TRENDnet Powerline TPL- 407E2K AV Mini Adapter

The TRENDnet TPL 407E2K is a network connection that provides a steady, high-performance connection to your TV, gaming console, or PC. The TPL enables devices to connect to the Internet over existing electrical lines; always remember to use both the adapter and the modem to get the show-up and running. These adapters are high-performance devices with a distinctive shape that saves a lot of room near crowded electrical outlets.

When the TPL is idle, the AV adapter offers a “Power Saving Mode” that reduces power usage by up to 80%. (Frequency range – till 68 Mbps). This is a great benefit for the owner because it ensures that the plug is always attached. It’s incredibly simple to handle, use, and even install because it offers a direct connection to the Internet using Ethernet wires. Because it uses NDIM signal separation technology, the power line adapter is designed to work in all dense atmospheric circumstances (places like tiny residences, offices, buildings, and apartments).

The TRENDnet TPL- 407E2K can provide a super-fast network connection to 8 to 12 devices for internet access across the house. The network has been beefed up to stream 4K media, play demanding online games, and handle high-volume server operations. It enhances the network speed automatically, which decreases lag and frame drops on the device (especially while gaming). Because it uses LDPC/FEC (forward error correction) technology, this function is only available from the TPL.

On the other hand, thanks to the Ghn algorithm and world-class performance, power line standards have also reached their pinnacles (newest standard in powerline). They also use dual-phase MIMO technology, which provides a significantly faster and more reliable connection for the LDPC to cross-phase smoothly. On both devices, a 200 Mbps speed restriction is specified, but you will never hit that limit; instead, you can expect a 100 to 150 Mbps speed under normal situations. It can span a radius of up to 300 meters around a place.

Unboxing the TPL 407E2K powerline adaptor.

The TPL compact nano adapter (model number B009ZRBXMI) is only available in one color: “White” from the manufacturer “TRENDnet.” It weighs about 3.6 ounces and costs about 43 dollars on You may also buy it via TRENDnet’s offline locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. With dimensions of 9.0 * 4.0 * 6.0 inches and a wireless connection type of 802.11bgn, the TPL- 407E2K was released in February 2013.

The powerline network adapter was first well rated on selling websites, however as time passed, the equipment and its characteristics became outdated. TPL now provides a second version of the same model with some current features mixed in with the old gamut. TRENDnet provides a three-year warranty against product damage (in case of specific reasons). Register at for more information. The product’s body contains a “Link” button that allows you to alter the powerline encryption key.

Ethernet ports on both devices allow for cable connections to a variety of devices (LAN/Wi-Fi).
The LEDs are situated underneath the TRENDnet branding on the top of the device. Their task is to ensure that the powerline network is successfully established. It has a light for the input connections for “Power,” “Data,” and “Ethernet.” Software details (such as device password DPW, Mac address, serial number, product model, hardware, and firmware versions) are pasted on the underside of the Link /Reset button, which is positioned on the bottom of the device. They employ a 128-bit AES encrypted security mechanism with 8 nodes that are compatible with all operating systems.

Unboxing the TPL 407E2K nano Powerline adapter?

Two AV TPL nano adapters, as well as two Ethernet cables, are included in the orange/black package (that comes in for free, yellow in color, and is a CAT5E variant). The box has a lot of information printed on it, both on the outside and inside, including a fast start-up guide. The packing is good, and if you’re lucky, TPL will be delivered to you within a week because that company keeps them in stock and ready to ship (depending on your delivery location).

You may even obtain the user manual PDF from the official site itself if you need more assistance (Note: take care of the warranty document’s safety to claim help if required). Keep an eye out for the adapter’s version number, as the power prong in the UK may differ from the power prong in India. If you have any further questions, you can contact

The installation process of the TPL 407E2K AV mini adapters?

  • Install the nano adapter on the switchboard near the router, which must have Internet access and LAN ports, and secure a spot for the powerline adapters to connect in according to your preferences.
  • Connect the Ethernet cables (provided in the box) to the LAN port of your router on one end and your powerline adaptor on the other.
  • Check the “Power” and “Ethernet” LEDs for blinking status after installing and connecting the powerline adapter to your router. If they blink, it’s on, and you may now extend the connection by plugging in a second powerline adapter in the area or device where you want a robust and seamless connection.
  • To do so, connect the provided network cable from your desktop’s network port to the powerline adapter. Check if the “Data” LED light blinks on it once it’s connected and installed on your desktop. If it does, make sure all three lights on the additional powerline adapter are on and blinking or not. You’re good to go if they are blinking.

