TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter

The powerline adapter is manufactured by the “TRENDnet Co. Ltd” company in China. The TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter (Item Model Number- TPL-423E2K) got launched in February 2018, in a single-colour variant that is “White”. Apart from that, you can buy it from (ASIN- B07B5BTKS3) at a price of 69.22 US dollars. TRENDnet has many offline stores as well, from where you can view the product live before purchasing it.

The brand offers a limited warranty of 3 Years on the whole item, so if anything happens to it physically the company will take care of it without any extra charge. Additionally, the customers who bought this unit gave their remarks in the form of ratings (3.9 stars out of 5). Due to this, they also received a ranking of #82 in the Powerline Computer Network Adapters Departments across the continents. Anyways, to know more about the device, take a look at their official website

Structural design of Trendnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapters.

The adapters weigh around 1 pound each and have a 4.73 * 2.4 * 2.6 inches dimension structure. The white body panel is made up of premium quality plastic which is very durable and can withstand falling on the ground from small heights. The power prong is designed at the back for active power charge supply, the prong setup will be different depending upon the based country. Besides that, the “TRENDnet” branding is done on the front below the built-in powerline outlet.

3 LED indicators are constructed too for showcasing “Power”, “Ethernet” and “Powerline” ongoing connectivity. The blink the colours “Green”, “Amber” and “Red” to indicate the current status. Lastly, the “Sync” and “Reset” button stays beside the Gigabit LAN port at the bottom of the gadget to plug in the wires. An air vent is also created at the side for hot air to pass out and cool air to enter the system. For extra quarries, contact the company people by calling them at 1-866-520-2348 and they will assist you further.

Unboxing the TPL 1300 Adapters by TRENDnet.

The shipping and import charges are more than the original cost of the device, although it totally depends upon your pinned location. TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter arrive in a single week, the package is dropped off by the nearest warehouse facility in a proper manner. Tearing up the black box, you will see the 2 main powerline adapters are kept side by side. Besides that, stays 2 Network cables (5 feet long yellow Ethernet cables) and an installation guide. A CD is also provided with the package, that helps in utility usage, you can run the file and grasp help directly from viewing the content. Nonetheless, if anything other than this is missing from the package, contact Amazon customer service immediately and inform them about the fraud.

Installing the TRENDnet TPL-423E2K powerline adapters.

  • After unfolding the package, connect the Homeplug adapter to a stable power connection nearby the main router or modem. Attach the Ethernet cable to the AV adapter at one end and the router on the other. Now, repeat the same with another TPL adapter but this time connect the cable to a laptop or a desktop. Note: The Ethernet LED will blink once, the powerline gains charge.
  • Tap the Sync button on the TPL- 423E2K and hold it for 5 seconds on the Internet connection. Repeat the same for the external connection and the Powerline LED will blink, once the sync is successful. A solid red colour will be displayed, once the connection is confirmed on both ends.
  • To generate a new encryption key, tap and hold onto the Sync button for 10 seconds. Once the key is generated, all LEDs will turn off and on immediately. If you have other AV adapters, press the sync button on them too for 5 seconds and the Power LEDs will constantly blink indicating a response.
  • The Power LEDs will display an amber or green colour indicating a good or strong connection depending on your local congested area. The connection is successful and with this, the procedure comes to an end. You can now start your destined work from here onwards.

Features of TPL- 423E AV adapters.

  • The Trendnet adapter consists of an Ethernet hardware interface that delivers up to 1300Mbps of high-speed data service through the Gigabit port. The built-in electrical outlet supplies power to other devices, even in a power cut situation. With this speed, you can get a stable, ultra-fast network on your connected device.
  • The Multiple Input Multiple Output technologies mixed with Beamforming tech-enhanced performance between both the powerline adapters. The ground wire extensions are neutral in nature and are cross-compatible too. They can attach with any powerline adapter ranging from 200 to 1200 network speed.
  • High-tech security protection is given, 128-bit AES encryption is integrated which sustains the device from getting hacked easily as well. They even use a noise filter that minimizes interference of other local networks and delivers a smooth user experience.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

What are the safety precautions that are needed to be maintained on the TPL adaptors?

Instead of the use of an electric strip, plug withinside the AV adaptors withinside the fundamental electricity outlet (switchboard), because the extensions can also add purpose poor overall performance at the powerline connectivity. The mainboard connection materials have a mile higher capability and connectivity aside from the electricity extension board, which degrades and blocks electricity line signals. Sometimes the use of 2 adapters to sync collectively with the network, creates issues (consisting of a longtime reference to the powerline network). To keep away from such hindrances, permit one adapter to sync at a time. Steer clean from putting the mini adapters in warmer regions and close to GFI/ AFCI electric circuits, as they result in detrimental of product permanently. Flashy lights can also add as nicely harm the powerline connectivity interference.

How to update firmware on the TPL- 423E AV adapter?

