5W power and secures your confidential data with the help of the 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA-PSK2/WPA2-PSK2 encryptions. Moreover, 3.5×1.4×4.9 in. (89×35.0×124.1 mm) are its dimensions. The best quality of the Tp-link extender is that it works with any wifi router. If you have any doubts, you should read its manual that gives every little information about the Tp-link repeater.