Safety Precautions for the TRENDnet TPL 407E2K tiny adapter.

  • Using two adapters to sync with the network might sometimes cause problems (such as an established connection with the powerline network). Allow only one adapter to sync at a time to avoid similar issues.
  • Rather than utilizing a power strip, connect the AV adaptors to the main power outlet (switchboard), as the extensions may degrade powerline connectivity. Other than the power extension board, which degrades and blocks power line signals, the mainboard connection provides considerably superior functionality and connections.
  • Avoid using the nano adapters in hotter locations or near GFI/AFCI electrical circuits, as this will cause irreparable damage to the product. Powerline connectivity interference may be exacerbated by flashy lighting.


How to solve the issues for connection regarding the TPL407E2K powerline miniature adapters?

The small adapters usually indicate connectivity troubles after changing the default encryption key (HomePlugAV) using the powerline utility program software. To reconnect, you may need to switch off the adapter, wait 15 to 20 seconds, and then turn it back on. If the first method does not work, you can try the second method, which is to restart or reset them. You may physically reset it by pressing and holding the link button on each adapter for 10 seconds with a tiny pin. The reset is complete when all of the LEDs turn off and on at the same time (the settings are restored to default).

Process of updating the software version on TRENDnet TPL- 407E2K adapter?

To upgrade the firmware on the TPL, keep in mind that your computer is linked directly to the Ethernet port on your miniature adapter using the Ethernet cables (when the update procedure has been completed, use the power line utility application and navigate to advanced settings). Initiate the process, click “Upgrade Firmware” (device password is not necessary for firmware upgrade).

To begin, go to the TRENDnet company’s official website and enter your model number to see if a firmware update is available. Download the zip file and execute it on your desktop if something is available (Note: The cables should stay connected to the device until and unless the update completes). After that, open the powerline utility app and proceed to “Advanced Settings” > “Upgrade Firmware” to start the upgrade process.

In what way, we can reset/restart the TPL 407E2K small adapters?

You may reset the TPL- 407E2K powerline adapter by navigating to “Advanced Settings” and selecting “Reset Device” from the “Factory Default” options to return it to its factory default settings. By selecting the “Reset Device” button in the local device option, the same procedure is utilized to restart the device.


How can you make a unique encryption key?

In the powerline utility program software’s main window, type “HomePlugAV” under “Private Network Name” > select “Set Remote Devices” and tap “OK.” If the verification is successful, the encryption key for the powerline adapter will be changed, and a message will be displayed on the screen.

What’s the usage of the link button existing on the TPL 407 AV adaptor?

You can change the default encryption key by using the physical “Link” button at the base of the TPL adapter. If you have finished setting up the powerline adapter previously and have the main power connection, then the link button is able to replace the old default encrypted key with a random encrypted key.

How can you install the TPL- 407E2K powerline adapter to the powerline utility application?
  • Start the powerline utility program > select “Main Window” > wait a few seconds for the automatic scan to complete. The adapter appears in the “Remote Device List” if it has already been configured and installed.
  • Pick the TPL-407E2K adaptor and press “Enter Password” > enter the device password (that is by default WCEE – ZZ4C – WVJJ – ZRD6) > tap “OK”.
  • After confirming the password, click “OK” again. Repetition of the activity in case of additional adapters. Your adapter is added and ready to start.

How to utilize the Powerline Utility software for TPL adaptors?

  • After you finish downloading and launching the powerline utility bundled software on the official website of the product (model/ adaptor page > downloading section), you need to install the encrypted file, decrypt the zip file and follow the displayed directions step-by-step to start the course of action.
  • Your PCL (printer control language) network will contain the name of your regional device as well as the remote control device associated with the network (if previously associated). You can “rename” the adapter, “change the password”, “add devices”, and “scan” other powerline adapters, if needed /, required.
  • Specify the default encryption key (if unchanged) in the device settings options. Set the desired network as the default public network for the native gizmo to obtain access. Also pre-set the “All Devices” alternative to change the encryption key for some other powerline adapters for acquiring connection to the powerline stream.
  • If you need to delete, save, or print a report, you can take a look at the system information and the device history.