To redesign the firmware on the TPL, ensure you have associated your PC straightforwardly with your little connector’s Ethernet port through the Ethernet links. Start the powerline utility application and go to “Advanced Settings”. Snap “Update Firmware” to start the cycle (gadget secret word isn’t required for firmware redesign). On a beginning note, check the firmware update accessibility on the authority site of the TRENDnet brand, essentially by contributing your model subtleties. In the case of something is accessible, download the compressed document and run the product on your gadget (Note: The links should remain associated with the gadget during the update system). Extra: The update ought to be manual as the programmed update is inaccessible in this series.

How to reset, restart the TPL nano AV adapters?

To invigorate the gadget, turn off the gadget for a short way from its association board and let it rest. This revives the framework and clears all garbage records that decipher the association. By and by, you can reset the TPL-423E2K powerline connector by going to “Advanced Settings”. Select “Reset Device” in the “Factory Default” choices to return it to its default settings. This equivalent cycle is likewise used to restart the gadget by choosing the “Reset Device” button in the “Local Device” alternative. Keep in mind, resetting the gadget completely will clear the entirety of its memory and you would have to modify it back again all along.

How to solve the TPL powerline nano adapters connectivity trouble?

Typically, subsequent to changing the default encryption key (HomePlugAV) utilizing the powerline utility application programming, the conservative connectors show associating issues. Thus, you might have to wind down the connector sit tight for 20 to 30 seconds, and afterwards betray for it to reconnect. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, you might evaluate the second interaction which is to restart or reset them. You can genuinely reset it by utilizing a little pin to press and hold the connection button for 15 seconds on every connector. The reset is finished as the force LED winds down and on all the while consistently (the settings are reestablished to default).

How to utilize the Sync button given on the Trendnet powerline adapters?

You can utilize the physical “Sync” button, present on the powerline connector’s base for changing the default encryption key. The catch changes the default encryption key to another irregular encryption key. This cycle can just occur if the TPL connector is introduced and associated with the organization just as to the primary electrical plugs. The Sync button additionally helps in associating both the AV connectors together and other powerline utilities also. It’s the best way to physically append the association after a separation or full reset. Extra: You can also create a personalized encryption key by visiting the utility software. Type “HomePlugAV” under the “Private network name” and click “Set remote devices”. Tap “ok” once the verification completes, the message regarding the same will be shared over the screen too.

What’s the procedure for using the Powerline Utility Software?

Start by downloading the TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter utility application from the authority site (Product Page > Download Section). You need to introduce the compress record by following on-screen orders. Your neighbourhood gadget will be shown on the screen in the PCL organization (whenever associated prior), just as the distant gadget joined the organization. You can “Rename” the connector, “Change Password”, “Add Device” and “Scan” other powerline connectors, on the off chance that you wish. Give the default encryption key (if not changed) in the gadget settings alternatives.
Leave the organization alone set on the default public organization for the nearby gadget to access it. Additionally, set the “All Devices” choice which changes the encryption key for other powerline connectors to associate in the powerline network. Handle a look at your framework data, gadget history on the off chance that you need to erase, save or print the reports.

What’s the process of adding the TRENDnet adapter TPL- 423E2K to the powerline utility software?

Start the powerline utility application and go to the “Main Window”, hang tight for a couple of moments, until the programmed examine wraps up. If the AV connector is now arranged and introduced, it springs up on the “Remote Device List”. Pick the TPL-423E connector, click “Enter Password”, type in the DPW (that is WCEE – ZZ4C – WVJJ – ZRD6 as a matter of course) lastly click “ok”. After the secret phrase check is over click “ok” once more. Rehash the means in the event that you have any more extra connectors, your connector is added effectively and it’s prepared to start the work.

Review of TRENDnet TPL423E powerline adapter.

In case you are searching for a steady, superior organization association with your TV, gaming control centre or PC investigate the TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter. The TPL permits the devices to acquire Internet access by utilizing existing electrical lines, consistently make sure to utilize both the connector to get the appear and running. These connectors are superior contraptions that are tiny and exceptional fit, which saves a great deal of room around jam-packed power plugs. The most recent AV connectors additionally have a “Low Saving Mode” which saves power utilization up to 90% when the TPL is inactive.

This is an immense advantage for the client, as it generally remains associated with the attachment. It’s not difficult to introduce, handle and even use, as it upholds an immediate association utilizing the Ethernet links for a hands-free Internet association. The powerline connector is planned so that it capacities in all thick climatic conditions (places like little houses, workplaces, structures, and pads). The TRENDnet Powerline 1300 AV2 Adapter is equipped for giving 20 to 25 gadgets blasting quick web association for web access around the house. The device is intensified for real-time 4K recordings and plays substantial web-based games just as do super-stacked worker work.

It consequently further develops the organization speed which thus decreases slacking and edge dropping of the gadget (particularly while gaming). The 1300 AV2 connectors can undoubtedly interface up to 8 powerline networks by utilizing the AES coordinated encryption. Everything I can see is that you have a long list of motivations to buy the thing, however, you can in any case snatch a glance at TP-Link AV1000, TENDA AV 1-Port, NETGEAR Adapter, Trendnet 500 AV, Zyxel GH.n Powerline connector, Nexuslink Ethernet Adapter and some more, for speedy other options. In the event that you need any more assistance in regards to the item, visit www.trendnet/support.